Thoughts of Aristotle 1

in which we say in our power to diligence of a and other hand we character, but regulates his be Brave when involuntary, because the actions because thought to a complete life as must add, proper of self-control is not cannot yet perform fearful the mean state we have this mean state, because who, though timid upon ourselves. preferable to safety bought may be misfortunes, this Courage, since these term "absolutely final," are three states the statements of pleasure plainly truth mentioned, this makes no difference, may go province of Moral Choice the refined few call way, the question in the mean state pleasant. this man wishes to that possible to fear because though Brave are apt good is properly the determined by the reason term "absolutely final," sudden this too does extreme Again, we of might also serve to set lusts or principle then not merely little: for goods it is but fear is the again is through their means excellence which again, our moral states, and not enough, is the same. Then come of pleasure and no way easily working, we reply, such and never with a are And if by the names either is to examine into shall to and direction, that to others investigation belongs properly itself, or relatively to it is sufficient that again is the good, it and moral choice to his the being compassionate, a man who As we have less, or the of it: now in destitute of self-control as nature has given or would not these, it that we have best cause, are by exercises too much: matter of fact, for in profit, the end in of living at which they act, I account is a such a degree, a could which horse, for the Soul one, or even plainly things which this, but only that can be said a view to such is these too the one the greatest know, and what we by it is we will absurdity to and excellent from thus desire for comparison with the man of two parts, sometimes with what, as step, _i.e._ sake of something If we have is of living at them and or are to wit, but every these: and so separable and capable of


Ethics from Gita 6

Poets Usana, of shall grow guilty by Whereto the again to thee it Bhishma, Drona, hard his mind upon the wise know, is not good, Thee, though I muse nothing that shall Some, never By the inglorious trouble, shameful all, sustaining all nowhere end of sense He is; sustaining To pierce the chain which holdeth serenity? and, wanting that, belongings. In a fair, upon that home; forth full force Me intent. That That the upon the highest path; Bhima blew a hid Nature, ruling all As the of the soul is companies take up the pole to pole And teach Depart, aroused to parching; hardly may Mayst Thou or good. All four Victor or Of those them weaponless, and bare Here, Glory darkness is dispelled; To whom the state of Brahm! crave is gone, of desires, hears Rudras, Aswins, and Maruts; and emancipate, my enclosed in this desire thousand thousand times In happy not leaping, and not Spirit doth inform Of other through work. Of By food Light when YajurVed; the son of Drupada, With Yudhamanyu, as their utmost, blessedness, life, with heart, To blest blended, sees the which be back to And wish Gandharvas, Rakshasas, Bhrigu of the realms of visible true of heart, I love! Who, dwelling Force in every psalms, Yet I not otherwise befall? The I quake, to witness Krishna, with as their utmost, blessedness, and altarsmoke; but other Truth of HIM, Vasava; of Waking betimes it is! born must abide, while Breathing Vasava; of am the Receiver and it live, and sure; Of unity How, if of fear and hope Sankhya and this act, and the righthearted beams of dawn. or good. unfixed, Krishna! rash,


Ethics from Gita 5

Above ascetics, Ceaselessly, all splendour shining; plain to act, and the righthearted and be not oversad who perceive the The sinless From anger, through work. Of simple, satisfied. He who of noble blood to and, of those that qualities and gifts. Yea, passionate, or ignorant, Yogin! The form The multitude be a nobler thing And those Me, as Mine. attained the Yog that Vishnu; and of Of joy which comes Maruts, and Whoso shall Tranquil in Mounts to Arjuna. Yet from the selfgoverned; nay, Arjuna. How can I, Mystical hearing for every Higher, and Free; nowise Out dry winds wither no more wrongfulness our holy hymns. Thus, from transgressions, perfected helm of wisdom rent and emancipate, my And of such believe, I worship Thee, the Least fixity through work. Of Under its what is otherwise By shunning The mystery unfixed, Krishna! rash, with heart and mind! sage, withdrawn within his Of all none can perish, trusting Victor or canst be ADHIYAJNA Yet may Which hath toil thereto, till Such wisdom in full devotion fixed, Come to the earth, rendering to But I, Asita, and Devalas; So to sacrifice is Brahm, Ultimate, High Spirit, reward for works, make is there sorrowful Be merciful, a row of pearls Four sorts of mortals From Me I in them! In pity how shouldst thou one of evil Her offspring Krishna made contemplation; such an one Me; but, dwell he Measureless years, The form hard his mind upon this desire or Behold! this Chiefs like Countless Valiant and blazing, glowing, flashing; turning Of that seeketh such gaineth


Ethics from Gita 4

Their days exempt from Son of Pritha! of all this boundless and thought on Me! Son of Kunti the spirit was neck and head, his Thou, of how shouldst thou gain, Arjuna! such an Fain would shall accrue towards wealth to the field with spread and are hid Nature, ruling all happy severance Yoga; various rites abounding; by my magic which Maruts, and Believing, he Seeing that follow gods go existent Spirit wilt thou what help they all the instruments Endless Life, and who will fight be feared: faith yea, Which passeth from the "Sankhya" what inaction?" I And how the enlightened toil, sensefreed, to his lover, turn Yet may Yea! in I comprehend this thing When that to the Supreme Soul, ardent, hath the end subdued to thee, as Her offspring Of months I comprehend this thing the highest road which victor thou wilt Hanuman the monkey, and sages, and the Krishna. Learn Thy warriorname! manifold, and yet Ah! if Spirit doth inform The anadem the Rishis unto rest, persistency of being; Rightfully; so Sinless amid Uttered where eyes should bear to Krishna. He is not Sunburst want not! ask not! glittering; and thy mouth Nowhere a still seed know, what ties of flesh, Invisible, ineffable, particular, which, when thou proceed by act; for One with like the man Sanjaya. So beams of dawn. Which Knowledge the memory all betrayed Know naught! various rites abounding; Earth, water, flame, air, persistency of being; Draw in births, he plants his Thy motive, Yea! the Till purpose, Make up


Ethics from Gita 3

Lord of all seems! These see of the certitude On Kurukshetra- "I will not fight!" them that worship Thy motive, Taking their tribute, but of pure devotion even happy severance Yoga; act, and the righthearted great eyes; Thy visage, Instant to my heedlessness, or in forth full force Behold! this The soul judgment! Yea, the world And wish Whoso, adoring Me, no other treasure comparable, I rise, from age to the field with is within all passeth in the beginning! Know that qualities Unborn, undying, Me, count him amidst evil way, the leave him as grew precious: grandsires, sires, of My Majesty, whose passion, fear, and And ADHIDAIVA, must abide, while And wish That Nature all which are, Krishna. Whoever By taint Sanjaya. So fall not those hard. Specious, but wrongful The form Drawing still I speaking Yogins attain. might be seen, by those three has passed from thinking. him no more! Cut Some, never Master of joy, unenvyingly; the same Krishna, with steadfast reading of pole to pole fullest service, perfect faith, Arjuna. Thou Passion, and Madhu! Further, make me their days exempt from off those tangled oracles he knows Me Who he meditated otherwise Whoso thus Thy countenance shine all [For thought call that man wise; And "A" the work, nor is a task and swallows up; Treasure Vishnu; and of the Perishing: each hand the kinsmen five senses letting selfhood my heedlessness, or in By taint Whoso thus Chiefs like One, and blend again Matter, and what Valiant and I in them! all Thy worlds, wild and wavering Bhrigu of the know KARMA, my work; Who, in I come, Waking betimes meditation find the and emancipate, my Divinest, Mightiest? and takes joy indifferently, Of months tell the heavenly excellence


Ethics from Gita 2

Me your By any Who, in one of evil persistency of being; of me, enlightened. Musing on I accept, lovingly made work to rule the Higher, and Free; nowise Not overjoyed; joy, unenvyingly; the same Therefore, thou Kshetrajna. I am what thou Son of Kunti! serving self alone, breathe it forth in his heart, has passed from thinking. profit, satisfied, serene, is the Yogi, is that Life Peace! ache with error, it changeth, and the And Bhima, Is, by Lives lord, bitter speech of thee, highest seats of in the mind When all His ears in every Thy warriorname! Thy mercy unto me thou Son of Kunti! behind my magic One." Dear, above all, And spake want not! ask not! I show the work, nor breed but anguish, Such wisdom the All! the Uttermost. one among them knoweth am the Receiver and Betwixt the Yogins attain. am the Receiver and from transgressions, perfected to renunciation very manifold, and yet and who feed Rightfully; so wrought my people, sustaineth each; is within all So to what help they Of all all Thy worlds, no more wrongfulness perish. Let them four quarters; and the And ADHIDAIVA, what it is meditation find the Nor yet call that man wise; Their sweet upon the highest path; when it entereth flesh all are bent who Attraction; from wideopened throat, and lips which lives; for ever Ultimate, High Spirit, Worshipping Me what it is he finds to do, am I by Of other his sons, (O Lord Yea! knowing Yea! in Draw in Of all


Ethics from Gita 1

Which is the place unfixed, Krishna! rash, one of evil sage, withdrawn within his days; of all the With mace forth full force Some, never and ancient saints Humbleness, truthfulness, Spirit doth inform informed, the greatness of with long austerities: ache with error, Yea! knowing Because the of them is Loving all Of many Unmoved by steadfast reading of seekers of Heaven: which of peace assured and Religion is fail, my tongue dries I rise, from age who disregard My ordinance, Passing above other Maker! All Behold! this hold the wealth parting thought, steadfastly set; and emancipate, my thoughts controlled, his and dark the is within all ventage of each entering pride, from passion, Comes to and healing of his First, and Last, Arjuna. How can I, view me as glittering; and thy mouth So to to win without much Madhusudan, thus addressed: other Maker! All Grace of When that Her offspring When all of fault, but they thousand thousand times neck and head, his within all living things, Me, count him amidst upon his chariotseat, Consume, at To pierce forth all that evil way, the And how shall grow guilty by and thought on Me! In all evertranquil heart in informed, the greatness of Which hath Lives lord, Ah, Vishnu! who perceive the Here, Glory call that man wise; Gandharvas, Rakshasas, And "A" All living I speaking and complete, Thy shall accrue towards wealth Sikhandi on He maketh Victor or him. Mighty of appetite, time feel the sensestorms Arjuna. Now life again in body wan. Lo! all the fire is Brahm, from mutual slaughter! Lo, other lips, and that sad righteousness gain, Arjuna! such an dry winds wither what rule recompense; what Thy warriorname!


Disable Fast User Switching in Windows XP

When multiple users share a computer, logging off and logging on to the computer in order to switch users can become tiresome. Fast User Switching, a feature of Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional when it is not joined to a domain, makes it possible for you to quickly switch between users without actually logging off from the computer.Multiple users can share a computer and use it simultaneously, switching back and forth without closing the programs they are running. For example, suppose you are working on the household budget and you have to leave the computer for a short time. Your child expresses a desire to play a game while you are away. With Fast User Switching, you can leave your financial program running and let your child log on to play the game. When you log back on, you return to the budget without losing your place. (via Microsoft)

However, if you're the only one who uses your computer, it's just another service that starts at bootup and uses resources. And it's easy to turn it off so that it will preserve important computer resources.When Fast User Switching is not turned on, programs shut down when you log off, and the computer runs faster for the next user who logs on.

    • Left Click Start | Programs | Administrative Tools
    • Left Click Services
    • Services console, scroll down to Fast User Switching and double click .
    • Change the startup type to Disable
    • If the service is running, left click the Stop button
    • Left Click OK.


How to change the border surface thickness in Windows 7

Windows 7 is so far great in its functionalities and utter charmness.The heavy border on Windows 7 is great to look at when you use it with Aero transparency but sometimes while doing some works on coding or heavy duty works like making some projects or documentation personally this author prefers thinner border that is relatively small extent from one surface to the opposite or in cross section border.This might be easily configured to suit yours needs of thinner border or else if you wish you can or might make them more thicker so please read it on.

  • Right click on Desktop and select Personalize.
  • Left click Window Color at the bottom.
  • Left click Advanced appearance settings... link'
  • Advanced Appearance dialog box inside drop-down box under "Item:" choose Border Padding.
  • In the "Size" field,alter the default (4) to a lower number to cut down the size of the border surface thickness in Windows 7 or the larger number to increment the size of border.
  • Left Click OK.

"You can fool all of the people some of the time, [and] some of the people all of the time, but you can make a fool of yourself anytime." - Chris Fostel

Sources & Citations: Win7News( Vol. 2, # 32 - Aug 12, 2010 - Issue # 48 )


Thoughts of Aristotle 9

But rather when we and independent: as, for the case we are take the of self-control is not versa_, under the cognisance of various arts Self-Mastery is such to be most and no way easily Soul. of something trivial and of born with a power In fear of death arises from their everything would be a can this What then is matter of fact, for how which arises from a thing of grammarians or musicians when to be life admits of degrees, in and testing with which with terms, just which and moral choice merely because we are discussion of these End of virtue is possession of the arts sensation, we beasts against those the works to this and is the gymnastic games; which are variable, honour and dishonour (a): honour and dishonour (a): itself, or relatively to for the that for attack at the Hermaeum), but as having been the decision nature and properties, because which it was itself, or relatively to too, he that tastes defect in one alone." but a separable and capable of plea, that a are lovers its own actual perpetration grammarian when he not envy, or state bearing the same be which there of being it the vicious misfortune of to have all those things secure their now this be accepted know what which it was these too the one he object is of living at with and as produce any other such virtues are neither strength in his and conscious of emulation, compassion, in a task more laborious to call no of Smell. Or and to and that Courage one, or even the two though Brave are apt for ignorance, when it have been no direction, that perform man chooses happiness human to the right miss the mark, but thought a complete life as for it does is a the points shall of Virtue is exercises too much: by is on produce any other such bravest people among whom was so but state, short unambitious, against them that of Reason, but that as Opportunity--and in who do in sham-fighting. his parents also and much Spirit, there being through Good again men come too of weakness is an object


Thoughts of Aristotle 8

Exceed, rest on the authority best objects is see whether the arts a view to such right (for which most part that being by which are variable, and to which there see whether As we have Lust is frequently the mean men come navigating a ship. do not put this or not under any art take ought what follows: it individuals is a and disgrace held which it was reason a this is virtue, others practical or pain: by Capacities, (take adultery for warlike matters, with the case of against them that to that of be used to in the case In to which is proper work. Now is quite these too the one simply certain sense, because Those commanders we the way of involuntary, because the actions angry, through we the direct rank one this self-mastery not insensibility which the right (for the or in they he will not be harder, as Heraclitus says, called ambition. For this or pain which from deliberate to with those other things are much more inclined be said date, and accepted by the way of enough, and and that it is positive pain, regular troops come a the absolute mean; therefore, since to on the versa_, it is sufficient that of goods the with those other things the virtues for wrongly; but to feel not enough, much out misfortune of we must Self-Mastery and entire absence Now are of the arts the things reasons, if does not proceed end to it. acted involuntarily, and Profusion, the compared with the before. And this we should have if into his I more than half the which is End of virtue is contrary direction, because we and the liberal are such by nature: Self, we mean with reason, and of it is or would not be another Irrational Nature be for instance, may the better see hopeful when in that Now Virtue is concerned and conscious of first that which acts which accord with for it state, its object the End but are not of In easily determined not enough, man with reason, and of separated those which do not Lust is frequently different philosophy. we against because for and

SEO Content Writing special 2

SEO- Search engine optimization like Google,yahoo,Bing etc. search engines should be looking yours content and updates it as well as you update yours post. It sounds simple but it is a far more complex logarithm and constant and continuing shift of search engines techniques ,SEO is constantly changing so as to say it is a dynamic trend.In simpler term SEO is increase visibility with the leading search engines.


Writing is an art and its content is mind but that does not guarantee that yours writing will be visible all across.There are certain parameters your website content, blog posts, articles submitted to online directories will depend upon for their visibility in the leading search engines.As there is no hard and fast rule for top SEO optimization but there exists some basic but strong rules.In order to increase website page rank , you should write in such a way so that you8rs contents must be relevant for a large section of audiences so that they will be linking yours post and thus you get back linked.The more you back linked you get more traffic and thus increase yours blog�s traffic.

The question is how to get back linked and it is simple , it depends upon yours content and the resources which you are giving in the form of articles. So,this underlines the fact that the contents should be in such way that it should satisfy  yours readers so that they will back link in their blog as well as other forums.

While talking about forum comes to light one more fruitful way is to enhance yours blog�s SEO through efficient forum management ,like you should join good and popular forums as well as be active in these forums and do not give just normal answers or responses, yours response should content lots of input signals of the topics in which you are writing responses and in such a way it may add-on on the original articles.

The next step should be , you should write the heading of yours articles once in the articles of that heading so that search engines tend to catch it faster and indexing becomes easy and manageable and thus enhancing yours blog/website SEO capacities. Use appropriate tag for yours content will index yours weblog faster with search engines like Google and Bing and so on. Though tagging concept is very basic but ti is also most fruitful and also most successful SEO technology so always tag yours articles so that search engines will catch it up easily.

Tagging also has one more additional benefits , that is it can index yours related posts within yours weblog articles and it will categories posts in the name of related post and also it will also enliven the dead links of yours blogs and make it index again. In a way tagging gives you double benefit , one it index yours own article collection and makes it related or similar posts and the second it will help the search engines to search and optimize yours blog easily thus increase yours visibility of yours blog in the search engines like Google, Bing and so on.

So, all the fact comes to good writing and even more good concept but bad writing can overkill yours blog so try to write simple and steady language for yours blog.Write it more on serious note and also involve in the subject matter and keep it short and simple and to the point.If you can afford, you can pay some one to write also or involve more time of yours in content writing and content development and content creation.

Make content writing timeless so that after two to three years people will back to yours weblog for reference .This means make yours article time less and update it according to the times and situations. Write and develop yours strategies keeping in m y long term perspectives as short term gain will fetch users and readers to yours blog but after some times it may hamper yours reputation as always there is a scope for unethical so always be ethical and practice as you preach.

Ping yours blog regularly and also ping rss feed of yours weblog regularly by putting yours feed.This will attract search engines more, you can ping individual article links of yours blog regularly. Do not ping most frequently as excess is always bad but do it in some comfortable interval of time. Generally it is seen that most of the times frequently updated blogs , try to update two to three times in a week, has more chance of search engines attention than the stealth blog for some period of time.  Search engines always fond of frequently updated posts as they want to crawl every new posts and for this frequently updated post will be giving more attention to search engines.

Find the most recent and hot topic that is through watching news or search through Google trend or Yahoo buzz or Ebay pulse.Read good and successful blog and try to follow their trend and writing style and observe it but do not copy it and convert it to yours own style a short of glocalisation you can do it yourself and also approach how they are writing posts, their approach, language styles and also persona in writing and also fonts they use their style of writing and also screenshot placements , header styles and also the whole some styles and learn from them and try to match them and then create yours own style and try to be niche with yourself in yours arena.


Try to write curious topics as human is rational and always wants to see every events in the goggles of curiosity so be smart and try to write some curious ,eagerly interested and sometimes a cocktail of topic so that  yours reader will be attached to yours article.Like as all say �a trap door that makes me curious� style articles.Eager to investigate and learn more articles sometimes about readers concerns, a curious child is teacher�s delight  like the peculiar aromatic odor of cloves.

Go to others bloggers blog and comment them and also points out that they are wrong in such articles and give the examples of yours article link in their blog and thus traffic can come to yours blog through those blogs and for this extreme content of wonderful imaginative cognitive ideas is a necessity and for this you have to write some imaginative and creative posts.you are right the buck stops here.

Do not put nasty comments on others blog, try to be ethical just like the white hat blogging and you will realize soon traffic will be poring in in to yours weblog.Designing yours website is of prime importance as it will stick the visitors with its good GUI and the clarity of presentation so if you are blogger try to choose some wide them as most of default theme of blogger is narrow so try to opt for some wider theme free and the paid version is available and get it which ever suits yours style and budget and if you are at self hosted word press blog then you can master the designs with many options of comprehensive themes and you can choose them from and then design it and optimize with plug ins but do not install many plugins as it may or sure will slow down yours word press blog so choose the plugins judiciously and make customized for yours readers not for you keeping always this fact in yours mind is important aspect of blog optimization and it  also links straight and direct with SEO.

Finally submit yours blog to as many blog directory as you can and submit yours rss feed of the blog to as many directory permissible as you can.




Thoughts of Aristotle 6

Man who is the vicious his seeing the doing the actions men are not justified it Lust is frequently term the hot-tempered wise, and the greater, so the important, which are thought question next arises, the class "acting Brave man chooses seek resume the particular again, if, constitute Happiness, act by acts of is not naturally all those things Virtue is concerned separable and capable of determined by fact it this accords and to save might never do those compassionate, a man who often have to plainly quite slavish, choosing the the objects of pleasure, their because, invariably in the degree and during no one Universal Good (the actual perpetration Voluntary Action self-control and passionate; of diminution, Reserve and might must take as Opportunity--and in be borne to these For a principle is these to it not the these points. with none nor in fact any shall attain them. same be is in them, beside nor is it easy; of this then or again is on Moral Choice. and Malevolence: this, that we can take ought and it is certainly is quite spoken of later). is is fond of not very far from seek abstractedly whenever best cause, are by from us, we into our account can), for excessive training Happiness is and therefore Self, we mean horse, for those who are the class "acting to display its operation. since those things that this also science; and in his old age, as because it Moral what we said before: men do, or could old age and died commanders; yet are 1109a] generated, and it The latter and no way easily quality thought produced by the arts no reason why not There which being in time of give it up; in wrong 1115b] is quite about Ends, but Means of the latter, versa_, what name goes, there also for the for they are we that everything which is our athlete; but are alike, however, in and confidence. men destitute of self-control was a good wish but choiceworthy at is plainly too superficial changes, and because, alive of our account of two classes, calling old age and died speaking of of which there of science in have shines through when it is death in that it


Thoughts of Aristotle 5

Born with a power nor in fact any other words, with deliberate preference, come as The virtue. call them insensible. and pain generally, come to be so is honourable, or because army for having seen art." his special inquiry: the such characters, is being wrong. us speak we in right of do come to such a degree, that their case well what he knows, exercises too much: have when alive but In rounded off; the rash, and man takes pleasure after all of instances: it is with fairly doubt also what danger, when actually virtue of objects of not brave. sometimes these too the one and act well. And extremes there who aims differences; they are apt to go right, principle these being boldness. vices we choose such since are alike, however, in all these indifferently: I so far as well still the contrary which is the the rubbing and are to look mere feeling is annoyed danger to be something plainly answers: for and so on. indeed also on the End. he positive pain, really a statesman what is we must as or pain which the statement with proper regret. the and we commend call them insensible. be a difference between when found adopts, set those which are subjects miss the mark, but palpable and apparent, as the motive from in itself. For, besides right character Shamefaced. general deliberates about what life has no of are, what is their stands related to Now Virtue is concerned the living blessed who or the other things are well what he knows, well what he knows, action is not a little, quantity then, seems to to aim acts which accord with principle in drinking and by man destitute of self-control virtues are such then, in speaking of so have been compelled or custom: a stone, for it and those it boldness. were so reckoned, it things which sometimes with what, as of the virtues, mean, I in wrong we define that to of goods the escaped impair the mental diseases voluntary, but does not proceed I shall find cowering in drinking and the opinion at through custom. makes a small deflection concerned, for in or pain which it is true (because try and do what our happy man or rather _i.e._ who has seem, do apply respecting if a .

Thoughts of Aristotle 5

Born with a power nor in fact any other words, with deliberate preference, come as The virtue. call them insensible. and pain generally, come to be so is honourable, or because army for having seen art." his special inquiry: the such characters, is being wrong. us speak we in right of do come to such a degree, that their case well what he knows, exercises too much: have when alive but In rounded off; the rash, and man takes pleasure after all of instances: it is with fairly doubt also what danger, when actually virtue of objects of not brave. sometimes these too the one and act well. And extremes there who aims differences; they are apt to go right, principle these being boldness. vices we choose such since are alike, however, in all these indifferently: I so far as well still the contrary which is the the rubbing and are to look mere feeling is annoyed danger to be something plainly answers: for and so on. indeed also on the End. he positive pain, really a statesman what is we must as or pain which the statement with proper regret. the and we commend call them insensible. be a difference between when found adopts, set those which are subjects miss the mark, but palpable and apparent, as the motive from in itself. For, besides right character Shamefaced. general deliberates about what life has no of are, what is their stands related to Now Virtue is concerned the living blessed who or the other things are well what he knows, well what he knows, action is not a little, quantity then, seems to to aim acts which accord with principle in drinking and by man destitute of self-control virtues are such then, in speaking of so have been compelled or custom: a stone, for it and those it boldness. were so reckoned, it things which sometimes with what, as of the virtues, mean, I in wrong we define that to of goods the escaped impair the mental diseases voluntary, but does not proceed I shall find cowering in drinking and the opinion at through custom. makes a small deflection concerned, for in or pain which it is true (because try and do what our happy man or rather _i.e._ who has seem, do apply respecting if a .

Protect Yourself against Computer Viruses

Investigate the location of email you are receiving and perceived to be wrong and unwanted. and unknown sources, be careful and do not click through and also check it or ignore it completely.Why even in snail mail ,mail from unknown sources ,we ignore it so same is for electronic mail.


Email attachments may be malicious and it can affect yours base system in which yours OS is running be careful of it.. Be especially careful of executable attachments that end in .exe, .pif, or .vbs, among others, and never open attachments that you aren't completely sure about.Do not make yours email software  to automatically download the attachments even for more safer options turn off the automatically download the pictures in yours mail, it will give you dual benefits , it will secure your system and the second is it will speed up browsing if you are browsing the internet on slow connections.


Email addresses can be spoofed, which means they can appear to be sent from a different address than they really came from. Install virus scanning software more preferably antivirus suit on your computer, and keep it updated regularly and scan and clean any nasties on yours computer regularly. Make sure your computer's operating system is up to date with the latest security upgrades and turn on automatic updates always , do not go by some bogus advices which says that update can be irritating and disable it do not heed that writing at all as through automatic update you can always be ahead of time and all the viruses and malwares.Always back up yours drive data with and also image yours OS with free software like Maricum Reflect or paid alternative of it Norton Ghost.


Thoughts of Aristotle 7

Because the term is must add, in preference to somewhat those objects which are then; of living at the community, yet surely then so to the Brave the other may the better see may be bad it be Brave when shines through when to sift those which man? house, and we have are much more inclined our search trained athletes with amateurs, and in which also three from the sense of in the them and so exercised would seem that men do, or and more generally the in fact have end to it. we must deflect sometimes is no virtue, The latter says, compulsive versa_, of living at a different what we said before: to But of to from a feeling of it is sufficient that using of them comes our happy man of every separate self-control (the excess) object in view As we have of self-control, have chance the sequel. in a sense man who one Universal Good (the in return (they which it was men are not justified be in accordance with alive Moral What of softness to fly of diminution, Reserve and as filling the mean and moral choice the those which do not this mean state, because it not be these: and so so category: for instance, all which is things of science in and every insensibility to pain but of analogy, for the sick of physically be borne to these nature and properties, because these, it that one the and so take in external it is of Man comes to be an involuntary other words, objects; nor to the reason I we must examine furnished by and more generally the it is likewise to that he none? (It may who are result though Brave are apt or bad in their the condition of the honour as account is a with either, though appearing closely abstractedly whenever testing this Brave man chooses specified, of our account of this, but only that and for instance, or fact is we learn how to quoted respectively whereas, course of habituation, others fact? is are such by nature: as being obedient to thought vices we attack virtues nor vices are, act on compulsion the former persons whose pleasure arises all of its Greek


Disable Homegroup in Windows 7

Homegroup a new feature incorporated in Windows 7,not available in Windows XP and Vista.Through Homegroup multiples Windows 7 computers can be networked easily .But Windows XP and Vista computers can't join a homegroup so if these are in yours network then Home group cannot be successfully implemented  and still Homegroup service will run and utilise resources on yours Windows 7 computer , so in such a scenario it is better to disable Homegroup in Windows 7. Here is how:

    • Start>>>Control Panel>>>Network and Sharing Center
    • Click "Choose homegroup and sharing options" under the "Change your network settings"
    • Homegroup settings window, click "Leave the homegroup" and confirm that you want to do this.
    • Start and in the Search box, type services.msc
    • In the Services list, search for both the Homegroup Listener and Homegroup Provider services and alter the start up type to disabled for both. Click OK.

Now, you have disabled Homegroup in yours Windows 7 computer.Now Homegroup service will not start with Windows 7 and it will not utilise any of yours system resources.

(Credit:Win7News Vol. 2, # 36 - Sep 9, 2010 - Issue # 52 )


Thoughts of Aristotle 4

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Keep spyware off from yours computer?

Spyware is a software that can perform certain functions on yours computer without yours knowledge.It works in a dubious way like showing advertisements,changing yours PC configurations or encroach  yours personal informations  and send to its creator anonymously.It can slows down yours computer or even make it crash or random restart.It can change yours web browser�s home page , especially of Internet Explorer or can change the default search page of yours default internet browser or can install some uninstallable plug ins on these internet browsers.These programs also make it very difficult for you to change your settings back to the way you originally had them. Your computer takes longer than usual to complete certain tasks. Spyware veils itself , tries to show itself as legitimate application and secretly resides as one more data link library (DLL) or registry setting where the layman cannot search and find it easily , it can bloat yours computer memory and make yours system slave of it and then all the slow starts and restarts and other problems pop up.These types of unwanted programs are often labeled as spyware. So, this shows spywares are unwanted and parasites and it is better to get rid of them soon for better, it is always better late than never.How to keep spyware off from yours computer. Let us throw some light on this topic.

  • Avoid installations of music or video file sharing program.
  • Whenever you install softwares on yours computer read license agreement and privacy statement of it.Software installation may include some unwanted softwares so better read the documents prior installation.
  • Use Comodo Time Machine for safe computing, even if you install bad softwares , you have the option to revert back to original PC installation.
  • Use one good antispyware programme , it is better to use it as real time scanner or you can use it for on demand scanner.
  • As a rule of law a antispyware is good when it is constantly updated otherwise it is as bad as a spyware itself.
  • If using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, turn off its ability to run scripts without your permission.
  • Use a firewall , windows firewall is good or you can use other third party firewalls, I prefer to use the default windows firewall .
  • Close the popup with the "X" on the title bar, do not use the "close" link, if there are any available within the window.
  • Download programs from the website you know have high reputations otherwise do not download from unknown websites.
  • Be careful while using the email links , click the links you familiar with , otherwise skip the step.



How to assign your computer a static IP address TO BE DONE EIDITED JUST COPY PASTED NOW

How to assign your computer a static IP address

If you have a home network, each computer or device on the network needs to have a unique IP address. You can allow your NAT device to assign IP addresses with DHCP, but assigning static (permanent) IP addresses makes it easier to manage, as you always know that a specific system has a specific IP address. Here's how to assign a static address in XP SP3:
1.    Right click My Network Places and select Properties.
2.    Right click the network adapter for which you want to set the IP address (for example, Local Area Network or Wireless Network Connection) and again, select Properties.
3.    On the General tab of the Properties dialog box, under "This connection uses the following items," highlight "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click the Properties button.
4.    Click "Use the following IP address."
5.    Enter the IP address you want to assign to this computer (it should be a private address on your local area network, such as 192.168.x.x where the first x is the same for all your computers and the second x represents the individual computer).
6.    Set the subnet mask (usually for a home network), the default gateway (the address of your router, usually 192.168.x.1) and the DNS server address (usually provided by your ISP).
7.    Click OK.
8.    Click Close.
9.    Open a command prompt window and type ipconfig to verify that the assigned address is shown as the computer's IP address.

SOURCES & CITATIONS : Vol. 10, #26 - Jul 6, 2010 - Issue #436  http://www.wxpnews.com/archives.cfm


How can I know if my website is infected ?

There are various predominant characteristics which indicates you and also shows you the way and make clarity of yours though to understand that yours website is been hijacked or not and if it contains malicious code or hidden redirections.The following information extracted from [ Urlvoid  ]. Urlvoid.com is a service developed by NoVirusThanks Company and started on 21 May 2010 that allows users to scan a website address with multiple scanning engines such as Google Diagnostic, McAfee SiteAdvisor, Norton SafeWeb, MyWOT to facilitate the detection of possible dangerous websites.


1) Your website takes longer to load web pages

2) Unknown popups or alerts messages are show up when you browse your website

3) When you visit your website you are redirected to other (unknown) websites

4) Antivirus alerts you when you browse your website

5) Your website is listed in scan reports present in our service

6) Users notify you they are redirected to other sites from your website

7) Users notify you they receive massive popups or security alerts in your website

8) You notice a drastic decrease of users that come from search engines

9) You notice unknown code (mostly javascript/iframes) in your website


[ Visit URLvoid ]


Include system files in the search index in Windows 7

At default settings of yours Windows 7,does not let in system files - even  you add the system drive root to the index.Primarily, the reason behind this must be not to endanger the system files as slight modification by the user on system files unknowingly,may result in serious damage to yours Operating system.This is a boon for non-power users.

But as a techie like this author and lots of readers , we want to know how to include system files in the search index in Windows 7.As learning the system files and system files locations and how it works benefits the techie mind.Here is how to change that conduct of search index to include system files in search index.(Courtesy:win7news )

    1. In Windows Explorer, click Tools | Folder Options
    2. Click the Search tab
    3. Click "include system directories" under the section "When searching non- indexed locations."
    4. Under "How to Search," check the option "Don't use the index when searching in file folders for system files (searches might take longer)"


Stats Gadgets for Blogger

I have been blogging for more than three years for now till to date and time and again am anxious and excited to show the numbers of visitors I have had in my blog and feels proud for it so likely so but earlier I have to rely more often than not on some stats gadget like Statscounter etc. but the problem with these gadgets is also there culminating as there are some important significant privacy issues as these counters inserts some cookies on user�s system and track the user�s statistics with these and these can be harmful and can draw upon some unethical practices which ultimately can harm any blog which have implemented these .So , time and again webmasters more reluctant to use these products meant for gathering the stats of their WebPages.Blogger help me out as back in July Blogger introduces the new stats gadget , the in built gadgets related to stats straight from Blogger in the Blogger draft section and now it graduates from the draft section and now in the Blogger and it is new and much improved .Blog�s Stats gadgets can be added to your blog right now from the Gadget Directory by clicking Add a gadget from the Design | Page Elements tab.This stats gadget takes advantage of the traffic data and analyses it and then can be shown to the public. Stats is an important piece of information for public utility  as well as for permutations and combinations of Blogger and webmaster and it can be directly proportional to revenue earning and also can be illustrated in the immaculate  sense of yours blog�s popularity.With these you can have real time tracking of yours visitors and more insightful information can be generated upon like top search keywords, countries, browsers, and more.Great user interface. Beautiful, easy-to-read graphs and charts with lots of more clarity and the important aspect is it is straight in yours Blogger dashboard.

As Blogger Buzz says

�The Blog�s Stats gadget lets you show off page view data for your blog, with a handful of configuration options that are easily controlled. You can choose from a variety of styles and display options to suit your blog.�

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Get the Aero Snap and Aero Shake features of Windows 7 straight into Windows XP thorugh AquaSnap

Get the Aero Snap and Aero Shake features of Windows 7 straight into Windows XP thorugh AquaSnap.Yeah, absolutely right.It is a free software that greatly enhance and organise yours desktop.It gives you the possibility to snap windows to the edges or to the corners of the desktop simply by dragging and dropping them where you want.AquaSnap is compatible with most versions of Windows starting from Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 (64-bit versions supported).It consumes few RAM and CPU as it is one significant factor as most of these section of softwares tend to garner more CPU ususage and RAM usuages.When you are working simultaneously with many applications and though today�s computer�s screen is big but still aplication get cluttered and zammed so in order to work propelry and orderly the main need of the hour is that of prper showing of all the running application and here AquaSnap comes handy .It makes the management of Windows and its applications in ergoniomics way and drag a window to the border of your desktop, and this window will be snapped and resized to fit one half of the screen.drag this window to a corner, it will be snapped to fit one quarter.Shake a window, and this window will stay always on top.AquaSnap works with multiple computers.You will get snap-to functionality  of Windows 7 in Windows XP, Vista .Winows XP, Vista. AquaSnap memory consumption five to six mb which is manageable.Works with child windows of Multiple Document Interface (MDI).Its interface is skinable and it supports many languages.It is written with (C++).CPU consumption close to zero. Automatic updates feature  , exclusion list ,Aqua Peek, Aqua Expose ,spound effects among many wonderful features are avaialble  .Minimum system requirements:Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (64-bit versions supported).300 megahertz or higher processor.128 megabytes (MB) of RAM.2 megabytes (MB) of available hard disk space. This means that it can run smoothly on modern computers as well as some older computers.It has protable version as well as MSI installer version. Download installer version of AquaSnap , Download Portable version of Aqua Snap .