Make your pre-monsoon a reality

It has been one of most spontaneous and glorious journey where everything seems to be absolute excellent with due course of integrations of mind with matter where with due course of time the knowingly or unknowingly the truth of life ways revealed to its absolute potential to march forward more and more spontaneous and wonderful journey of life where everything seems to be absolute perfect on one matter and on another matter all seems to be overridden with more and more confused state of understanding where every possible action and moments
of life, which describes vivid understandings of path of life through its colorful and multi prolonged ways to make it more visual anticipated moments. It is true that everything cannot be said within the boundaries of words or semantics but still wish to write it more so as to describe more and more prolonged and ritualistic anticipatory moments where every part of life continues through its most outstanding and justification presence.

It seems that every moments of life is the new dawn and provides wide array of aerial presence with its outstanding and glorious view points where every forms of nature seems to be dancing with joys with the understanding statements of presence of life where every form of passage of life seems to be moving towards the forms and factors of excellence where every form of life seems to be moving towards the state of inevitability where no matter what the thought processes could have been but the process to understand everything seems to be staying at pause for some time within some moments.

Every action seems to suggest that every form of life moving towards some form of entirely in its momentary excellence where every walks of life always provides more and more momentary presence which needs to be captured and taken away with equal care and passive potentiating managements. The deepest surfing of the scenery from the train clad entire arena seems to possess more and more materialistic presentations of the most valued and outstanding presence of such wonderful nature which seems to be changing the momentary expressions within the different courses of its flowing attendances.

It is the most widely accepted ritualistic presence which seems to be there for everything as most of these presence seems to be at the state of complete and momentary ritualistic attendances where every forms of movements seems to provide excellence justification to move towards some form of sanity where every actions of nature seems to be moving towards marvelous forms of artistic presence. Wonderful state of nature which seems that at some point of the sky there have been close movements of black clouds at the eastern side of the sky which means that sooner or later there should have been probably happenings of rain sooner or later.

The slow movements of winds all across the entire arena seems to suggest that the huge black clouds could be moving towards the other side of the sky which means there should have be no rain but to utter surprise and from the northern side of the sky there are also huge presence of black clouds out there and this justifies that there could be more and more rain to the surprise of the people out there. The natural presence goes on to show the most realistic elements out there with its uttermost and virtual appeal it makes the entire understanding of the nature which seems to suggest that most of these visual appeal soon to be going to do away with the advent of huge set up rain.

It seems the wind has now completely choked up and luminosity part is slowly moving into disdain and slowly the presence of all over black clouds all over seems to suggest huge presence of more and more presence of rain and this means sooner or later there should be huge burst of rain and it seems that the advent of monsoon sooner or later should be out here and that is the most anticipated form and this continue to provide more and more feeder towards making the life most cooler as the presence of extreme summer seems to provide more and more difficulties for life due to presence of extreme summer out there. It seems black out everywhere. And as the rain of the monsoon is there it seems the present is simply without any forceful presence of nature but sooner there should be floods of rain all over in this vicinity.

It seems the presence of hovering black clouds is enough to make people understand that they should reach to the home or office wherever they are as it is essential for them to make them understand that one should not be open to nature during these flow of rains as there could have been many forms of unanswered questions attached with this like that of first flow of rain could be carrying plenty of dirty particles that has been there within peripheries of atmosphere and that is why it is important to stay away from the very first showers from within these arenas.

Soon, entire space should be filled with water or not it is to be seen as the corporation have confidently boasted about it and sooner they should find more about it as all these precipitation management which corporations vows of always said about it that, due to greater management of water shed management the every forms of waters that has been stored in this place should be moving away within some span of seconds.

If it is so then, it should be great news for the local people out there as well as floating populations who used to come to this city in large numbers but let us find it in real terms to understand it in a perfect and clear cut manner. It is the test of engineers who have for the last few months have stopped one part of road to create the complete sewerage systems in order to make the headway to stop the concentration of water at one point of this square as most of times the deposit of water is of so high that even it reach to the stage of chest height of normal person and this makes walking and movement of people with two wheeler vehicle is almost difficult for movements.

In the mean time the flow of rain begins to gain momentum and I could only hope there should not have been any sort of power failure so as to enjoy the movement of rain and its after effects on the climate so as to enjoy entire presence of nature at its fullest glory. The difference between summer rain and monsoon is the beauty of rain which comes in straight forward flow of rain and this continue for more and more times and looking from the side panes of French window just makes the looking of rain most of glorious understanding and most of these perfection of statement where every forms of rains shows that movement of proposition of life which makes the perfect headway to understand what the life could have been with due course of time entirely of understanding the entire stretch of life could be moving towards the life of creativity.

I hope you understand | ITTECH

I hope you understand | ITTECH