Cracking The Presence Of Nature Secret

What an excellent coincidence. The summer is at its fullest peak. So far there is not any summer rain at any point of time. Due to prolonged summer it has become almost impossible to sustain the summer heat. No one can stay for longer hours within the perimeters of air conditions all the time. This time summer is so hot that even there are lesser mangoes. The tree that I used to be seen full of mangoes, every year nearer to the square I used to move with that path for jogging purposes now there is no single chance of any sort of mangoes out there.
That big trees have no signs of mangoes this time. It is just so hot out there even going out there outside at ten am in the morning is difficult. The flight of the sun is so hot coupled with portions of humidity that it has become almost difficult to sustain the summer heat.

Now, in the morning when I wake up in the morning for jogging, I found that climate is now cooler with plenty of clouds hovering here and there with the strongest might and that makes the entire climate cooler and nicer. When, I reach out to jogger’s park, which is nearer to sea beach, entire climate is cooler and at some point of time it is evident that the flow of water molecules coming out to there in the form of water droplets and while jogging such drop lets of water touching the body makes it cooler and nicer to sustain. Really, on  normal summer days in this year the rise of sun at its peak comes about almost 5.50 am but to day it is now quarter past six and still the appearances of sun not out here and the climate is much cooler that earlier and this makes jogging at this juncture entirely enjoyable.

The movement of clouds towards eastern side from the side of the sea justifies that how such a beautiful environment currently we are reaching it. What an awesome climate where every form of coolness coming to me with each and every form of cooling agents. It seems all the way summer is vanishing though for a little bit of time and it continues to present one of most enjoyable atmosphere of all the time where every form of winds reaching provides the most sumptuous experience where every form of coolness that has been reaching at that place provides real amount of coolness to sustain. The climate is so nicer and cooler that it is expected that within a short time or perhaps the next day there should be rain out there and probably all these fascinates presentations of such elements do provide huge ambit of understanding of it.

In the mean time there are slight bit of rain out there and slowly the progress of these rains moves towards greater pace and this makes entire climate somewhat cooler and it is perfect time to move forward reach back home as nearer to sea area as I have experienced more and more stubborn climate such as if it is raining then it continues with higher speed and that can have negative health hazards and for this it is important to move forward and I left jogging at the half stage and move forwards to back home. I reverted back home hurriedly so as to leave the brunt of rain out there. In and sea beach areas the force of rain is on the higher side and that enables while driving the force becomes more furious.

So, before rain becomes so fast and furious I have decided to revert back to home so that I should not catch hold of any chances of cold out there. Even if while driving I feel the pinch of rain just striking out to me with great force but still I continue driving it and while reaching nearer to another square which is hardly an half a kilometers away from there suddenly I find the force of rain residing and while driving for some more distance further I find entire force of rain reducing and now there is no rain. It is indeed happened as at one location the rain might be there and at some other location it might not be. It is this beauty of nature that has made us feel the presence of it.

While living the life of our entire life we tend to forget that we are living in one of the most outstanding and beautiful nature. It comes with its mightiest presence, and from time to time it reminds us about its nicest gesture by showing us some of these ominous signs of its presence. Day, I felt its presence again and it is not describable as I have seen the beauty of it and saw how such a wonderful presence of nature at some distance and then the weather is cool but absolutely no rain out there. Such an ultimum presence of nature I have seen and continue to feel its presence from time to time so that it becomes one of the most desirable and satisfiable element to perceive and deal with it.

Entire atmosphere is now nicely with cooling effect. Now, outside it seems that the presence of air conditioning elements out there. Entire area is filled with nice vibes and driving in these climates seems more than energy that ever before. Now, I am able to understand why such great writers of past and present has always been deeply influenced by the presence of nature and why such tendencies to dream of nature and continue to create more and more vibe of it provides awesome experience of understanding of how such presence of nature can make it of. I could hope at that point of time the if that trend was reversed when I could have taken the morning walk easily without any such difficulties.

Nevertheless I have to return home. As in school time, I have learned that rain comes first nearer to sea beach areas and then move towards. Also we have learnt that if the areas nearer to sea beach are cooler then the inside areas of that sea beach town should have been hotter but in this case it has not been but still the profound importance attach with the power of rain has been tremendous to begin with. Nevertheless, though I failed to complete jogging today but more than happy to know the present and feel of rain out there and continue to feel the presence of a nice cool environment which reminds me time and again of the advent of cool seasons in the near future.

I hope you understand | ITTECH

I hope you understand | ITTECH