Omg! The Best In The Middle Of Cyclone Ever!

Everywhere there have been clouds. It seems that the presence of black clouds revolving here and there does indicate the presence of imminent rain in the nearby time. Very it is three pm in the evening, but it looks like that of already the time of sun set occurred. Entire atmosphere is filled with plenty of colors and some lightning from the side by side. Suddenly, a strong sense of winds blows from nowhere and it very much cooler out there. She opened the windows pane to see the state of the weather and decided to slightly post pone in reaching
the office as of now and should wait for the weather to be cooler so that ultimately she could reach the office. It seems as of now it is almost zero chance to reach there as there are winds all over and the entire stretch of office roads should have been not more that two kilometers but still entire route is full of longer trees and there are no parking place in between entire stretch of land.

There are plenty of works to be done and even smallest part of the work is still not completed. She has reached her home for lunch break but never ever thought that at this point of time she has to face such horrible cyclone situation but she remains calm and waits eagerly for the storm to recede further so that ultimately she could reach the office on time. She rests at the French window and tries to see the force of a storm out there and try to anticipate at what time this could be receding so that she could feel to go out from there. In the mean time the amount of wind that pushes into the window pane and she tries hard to stop it and in the mean time she decided to close that and only she remains at the nearby french windows to see the presence and speed of cyclone out there and try hard to figure out how much of such presence of vagaries should implant its force on nature.

The climate is now utterly cooler with the advent of slow rain which seems at the time of it that it is lighter in size. It seems that the force of wind is slowly overpowering the aspect of speedier rain and she seems to be now happier that sooner or later the force of the cyclone should recede and slowly she should reach her office on time. In the mean time she thought of making some coffee and that should make her feel nice as due to extreme coolness compounded with the presence of moisture she is slowly feeling the headache from it and she does wish to make it clearer so that she opt for coffee.

She brought forward the coffee maker which she bought some times back and then begin the processing of it and wait for sometime so that the alarm of coffee to be highlighted and in the mean time she also searched for the torch as she was quite apprehensive about the power failure due to presence of huge cyclone and for this she took the torch with her. In the mean time the alarm of coffee has just been heard by her and she switched off the electric kettle and then pour the coffee to a coffee cup and then rests her at the french window to see the rain, wind and some what slower cyclone.

It was one of most amazing coffee for her as she was watching how the tallest trees in the nearby roads are just lowering their tops towards the part of nature and earth and then suddenly straighten up due to passage of winds at that point of time. The force of wind was so sudden and so fast and furious that even the tallest of trees that has been there seems to find it very difficult to withstand and it seems slowly the flight of rain is now increasing and surprising that force of wind also increasing. That was so amazing part of this great tale of cyclone from the education days she has been knowing about the there should not be equal presence of wind and rain but here this is somewhat appearing on different zones that is becoming more worrying signs that probable of cyclone is of greater chance as of now.

She is now very much of clearer that it is the cyclone that is in the making. She knows that whenever there is the complete mixture of wind with rain then the most prominent part of cyclone that is coming and she is now very much worried but that is the part of life of earth as no one can predict the times of such natural calamities. In the meantime, the road that moves ahead of the distance is slowly passing with vehicles that have been going on with superior speed to reach to their respective homes and she is now very much sure that her office should have been closed. In the mean time, she decides to call the office to enquire about it but sadly all the lines are now jammed.

She then decides to switch on the Internet and her hopeful that this should connect and luckily the connection is there and this means she can now connect to the office to know about the state of affairs. She switched on the whatsapp and then ask about it and the fast information she receives from the office that she should not reach to office now as for the time being it is closed due to eminent advent of cyclone and in the city the power of cyclone is on higher note and for this she should for the time being stay at home.

It is a nice news for her as well as she thanks the advent of technology for this as in this prime time when there is need the presence of landline as well as that of mobile not working but the internet is working and she received the message all such tension of not reaching office on time has been solved and for the time being the office tension should not be there for her at all.  She is now relaxed and begin to do some important works in the mean time and slowly moves to wards the shelf where the laptop was there and begin to switch on it in order to write an article on this cyclonic experience. It was really an awesome experience where the fear to reach to office as well as the fear of cyclone coupled with fear of power failure comes into my mind always but slowly everything just faded away instead of the fear of cyclone that was there and it should stay for sometime.

I hope you understand | ITTECH

I hope you understand | ITTECH