While driving

The driving with its ultimate control over mind and the mind over matter always exceeds to all the expectations which can never be undermined or ignored. The perplex understanding of the steering mechanisms is the most honest and attentive process which the driver have to attain and median carefully. The driver is the sole control of the vehicle with its ultimate control of entire situations which will be running like the hares and the sideways movements can never be missed. The alert and the process of speeding ca never are challenged or attained but the control of sped over the non stoppable parameters only he can achieve and attain. The extreme control and the précis on is the need of the hour and the way he manages and carefully flocks all the mechanisms to maximum is the sole tracer and the gaining movements of the paramedic shift only to be reinstalled.

The occurrences within and the speed and the glance of altitude with lots of lights surroundings and stopping the vision can really be misleading and the passage and the passing moments and the cross over limits all to be  controlled and motioned to the highest attainable periattainic altitude. The smear smoothness which learned age can never be construed as slowly within the progress of the motion wheels all the trashing and the gaining knowledge is now a completely vague he has to do completely over checking and a new way to learn and share all these experiences.  The process of driving with the speeding limits and the up and down the process is of very learning experiment but  the careful limit is always top be taken as a slight less care or any deviant from the real laws of existence can be fatal and thus then learning process is always here . it is the only self managed mechanism and its periodic attendance and the free time to air and the passive occurrences through the  windows shield is always helpful and wonderful to achieve.

The managed sleeves can never be altered, the passage and the roads should be known to him, and he should always be making the right predictions and some gusty thinking and he will be careful against the bumpy and curvy happening inside the rods. The passage is full with rain fluids , it is slippery and the friction is less , this means the smooth passage but  on the other hand it is dangerous as it can give and you can remover yours control glide and in the process the entire occurrence and then sleepy and the control can go out of yours hand. The managing portion and the driving wheels is running with good speed  and the passage is still traceable  and wonderful and the entire area is dripped with rain fluid and the environment is full of lots of twitting and great lights. The lights seems to be moving as pert he Newton’s law of nature, it is slowly getting across and making the road a little bit blurry. Lots of road to cover it is not dark but getting to dark the driver want to reach home before it is dark and he drives slowly and starting to sign to the tunes of the vehicle. 


The light has gone away

Jagjit Singh was important Indian gajal singer , his songs and gajals has been imprinted in mind like that of the blue sky and this author is been crying while writing this write up on this great maestro who passes away living behind a great hole in the heart of millions of wonderful followers and it can not be replaced. That rain, the paper boat, the silken touch, and the way he sang all the gajals with platitude of unthinkable melody, I give a bow of namaskar to this maestro. Lord must want him as he is the wonderful soul and he could have stay with us more as we want his songs but sad he passes away. He changed the gajal world by making a vast change to the gajal phenomena, earlier gajal used only traditional musical instruments, Jagjit Singh uses the western instrument and promises, makes the gajal a real sweet, and relish. His songs touches the lips and has been all through it and it is one of this great soul the songs seems to be personalized, even if you hear the song at a vast audience but you feel he is singing for you, his followers is not bound by age or not bound by the countries the true melancholy has been fantastic. He has made the gajal a real true sound phonic and a new way treat touch it. He was composer, music director, activist and entrepreneur.

Feeling very sad to write the past tense about him, the heart is burning, feeling deeply depressed after he passed away, and I know all the sweetness and carefree songs arena now been burnt with him. Jagjit and Chitra Singh in the 1970s and 1980s, as the first ever successful duo act (husband-wife) in the history of recorded Indian music and creates history in the process. He is the most successful recording artist outside the Indian film music and his contributions have been immense. When he enters into the music arena gajal is fast becoming a thing of the past, but this maestro crates history, sang some improbable songs, and makes the gajal feels like a different world. All his songs is till new after all these years, it has been passed from generations to generation. You are smiling so much, what is the real pain is behind this is some of his famous gajals which can not be touched only being felt. So, sad am writing for him in the past tense and still listening to his some of his world class music. He has sung in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Sindhi and Nepali languages. He was awarded India's third highest civilian honor, the Padma Bhushan, in 2003.

The greatest singer Lataji once told even I cannot sing with jagjit Singh ji by practice only once I have to practice for it thrice to sing with him. What a true tribute to this maestro who has gone to the Lord making and dipping us in the sea of sorrows and still his songs his twitting and bleeping in my ears. Widely credited for the revival and popularity of Ghazal , an Indian classical art form, by simplifying the complex form of Ghazals in to a more simpler form of Ghazals by amalgamating Ghazal and Geet.

Renowned ghazal singer Jagjit Singh, 70, passed away at 8.10 am in Lilavati Hospital Mumbai on Monday morning. Jagjit Singh passed away at 8.10 am after having a terrible haemorrhage. Jagjit Singh was born in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. He had four sisters and two brothers and he is known as Jeet by his family.

His popular ghazals include, Meri zindagi kisi aur ki, mere naam ka koi aur hai, Apni marzi se kahan apne safar ke hum hain, Wo jo hum mein tumme qaraar tha, Patta-patta boota-boota haal hamaara jaane hai, Hoshwalo ko khabar, etc. Jagjjit Singh has also sung for popular movies like Arth, Prem Geet, Sarfarosh and Tarqeeb.

The flow of the songs and he advised with his songs to smile all over and    he always stress that listen his music to smile and relax and his tone is so smooth it can enter through yours ear to yours heart and mind making all the headaches and the sorrows to zero. He is the only composer and singer to have composed and recorded songs written by Prime Minister - Atal Behari Vajpayee, also a critically acclaimed poet - in two albums, Nayi Disha (1999) and Samvedna (2002). India's current Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife Gursharan Kaur are known to be his avid admirers.

Just been speech less to write about this great artist , still am sad  and crying with my heart, what a great singer,music,compsoer and classical artist , has gone away , it seems the light has gone away and every where is dark and dark , nowhere to go only the dark remains. He will be alive forever still the date the music is there and the admirers of music are there in the earth, in this planet.  You have gone to a place where no letter or no message cannot be reached and you will not be singing in this planet again.


The new Facebook hoax message

Now days after Google plus innovation Facebook is feeling the heat and making new and new innovations and I this process making the Facebook more and more confused and annoying. Suddenly, an array of new features making my Facebook dashboard a completely overhauled and frankly speaking it is making me feel awful though after few days am getting over this Facebook amnesia , but still the fear is lurking in my head like the sword of the Hercules , like the any time there will be more and more change. Though debate can be initiated with how long there will be innovation and how much speed these innovation can be done and can be do away with.

As Facebook updates again, new rumors that it will start charging users are spreading across the Web. The launch of the News feed and Timeline incited the belief that Facebook services will become paid. Though in reality it will not be as these will be the new features, Facebook is segmenting, and making the privacy more and more personal though Facebook can see it others cannot be. Timeline is good and futuristic but not necessary tool it is like a gadget adds on, more and more news about friend’s activities more news about friends activity, top stories, recent stories…too much information, mostly useless. By true admission it is useless not required  it is making it more and more clutter and it seems face book is getting heavier to load now a days compared to earlier version of Facebook, it is my personal animated calculation may be wrong I cannot guarantee with it.

That is why many people caricatured this feature with some cartoons criticizing Facebook by posting some cartoons and making Facebook know that they are not very comfortable with its recent innovations. "Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are." - Bertolt Brecht . There is a new Hitler reacts video which is the reason for the recent Facebook rumor. The initiator of the video just wants to know how many people are being fooled by this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPKSpEmGVWg

Other users respond to the rumors with a sense of humor:

“On September 31st, 2011 Facebook will start charging you for your account!!!!
 To avoid this, you MUST get NAKED, stand on your dining room table and do the Macarena, all the while singing ”I Will Survive”. After filming and posting it to your Facebook wall and YouTube, then, and only then, will Mark Zuckerberg come down your chimney to tell you that your account will stay free. Pass it on; it must be true because someone on Facebook I hardly know told me.”

This is not the first time hoax, even during the Skype integration rumor this also happens, and Facebook will not charge you any fee it will be free  to use.. Even official messages from Facebook representatives, which explain that charging users was never considered, don’t seem enough convincing to everyone.


HTC Flyer reviewed

HTC Flyer is slim; solidly build with thickness of only 13.2mm. HTC Flyer display screen is 7 inch, with four touch screen- home, menu, and return and stylus mode. The sides are even more and more slim justifying the slimness of the tablet. The camera on the rear panel is towards the top a falls in the middle of the slider that needs to be removed to access the slim card slot. It is very tough to remove the sim card from there, so here is one scope for improvement. The top panel has the 3.55mm audio jack and the power button at the top of the panel. The bottom panel has the propriety USB port.   

HTC Flyer has very unique pen feature which is made from aluminum and it feels like the traditional pen to the palm. With it you can scribble, mark and highlight the text though you will need to take the screenshot of the screen before making the process of scribbling then press any button of the pen to take the screenshot. You may save the picture s picture mode or can save it as scribble. Thought the pressure you apply tom the pen tip remains to be constant and uniform. HTC Flyer is built with simple single –core processor so it cannot play back 1080p HD videos. Its seven inch display is very good and colors are reasonably vivid. Sharpness is good but while watching the video the sharpness decreases surprisingly. Legibility with sunlight is okay, in order to good legibility in the sunlight press the brightness in auto mode.

The five MP cameras is a vast disappointment for me, the still images are noisy, but videos have good color depth but the screen movement is jerky sometimes making it slower. Though Android three is available which is specialized for tablets but HTC Flyer prefers Android 2.3 and it seems a bit disappointment for me. With so many applications running HTC Flyer will not give you a smart tablets experience. The price tag is at higher side . I will like to suggest you to go for Motorola Xoom or Apple ipad 2 for far better experience w than with it.



Irani Trophy 2011-12

Irani trophy is an annual first class match between the Ranji champion of previous year and the rest of India cricket player. It marks the beginning of the cricketing calendar of domestic cricket season of India. History witnesses how a rare and brilliant performance at the Irani trophy can fetch you direct ticket to Team India, national cricket team. Each and every player who participated is eager to garner this opportunity. The previous year Rajasthan is the Ranji champion so they are playing against the rest of India. Rajasthan bowling attack weakened comprehensively by the absence due to injury concern from two of their main tormenter of the previous season. Their batting is in full strength including India’s previous stars like H. Kanitkar and Aksha Chopra.
On the other hand the rest of India has Shikhar Dhawan , who wants to prove himself after a disappointing tour of West Indies where he missed the real opportunity, on the bowling font , three speedsters and the two spinners. All the bowlers have been selected for recent ODIs and two T20s against touring side England. Selectors want to know among the rookies who are the real marvel so that captain Dhoni will feel easy while selecting the team.
Shikhar Dhawan smashed two big centuries in a batting paradise, Mukunda smashed one centre on the second innings, Rahanne smashed one century in the first innings, and over all the selected players or the players who are on the pipe line have been performing here. On the bowling front Ojha the left armor took nine wickets in the match including the thirteenth time fifer, which is a rare considering he is still young and selected must have make up their mind to select him in Test Cricket. The leggie could not bowl to his potential and seems lack of spin and the consite4nce bounce control overriding his confidence. The two speedsters Umesh Yadhav and Aron Varun seems to be generating plenty of pace and they are fast and aggressive to its core and really bowled superbly. Umesh is successful though could have taken more wickets have not been a shoddy fielding experience and most affect is Aron , lots of drop catches and opportunities go begging, but surely he is in the pipeline and inside the think tank of Indian cricket team. Parthiv Patel’s wicket keeping is very bad in this match and dropped a few of those real good and easy catches.
Rahanne, Manish Pande exceptional in the field. Manish would be disappointed that he scored only a fifty in this match in a superb batting paradise. The real pace will be seen in the recently to be held one day championship and their also some talents will be generated and can be seen. Vinaya Kumar bowled well in patches but his problem would be his pace. Hardly touches one thirty would kilometers, and this give batsman each time a separated period to change and adjust the stroke. So, he should bowl always stump to stump parameters, other wise there is every chance of batsman making merry of his bowling. He should learn from Praveen Kumar’s consistency.
The satisfacroty part is that of the success of Rahanne and India team will be delighted to see his success as Sachin will not be available this time against England so one more batsman can fit into the scheme of things. Ojha born at Orissa and played for Hyderabad has been exemplary in his bowling parameters, he spuns, bounces and even some times spuns out of the table. He is economic and that is why he will fit into the Test team.


Visiting Karnataka

Karnataka State of India has two very important places of tourist’s destination, viz, Benglur and Mysore separated from each other by 138 kilometers.
Situated at an altitude of 914 meters, the city has a very enjoyable and friendly climate to pleasure you the year around. A visitor will have a nice time here at Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, Visveswaraya industrial and technical museum, cuyleam park, the palace of Tipu Sultan, Karnataka State and Crafts museum among other places. Some nearby tourist destination include Bennerghata National Park (19kms) ,Nandi Hills (59kms)  and Meghadi (46kms) . Some other visiting places are:

Belur: 155 kms from Mysore
Habid:14 kms from Belur
Hamphi:13 kms from Hospet
Bijapur:201 kms from Belgaum


The visitor is enchanted at the sight of the Mysore king’s palace, Chamareadra Zoological garden.Some nearby tourist destination include

Chamundi hil—13kms
Sri Rangapatanam-16kms
Brindavan garden—19kms

What else:

Shravanbelagola—52 kms from Hasoor ,a colossal statue of Lord Gometeswar ,Indragiri and Chamundagiri Hills and Jain math pleases you.


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The problem and the solution:3

I know I can be , I explore and make some rare examples and some unreal conclusions in reaching the result of this pending projects and the exploration and the calculation part of this has been tenuous and very mental torture as more five or ten situations is being analyzed simultaneously but you have to stay with the root canal of the problem and explore towards the right path and am continuing to do so and in the process the first cotton out of many hurdles is crossed and it is been now a success. The first problem detection is the similar circumstances mechanisms to detect and it is one of the invisible elements though it is completely known to me but some what puzzled. In simpler term the first hurdle of the project of mathematics and statistical analysis is in my hand but I cannot truly sense the role of it but suddenly with due diligence I am able to detect the root of the problem and now it is been crossed. After reaching the first answer tunnel for problem seems the crossing part is very smooth and the covering of the problem and the equivalent analysis is being undertaken and the problem is now completely removed and now the whole project analysis route is clearly visible and the next goal is to reach the end of the tunnel as the ray of light is been seen, In simpler term the main root cause of pending project is know now the analysis part.

I can now seen the root cause of the problem, it is completely overplayed and seen and the outstanding issues is been cropped upon at various sources and some points of understanding. The prescript is now known and now it is time to act and so as the possible solutions on sight am starting to get the real understanding and now dwelling and navigating through the answer route with some caution and understanding and the process of reaching solutions has been not a smooth ride it is been a bump and difficult hurdle. In each solutions there evolves a lot of problems and that to be treated and even the side instances to be reposed and the possible buffer solutions to be implemented before removing any of the problematic solutions. The problem solving journey is now slowly reaching to its destinations and the problem is almost solved as it is now waiting for the solution and at last the solution reaches and the problem is now no more problem and the solution is slowly taking over the problem and the problem is minimizing and slowly integrating with the solution in no means of time. There is now a situation  where even the problem and solution is now in a state of mix and you cannot say that here some where the pending project was there and the problem is not been done with.

The solution is now taking over and eating all the problems even the side problem of the project is being overtaken buy the solution thorough some side references and with some nice statistical implementation and now slowly the problem is going to settle and the solution is for all to see.


The problem and the solution:2

I am in this way think about my vehicle while driving with it and inside it. The touch of the steering is so cool to my soothing hands making me cool and great control to navigate the road and the process it is going through is not making any jerk even at some humping roads is great for me. It is feeling like am seating on space craft, navigating, and flying with it.  The humps have been reduced to a no pain zone as the vehicle is moving at the same speed and at the same aim to reach my office.

Now I crossed the zonal office and this means I will be reaching my destination. Though I am late to start but the driving and the vehicle is of excellent and wonderful it is simply making me feel better and reaching my destination.  I reach office, park the vehicle and then go to my chamber where my assistant is picking up the work and preparing for my daily routines. I greeted him and responded. I sit on my seat and begin my work. The room is cooler than the outside so I decide to reduce the cool for sometime. There is the reason for this, as my doctor  has advised me always try to make the room temperature at  par with the environmental temperature for at least tow to three hours and then increase the cooling of air conditioner. I say to my assistant to stop the air conditioner for one hour and open the wind screens so that room will get the fresh air. I start my work and now one hour elapsed, I switch on the air conditioner and began to feel the cold and now the room is great to work on with.

The cool is crippling my mind and my mind is thinking some right decisions as lot of work and the boss’s reminder all these almost complete for this day. Now only two hours of my work and now am trying to fix some pending related non important jobs. I collect all the information now am trying to find out the crux of the problem and fix it with some related answers, I am sure I will be getting the answer, for this am trying to calculate and makes some permutations and combinations and some statistical analysis. I am very good at these and at ease with this. My pen can deliver a lot of goods and the mathematics, data analysis began, and trying to explore the unexplored part this time as is trying to cross the boundary of mathematics and want to reach some very good annotations and probabilities. To the true sense am now entering in to a completely new domain , I know some of it by gaining knowledge from various sources but still not able tom determine the practical solution and the way to reach the solutions. I get the impressions earlier that this arena of mathematics has been considered as very rare and unknown and know tome so, I want to try it out.


The problem and the solution:1

I am wondering where to start, getting late; it is already eight in the morning and will have to reach at the office by 9. The road to the office takes one and half an hour traffic free seamless drive. I am not sure as I am beginning to late and what the traffic situation will be in store for me. I remind to myself be positive and think positive and then I start my journey towards office. The climate is as usual cool and very nice, it is sort of pinching climate when everything seems to be in control and each and every body parts responding as it a new system. I am feeling good, not the sort of what the Google says but in reality this climate is making me happy and soon erasing the same old very negativity which has been crippling my mind since the early morning. The wind is cool and gentle, the breeze soothes in to my vehicles, and it touches my inner heart and making me tight and feeling nice. I luckily the traffic is not as rush as it is expected to be I so I drive in decent speed and will be reaching office on time. The speed of the vehicle making the environment climate more and cooler and the wind is vibrating to its fullest and making the curtain of vehicle running outside. So, I slow the vehicle and tightened the cotton so that it will not distract the passer by vehicles and the journey will be smooth as ever. The inner focus of me is now more and more positive of the expectations of reaching office on time.  I get through a wary of thoughts and preludes while driving and concentrating on the road and vehicles on both the sides. I am seeing many vehicles is passing my car with lots of higher speed and miles per an hour, this gives the inward movement of some theory which makes the dynamism of synchronized specimen which is giving away so much speculative occurrences and predicaments which can never been sustained but it is being realized. The action part is making the journey itself similar to inductive mechanisms which are soon getting the membrane of the journey making some vibrations with some utmost clarity and delusions. It wants to go through the drive phase which is a long drawn road and can be crossed at some simulative sped or some normal speed.

The car is now reached at square, here the left movement, an half, journey, and the office. It seems now on time and the gallery of thoughts is now included with some simple mechanical preludes which can never been injected and can be a pace maker of similar happenings.

The vehicle is spacious, causing no discomfort even the journey is being quite fascinating as the process of engine of the vehicle is excellent and responding to the cool time a way good than it is expected and anticipated. The round circle movement of the gear is being fascinated comfort and the pace in which it is moving and the comfort of handling it and managing the speed is great. 


My computer:2

Few minutes have elapsed, I am now on the middle of my work and now I am feeling some pain as, at he cross roads it seem a lot to go or no where to go. I am confident; I will not be deterred by all these temporary lapses, instead I will be continuing the job to finish it on time. I am feeling some pain in my legs and at he upper limbs due to long seating and dwelling of the work but I am sure to finish the job.

It is always difficult when you try to finish the pending the job alone , all by yourself as after few moments when you feel the tired, no one to help you to get in as you have to do it al by yourself. It may be pain or cool or the hot climate but the adversaries should not be a deterrent for yours to reach the goal and finish the jobs. At the middle of the crossroads it seem a mountain to climb and my limbs and other essential ingredients are freezing to the top and I cannot move as if I want to move a single inch to finish the job the pain and the mind reaction stopping me. What should I do it now? Simple I will be more strong as I have the goal and the path so with pain I continue my work and with lots of loudness to me and I shouted I can do it fifty times and at the fifty first time I passed the pin staking stage and now slowly the pain is subsiding and the me the pain more the zeal to work. I am now relieved and now browsing all the work and now my goal is to finish it at speed and it felt so as the path to success is now at very slope rate and I am at he top of the slope so nothing to worry about of it.

Suddenly, I finish almost seventy five percentages of work, and now am feeling lot more excited as the goal is now slowly becoming the reality. I am now feeling the pleasure and now I have a sense of winning and reaching and attending the goal, it is now visible. It seems that it is waiting to happen and it is securely looking at me and wanting to come at me but it cannot walk, so I have to walk it to the goal. Then pleasure of success is always enchanting and cannot be described as it flows through all the motion and through all the veins and rejuvenating and making them more lively and more and more gentle and wonderful in the days to come. I am now completely at the finishing point of my pending work, the jubilation inside of me is gaining momentum and about to explode within me. I am pretty excited to finish the unfinished job and in the process I will be reaching and attaining the success and the crown of glory by finishing the pending jobs at record time and that too alone.

I close the folder and copy the work to official pen drive and then I turn off the computer and the then I slowly feeling sleepy due to this exhausted two hours work. Now I am going to sleep.


My computer:1

Tension mounted on my mind, as I have to finish some of important pending jobs which have been kept in the loop for long. How long it has been, I have to find it out and how it has been not been considered and kept aside for long till to date am unable to know or venturing out. The stipulated time is kept on changing with ticks of each and every bit of seconds running into it. Time cannot be stopped but it can be managed, but what I have done just kept in going about without concerning the time and energy. This is bad and I should not be doing this. The real time keeping jobs need to be segmented with each and every bit of capacity so that it will not be wasted to the desired satisfied level. The functionality and the configurability needs to be changed and needs to be updated with due diligence and with ultimate capacitating flows of inbox keeping circulating methodology.

First thing which I have to do is to open the computer and log in to my account and for this I have to switch on the power and then the CPU. When I am inside the house, I always use my desktop as it is convenient and very easy and good to use. It is good for placement and good for doing the jobs at speed as I have lots of pending jobs to do so , I have to finish it at random and desktop is right for me. When I am on ravel I used to laptop as it is very easy and come at grip with the laptop in very simplistic manner. Desktop is now almost open and now I have to log in to my user account and for this I submit the password required and computer logged in. After few seconds now the desktop appears and I have to finish my pending jobs within the stipulated time of two hours. Within these two hours I have to checks and recheck the pending works so that flaws will not be detected later.

I am alone in the house so, work can now be finished in speed. I open the required folder by navigating to the particular drive naming the work and then I reach at the folder. The golden rule is before anything scan the folder with yours right click option. So, I right click on the folder and scan it thoroughly. Scanning means the cleanliness and this means no infection to the very requisite working area and for me it is the folder which contains the pending jobs. Now the scanning work is going on it will take time and after that I will check the scanning results and then I will open the folder. Now the scanning results appearing and it shows the folder is clean and you can now safely use it.

So, after all these I am ready for the jobs and I will not only finish the job on time but also revise it two or more time. For smooth mind I opened the songs folder, choose a soothing music, and play it slowly. Now I am fully satisfied and excited to do the pending jobs. I comfortably seat on the computer chair and starting to browse the folder.Openign the folder which I have seen a lot of folder so now is the time for filtering. For this carefully select all the folders and then make the filter software to work it on. Few moments lapsed and with the help of this filter software the invisible puzzling door now been removed and all the folder contains now comes out open and fully exposed to me to choose which one to use or which one not to use.

Slowly, I am becoming confident and slowly my work is gaining momentum with the every passing of seconds time is passing by my work is becoming organized. I am so involved with my work, slowly I am forgetting the environment around me , I am now completely over taken by my zeal to work more and more. I want to do the work at a fast pace but it should not be on the wrong path, so I am careful as excess speed can harm my body and mind.


Cut down your mobile bills with NET10 Unlimited Plan

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<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/CpoLPoe64wY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I have always wished that my computer would be as easy to use as my telephone ..My wish has come true. I no longer know how to use my computer. Mobile phones now a days is essential companion ,it connects us to ours near and dear ones and it is always on in the network . Due to its constant use ,the money bills can be a cause of concern to the user and the network and the roaming facilities can be a pain . To day I will be telling about Net 10 which surpass all of my expectations it is the most reliable and economical .If you are paying high for yours mobile bills, here is the chance to reduce your bills by switching to NET 10. .The plan will cost you  just $50 a month with no contracts, no surprise bills and no credit checks. This unlimited plan is a marvelous deal for customers , with uninterrupted conversion , nationwide seamless network, unlimited talk time, data usage and text use. The service from coast to coast with flawless network. You will never had a call drop with NET 10 .No phone Bill or list of calls. Set up an account on their website site then you control your phone and its services. So, no worry and tension free mobile network to use. You  can even use the Long Distance Service which is available to over 75 countries, you can make international call for about 15 cents per minute on calls originated in the US. NET 10 only support trusted mobile phones from recognized manufacturers from famous brands of mobile companies.

You can pay under forty dollars for significant features like Mobile Web,Bluetooth® Wireless Technology ,VGA Megapixel Camera ,MMS Picture Messaging. This shows all the basic features in addition to all the essential and excellent applications in such a low amount.

According to yours needs and urgency you can prefer some fantastic plans from NET 10.

Unlimited Minutes, Text and Web for $50.00/month.
Pay-As-You-Go Plans, your minutes forward with active service.
With Easy Minutes Plus plan, the fee starts at $15.00 for 200 minutes.
Customer testimonials, a customer speaks from his experience:
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  2. Real NET10 customer
To activate the NET 10, the steps you should do:
  1. BUY AND ACTIVATE YOUR NET 10 PHONE  "Activate / Reactivate" button on web pages.
  2. TEST YOUR NET 10 PHONE with calls, SMS, or download a ringtone.
  3. ADD AIRTIME before the service ends, and keep the service continued to be active.

With NET 10 you can switch between plans each month in order to suit and accommodate yours budgetary needs. Airtime can be recharged online or directly from yours phone so no third party involved here. International neighbor program available at Canada and Mexico , this gives a  special phone number  to which yours family and friends can reach you and this ensures always on connectivity with yours near and dear ones even if you they are out of this country. Pay $60 for full QWERTY keyboard phones, slider phones, and touch screen phones with all the basics plus great app capabilities. You can track yours order from NET 10 website. NET 10 only uses trusted phone manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung. NET 10 is for yours personal and professional use and I think you should buy it and experience yours life with NET 10 and make yours life majestic.

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Adding Twitter Into Yours Business Module

Make a twitter account synonymous with yours business name, create a good and meaningful avatar which will be similar to yours company perspective. Use Google Analytics to measure the traffic directed from Twitter to your blog or website. Twitter is a great fun tool and application with it you can make fun, share yours ideas, communicate, survey, market trend ,yours business trend and what people are saying about yours business and products offered etc a long lists of actions . If companies use Twitter suitably, the in the long run it can be a very useful tool and valuable addition to company’s growth and market research and future trends. In this article the author will highlight some tips how to get more productive with Twitter for yours small businesses. When we consider business as module so there are lot of fascinating ideas for innovation and renovation and revive of concepts, formualtion, permutation, and combination of all the ideas can be done and for this some marketing tool needed. Make a twitter account synonymous with yours business name, create a good and meaningful avatar which will be similar to yours company perspective. Create the avatar which will represent yours company seemingly ideas. Make smart choices about yours Twitter background. If you can spend some on marketing then you can vouch for business Twitter account to create a great place for customer relationship management. Educate yours clients to use their twitter and follow yours twitter account in order to keep with the happenings of your company. It can help you share the news and information regarding the success of your clients. It can be mutual and yours can benefit with yours account activities as well as vice versa. Use twitter as the discussion forum, grievance redresshal mechanisms , involve yours clients, yours officials so that there will be live discussions among yours clients and yours company executives. With this the cordial relationships and long term bonding will sustain. Use Google Analytics to measure the traffic directed from Twitter to your blog or website. If you can measure the traffic related to sales or acquisitions it help you understand an ROI from the tool. Make a blog of yours company website, if you can afford then go for word press or you can simple use the blogger platform which is now much advanced with inbuilt analytics tool , I would like to suggest the blogger platform as it is a no fuss platform and everything has been done and done by Google and it is useful and user-friendly. Encourage employees to join twitter and make them part of the conversion and also make a watchful eye on employees activities with some twitter analytics tool. Fill out your profile. Make sure you put information regarding your personal life as well as your business life. This is important because, yes, tweeps do check it. Create yours twitter profile absolute flawless and make it public and make all yours company tweet as public. Add your Twitter URLs , LinkedIn account and blog URL to yours business cars and visiting cards , this will make more network and more people will follow you and thus increase with yours business parameters. Thus it increase more and more communications and more advertisements for yours business. In order to stay in touch continuously, you should also download a suitable application on your mobile device to help you manage your Twitter account while you are out of the office. This will ensure that you are always connected with yours Twitter accounts and always on syndrome and this make the customer happy as you are always approachable. Even with yours desktop and laptop you can use some desktop clients so that you can log in to yours twitter account with ease and with less fuss and you can post all yours connected account simply and easily. Follow people judiciously and if possible follow yours similar business people and also make some judicious decisions while following people and this will ensure long term growth and lots of possibilities for the future. Last not the least use sites like Digg, Stumble upon, Triond , delicious to garner more visitors and knowledge about interesting stories from your particular area of business. Read more: http://webupon.com/social-networks/adding-twitter-into-yours-business-module/#ixzz1YR5cdtIP


Earn More with Triond

After realizing Triond’s September challenge of writing more articles at least twenty articles this month in order to get the bonus, has been influential and motivator for me and also inspirational. I am not fully depended on this platform but I know I can earn extra money from here so that it is always a good to haves some money on my PayPal account. With Triond my adsense account approved, and it has passed two stages, the first the tax information stage after attending the ten dollar amount threshold and I had done that and now the Pin status check in of adsense account with ten dollar hreshold and this been very difficult and critical for survival of adsense publisher account and I had passed through it though with some halts. I received the Pin after two months but the fact of the matter is now the Pin has been inserted to my adsense account successfully and now it had passed the two critical stages at last successfully.
Apart from using adsense with Triond which is obvious for me now, I can now use the adsense publisher account on my three blogs www.ittech.cz.cc ,www.ittech.cc.cc and www.wallpeper.cc.cc and successfully earn some revenues though mild but satisfactory . In the last two months from www.ittech.cz.cc I earned from adsense publisher account 4.91 dollar and the from the rest of the two accounts nearer to one dollar. As in the third stage of adsense publisher account the threshold limit is one hundred dollar to receive the payment by check and I know it is a long time for me and is sure I will be reaching that threshold limit of adsense publisher account sooner or the letter.

Why I am advocating adsense publisher account at Triond ? The simple reason for this is you should enable the adsense publisher account with Triond as it assist you multiply yours income to double. As lots of article on Triond I had been going through for the last two months based on that Triond income is less and only few dollars or the fraction of dollar but they failed to understand with Triond you can earn money on two ways. The second way is with adsense publisher account and believe me, if you go through the difficult phase of activating yours adsense publisher account and then the first two phases of tax information verification and then the Pin number insertion and review process and you can then wait for yours threshold limit to reach as per yours country currency as it differs from state to state as it is different from America to England and then it is of utmost sure you are granted a life long income.

Triond shares forty percentages of adsense publisher account income with us and that too is more than sufficient as within two moths while using Trinod with adsense publisher account of mine I accrued almost twenty dollars with adsense publisher account , but with Triond normal income that is the number of views per month through pay pal, it is almost 2.5 dollars from three months with Triond.
Triond is a unique concept as we can garner income from article views and also from adsense or chitka whatever be the case it is. Google introduced two months back some ads concept with impressions which can garner money from only impressions means the number of page views not from click to watch policy and this gives additional income with each page views easily and with each page renderings and with some good search engine optimization techniques. So, with the article viewing by fellow Triondinans we can earn money with Pay pal as well as it gives the page impressions which can give adsense publisher impression ads which will accrue money even more than the pay pal income.
I have been watching my adsense publisher account for the last few days and especially after the adsense Pin installation approval the second threshold limit approval , each day I have been getting close to one dollar or less from it . There has been lots of flak on Triond about lowering income generation but if we understand the exact concept of Triond which is based on viewers impressions and this very concept can fetch money two ways one through pay pal and the second through for yours approved adsesne publisher account on a regular basis with page impressions and the threshold of adsense publsiher account which is one hundred dollar of mine seems nearer.


Superior Website Design: Thoughts and Preludes:2

Do not choose them at random use yours mind and research if you want them to engage with yours website design graphics.This creates from raw stuffs it well-situated to move complacent that certifies the total jest of your firewood identification in the raw and the lost world of internet arena . You have settled  what theme you will be creating an infographic on-duty, you will possible seek to a group action group discussion .Investigate messages that have of late been intriguing inside the demesne of website subject matter through readers comment or Google analytics,


Superior Website Design: Thoughts and Preludes :1

About immodest depart of incorporating infographics into your website is to make bound that they area unit wellspring- and targeted to your website specific generated viewers.
Internet mercantilism and physical object packaging is a competitor gritty, with the amount of independent entities creating acceptance intermeshed towards readers in this individual meme perpetually organic process. Creating high-octane proportionality that compulsive and engrossing is path for success, but when compounded with the repugn of safekeeping blade readers reaching protective covering for various VPN use, it can believe nigh impossible action to be potent


Interpersonal Behavioral Symptoms in Workplaces

Here are some examples of interpersonal covert performances. Communication problems results from interpersonal difficulties, resisting another person to perform freely is part of communication problems.
Business depends on the group effort and the group effort depends on the interpersonal behavioral symptoms in workplaces. A manager can deal with a lot of personnel individually many a times but there is some sort of problematic situations when he is dealing with the group of people in his organizations. When people get together he has the difficulties in dealing with them. So, these are the problems regarding the communications difficulties, disciplinary problems or the human relations troubles. So, the real cause lie somewhere, it is among the interpersonal levels. When there is the meeting two levels of communications occur one is overt and the other is covert communications. Overt is what we see and observe and the covert deals with attention, status, control, influence and the warmth and the likings.
In these situations covert performances takes the leading role, and makes the players leading to unusual roles and makes the situations more and more subtle. So, the productivity factor is influenced by the covert factors and this leads to assumptions that covert factors are more important and it is run by the preconceived notions and multiplies with some fear and the positional advantages in the long runs.  So, if this environment happens then it is advised to ignore these situations for better and healthier interpersonal relationships. These covert performances may override the group activities and group productivity will be lower. These interpersonal difficulties and the relationships most of the times is very difficult to arrive at thus in the long run the crux of the problem cannot be arrived at.
Here are some examples of interpersonal covert performances. Communication problems results from interpersonal difficulties, resisting another person to perform freely is part of communication problems. A person may be confused ,cannot follow the set up guidelines , no clear set up rules can lead to a person to a communication problematic situations. Misleading or misrepresentation of facts can lead to a personnel similar sort of situations. In these circumstances make valid interpersonal communications and these can remove the interpersonal trouble.


How Heuristic Algorithms Work for Search Engines

The modern outlook of heuristic algorithms is the evolutionary algorithm, which depends upon mainly on the artificial intelligence, which automatically analyses the evolutionary process of data, optimized.
In computer science heuristic algorithms is a problem solving methodology ,which uses half hearted information to reach at a potential not accurate solution. In optimized search engines like that of Google, Bing and so on they utilize the heuristic algorithms to reach at closet to the solution. Heuristic algorithms employs the a search tree with qualitative selecting branches and thus reaching closet to then solution by accessing and dissecting the given information which are already stored in the achieves. There are decision points and in employing the heuristic algorithms, the search tree applies all these by adding all these points, then it refines the given solutions to the give point and given information which slowly direct us to the decision trees and to the ultimate decisions.


Interpersonal behavioral symptoms in workplaces

Business depends on the group effort and the group effort depends on the interpersonal behavioral symptoms in workplaces. A manager can deal with a lot of personnel individually many a times but there is some sort of problematic situations when he is dealing with the group of people in his organizations. When people get together he has the difficulties in dealing with them. So, these are the problems regarding the communications difficulties, disciplinary problems or the human relations troubles. So, the real cause lie somewhere, it is among the interpersonal levels. When there is the meeting two levels of communications occur one is overt and the other is covert communications.


Announcing the Blogger app for iOS

Blogger Buzz

Today we’re excited to announce the new Blogger app for iOS. With the Blogger app, you can write a new blog post and publish it immediately or save it as a draft right from your iOS device. You can also open a blog post you've been working on from your computer and continue editing it while you're on-the-go. Your blog posts are automatically synced across devices, so you’ll always have access to the latest version.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and the Blogger app makes it easy to add photos either by choosing from the gallery or taking a new photo right within the app. You can also add labels and location to provide more details about the post.

Download the Blogger app today for iOS versions 3.2 and above in the App Store. Although the user interface is only available in English at this time, the app supports blog posts written in all languages. If you’re using an Android-powered device, you can download the Blogger app for Android from the Android Market.

Posted by Chang Kim, Product Manager

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Chitika Introduces Pay Per Call Local Ads

As advertiser demand heats up in the local sector,Chitika is enhancing our ads to capitalize on these exciting (and lucrative) new revenue models. Pay Per Call marks the latest addition to the Chitika local ad format:

Why you'll love these ads on your site:

Advertisers are willing to pay more for calls than clicks (anywhere from $2 to $20+) - and that's a fact. 
They increase action rates for local ads. Local viewers are more likely to click these ads because it will put them in direct contact with the advertiser.  

When money talks, Chitika all listen. Especially when it's as easy as pressing a green button.


Faster Ads: Massive Data Center Upgrade Enhances Performance:

As Chitika network continues to grow at full speed, our stellar tech continues to rise up to the challenge and have beefed up the back end with the acquisition of a brand-spanking new data center.


Because of the massively expanded capacity and some fancy new technology, in the very near future we will be bringing you:

Faster ads: Decreases page load time. Increases your CTR.
Smarter bidding: Allows us to make sure we are showing the highest paying ad to the right user at the right time. This is good news for your bank account!
More redundancy:  Maximizing uptime is what we are striving for. We've put in place new intelligent redundancies that will keep our ads running even in the craziest of circumstances.



Market Yourself with Infolinks Marketplace

Self Service Infolinks Marketplace

Infolinks introduces the world’s first In-Text ads Marketplace. Infolinks Marketplace officially launched this week and allows you to create and optimize In-Text ads campaigns in a matter of minutes. Now advertisers can effortlessly create and manage their ad campaigns just like with Google AdWords.

Quick and Easy Interface

Infolinks self service In-Text Advertising Marketplace allows you to create campaigns in minutes, select your own keywords, target geographically and monitor the campaigns with a real-time reporting system.

Turning Publisher into Advertisers

Now you can use our new Marketplace to promote YOUR blog, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Channel for a bigger brand boost at a reduced cost! Simply create your own advertising campaign in mere minutes. Test-drive Infolinks Marketplace and bring relevant traffic to YOU that is engaged and ready to read your words.

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Announcing September Special

The August Special and new flagging system have been quite a success. Thanks to your help, we were able to achieve the following so far:
516 spam articles deleted
652 insufficient quality articles deleted
362 plagiarized articles deleted
287 adult articles deleted
1,302 articles redirected

This is a great accomplishment and we want to wish a sincere ‘Thank You’ to everyone who helped us make this happen!

Now that we’ve begun getting rid of the bad, it’s time to replace it with the good!  Simply put, we need a boost in high-quality articles. In order to help facilitate this, we resurrecting an old favorite: a Quantity Challenge (Just like in the good old days!).

This time around, we want to make sure that the quantity challenge won’t result in a surge of low quality submissions. To make sure this happens, we are integrating the Quantity Challenge with the flagging system. The nuts and bolts of the new challenge are as follows:
Publish 5 articles + 5 flags and get a 10% bonus
Publish 10 articles + 2 flags and get a 20% bonus
Publish 20 articles and get a 30% bonus. No flagging needed.


Some important details:

Flagging will only count for articles that were published in September
Any articles you flag must actually be removed or redirected in order for them to quality you for the bonus (i.e., don’t spam by flagging)
We strongly recommend writing high quality articles. This will increase your chances to get traffic (& revenues)  and decrease the chances of your articles being deleted.

Lastly, be aware that not all sites on the Triond Network are participating. The following sites are excluded: Authspot, Notecook, Relijournal, Picable, Loudio & Kleep. The rest are fair game.

This is very exciting. We look forward to receiving lots of quality content articles and are eager to continue improving our content network. Good luck to you all and, as always, Happy Publishing!

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