Silent eye

Since the beginning of life we have always learn to be rational and we know humans are rational beings and they always tried hard to find every reason behind everything they come across. We never know how ours mind responds to such and such situations when it cannot tolerate the development of others and continue to find fault with it and even then so it does not find those then it continue to be in the state of complete dilemma and that provides
the most difficult ways to understand psychology of humans.

It has always been difficult to imagine and summarize these classes of differentiated traits of humans when we do see these attributes changes from person to person. From among all these incidents, how could you detect someone is completely jealous of yours and how to find and replace such and such of the tremendous form of understandings that could find the most vital aspect for orientation of the movement of ideas. There are certain signs of jealousy and one could easily find those without any such difficulties.

First and foremost the single most important factor about it is to find out who is showing the traits of jealously at you and it is important to find and detect and confirm about it before seeing all these. If you find some of your neighbors or of some of your class fellows or colleagues have always been keeping eyes on yours every work then it is time to inspect them also visually. If you see time and again some one at some distance of course where you read, or where you stay or where you work has been inspecting silently all of yours work, job, and everything then it is time to keep silent eye on these fellows too.

Just watch their movement, are they following you silently, or do they listen to yours conversations, mobile conversations and talking against you with other and when they come in front of yours they look at straight at you all these are signs that these person are in the state of jealously at you. Those people should look at you or staring you when you are not seeing them but when you happened to reach their front then they should be looking straight at you without any blinking of eyes. It is the indication of the signs of jealously and the mind of that person was working with such an alarming state that even you're looking at the person do not stop him to see directly towards you.

There is no way you could control these emotions of others. There is no way you should also be intimidated with it but it is the different traits and the ways to find out whether such and such persons have been jealous at you and it is high time to be alerted about it at first so that ultimately you should not be at any point of time would be worried about it. It does indicate at you about such and such person and alert yourself and critically examining the actions of that person continuously in order to understand the self constrained motive of that person and the way the various traits of it have been working with it. There could have been many such other methods which you could also find interesting to see the hidden traits of other towards yourself and if you do let me know in the comment segment about it.

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