Transit in transfer

My new office was located nearby market on the way to regional college of that southern city. The weather was nice even during midsummer times. It makes me feel refreshed even after almost 23 hours of relentless journeys. I reached at the door of the office and the guard was there, I showed him the transfer letter and he smiled back and saluted and then open the gate and I asked him about guest house and he showed me the stair case and at the second floor he conveyed the message to me.


Silent eye

Since the beginning of life we have always learn to be rational and we know humans are rational beings and they always tried hard to find every reason behind everything they come across. We never know how ours mind responds to such and such situations when it cannot tolerate the development of others and continue to find fault with it and even then so it does not find those then it continue to be in the state of complete dilemma and that provides


I would like to travel there

Humans love to travel. It is this sense which makes them stress free, energised and religious to work more and provide the most wonderful recovery time for them. There was a time when there had not been any computerised booking systems but still the travellers are fond of booking tickets prior and the small card sized railway tickets were there at those times. Of course time has changed considerably. We do not have to keep those tickets


Detecting and removing unknown malware on Android Lollipop

Android is an open source operating system. It empowers users with various tweaks and its related settings where users could find many similar functionalities with complete ease. It is upto users to find out more about it and continue to have more suprises in store for it. Android is securest of operating system considering threatening parameters of users. Android ia a complete package and most of computing functionality could be easily done with it. It is that sort of unawareness needed for the users and for this one should understand how to handle android in correct manners.


Neurobiology of everyday life

Defining beauty of anything and refining to its ultimate propositions could only lead to dynamic ideas where most of strategic point of actions and its corresponding reactions could not have performed better and smarter but still all these ideas that need to be attended and carefully performed have to meet with dynamic presentation of thoughts that relates to mind and the body of concerned person. The flow of ideas comes out from the mind with its due diligence and performance appraisal to find out the real meaning behind everything.


SMS and OTP for online security for financial transactions

The Internet is the world of heavy possibilities as well as here we find the most difficult part is to secure online privacy. With due course of time Facebook emerges as the single most defined parameter to provide the most administrative privileges to users in controlling their online privacy and other issues. It did empower users to provide more and more rights to control what contents to


In process of moving through the past

Perhaps the denomination of life is slowly shrinking to null and the movement of attached understanding moving into slightly positive senses to go forward and present it with one of the most vitalizing aspect of temporary attachments where every possibilities could be backed from the satire attorneys of life in relation to attached queries. Whenever we do not have an answer to the fate which we are dealing with still more
and more possibilities of keeping life and its movement steadier move with extreme persona