If You Don't Stress Reduction Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later

The title of this article gives us some emphatic meanings attached with the word stress. Stress in terms of psychologically is emotional strain or suspension and this article we should try to move out from stress so that we could live in one of the most happiest moments of life. Stress can be from external as well as from internal sources. It can have widespread sense of limitations but as humans we tend to recognise it and stop it from cropping up further. We should not be at any point of time try to punctuate the minds with a constant flow of stress that
could override our sense of occurrences at any point of time.

Example of external stress can be that of scolding from chief towards you probably not meeting the deadline and how to carry out those in terms of positivity is the primary part of giving back those stress to some other fronts. It is the premier source of moving out from the sidelines of stresses to move out from it. It is the 90 and 10 points where the amount associated with 10 points of stress could move beyond towards occupying the most prominent postures of 90 percentages which should not be happening at any point in time. It is always been surprising that how come we could not determine further the occurrences of overpowering of 90 percentages from the tiny band of 10 percentages.

This is what we should be mindful of. Stress is difficult but diluting it can make the understanding of it to move further and create the specific anecdote of extreme understanding of the establishment of complete pathways to move towards the complete and possible and intelligible ways to reach towards the perfection. What is perfection? It is the most minute and established percentages of minutely reminded of everything where most possible and standardised process of thinking beyond what makes the sense of everything and where every possible understanding of process could have becomes the more positivity of entire extreme outcomes to create the most possible antecedents.

Here, we should think that even if you have done in accordance with the provisions what you expect from it and still not being able to phase out and determine the minds of individual and you should think that if without any fault, then it should have been the stress factor of yours boss which he tries to shift upon yourself. Just think of it as without any fault, your boss comes towards you and scold you then something wrong with him not with you. Then why stress the entire thinking processes just be cool and calm with and slowly you should find abundant evidences of why such thing happens. This is about what we called capturing the right perspectives of 90 percentages instead of 10 percentages which are overpowered with 10 percentages.

Now, by doing this you have utilised your human brain to the utmost potential and with perfection of reasoning and slowly you are now reaching towards the perfect understanding of it. It is the midway of thinking of what has occurred so far and how to manage it that matters the most and moving away from it makes it the single perfect ideas to deal with. It is not about what is told towards you, it is about thinking about why that person the frontal person in the case of external stress to reach out why he reacted in such haze manner and what should be his thinking process could have been and it is all about thinking beyond what should be impact of stress on yours, as it is about making you to understand the deepest form of stress factor is not you are the originator but the other person.

It is all about detecting what causes certain aggression from the external person and it is all about him or her not it is all about you. It is you that are cool and that is why you should not be at the state stress which you should always have to remember. Remember always you should not think about what should be done and how to be done and how to perform and so on but think about how to manage the life with it and if you think further on it slowly you should be slipping with it without any such act of repentance. It is the process of moving towards the considerate positions which you should be thinking about replacing it and does not impact on it and the way you move it just make your life moving with perfection of dependance on your own abilities.

Listening to music can be a stress booster. Even the nodes and flow of musical notes can be called as the performance oriented factored amplification of such presentations of stresses and it is not about listening to happier music to boost yours feelings but it is about creating and managing it with due course of time one can find the perfection of identification of authorities of  listening to one’s own favourite music can be most of times the most perfect ideas to move towards excellence. If you love soothing songs then get hold of it. My favorite is of Arijit Sen and Jeet Ganguly songs. I used to hear those songs every time and feel optimum relaxation with it.

It is the perfection match of individuals which matter the most and that is why one should not stray out of all such inhibited incidents. Just move away from it and do not entangled into ten percentages entanglement and slowly your life should be better with it. Just think about it. Stress is few letters words and should not have so much importance in your life. Human life is of excellence optimum capacity and one should not be get entangled into it and with due course of time one can find some of most satisfying aspect of understanding what life means to you and stress does not belong to the life which you think of it.

Humanity has brain, and it is here that matters the most. It is the reasoning process which we should have been thinking of it and should have always managed with it. It is about keeping out from it and it is about thinking always about 90 percentages aspect of it with due course of time one can find the perfection of thought processes. It is about not allowing the overriding the concept of managing the perfection of ideas where every other part of life has been moving towards manageable ideas where every perfect ideas make it life with the just perfection in terms of managing every bit of situational analysis. Stress is the state of mental tension which needs to be kept out from the suspension posture and move towards more and more positive and more and more direct directional dimensions so as to move away from dynamic delusional dysfunctionalism.

I hope you understand | ITTECH

I hope you understand | ITTECH