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Google introduced its android security namely ‘Google Play Protect’. It does not come with the downloaded app. It automatically installed with the update of ‘Google Play Services’. I have checked it works with android Jellybean, Android Kitkat and next operating system such as Android Lollipop, android 6,7,8. Google says let it to manage installation of apps and the users should be in the peace of mind in the palm of your hand.
It is a security blanket for your android device. It scans regularly for installed app for security. It provides guidance to users when they download an app from Google Play Store. It is an on-access security system. It never sleeps and continues to scan and protect your device. It works with Google Play services and sandboxing methods to keep your device safe. It updates on background and those are the silent updates and it aims to provide latest mobile security.
It has ‘Find My Device’ as device administrator to keep track of your device. You will have to sign into Google Account When device is misplaced. It can remotely lock your device. Display message on the lock screen, can even erase all data to clear data from lost device. What it enables you to control the data within your reach and even if the device is misplaced, stole or lost you can control your data and keep it safe and private.
Full control on your data is provided with you from ‘Find My Device’. If it is misplaced, it locks the phone so that your near and dear ones if they found your device will get this message and this makes your data locked until you get the device. If your phone is lost or stolen then, you can erase data remotely and completely lock your phone to safeguard your private information.
The power of Google and present in each and every android device makes it powerful and in an estimation it is fifty billion apps scanning done by ‘Google Play Protect’ in a day to make your life easier. Apart from this all android apps go through rigorous android application scanning and sandboxing before they appear with Google Play Store. When app developer violates Google term and conditions they are suspended from providing app to Google Play Store.
This makes running on Google Play Store stubborn and here security of users is paramount for Google. When you download app it is scanned and approved by Google beforehand. Apart from this ‘Google Play Protect’ scans billions of apps daily in million android devices to understand behavior of apps and from there it also detects harmful behavior of rogue apps.
Apart from this with the regular updates of Google Chrome for android, and safe browsing is preinstalled with it, warning to visitors to unsafe sites so that you get warning about it and taken back to safer sites. This keeps your android device safer and completely negate chances of downloading of malwares from a web browser.
  1. First makes sure before downloading app enable ‘Google Play Protect’ from Google Play Store. Open your device’s Google Play Store app
  2.  Tap Menu > Play Protect icon
Download apps from Google Play Store only. Before downloading app do see recommendations from Google Play Protect. Add Google accounts for backing up your device. Set a screen lock. Go to device settings and then security and the device administrator and activate ‘Find My Device’ to allow to find my device to block or erase a lost device. In this way also Google Play Services cannot be uninstalled. Then last not the least update Google Apps to receive latest Google services.

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