It’s a fact that when it now comes to understand what makes us intelligent. We’re still clueless... or are we?

Ever since humans compounded their knowledges to implement stronger and mightier performances in terms of science and other discoveries for differential inventions. Modern man belongs to the only species that related with hominid which does possess huge amount of knowledges that differentiates humans from other species. Species of hominid to which modern humans belong and it has reasoning abilities to comprehend complex forms of knowledges and has some of refinement and defined languages nd bipedal primate with sufficient and required
knowledges. Due to presence of two feet,  which enable human to collect vital informations. Through the processes of bipedal locomotions in order to present one of the most vital understandings of the way of making the entire bit of understandings in complete and most delightful ways.

The presence of knowledges within humanity’s reasoning capacity does indicate more and more defining form of knowledges that creates the forms and factors of human thinkings. So far we have not devised how such state of understanding of knowledges does hold more and more professional understanding the way we move towards excellent form of processing of informations where every form of movement of ideas does comes forward to make the entire bit of identities to move forward and understand it in complete manner.

Knowledge is the unmitigated force of psychological presentations of ideas through the perceived processes of perception and learning with perfection of reasoning. It goes on to show the factual information that a person shows which empowers evidential representation of ideas to move forward and understands the way the entire bit organized presentation. It is evident from the processes of informations as well as a refined form of understandings that. It is the hunger to know more and identify the more proficient knowledge parameters that make it the single most understandable element to move towards excellent dynamic procession of cognitive parameters.

There are many forms of ideas and inventions which we do find are some what forms and factors of not so understandable anticipations, with equal driving force all around in its extreme capacity does create that we are marching forwards for more and more hunger towards excellence for reaching more and more inventions and creating imaginary performances into real terms. It is the belief to understand and move forward towards understanding what life is all about. It has made to understand making dreams a reality. It all comes forward to understand what the world is a matter of. Mankind always keen to understand what the world is all about and that creates more and more definitive ways to understand the world at large so as to face more and more realties and unravel more and more productive ways to understand the world in the right spirit.

Whether one wish to believe or not but still the most anticipated understandings of every form of science, or from differential understanding the way we perceive the science is to understand and make it believe that every form of movements that oriented towards complete understanding of knowledges comes through the entire processes of attached reasoning. It is for sure we have traveled a lot with many kinds of understandings relate with performances of medical science starting from limb transparent to everything but still to date we have not been able to understand and move forward towards the more motional presence of understandings of the way the way human mind performs and human brain works.

The human brain is unique and every persons have different brains and brain of every persons works in a different manner so as its configurations so that it is almost impossible to learn about functionalities of human brains. It is the like the performances of DNA which not only unique but it is separate from all the others similarly are functioning and performances of the brain that works in such situations.

We have still no answer to the question of what makes human intelligent. We have still no answer to this and continue not to find an answer to this. It is right that we have discovered many but still. There is no answer to this. We are still clueless about it and still searching for answers but still we continue to find more and more avenues to reach towards ultimate destinations by discovering planets far away from the earth but we still not able to disseminate what makes us intelligent and that makes entire understanding the way of life the single most difficult to understand. We may not be able to build the similar like that of human brain through the arrangement of chemicals but still we can create the similar artificial entities which can act just like human brains do and that can have more and more path breaking achievements to reach to and can recreate entire generations of movements to its ultimum refinements.

So far creating an exact  brain just like humans have is out of question but still there are other ways to expedite the process of artificial reasoning into robots brain to make it humanoid so as to present users the single most absolute presentations of ideas so as to make it nearer to perfection. It reborns the entire concept of artificial intelligence towards most milestone limits by creating perfection portrait of understanding of how physics and prominent portions of artificial significant works in many milestones. Due to the young nature of this subject it emphasises more and more definitive performances of understanding how such a wonderful movement of the process of brain works with machines that makes the entire understanding of movement of ideas towards better stipulation understandings.

It is a work of scientific works to talk and walk just like what humans do. It is the process of understanding that mattes the most. The single most factor that affects every decision making processes to make perfection of presentations of understandings is to make robots to understand, what are the inherent meanings of humans when he speaks. Generally if at any point of time robots understand the simple meanings of a sentence and by omitting the processes, of inherent ego state that makes the entire understanding more and more proficient and more and more powerful.

The process of artificial intelligence is to think freely and without any restrictive boundaries. It is all about the abilities to understand the process of thinking and create more and more avenues towards most beneficial understandings of the way we determine our reasoning capacities and beliefs to march forward. It thinks humans as something like the logical board and we tend to move and understand what the processes of reasoning annotate with each and every parameters of thinkings.

It is all about learning and understanding what the life of humans should have been and how to reconstruct entire set up of understandings to make it more and more powerful and towards understanding humans better that can perform and define the movements of robotics to construct the creations of its inner dots in almost similar manners. By understanding entire processes of humans, we can easily devise and perform entire performances of humans in similar and easier ways to make the complete headways of creating the most definitive humans that can perform in complete excellence.

I hope you understand | ITTECH

I hope you understand | ITTECH