Dissecting Big Boss 5

The testing times indeed, bound by the boundary inside the Big Boss’s house and getting together a bunch of unknown, known or faking to be known persons and bound by circumstances to enjoy the audience.

Big Boss is a great concept indeed and you cannot ignore it, you either love Big Boss or hate it but cannot ignore it. Nov7 th Monday is the voting time, the person to be nominated for eviction and time given is for five days. Nominated again the versatile Puja Mishra, Mahek and Akash and Laxmi. Laxmi of late been subdued and not in action especially after the arrival of Akash to the arena. Puja Mishra time and again nominated and this time as it seems both Juhi and Puja Bedi voted the same two persons Mahek and Puja Mishra , is it some of the bigger plans by them, I think Big Boss should listen to this and try to decodify their friendship as they both are not active at all and they saving themselves from the voting and nomination. I think in this week they both should have been nominated instead the action stars Puja Mishra, Mahek and others got in.

All the dull persons in the Big Boss of late like Puja Bedi, Juhi,Laxmi of late have been advocating of peace in the Big Boss house ,but does Big Boss wants peace and more to this audience will not appreciate this at all. Big Boss should expedite the process or makes some move so that the two so called forever friends Puja Bedi and Juhi should act or should vanish from the house. Vida telling english again and agin , what should Big Boss do, they should write the Hindhi subtitles instead as it shows Big Boss failed to convince Vida to speak Hindhi.

This write up is on Big Boss 5 Nov 07 2011 broadcast; all opinions are just opinions and not intended to hurt any person in any manner


A smile is a curve that sets everything straight:2

It can be loosened if stay indoors but when going to the air it is high time to attain and make it a real possibility and run it again and again. The process is taking time to suit to the occasion and make it looks visually appealing, this process is soon to b completed, the entire mechinsims is sen from different persoectivs and different variavbles, and it is now tested ok to the success.

The fitting occurrences just been finished and it is been glorified and asynchronously justified and then the inner and middle parameter of security and this security needs to be checked and implemented carefully as it can posers the risk of vulnerability and the inner security can pop up and making the embracement of security happenings. It is to be vehemently thin layer and it is to be synchronized well with the inner happenings and also not being visible to the outside so that the real security machines would work in simple and very justifiable parameters. The search and the matching of different completely alternate centric designs and the graphic user interface needs to be augmented and p[potential equally fitted to the strength and it should not be so heavy so that the entire security parameter can be a laughing stock with lots of RAM requirements .

The concentrated mind can be felled upon in the circumstances never said before. The ongoing apparatus is creating its clinginess to the maximum capacity so that the utilization can be done and managed with its optimal resources and typical health syndromes. The unmanageable circumstances and the periodic epitome of inning less syndrome is full of complete attractive mechanisms which along the way something parametric and in the effectual apparatus. The actual studying of the facts is engineered to the point of mechanical variances and the utterances is being slinked through some ultra conceivable attentiveness and the following is the designed due of diligent parametric attitude. The closeness of mind over the matter is making the whole thing in such way crippling for attention and the centrifugal force is constantly is being overdrawn and machinist for its purposes. The mind to the eye is being the true card holder and the mind simple attentively denies where the eye takes screenshots and knows what it will happen. This is important for this situation to go with eye to mind simplifications of thoughts and membranes of veins which elaborated the complete difficult yet manageable possibilities.


A smile is a curve that sets everything straight:1

The morning comes straight to the verandah and the realm of sunshine makes the blushing expression and the simple polishing of thoughts and the generated accumulation is slowly making the ultimate progression and the day is coming to the existence and the path is becoming more and more simple and the right opportunity to make the day situation ample solid and manageable.. The smile diligence with the mark of the sun and the postulates of singing posture and the misled attendance can at best understood though it cannot be mere the statement of phallic and the implementation of some of agricultural attendance. The way to see the appointment with the physician has been set before hand and it is time to go there and attend it and some of dysfunctional mechanisms needs to be corrected and thus making the way for some good observance and attendance of successful beautiful legacy.

The face to perfection is going with the show of strength and it will surprise the presence and the sun shine is getting better urging to do the work and thus the posture of ignorance is on be deleted and the importance of attainting is making merry. The inner skill is being tightened and making it’s a snow ball of reality though the sun shine is making waves can alter any time so it is sooner than letter. Just have to tighten the screw and searching for the real mechanical devices and it will be there but still not reacheable. What can be matter with this still searching for answers and hoping to find it? Which side to be searched, can it be done through some cyber mechanics or through cyborgs or through some sort of ultimate mechanical normal practice. Searching for the devices and making and saving lot from the environmental variables and some sort of airy dysunctionalism and the occurrences of again and again can be manipulated and in such a situation the searching is becoming the real worry. The search going on and the opening of orbital existence making way for the sun shinning and polishing the entire environment to the glue of fantastic atmospheric endurance.

Finally the search ends and the tools and the mechanisms has been found and it is now in the hands of this programmer and it is the duty is to make it fit and to the suitable so that all will be in control even at some of the environmental variables.

The phishing going on and the search endurances cannot be sustainable the particular security mechanisms in the place but sheer ignorance might be influenced by various parameters and variables. The tools and all the instruments now found and it is to be utilized and make it sort and order so that it will be control and this process has just began and it is to be done very carefully as it will sustain the pressure from outside and for this the strong order of doing the things needs to be mechanized and processed.


Schedule of West Indies tour of India

The squad (India)

Sachin, Dravid, Laxman,Sehwag,Yuvraj,Gambhir,Kohli,Rahane,

Dhoni ,Ojha, Ashwin, Rahul Sharma ,Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav

and Aron

The squad(West Indies)

Darren Sammy (captain), Adrian Barath, Carlton Baugh, Devendra Bishoo, Kraigg Brathwaite, Darren Bravo, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Fidel Edwards, Kirk Edwards, Kieran Powell, Denesh Ramdin, Ravi Rampaul, Kemar Roach, Marlon Samuels, Shane Shillingford.


The schedule:

The West Indies will play its first Test in Delhi from November 6, followed by matches in Kolkata (Nov 14-18) and Mumbai (Nov 22-26).

1st Test, November 6-10, Delhi

2nd Test, November 14-18, Kolkata

3rd Test, November 22-26, Mumbai

1st ODI (D/N), November 29, Cuttack

2nd ODI (D/N), December 2, Vishakhapatnam

3rd ODI (D/N), December 5, Ahmedabad

4th ODI (D/N), December 8, Indore

5th ODI (D/N), December 11, Chennai


West Indies squad for India tour

Chrish Gayle overlooked by West Indies selectors while picking the squad for the three-Test series against India, starting in New Delhi Nov 6. 15-member squad currently playing with Bangladesh won the test series after a long gap. The main reason for Gayle drop from the squad dispute with the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) over his comments on a Jamaican radio station in May. The WICB had demanded apology but Gayle not relented to it. West Indies will thus persist with the young pair of teenager Kraigg Brathwaite and left-hander Kieran Powell with Adrian Barath considered fit enough to tour India. Barath recovered from hamstring injury picked from Bangladesh one day series. The first test is at Delhi, the second test is at Kolkata and the third test is at Mumbai and followed by five match one day intentional series.


The squad:

Darren Sammy (captain), Adrian Barath, Carlton Baugh, Devendra Bishoo, Kraigg Brathwaite, Darren Bravo, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Fidel Edwards, Kirk Edwards, Kieran Powell, Denesh Ramdin, Ravi Rampaul, Kemar Roach, Marlon Samuels, Shane Shillingford.


Indian cricket team for the first test against the West Indies

Harbhajan Singh dropped again from the test squad, due to positive performance from off spinner Ashwin. It seems it is difficult for Harbhajan to come back to national team. Harbhajan Singh’s of late performance on of not taking wickets much lately has been criticized and that is the main worry that has been the reason for him to drop from the squad. It is a good time and a great opportunity for Ashwin. Dhoni’s view is different but selectors thought otherwise and amply supported by coach Fletcher. Ashwin’s performance in ODIs against England both home and away has been staggering, England is a good side and his performance matters most. Amit Mishra missed the bus due to Rohit Sharma, whio got prasie from the maestro Sachin for his brlliant IPL performance and has been a great potential and in the mould of great Kumble. Praveen Kumar rested for series long stint and has been replaced by both faster bowlers Yadav and Aron. Ashwin and Yadav will be making their debut in the first test match and the reserves will be Rahane,Aron and Kohli. Raina dropped from test squad after near disaster performance at England test series and Yuvraj is fit enough to play test and must be highly vitalized with his promotion to Grade A.

The Squad


Sachin, Dravid, Laxman,Sehwag,Yuvraj,Gambhir,Kohli,Rahane


Wicket keeper and skipper



Ojha, Ashwin, Rahul Sharma

Medium and fast mediums

Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav and Aron

The Chromebook from Google

The long overdue Google Operating System the Chromebook is now a reality. Earlier the prototype Chrome Operating System net book cr-49 rolled for beta testing. Google finally announced Chromebook on June 15 th at first for purchase at US, UK, France, Germany, Netherland, Italy and Spain and later on more countries to follow. Devices by Samsung and Acer are available at Amazon and Bestbuy. Now we can discuss about the specialties about Google Chromebook.

1. The Chromebook is the computer designed to run Chrome OS

2. Chromebook has special boot process it starts Chrome OS within eight seconds.

3. The boot process verifies Chrome OS install thus ensuring it is not tampered with and is devoid of any viruses. If there is any error the system repair it automatically.

4. Chromebook supports 3G and Wi-Fi.

5. Chromebook runs Chrome OS.

6. Chrome OS is a Linux based variable version, it is optimized to run only Google Chrome browser.

7. Chrome OS does not have any embedded application in it , only Chrome browser.

8. Windows, Mac or even Linux application cannot be installed with it.

9. All yours works to be done online using Google Docs, Piknik or Gmail.

10. From Google Chrome web store you can install web applications.

11. So, all yours operations are performed within the cloud and the Chromebook stores nothing. SO, anywhere log in is application with Chromebook as it is a stateless OS.

12. Chrome OS updates automatically.

13. Chrome OS encrypts yours data, so if your device lost, yours data is still protected.

Google will offer subscription based service for Chrome book including enterprise level support, device warranties, replacements as well as regular hardware refreshes. The web based management console includes the inventory management, software application management, and printer management, and network configuration, status monitoring and reporting.

It seems lots of possibilities with Chromebook and Google Chrome OS, and for this internet speed and reliable speed and mass computing ussuages in the vicinity is a must and Google is taking steps in order to update internet speed. The privacy concerns with the data is still a major issue in cloud computing and the security of data is another aspect when enterprises wants to join this must be thinking out of their that about this.

Technoratti claim



Grade A contract for Yuvi

After humongous performance at World cup cricket 2011 BCCI rewards Yuvraj Singh talented cricketer Grade A contract for his absolute performance. Earlier he was in Grade B. Virat Kohli and speedster Ishant Sharma given Grade A contract for the first time. Jadeja and Ashwin along with Rohit Sharma promoted from Grade C to Grade B. Ashish Nehra earlier in Grade B did not find any category in the contract. Harbhajan Singh remain at Grade A , despite being dropped from the squad from England one day series both home and away and against West Indies. All these decided by the committee of BCCI , held at the meeting on Saturday.

Sachin, Dravid, Laxman, Shewag, Dhoni,Raina retian their Grade A position. It has now 12 players instead of 9. The aggregate number of contracted players now increases from 24 to 36. Speedster Umesh Yadav, Aron and Rahul Sharma receievd contract for the first time. All three players are selcted for the squad testmatch against West indies.

Evan Speechy appointed for physiotherapist of the INdina tema for the period of two years, he will join the team in then third test against West Indies. He was associated with Royal challengers Bnagalore. IPL matches are to be categories as List A.

Grade A (Rs1 Crore)

Sachin, Dravid, Laxman, Dhoni,Raina, Yuvraj,Harbhajan, Zaheer, Ishanta ,Kohli (12)

Grade B (Rs50 lakh)

Praveen Kumar,Ojha,Rohit Sharma,Jadeja,Ashwin, (5)

Grade C (Rs25 Lakh)

Sreesanth,Amit Mishra,Munaf Patel,Parthiv Patel,Dinesh Karthic,Piyush Chawla,Badrinath,Murali Vijay,Cheteswar Pujara,Abhimanyu Mithun, Wridhiman Saha, Shikhar Dhawan,Jaydev Unadkat,Abhinav Mukund,Umesh Yadav, Varun Aron,Rahane,Rahul Sharma (19)

Debut as contracted player:

MOnaoj Tiwari, Umesha Yadava, Aron, Saha,Shikhar Dhawan,Unadkat, Mukund,Rahane,Rahul Sharma


Ashish Nehra


Surf, Search, & Shop Safely with Norton Safe Web Lite

Norton Safe Web Lite is Norton’s FREE Web site rating service. It's designed to let you surf the Web, use search engines, and shop online in safety. It constantly crawl the Web to test and analyze sites and determine if any particular site is safe before you visit it. Norton Safe Web Lite uses signature-based file scanning, intrusion detection engines, behavioral detection and install and uninstall analysis to identify potentially dangerous Web sites. Norton Safe Web Lite is FREE to anyone who wants protection from unsafe Web sites and disreputable online merchants. It warns you of unsafe Web sites right in your search results. It works seamlessly with Google,Yahoo and Bing search engine. These three search engines used by significant users in the internet world. It raises the alarm if a Web site has a potentially dangerous download on it. Helps you avoid accidentally downloading viruses, spyware, and other online threats. When you shop online it alerts you of suspicious online sellers and Helps you find reputable online merchants you can trust. Norton Safe Web Lite provides a safer search experience by warning you of dangerous Web sites right in your search results, so you can search, browse, and shop online without worry.

Operating Systems Supported

English Microsoft® Windows® XP (32-bit) with Service Pack 2 or later Home/Professional/Media Center

English Microsoft® Windows Vista® (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate

English Microsoft® Windows® 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate

Minimum Hardware Requirements

300-MHz or faster processor

256 MB of RAM; 512 MB recommended

35 MB of available hard disk space

Additional Requirements

Must meet minimum operating system requirements for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Win7

Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, or Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or higher

Internet Connection

Best of all, it's FREE.


The wild rush

The generations have changed and the generations have evolved the path to rise and the fall seems to be same again and again. Never being learned by this phenomenon and never being to know and utilize this, strange enough but it is true and it is true always. Let it be diagnosed and make it bits and pieces and examine a it and dissect it to the tune of small findings and make it very large. Then can it be or is it some sort of a imaginative and creative writer who is making merry for some undermined thoughts and the possessive inclusiveness. Is this apolitical ticking or some sort of ethical and oral obligations? Making the constituents parts, joining, and sorting it out lots of thoughts and never being able to index and this is quite a query. It seems like bit of rush or the agony of exemplify anta egoisms. Some call it a obnoxious thoughts making the way of life crating and generating absolutely phantashy of tech broom.

The path is bumpy and uneven with some grassy up rootedness. The followings are increasingly being critical of the success of eying at the failure. Some says failures can be path braking and making you the ultimate winner for this world. Is it true sort of very negative or may be significantly positive attitude in the making. The feather structure is quietly visible, it is influencing the thoughts, the circle around it can even be misleading making the thoughts going no wwhere, and the conclusion looks distant. The road ahead is always curvy and it is very sleek and the journey towards it is ever distracting and the slight wrong committee can be major set back and neither it be a thought provoked or it can be at best seems single thought process can it be organized or can it be passable. All is the possibility is here. The puzzle menace seems to be enchanting with thoughts, making melody, and joyous ride.

The thought provoking of the rushes fluids can it be very simplistic and can it be very ultra agnostic ideas of seemingly refreshable thoughts, but the passage seems some jugular with some liven tissue and the journey to the mind is been ever expanding and ever cosntituentable. The side ways mind and the thought processes is even more simplistic and it is simply making the thoughts and this processes more and more confused and more and more simplistic in nature and this justifies the undetermined eventuality which will be going to happen in case of some of the singular insufficient ideas of thoughts and which can be deeply enchanted and can best inbred or sustained. The simplistic ambition and the wild goose chase can never be compared and it is better to be contained and sustained in to much more idea generation and the flow of constituents is never ever ignored. The ultimate sun burn and the process which compress it within as is in the metaphysical state of the mind can be of a state of the art dream elements or in long term it can be down within some sort of simultaneous attentive mechanisms.


Straight Talk and the benefits of their plans

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


The Straight Talk was created in July 2009 by the Tracfone Company and Wallmart. It is a cooperative service to provide user’s value for money. In March 2011 The Straight Talk goes international to provide the service for the international calls.The power of Android,Feel Richer with Android


The Straight Talk cell phone service is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator on the Verizon (CDMA compatible) network. The Straight Talk prepaid plans are exceptional; it offers an economic series of plans ranging from one month to one year at go. All the Straight Talk prepaid cell phone plans except the exception of the minimum plan is offering unlimited calls, unlimited text and picture messaging, unlimited web access and unlimited 411 Directory Assistance with no activation fee or roaming charges. It is unbelievable and in this way you can save a lot of money and in turn can purchase any valuables for the colorful occasions. You will absolutely fail in love with it. It gives you the most bang for yours buck. There are lots of valid plans with unlimited opportunities with the minimum plans offer 1000 minutes of nationwide calls per month (equivalent to $0.033/minute), 1000 text or picture messages, 30mb of web access (sufficient to surf the net 3-4 times per day) and unlimited use of 411 Directory Assistance. A sufficient access for all yours networks needs. These benefits are unlimited with differential price limits and lots of opportunities to cater with. There is also “auto refill” option to provide that yours subscriptions are up to date and this advance payment options is worry free for the user. You could not be happier. I synced my hotmail account and have shortcut buttons for Facebook. I am getting my value for money. I would recommend this service to everyone.


In these hard economic times people want to save a lot of money and thus their valid and correct option is for The Straight Talk as people have benefitted through this service and have generated a lot of money in their savings. The Straight Talk does not have the lengthy lucrative phone contracts given by some other competitors, which has mainly the hidden costs. So, most of the consumers have now opted for this The Straight Talk service. The 30 Day Straight Talk Unlimited prepaid cell phone plan cost $45.00, and subscribers have the option of paying in advance for 90 days ($135.00), 180 days ($270.00) or 365 ($540.00). You can get excellent phones like Nokia E71, Nokia 6790 , Samsung T404G , Samsung R365C , Samsung T401G , LG 420G, LG231C  and many more models from these phone manufacturers including Motorolla.


The $30 all the new plans get the message the “all you need” gives you 1000 minutes of talk time or 1000 texts and is simply the great. The $45 plan is unlimited and without any catches and no hidden costs and in true sense you will save a lot of money by using this. What is yours plans to buy gifts through these savings in this festive and holiday season make a surprise to yours near and dear ones by giving them a real surprise gift from these savings. It is going to give a smile to yours family and it will make all you happy thanks to The Straight Talk. The call quality and the service is great and the internet is great and can cater all yours internet browsing needs. I have saved almost % 200 in last fifteen months, which is the satisfaction, and the wonders which makes me smile all the time.


The network coverage is outstanding with excellent coverage provided by Verizon with free from activation, reactivation or termination fees.. If you are from other subscriber and joining The Straight Talk , you have the facility to have the same number with The Straight Talk, so in this way you will not have to do it again all the contracts and other networking. The customer service of The Straight Talk is of three types one is through Wal-mart store during business hours or via toll-free number and email to Straight Talk at other times. The online website of The Straight Talk is very vast and detailed all the relevant information can be known from there itself. Lots of You Tube video is uploaded by The Straight Talk to assist subscribers.


I got the Samsung Finesse with 3G from Straight Talk and I can surf the web as much as I please on the unlimited plan. It seems my browsing with the internet is endless. It is a cool phone and all this I got from unlimited $45 plan. The Sprint Android phone is an excellent buy. It has very clear sound with very good volume; all the phones have very lucid display, Ring tone volume is very good. Good web service! Nokia e71 straight talk phone is been outstanding. Straight Talk's Samsung T528G Touch Screen Phone has features like 3.0" Touch Screen, mobile Web Services,3G/WiFi connectivity, Multi Tasking and App Capable,2.0 Megapixel Camera and Video Recorder,MP3 Player(cable and microSD card not included),Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, MMS Picture/Video messaging,3 Widgets Home Screens,Gravity Sensor/ Tilt & Shake, MicroSD Card Capable (up to 32GB) ,Hands-free speakerVoice/Sound Recorder,Voicemail, Caller ID and Call Waiting,voice recognition,alarm Clock, Phone Book with up to 2,000 Entries, standby Time up to 10 days, includes Battery, Charger and Services Guide.The power of Android


New Nokia E5 Smart Phone from Straight Talk has features like:

Smart Phone

Full QWERTY Keyboard

Mobile Web Services

Real-Time Push Email

IM Instant Messaging

Free Voice-guided Navigation

5.0 Megapixel Camera and Video Recorder

Music Player

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Multiple Email Accounts including Microsoft Outlook, Mail for Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, AOL & MSN


Download over 10,000 Apps from Nokia Ovi Store

3G/WIFI Enabled

LCD Color Display

Screen Image Simulated

FM Radio (Headset Included)

Hands-free Speaker

Voice/Sound Recorder

Voicemail and Call Waiting

Caller/Picture/Ringtone ID

Key Pad Lock and Alarm Clock

Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) Rating: M3/T3

Battery Talk Time up to 4.4 hours

Standby Time up to 19.5 days

Includes Battery, Charger, Headset, Silicone Cover, 4GB microSDTM Memory Card and Services Guide


Samsung Galaxy Precedent™ powered by ANDROID™ has features like:Feel Richer with Android


3.2” Touch Screen

Android 2.2

3G/ Wi-Fi® Connectivity

2 MP Camera/Video Recorder

MP3 Player



Instant Messaging

Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) M4/T4


5 Home Screens

Download over 250,000 Android apps

Supports microSD™ card up to 32GB

Gravity Sensor/Tilt and Shake

Battery Talk Time up to 6 hours

Stand By Time up to 9 days

Includes Battery, Charger, 2GB microSD™

Memory Card, Activation Card,

Services Guide and User Manual

For more information on what these phones offer, please check out these YouTube videos::
The getting richer effect has expanded... by LittleBard95 ,

The Straight Talk Image... by LittleBard95

The Straight Talk has no hidden fees or activation charges, exceptional value for unlimited domestic use, nationwide coverage through the Verizon network.

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Don’t let you mind wander – it’s far too small to be let out on its own

The idea generated can be sparked off from the thoughts of basic human understanding, the fact is conceded to the basic goal of human presentation, the flood of ideas can be assimilated to make it happen, and the incident of occurrences is going to meet he passive occurred syndrome. The circle of involved of conscious stream is getting harder and is running into the stream of mind which is slowly getting over to its normal functionaries. Don’t let you mind wander – it’s far too small to be let out on its own. The stupendous ideas is coming from the inner brain is causing a much hassle and constant emotional recharge and the continuous process of change and the mind is time and again is making its presence feeling it is the boss have to agree with it other wise gone and wild. Silence is golden, duct tape is silver. It is making the process more and more under estimable fantasies having the raw deal is time and again be mismanaged and continually process ridden. The soft thinking is getting pierced into some astronomical digits making the entire analysis turning into some other symptoms and the mind is bearing into the fact and fiction is making a cock tail of the entire process ridden and the malaise of epitome of enthusiastically animally is soon be getting the anonymous recharged and the driven path is getting more and more ultra sec and the enamor fitness is getting loosen and the process is expanding to it score idea. The loosen motion of thoughts going through some sort of content of cognition the main part of thoughts is being extracted and the process of flowing through is activated and thus going through entire one world of process and making the process ridden and the entire gallery of emotions comes into existence and thus reviving the entire area. The mind is being pressurized to consider something important or some thing which is of out of mode, it is continues in swapping and made to think mode, and the process turns into an act of incision precision. The personal believe and the judgment is not confined to the core idea and it is going through some motions which is relentless and passive but is active inside the mind and heart and it is the carefully observance and the mode of thoughts is going into some thing specially and the derive of these ideas is making the process entirely synthetically charged. The process of cerebrations has just began mind is being consider to choose something carefully and it is being fully utilized but it and the motion of charging of thoughts is gong electrical and the passive motions is making there ultra thoughts mechanisms in its ultimate glory.


Beware of these fake and fraudulent email

I just received one fraudulent email asking me to give details about my privacy information, am just copying this mail so that any one can get theswe mail but be aware of these frauds and do not attract by it. The content follows.

PO Box 1010,Liverpool
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Ticket number (2PYUK2011)

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The Coca Cola Company Plc Official Prize Award Winner Notification.

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Taking interest with Big Boss 5

Big Boss 5 with Colors channel is taking momentum though it is at a very rough time never know what may be the reason for this, but the repeat telecast of it is gazing momentum, having at 9.20 am a forty mins show and at 12 noon a completely one hour repeat is what I am reviewing on the basis of this telecast. This time more ladies and less gents and Big Boss 5 is moving towards popularity and must be good in TRP ratings. Shakti kappor showing his presence and Pooja also showing the presence with the dynamics of their character. Pooja Bedi group is strong and the opposite group is not presence as they seem to be scattered and constantly challenged by Pooja Bedi group. Amar and the spiltsvilla champion seems to be taking the opposite sides. Amar cheated by the spilts villa champion inn captaincy race and thus loss the vital points which could now go against him if he survives from this week’s eviction. Sonali is the captain , and Poja Bedi group foxed by Big Boss as they thought she will be not in the eviction race once she becomes the captain. Vida playing a completely perfect game having clan play and very simple and not bad behavior. Amar and the spiltsvilla champion try to play with her but she constantly reminds them she is the former miss universe showing the grace and the dignity. Sonali playing a dangerous game, once showed false ness in the pooja mishra incident, also now against some other guys. Shakti seems to be aginst her, and trying to convey Pooja Bedi the same group met of Sonali that she wills stay because she is the most beautiful lady. Shakti playing very enjoyable game.

The most boring game is being played by Ragheshwari hardly speaks and not very good in creating emotions and she is in the danger of eviction as she is hardly performing in the Big Boss 5 house. This week the main task of child and adult seems boring and very bad experience with it as most of the actors try to be kid and in the process showing the ugly side of acting which is barely manageable. Big Boss in the next edition should remove this game as this game is extracting far less interest than earlier weekly games. Amar’s language speaking style is very fast so it is very difficult to catch his lines many times so Big Boss should explain what Amar is speaking as some time it is hardly understandable. Shrdha Sharma is hardly visible should be more and more active. Mahek playing individual game so as Pooja Sharma and both are entertaining and musings and making the awry of stories and taking the Big Boss 5 in their side. Over all the Big Boss 5 experience is good and it has many chances to be a block buster at the end of this show.


India won the series

India won the much published ODI series against England at home and now attaining the unstoppable series lead of three nil against England. India and England both have young team and team for the future and England backed by a thumping all series win against India at England but here in India England fails to take the psychological advantage over India. With a completely new look bowling unit and batting unit at the third ODI at Mohali, Cook won the toss and no hesitant to bat first. England scored well this time with a dependable 298 and set India a target of 299 in fifty overs. Indian bowlers bowled good in patches in a batting paradise at Mohali, the pitch having the true and dependable bounce with batsman can rely upon.

India in its chase, both the opens came good, the little Pathiv, unlucky to be given out leg before as the replay show the ball pitched outside leg stump, never less he had done the hard work and right to be disappointed with, and he scored 38 and have a good partner ship with Rhanne the other opener for over 70 runs first wicket stand. Rhanne scored career best 92, with some good batting and no lusty heat over and a good innings and attained the run chase and good average. Fell to Finn the fast bowler, but got him out to a slow ball, then Gambhir score a good fifty, out in the batting power play, and then start the mini collapse having Raina failed without troubling the scorer. If kohli would have been taken by England stumper then India would have faced stiffer difficult task but KohlIi scored brisk thirty five before being LBW to Swann excellent delivery of off spin. Kohlli completely foxed by the offie and in desperation Kohlii hit the bat in his right leg, to be surprised by England fielders who are rejoicing of the wicket they have taken.

Then the crucial partnership between Dhoni and Jadeja the dependable almost of seventy run stand and both played effortlessly without pressing the panic button having required rate of more than nine per over and close to ten. India won the third match in this series by four balls to spare having two consecutive fours by Dhoni in the last over, where India requires only 7 and thus India won this third match of five match series and won the series. This match shows on the perspective of India some beauty full bating display from Rahanne, Gambhir, Dhoni, Jadeja and able to chase a difficult target.


Steve Jobs is gone

On 5 October, 2011, Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc., died at the age of 56.

This is probably his greatest speech and one of the most fascinating:

At a commencement speech at Stanford in 2005 he said: “None of this had even a hope of any practical application in my life. But ten years later, when we were designing the first Macintosh computer, it all came back to me. And we designed it all into the Mac. It was the first computer with beautiful typography. If I had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts. And since Windows just copied the Mac, it’s likely that no personal computer would have them…”

US President Barack Obama has released a statement:

“Michelle and I are saddened to learn of the passing of Steve Jobs. Steve was among the greatest of American innovators – brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it.


Steve jobs goneBy building one of the planet’s most successful companies from his garage, he exemplified the spirit of American ingenuity. By making computers personal and putting the internet in our pockets, he made the information revolution not only accessible, but intuitive and fun. And by turning his talents to storytelling, he has brought joy to millions of children and grownups alike. Steve was fond of saying that he lived every day like it was his last. Because he did, he transformed our lives, redefined entire industries, and achieved one of the rarest feats in human history: he changed the way each of us sees the world.

The world has lost a visionary. And there may be no greater tribute to Steve’s success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented. Michelle and I send our thoughts and prayers to Steve’s wife Laurene, his family, and all those who loved him”.


The face

Distinguishable yet unnamable the cockpit of thoughts which ha been hovering like that of an airplane crossing all the boundaries and joining and racing to speed of sound has been very facial and the beautiful attendance is very cozy and expressive. The air and the wind shields have been going rounds making the window jolts to the every facets of spinning the cog wheel and the managing and participating of thought of the cellar motion and the momentum. Can it be or never be but the simulative of ideas and the thoughts of expression never be crossed or over lapped it is pretty identical and can be halted or can be paused but cannot be stopped at the sense of the thoughts and wheels.

The draw motion is closing to the wheels the motion is its self making it feel wider and the entire atmosphere is making singing to the tunes of each and every bit of the songs which can never be expected or drawn with. This is significant and the process of optimization is simply making the feeling so undetermined and unuttered. The expression is deeming backwards though the prospe3ct of the utter significance of prescriptive utterance can only be determined through some of the speeding thoughts and wonderfully crafted games like that of Dirt 3. The DX 11 hardware has been superb and it is going and making the games an excellent tool to manage and subscribe. The instant personalization has some truth full cautions and it is very easy. The variable motion is making the rough weather some what kind enough to jolt and making some cool winds feeling fine through the windows and the thoughts for food has been greatly enhanced by the advancement of some of the advanced and smelly fruits smells form the nearby restaurant.

The slow smell of the food generating the appetite and making the entire process of digestions and running to grab the food and the entire process is quite imaginative and the process and the out put of significant audio visuals making the television to swap the channels with ease and with utter mm meaningful substance. The inland roads sounds been hearing to the ears and it is been continues and this shows that the some busy traffic and it is evening and the fly back time from the dawn to dusk workouts. The flower capitulates to some of the utter significance and the mode of medium and the environmental variables making the entire environment some what crazy and disturbed. The face is still seeing the utter significance of nature and destroying of nature and that has to be saved and preserved. These thoughts generated and the wind shield closed to save the dusk and the filthy environment to destroy the miniature variable which has been keeping and seeing and left out from all these instances.


Cash-On-Cash Return and real estate marketing

During the regime of Margaret Thacher in the UK pioneered the concept of disinvestment in real estate. Then this concept spreads through America then to China Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil and now to India. Then new economy of Canada and Mexico as a result of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), has opened up new revenues and avenues for reality business there as well.

A rate of return often used in real estate transactions. The calculation determines the cash income on the cash invested. Cash-on-cash return would measure the annual return you made on the property in relation to the down payment.


Cash-On-Cash Return= Annual Dollar Income/Total Dollar Investment

When a decision is made to involve the private sector in the provisioning of housing and infrastructure, there are various options and procurement rules there to be followed. It is important for private sector because the procurement route defined will be responsible for various crucial aspects. Housing is the basic need for humanity and the challenges embedded within it can be a through housing research. Cash on cash return in real estate investing in real estate industry can be aptly classified basically three broad categories. Mega privatization, macro privatization, and micro privatization. Mega privatization brings the catalytic influence to the life of the citizens which ultimately helps the other tow categories.

Cash on cash return in real estate investing is must for the investor and its success depends upon de bureaucratization ,internal privatization contracting out, Greenfield privatization , franchising , cold privatization corporation ,divestiture , re privatization ,liberalization, deregulation , rolling privatization and distressed privatization. Cash on cash return in real estate investing depends upon the above described factor. Cash on cash return in real estate investing depends upon various market forms and then the investor can take advantages with it by following some prescribed customs and traditions.

Observe the changing of the competitive private market from absolute state monopolies. Change to private production run from purely government production run. Change to consumer payment from government subsidy. Change to unviable form viable category of items. Change to non merit from merit categories of items. Change to profit making from loss making. Cash on cash return in real estate investing can take advantage by investing in this market scenario.

Look for the organization or public entity where quick decision making, carrot and the stick method, government bars the competitive advantages, incentives from the government and the real estate, hire and fire method , share holders and investors must be the partners of the business ,and the motivation factor and good communication to investors is available.

Cash on cash return in real estate investing can be used to one’s advantage by following some procedures like avoid imperfect communication and out dated information from the organization , observe the frequency of transactions in housing by individuals, asses the every unit of the real estate organization separately as need based , observe the variance of pricing ,the purchasing opportunities , minimize use of subsidies ,leverage financial resources , scope for innovations , a provided target safety net for the investors ,tax incentive to housing and urban link investments , mass media for public opinion, privatization in administrative control and procedures , consultancy services and special court for dispute redressal and settlement then decide whether to invest it or not. If you already have invested in the real estate organization then these points can be examined if you want to know the real health of the organization.

No single modalities of cash on cash return in real estate investing are free from fault. Since, the individual investment can plays a significant role so emergence of stronger individual investment should be supported.


MSD all the way

Getting taste of their own medicine and that too at India, England cricket team suffered humiliating defeat; a shocking one where their batsman fails to capitalize the spinners is more shocking than ever imagined. The visitors struggled and could not capitalize the low bounce at the spinner friendly wicket at Hyderabad. Normally the surface of Hyderabad stadium is batter’s friendly but this time it has variable bounce and it is proving to be a turner all the way. India’s scoring of three hundred not justifying the pitch conditions as India batted superbly especially Dhoni ,Raina and then Jadeja to score an impeccable three hundred runs. An outstanding knock from India skipper with some graft hitting and swash buckling stroke play. Dhoni at first stayed at the crease and then justifies the bounce and then the swing of the bowling and then starting to hit out to bowlers with disdain.

Dhoni’s unbeaten 87 from 70 balls and fourth in a row against England, this innings is full of strokes with some lusty hitting of bowlers through his authentic helicopter shot which is the definition of Dhoni’s career. When at first in the crease he played the ball in its merit and justifies the bowler’s supremacy as till that point Dhoni is playing like a sheer defensive batter but then after few overs, especially at the beginning of batting team’s power play,Dhoni and Raina pulled the plug and began hitting out to bowlers and talking them into sixes. With merciless timing and superior shots English captain Cook becomes powerless and his thought process is going awry. Bowler’s reaction becomes no reaction as the hitting of shots becomes so authentic and huge that you cannot believe into this.

It is the calculated aggression on the part of Dhoni and managed to steer a wonderful win with some classy Dhoni’s batting. Dhoni reminding the media and the public who is criticizing him for his recent debacles, is a timely reminder for them and Dhoni as with his usual self continue to dominate the proceedings with ease. In his innings Dhoni shows the required urgency and try to remove the nightmare shadow of previous English tour and thus in this process trying to erase the bad memories in this process. In the absense of Yuvraj , Dhoni decided to comes at the number six and he believes it is not fare for the youngster to come at this batting position as there would be less bal to play so they can be vulnerable. Raina time and again proving that he is good prospect in this short format of this game and now the onus lies with Rahanne, Patel,Gambhir and Kohli to come good in the rest of the matches in this five match one day international series. England did fine till the end of the thirty fifth over but afterwards their momentum is being blocked by some superlative batting display and some swashbuckling hitting over the fences.


Add the Google Analytics tracking data to your site

First sign up to Google Analytics to collect data in yours account about yours website traffic , for this a few basic steps you need to follow and here the discussion will be on few basic problems one might face while installing code Google Analytics .Then one should gather important statistics about one’s website and site traffic and other site statistics. Here is how to add Google Analytics tracking code to one’s site, it is very easy.

1. Go to your Analytics profile's Tracking Code page. (https://www[dot]google[dot]com/analytics/settings/check_status_profile_handler)

2. Get yours tracking code from the text box in the 'instructions for adding tracking’ section?

3. Paste the snippet into every page you want to track, immediately before the </head> tag.

4. If you use a common template you can enter it there. This is applicable to Blogger, one has to edit the HTML to do this.


To install this code snippet, one should be attuned to basic HTML knowledge and ability to revise web page to server. There may be some troubles if you are not being able to see the code and statistics, and then let us discuss these now.

1. Go to yours correct Google Analytics account, if you have multiple accounts in use.

2. Use the “My Accounts" drop-down menu at the top right corner of your Analytics account to choose the correct account.

3. While copying and then pasting the tracking code sometimes some spaces or any values missed then the code will not work, so do it carefully. Try copying the code again and pasting it directly into the html, right before the < /head> tag, for every web page you want to track (if you use a common template like that of Blogger, you can enter it there).

4. Yours website may be new and there may not be any traffic to yours site so be patient for some days before observe the statistics.

5. Make doubly sure to add the tracking code to yours every page so that you can observe the website traffic statistics.

Check out the latest videos to show you how to set up Google Analytics and analyze your reports.



A comprehensive victory for India

India won comprehensively at the first ODI against England the tourists at the Vishakha stadium Hyderabad. This is the five match ODI series between India and England. This win is special especially recent drubbing at England series by India, where Indian fails to win a single match in that tour. In this cricket ODI, Dhoni won the toss and lucky this time elected to bat first. India could have started disastrously, as Rahane could be out at slips but the buttered fingered English fielder dropped a sitter. Rahane could not capitalize the opportunity, though stayed for almost ten overs. Parthiv Patel unlucky to be run himself out at he bowler’s end while Rahane’s straight drive becomes too straight and Parthiv fell short of the ground. He could have save his wicket, if he had his bat with his natural left hand; instead he had his bat on his right side, which deletes some moments for him.

Gambhir struggles but scored a decent thirty before being fooled by a great ball to be leg before wicket, in front and plumb. Kohli most falmbuoyant, fluency, and he also scored thirties before being caught at deep by Pieterson, good jump catch. Raina played superbly and Dhoni smashed everything out of the park and Jadeja making mockery of English bowlers in the final sixteen overs where India scored a mammoth three hundred with the help of 160 runs. The smooth and power hitting by India’s lower middle order and the way the ball goes out of the park has been a delight to see and watch. It seems Dhoni who scored smash buckling 87 and a great partner ship with Raina and then with Jadeja , just hit out the yorkers out of the park effortlessly.


England started disasterouysly, their wicket keeper opening batter cuaght behind to DHoni of Praveen Kumar and then their captain Cook survives for a good ball to ball fifty before being taken by jadeja caught at deep and then the flurry of wickets and both the spinner Jadeja and Aswhin making mockery of English batters and they fell like the ten pins. Ashwin’s carom ball has no answer for English batters and jadeja ‘s left arms spin simply unplayable and their bowling backed by some superbly fielding display fro the young legs like Rahane, substitute Manoj Tiwari,Raina,Gambhir,

Kohli and so on. Towards the end of the England innings the pace Yadav , which averages almost 142 kms per hour a delight to see Indian pacers for a change taken two wickets straight cleaned bowled and that proves he is back in the big league. Nopw the tunr of Aron as he is waiting in the fences and with Vinay Kumar wasting every opportunities he is getting, this is clear the Aron the speedster will soon be in Indian team.


Official Twitter One Click Follow Button to Your Blog

Sometimes back Twitter developers have developed follow button to your website to increase engagement and create a lasting connection with your audience. No pop up window in order to follow the user, just by clicking on it you follow the twitter user. It gets the clicking visitor to follow you before they even know! It works like the Facebook fan page like button, but in sped it is faster than Facebook fan page button. In this way you can enhance yours twitter followers and any process which will enable you to follow this is simply great. There are two options or themes one is light and the other is black option, choose as per yours blog or website theme. In this blog I choose the dark option as it becomes lighter with my theme as the followers word in the light option is not seen in this theme so I choose the dark option. Similarly you can choose whatever option which will be great for yours blog. This is the official presentation of twitter counter so it is smooth and sweet and loads easily and very smoothly. There are eleven language options to choose from so you find the better language option according to yours blog audiences. You can have the option to choose the followers count or not to show the followers count by clicking at the radio button which is saying yes or no. On the right side preview you can have the code, Copy and paste this into the HTML for your website wherever you want the button to appear.

Live Demo:


Official Twitter One Click Follow Button To Your Blog

If you are at Blogger then it is very easy to add it and map it to yours blogger blog. Though it is for all the platforms but I will write about the Blogger platform. It uses the HTML and java script so incorporating into any platform is not a difficult task.

Log in to Blogger , then design , Click Add A Gadget > Choose Html/JavaScript and paste in the code then save.

Twitter Developers New One Click Follow Button :



The tears

The passive unspoken expression, been sordidly absolutely imaginative continual of movement meant to be a sorrow happenings still the sun becomes the sinking par phase and the passive emotions go on begging. The unspoken reality, the rage, and the behind the scenes calculation cannot be going on forever, the amicable plasma is being continually inside the spot and the progress and the passive occurrences can only question the real paraphrase and the spasmodic substance to live in. The mantra of success is written well but the obsolete mechanisms is going on till to date trying to justify the meanings and the parleys in between and making the hurl of disturbances which can never be undermined. Success is going to be healed the matter possess can only be stream lined the passive acceptance and the mutual soccer’s is going to be high and high in the days to come.

The phenomena cycle of the very fact of observing the environmental capacity can be controlled or can be self sustainable to accept the periodic amplified intensions. The problem and the solution is a straight thing but the path is always blurred with shiny red glimpse of compulsive and puzzled path. This way the road ahead can be sometimes gloomy and uncensored and the positive acceptance is maintaining the path to success mechanisms. The applicable range is reducing and the show motion is making the obstructing which is not guaranteed or censored. How this can be , some times ago it is true and the real and now it is soon becoming fed and the blurred vision and its visionary is making the waves of implication and the possible platitude of acceptance is ignoring it through various malaise intensions.


These flows of such enormity of thoughts and the tears embedded within it can only be seen through some possible implication of envision mechanism. This vision is in true sense been the real and the unique but how can it be proved as it is rare and no one has it to show it as the parallel of thoughts and amplitude. The possibility of this sight is fast emerging as the futuristic vision but that too be diagnosed and specified and then the entire process need to be segmented and taken to laboratory for some specifications. Can this be happening, or else it is going on the same way, the tears are rolling out the possibility of solution is in the haste but the magnitude of vision is granting the ultimate phenomena of the wonderful visionary which is getting stronger but going on some very unique and distinctive path.

The amour has been gone away with and the zeal to choice has been lost forever. The passive occurrences is soon getting bigger and bigger and the way to format the mind drive has been locked and the tears are rolling and rolling out and soon the dre4nched vision and the sight will convert to a vast imaginary scenic abilities of serendipity of manageable acceptance.


While driving

The driving with its ultimate control over mind and the mind over matter always exceeds to all the expectations which can never be undermined or ignored. The perplex understanding of the steering mechanisms is the most honest and attentive process which the driver have to attain and median carefully. The driver is the sole control of the vehicle with its ultimate control of entire situations which will be running like the hares and the sideways movements can never be missed. The alert and the process of speeding ca never are challenged or attained but the control of sped over the non stoppable parameters only he can achieve and attain. The extreme control and the précis on is the need of the hour and the way he manages and carefully flocks all the mechanisms to maximum is the sole tracer and the gaining movements of the paramedic shift only to be reinstalled.

The occurrences within and the speed and the glance of altitude with lots of lights surroundings and stopping the vision can really be misleading and the passage and the passing moments and the cross over limits all to be  controlled and motioned to the highest attainable periattainic altitude. The smear smoothness which learned age can never be construed as slowly within the progress of the motion wheels all the trashing and the gaining knowledge is now a completely vague he has to do completely over checking and a new way to learn and share all these experiences.  The process of driving with the speeding limits and the up and down the process is of very learning experiment but  the careful limit is always top be taken as a slight less care or any deviant from the real laws of existence can be fatal and thus then learning process is always here . it is the only self managed mechanism and its periodic attendance and the free time to air and the passive occurrences through the  windows shield is always helpful and wonderful to achieve.

The managed sleeves can never be altered, the passage and the roads should be known to him, and he should always be making the right predictions and some gusty thinking and he will be careful against the bumpy and curvy happening inside the rods. The passage is full with rain fluids , it is slippery and the friction is less , this means the smooth passage but  on the other hand it is dangerous as it can give and you can remover yours control glide and in the process the entire occurrence and then sleepy and the control can go out of yours hand. The managing portion and the driving wheels is running with good speed  and the passage is still traceable  and wonderful and the entire area is dripped with rain fluid and the environment is full of lots of twitting and great lights. The lights seems to be moving as pert he Newton’s law of nature, it is slowly getting across and making the road a little bit blurry. Lots of road to cover it is not dark but getting to dark the driver want to reach home before it is dark and he drives slowly and starting to sign to the tunes of the vehicle. 


The light has gone away

Jagjit Singh was important Indian gajal singer , his songs and gajals has been imprinted in mind like that of the blue sky and this author is been crying while writing this write up on this great maestro who passes away living behind a great hole in the heart of millions of wonderful followers and it can not be replaced. That rain, the paper boat, the silken touch, and the way he sang all the gajals with platitude of unthinkable melody, I give a bow of namaskar to this maestro. Lord must want him as he is the wonderful soul and he could have stay with us more as we want his songs but sad he passes away. He changed the gajal world by making a vast change to the gajal phenomena, earlier gajal used only traditional musical instruments, Jagjit Singh uses the western instrument and promises, makes the gajal a real sweet, and relish. His songs touches the lips and has been all through it and it is one of this great soul the songs seems to be personalized, even if you hear the song at a vast audience but you feel he is singing for you, his followers is not bound by age or not bound by the countries the true melancholy has been fantastic. He has made the gajal a real true sound phonic and a new way treat touch it. He was composer, music director, activist and entrepreneur.

Feeling very sad to write the past tense about him, the heart is burning, feeling deeply depressed after he passed away, and I know all the sweetness and carefree songs arena now been burnt with him. Jagjit and Chitra Singh in the 1970s and 1980s, as the first ever successful duo act (husband-wife) in the history of recorded Indian music and creates history in the process. He is the most successful recording artist outside the Indian film music and his contributions have been immense. When he enters into the music arena gajal is fast becoming a thing of the past, but this maestro crates history, sang some improbable songs, and makes the gajal feels like a different world. All his songs is till new after all these years, it has been passed from generations to generation. You are smiling so much, what is the real pain is behind this is some of his famous gajals which can not be touched only being felt. So, sad am writing for him in the past tense and still listening to his some of his world class music. He has sung in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Sindhi and Nepali languages. He was awarded India's third highest civilian honor, the Padma Bhushan, in 2003.

The greatest singer Lataji once told even I cannot sing with jagjit Singh ji by practice only once I have to practice for it thrice to sing with him. What a true tribute to this maestro who has gone to the Lord making and dipping us in the sea of sorrows and still his songs his twitting and bleeping in my ears. Widely credited for the revival and popularity of Ghazal , an Indian classical art form, by simplifying the complex form of Ghazals in to a more simpler form of Ghazals by amalgamating Ghazal and Geet.

Renowned ghazal singer Jagjit Singh, 70, passed away at 8.10 am in Lilavati Hospital Mumbai on Monday morning. Jagjit Singh passed away at 8.10 am after having a terrible haemorrhage. Jagjit Singh was born in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. He had four sisters and two brothers and he is known as Jeet by his family.

His popular ghazals include, Meri zindagi kisi aur ki, mere naam ka koi aur hai, Apni marzi se kahan apne safar ke hum hain, Wo jo hum mein tumme qaraar tha, Patta-patta boota-boota haal hamaara jaane hai, Hoshwalo ko khabar, etc. Jagjjit Singh has also sung for popular movies like Arth, Prem Geet, Sarfarosh and Tarqeeb.

The flow of the songs and he advised with his songs to smile all over and    he always stress that listen his music to smile and relax and his tone is so smooth it can enter through yours ear to yours heart and mind making all the headaches and the sorrows to zero. He is the only composer and singer to have composed and recorded songs written by Prime Minister - Atal Behari Vajpayee, also a critically acclaimed poet - in two albums, Nayi Disha (1999) and Samvedna (2002). India's current Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife Gursharan Kaur are known to be his avid admirers.

Just been speech less to write about this great artist , still am sad  and crying with my heart, what a great singer,music,compsoer and classical artist , has gone away , it seems the light has gone away and every where is dark and dark , nowhere to go only the dark remains. He will be alive forever still the date the music is there and the admirers of music are there in the earth, in this planet.  You have gone to a place where no letter or no message cannot be reached and you will not be singing in this planet again.