Do You need people who committed sins do know Its results But still they continue to Do It and What should have been the reason for this.?

This story goes back to Mahabharata age, where there lived one religious personality. Most of his times have been engaged with religious rituals, giveaways. Dedication to Lords. All these are considered to be the most vital part of construction of a religious personality. He has all these traits embedded within his body, mind and soul. Most of his times have been concentrated mostly on giveaways and helping needy and the poor. One question always has been in the minds of his own and that revolves within his brain and soul Why humans do sins.
He thought that if humans do not involve themselves with such straits of sins than there should have been a better place of the earth to live in it on. Though he has been always involved with positively helping people through the paths of religion still many a times one question has always been there about why there are sins and why people commit sins in their lives.

According to his own thought processes, if there would not have been any signs of sins inside peripheries of earth committed by humans then in the long run there should not have been any signs of poverty and difficulties which people have been suffering and feeling the brunt of poverty out there. According to hims sins are souls for difficulties of human beings. If they do not commit it so then slowly they should react towards the stage of absolute happinesses. What should have been the primary reason to involve within the sins and what should have been the prime motive behind committing the forms and factors of sins which he has been thinking for many a time? These questions always entangled him with various forms of questionnaires and his wish to solve these puzzles by reaching out to famous knowledgeable personality of that region in order to understand and solve eminent and continuous questions that have been kept propping up his mind time and again.

He reached to the most knowledgeable person in that region in order to understand and solve the continuous puzzle that has been kept reaching on his mind. He asked him why people are committing sins as they knew the resultant of sins which would make their life miserable in the future. The people who committed sins do know its results but still they continue to do it and what should have been the reason for this. This sort of questions imposed on the knowledgeable person from the most religion person of Patalliputra has been some of most tremendous impact that has been continuosly presented with more and more difficulties in posing towards the maximum thinkings and it also make his think deeply about it in order to precisely find the real answer to this. The knowledgeable person requested him to give him some more time in order to find the answer to this question as he wished to find its answer and for this the devotional person also assured him that if he provides the real answer to this eminent puzzle then he would awarded the knowledgeable person with good amount of monetary benefits.

Now, the knowledgeable person has been at the cross roads. There has been monetary benefits to find the answer as well as his prestige is at stake to find the perfect answer to the questions posed on him and in order to find the most appropriate answer he continue to search for real evidences and references in order to solve the puzzle in real manners. He also thought that if he does not find the real answer to this then his prestige which he garners in front of devotional persons who is also the most influential personalities in that regions could have been damaged permanently. The knowledgeable personality moves here and there and in many areas in order to find the practical evidences to understand why people still commits sins even if they knew the resultant part of such huge and gracious mistakes they have made but still they continue to provide as such.

The knowledgeable person even move to many scholars as well as knowledgeable people who have a better grasp of knowledge in these fields and ask them about this question but the answers he received from them do not satisfy him completely. He used to search for addresses of scholars and renowned erudite people in order to find out answers to this but he could not be satisfied with their answers to all the times. Now, after consulting with many scholars and receiving different answers from them in conclusion he became more and more confused with the answer gave to them and that makes the entire understanding of these situations more and more complicated. Entire conclusion from all these advices does reach him to the state of utter confusion. While speaking to these all the time at last he reached at the downtown of the city of Patalliputra.

He saw one person who is watching goats who are grazing nearby these areas and he employed to watch them from that side. He was so happy while watching those goats grazing in that part of grass areas and have been singing with loud sounds and from the look of his face it is apparent that he is most happiest person of earth and from his face there is no trace and not any signs of stress appearing from his facial outlook. The knowledgeable person thought that the person should have been without any vices and suddenly he thinks that why not he should go nearer to him and ask him about this question of whether he has the right answer to his query or not. The person who is watching goats grazing out there, he listens to the question patiently and then, he smiled in high sounds after hearing this question which is posed by the knowledgeable person about him. The scholar asked him softly why he is laughing after hearing his question. The person who is watching the goats grazing at the far end of Patalliputra town, seems to suggest that. I could provide the most appropriate question to this, but it seems you are not the right person to provide such answer.

After hearing this, the scholar assures him that in order to receive the answer he is ready to sacrifice anything he wants but he wished to know the answer to this and should be made available to it. The person who is watching the goats grazing out there, asked him can be the scholar at his left over foods? The scholar thought it is the easiest form of sacrifice he has to make in order to receive the answer, and told him that he ready for this and please the answer should be provided to him. He continues to provide him answer to his question that in order to have a reputation, popularity, love and money you are prepared to sacrifice everything. Even in order to achieve this you have agreed to my proposal of eating of my left overs but I am not going to give you the left overs, as I have falsely told you about that. Even to acquire all of these. You have agreed to such falsify conditions which are the signs of sin even if you know about it still you have made in roads to accept the sin.

It is the greed that creates one of blindfolded situation for humans even in the stature of scholars like you who in order to find out reputations, monetary benefits continuing to the state of unethical paths, false, untruth, reverse conscience in order to garnet reputations from amongst different genres of societies and that is the path of sin which are being committed by most of scholasticism personalities which is most of time completely unwanted for them. The greedy thirsts which has been there most of the times and all these are single most problems for all these miseries as well as the difficulties which people continue to find more and more difficulties in meeting such state of fates. In order to achieve such greedy thirsts, we tend to ignore the real part of the truth and continue to the ways and mean to reach towards complete curly ways to the state of sin which is there for all the miseries of the world. The scholar now got his answer and he got his answer from this person who seems to be the happiest one and flying with happiness while watching goats grazing out there and this makes his life most satisfying and wonderful. Now. The question is whether the scholar should go to the devoted person to Patalliputra and wish to garner reputations by providing the answer of it and accept the prize and parks as a result of answering this question. What do you believe about it?

I hope you understand | ITTECH

I hope you understand | ITTECH