Where Is The Best Competition for android?

With the advent of newer versions of android like never before with some great speed it just seems that the devices that are purchased two years back are slowly diminishing from the seen and it seems that those devices during the times of android jelly bean seems to be dated. Why with such colossal neck speed Google is updating its android and should it not concentrate more on making these device work and upgrading the existing operating systems instead of giving newer versions of android operating systems within the shortest span of time.
We are living in the world of constant changing dynamics where we do find plenty of newer and more advanced versions f changes but what thee newer operating system does offer are the some of most improved versions of existing operating system which can be done similar effects to the current operating system in stead of moving towards the next version.

In the entire market segment of the mobile operating system, it is evident that more and more users are slowly adapting to the android systems due to its versatility and the perceived understanding of continuance updating of android from time to time. Due to its open source nature to original equipment manufacturer they are openly customizing it but now they slowly feeling the pinch as with the introduction of android since the times of android Kit Kat we do find that Google is slowly making in roads into developing Google brands into it as we have seen with the introduction of this system there have been many more such instances of Google logo to be put in compulsory ways so as to make it complete mandatory for original equipment manufacturers to think twice now with the association with android devices. It has been seen that with the introduction of android 4.4 namely Kitkat and further while restarting or restarting the device it goes on to show dual logo of Google and the name of original equipment manufacturers simultaneously so as to present the users and let them know that android is from Google.

Now, the questions rises what should be the need and essential for this and why this sort of understanding need to be further comprehension in manageable ways so as to find that we all know android is from Google and there are many applications that are from Google are now reinstated with it. Slowly, with the help of customizations and other means of developments original equipment manufacturer is slowly customizing android home screen in such a was that most of these Google searches and other built android applications can be easily removed without any such difficulties.

That hurts  Google as slowly an intelligent user can easily remove the trace and instances of Google Apps and other Google enabled applications from phone easily and that means with the presence of lesser number of applications of Google within android ecosystem of user’s mobile means far lesser advertising generations for Google as most of these advertisement comes upfront within these apps when user use these applications and slowly the share of revenue benefits reduces and that means Google which is solely based upon its presence in the Internet world and amass its revenues from the absence and other means are slowly on down side and that is when Google comes to realism that it has used resources and other means to develop android but now the chunk of benefits is being slowly taken over by many such original equipment manufacturers just by making similar applications so as to present users the lesser chances to see Google apps.

We have seen with the introduction of Samsung’s own home screen in its smart phone devices the presence of large number of non Google applications similar to that of Google Apps makes inroads to its android and that incur huge revenue loss for Google and then Google decide to introduce its own set up smart phone in the name of nexus series and that did not deter Samsung to denounce its plan but it continues to present users with some awesome ways to manage its devices in terms of a completely newer android experience with the introduction of its own research and development teams in terms of Tizen operating system which makes entire running of this operating system move into some other world and this makes entire competitions among different genres of hardware manufacturers with that of Google interesting. When they adopt android on the former side the terms and conditions of adopting it makes it simple and more pronouncing but still there are some harder days ahead which most of these now come to realize.

Android being the most brilliant and most fearful operating system ever which has been said, felt and being constantly experienced upon and with due course of time it has been seen that the introduction of Kitkat is a faraway change of standards of android in terms security as well as standard of running operating system within ART parameters which not only makes it simple to use but also enable it to make it further amplified security engagements for users if we see these devices in terms of some comprehensive outlook and spontaneous presentations of thoughts and usages of customer experiences.

Due to presence of ART architecture performances attached with hands enabled services just been augmented further and this makes entire running of operating system to move towards more efficient ways and then Google changes its terms and conditions with original equipment manufacturers since the advent of android Kitkat and this has made them compulsory to include, logo of Google while the loading of system comes after reporting and also it also compels them to understand that some of Google Apps needs to be compulsory to be included and cannot be deleted and this makes some of hardware manufacturers just thinks of this and when they first adopt to android they have never ever think of such inconveniences in accordance with it and for this understanding and acquiring of such technological brilliance with some compulsory work outs just makes them feel insecure on the first hand.

That is when most of these original equipment manufacturers who are mostly prominent in making and creating android as the complete brand they also think that it is not only Google that makes inroads into marketing aspect but also the presence of their hardware efficiencies and marketing sufficient makes android popular and Google need to listen to their concern and while accepting the standards of android on one hand they continue to develop and prepare for contingency plans of creating their own versions of operating system and that makes entire process and development of android interesting to see the future.

It is true that in the near future there should not be any difficulties for people who are dealing with android for the time being but all are prepare for the long term aspect as we know android becomes popular because it is completely free and open source but slowly it is moving towards the same old concept of close source operating system with some newer compulsory steps that has been taken with it from time to time and let us see in the future what should be the reaction of stronger original equipment manufacturers who also been engaged with their own versions of operating system such as Tizen from Samsung and others and regularly updating it and tries hard to get some junk of market share so as to find the new way to compete with android but the million dollar question is will they succeed with it only time will tell as it is eternal.

I hope you understand | ITTECH

I hope you understand | ITTECH