Shadows of the Past

It is the most preferred part of understanding the aspect of life which has been mostly degenerated into the fact of silence which seems to be the mold of silence creeping all over into it and moving towards the regeneration of multiple levels of understanding that has nothing sorts of any meaning attached with it in whatsoever manner. Still the moments seems to suggests that there has been lot more to it that it can be think of it as we should see the rays of sea which has been there has been there to move forward and backward and movements
towards the level of ultimate stoppages continue to provide more and more emotional stoppages which can only be understood to the aspect of singing of past.

There is something which is still vibrating and still providing awesome moments of movements where the sounds of existences seems to suggest that it is there but the calling to the heart from the unknown still seems to be there which seems to suggest that the sleeping has been reduced to a greater extent which still wish to remember for you which and when you suggest seems to be falling back to the musings of past. It seems that you have been inside of me and that too on greater proportion which has been there for you but still when finding about you still just been disappeared in the musings of utmost understandings of past which seems to suggest that does not meant to be saying to you but still the singing parameters is vibrating within and inside of me.

What can be said about you where there is flow of ideas which has been in continuous thoughts which has been there where even sleeping does not important for there to see and there has been moments where we do find that laughing is best medicines and suddenly the crying happens all of a sudden to find more about us and still not getting information about current existential presence. Still the sounds and acoustic presence of life is still there, we have never ever there before still the pronouncement of life has always been at its ultimate best but still the life can be said of what proportion where the waiting time for there to see always. Where everytime search for the life is still providing awesome ways to negate the life about and where even shadows are there but still not found were about.

What is life is all about it is about the reason that already settled into it and the life always been the most anticipated presence which can only be said about it where every possible finding of life can only be there to see and perceive and most of times it seems the shadows of life is more real that the real life. What is should be called as. It seems that the forgotten past about happenings still not to see as it continues to be stronger day by day and continue to provide more and more reason to live the life as with due course of time the reason for life has been since been gotten over from me and still finding hard to trace it all about and continue to do so with due course of time. How can understand the motivation to succeed where finding the virtual presence still getting more and more perplexed existential entity where fining the lost presence still moving deeper into the dunes of losing most of entities where finding the most positive aspect of finding the most preferred ways does not stay as it is in which way it can be do it better.

Which way the winds are moving the shuttle rename of it cannot be undone but still the finding aspect of movement make it more and more pronounced and more adjustable to understand what the life could have been and how to make the finding of everything of life could make it the most of it. The auspicious sounds which has been there but still the remnants of past where the most of tall structures of abandoned entities which are yet to be traced and which cannot be find and understood and ultimately the most of these happenings are now are the occurrences of remembering everything all over and does provide one of most anticipating part of life which has been there for more over to understand and visibly make it happen but still the burning aspects of understandings of life has been slowly mitigating into the size of zero and continue to provide nothing sort of reviving the different zones of acceptances which still and yet to be traced from the source.

Entire abandoned townships has been looking at the disdain but still nothing sort of life looking comes out from it which ultimately suggest that the proof of life that could have been created out of it still unable to find the most of presence of existential presence out of it. What it could have done from all these findings of life which has been there all the time to see still reeling under the prospect of invisible presence of life where the all such absurd thoughts continue to provide more and more ways to avoid the life of nature in so many different ways so that ultimately understandings of life has been slowly moving into the stage of absolute absurdity. It is anticipated that the winds of change is there and it is also there to see but still more and more musings of life which could have been there always move towards the stages of absolute ignorance and with due course of time the ways and manner of life still continue to be there but the most critical part of life is slowly changing into the stages of complete absurdity.

What can be talked about life, which is nothing but the simple conglomeration about what could achieve it and why it is there still without the life itself. It can be mystery to all but in reality it is the real for the mystery still finding about what is absurd about and still searching for the real meanings of it so as to find the real detachment of life from the left overs which are now reaching into the different stages of mysteries which can ever be searched upon and finding to reach to the real path of survival. It still there but still searching for it as it might have been the real path of already lost way which cannot be ever be discovered at any point of time and still continue to search for it and continue to find it where ever the lost world goes and how to find it and revive it so as to live the life of it. Can it be done or can it be completed without any such premised but finding it becomes the really difficult to achieve and still there are ways to understand about it and the way it provides awesome ways to manage it becomes the most vibrating aspect of understanding what the life is all about.

I hope you understand | ITTECH

I hope you understand | ITTECH