Silent eye

Since the beginning of life we have always learn to be rational and we know humans are rational beings and they always tried hard to find every reason behind everything they come across. We never know how ours mind responds to such and such situations when it cannot tolerate the development of others and continue to find fault with it and even then so it does not find those then it continue to be in the state of complete dilemma and that provides

I would like to travel there

Humans love to travel. It is this sense which makes them stress free, energised and religious to work more and provide the most wonderful recovery time for them. There was a time when there had not been any computerised booking systems but still the travellers are fond of booking tickets prior and the small card sized railway tickets were there at those times. Of course time has changed considerably. We do not have to keep those tickets

A Sad Incident – MEKAP

A Sad Incident – MEKAP ndia Today: The minor, who was stripped of her possession, attempte...