Recovering data from smart phones

Smart phones with significant better hardware and multi tasking capabilities can perform similar and sometimes better than that of conventional computers. With reducing of price factors and affordability of use and with the advent of new middle class who are earning more and more for these affordable prices of smart phones are now becoming reality. With additional option of augmenting more and more micro SD card facilities, the external memory option makes smart phones more and more affordable and similar to laptop and desktop computers. As memory increases so as data size and personal information goes on rise. We are also very dependent on these to retrieve all these information at ours fingertips and with taping of fingers we get all these information inside outs palm. We keep on piling data inside memory card but many a times forget to keep it in a safer place in case some manhandled of device. Many new generations� smart phones are now offering synchronization faculties and in built back up options which are pretty handy but still it is better idea to back it up for any device problems. Due to advent of five or higher megapixel cameras inside smart phones and ability to capture high definition videos make user to capture more and more still as well as motion moments and they are saved inside memory cards and for this due attendance and backing up smart phone is a must to garner best results and also data security. Smart phones can be connected to a computer and can be treated as external drive so that data can be retrieved from these and with using of good data recovery software paid or free you can retrieve already deleted photos and videos to its maximum effect. It is always a better idea to back it up your computer and smart phone periodically so that whenever any thing happen to these devices you may recover these through back up options.

As data inside smart phone is continually written and overwritten again and again and with this the recovery of older files may or may not be successful and for this continual backing up of smart phone files is good for data safety and recovery. If you have not back up data and want to retrieve data, for best results it is better to recover data soon rather than late. If you have accidentally deleted important files then it is better idea to take out media card out of device and back it up first and then recover all data from within.

How to use Recuva to revive deleted files:

Recuva software from Piriform is good learning curve for data recovery processes in case you have no data recovery option is available. First make sure that this software will not recover anything from drive so there are chances of it as to fail to recover older data due to chances of written and overwritten phenomena. It can be used for recover data for normal circumstances and it is not for extraordinary situations. Recuva software has handy little graphical user interfaces and it sorts and filters files based on file name or file types. It gives some additional views like that of lists and trees. It is portable and has abilities to run from USB drive and you can carry it wherever you go and wherever you reach. You can retrieve most of document types like that of documents, word processors , photos, videos ,music , email and lots more the list goes out to eternal. It supports all popular files systems. It can restore files from external devices like that of smart media cards, digital cards, memory sticks of Sony camcoder, digital cameras, compact flash cards and mobile smart phones. It permits you to restore files from pen drives and external hard drives. The process of recovering data with Recuva software is very easy and it consists of six beautiful steps. Just make a decent Google search of Recuva software and you will get the download link of this software along with its installer. Installation is fast and breezy, follow instructions to install it and after it will show running of wizard. Then choose file type you want to restore, it will show you type of files you can restore and choose yours relevant file type. Picture shows only files of common image formats, such as digital camera photos. Music shows only files of common audio formats , like MP3 player files ,documents shows only files of common office document formats such as Word and Excel files , compressed shows only compressed files , emails shows emails from Thunderbird , Outlook express and Windows mail and other shows all other files that are not listed inside above all these listings.


Then select location of files by clicking on next, you can permit Recuva to choose from any other drives including local and other removable media. If you forget where the file was originally located then just clicks �I�m Not Sure option� and then clicks on Next button. Then scan your drive for deleted files , you can choose for Deep Scan as it is very comprehensive scan , it takes time and gives more practical search results for recovery. If you are searching for bigger drive then it can take for hours in case of Deep Scan is employed so be prepare for it so that you will not bother about it. On completion of successful scan Recuva will show you a comprehensive list of all files waiting to be recovered, then you can select files you want to be recovered, and recovering of files takes time as with number of files you have selected for this.

After recovery process completed it is a better idea to check all recovery files one by one not all at once as this can make your computer resource heavy and hand. Many a times data with multiple times of overwritten and cycles of cycles running over it most unlikely to be recovered. If drive of concerned data is somewhat damager or half damaged then data recovery process may not be a success. It is better to try it out with you never know your required may be revived with this process and yours essential significant data will be with you again. (Picture courtesy:Recuva)


How to curb naxalism

There should be a national will by the governments of centre and the Naxal affected states to fight against continuous violence and abductions by Naxalites or other armed groups. There should be a unitary policy without delay by the centre against the horrendous case of kidnappings by Naxalites and it is now becoming a habit for them and it is high time centre with the consultations of states should create one uniform policy. India is a vast country but the constitution of India must be abided by all the groups and naxals and they should not resort to violence. They are killing security persons and other tribal if they are not being supported. It is high time every political party must raise their arm against the atrocities created by Naxals and also the genocide they are making at fat and wide of India where for years the administrations failed to reach but that should not be the argument for Naxalites to kill and destroy the administration and making the India state a hostage. Through out the world Communism is almost finished but here in the distant part of India this seems to be the order and the way they are doing violence on innocent citizens cannot be tolerated. Who has given them right to kill a person this is atrocious they can not say that state administration and police are doing this but they also be protected by court but here the Naxalites are making mayhem and mockery of system and everywhere it is the same story the abductions, kidnapping, ransom and gruesome murder.

India government at centre and states affected by Naxalism should learn their first lesson from recent two events involving Odisha MLA Hikaka and Bastar Sukma collector Menon. The tragedy is that both the person named above has been doing the people services and returning from their job and they are abducted by the gun point for reason best known to the Naxalites. HIkaka does not reveal his security persons identity and that is why they are freed but with Menon the security persons has been killed with throat silted , is this the way the civilization live. The killing of this grue some act, and the pain at which that security person must have get before dying can it be imagined by Naxalites. India should consider Naxalite as the murders and brought back to the court to be tried under Indian judicial system. Killing of innocent civilians by the traitors such as Naxalites can not be tolerated and this must be buzz word of centre and state. Are we becoming soft and only doing the word wars, it is high time to act , Naxal have been making high profile abductions and continues to do so and releasing their colleagues and this is high time to have a correct and appropriate abduction policy so that whenever from now these kidnappings happen all the state or centre will adhere to such law parameters. It also seems that Naxals are losing ground and they are trying hard to be popular around the world by kidnapping high profiles, it is high time provincial governments should consider advancing and wiping out these traitors from land of high mineral resources.


Maoists are controlling some territories of seven states and now they are getting the arms, the million dollars is where they are getting these and how they are operating, who is backing them is there any influential persona behind this. These need to be going to the root cause of the problem and by reaching at the solutions you can get enough derivatives to solve this. It is true that government has been absent from these areas for many years and mainly due to these are tribal lands and need to be preserved from outside invasion. But now the Maoists and Naxalites are taking this as their opportunities and making most out of it and taking the tribal in their side, these are very minuscule number of tribal who are supporting them and making the worst of all things and worry factor for India state. What is the root cause of these problems? While I was stating at Nabarangpur in the early part of this century, I was there for three years and ours domestic help was a tribal named Laxmi and she was very devoted to work and honest. One day she said to my mother, that Laxmi father joined Naxal. Mummy asked why Laxmi, yours father joined Naxal, as her father was selling the handia(Tribal Liquer) to people now with Naxal. Laxmi said her father wants dress, meat and handia(Tribal Liquer) each day and due to poverty he cannot afford and that is why he joind Naxal and they are giving them these all days of the week. This is the story why the innocent and poor tribal are joining the Maoist. They are not joining them to make the revolution and create a state against the Indian state but they are simply joining to get food, dress and handia(Tribal Liquer). This is story of thousands of tribal who are joining Maoism and making the murder the order of the day to day life. Then , mummy called Laxmi�s father and talk to him , and then mummy gave him the job of driver , and he left Maoism and stay cool and believe in Indian state and now he is enjoying life even after we have left Nabarangpur and he is now driving the bus and earning money. Whenever he came to Bhubaneswar he used to meet us and thanks us for saving his life, he is happy and cheerful as ever. This story can be learnt by state governments and central government and know what is the root cause of this.

The root cause is the poverty and if government can reach at their place by breaking all the obstacles and then apprise them with various government welfare measures by not fighting what is for centre projects and what is for state , make the unified face and then it can fight this Naxalism with strong hand.  It is the poverty which drives poor tribal to this and try to break that part as Naxal can not compete with wealth of Indina and try to give more funds to tribal and make them more and more opposite to Naxal and then with their support attack Naxal and kill them at battle field , do not compromise and take to them as it is the battle within the state and the India state can not oblige to the mere concept of Naxalism which is dead one and ninety nine percentage of world population rejected it so it is high time to act and succeed. Find good talents from tribals and make them the adequate traing to play for hockley and for India fast bowling option and you never know one day they can bowl nearer to one hundred fifty kilo metres per hour at a fist pace. Make them go to scholl by bringing the cult of education and with quota and reservation for them they can get decent job and make the world happier just like the legislator Hikaka. Naxal trying hard to isolate the tribals so that they can control them , they are taking them to the age of middle ages by destroying mobile towers, schools everything and this is high time India state should act , the guys at the centre and at the states must realize this is  time to destroy Naxals from its roots so that it will not be reviving again and again. Naxal are parasites and they should be uprooted and also the person who is supporting Naxals must be taken house arrest as it is getting me pain to see that Naxal supporter are being invited to television chat shows and they are getting more and more time to talk and making their nuisances. The electronic media must adhere that these supporters of Naxals must not be advertised. It is time to take hard decision and live with by that decision to save India and make our future more and brighter and happier.


Amazon Kindle Fire a US only device at the moment

Amazon Kindle Fire is a US only device at the moment while writing this write up. May be Amazon will try to expand its scope and will get the market expansion or even at then publish of the article this may be done so but for the moment the review will be based on its first hand look  of this handy device from the market giant Amazon. It is an expensive device and at the moment aiming for the US only market may be marketing gimmicks to start with. Remembering the Gmail first trick then invitations only and it goes on to make more and more anticipation and expectations may be this is somewhat the similar attributes which the Amazon is carrying out with. First hand it is an expensive tablet to start on with, design very and attractive and wonderful to feel with it, it has one customised platform with customised Android 2.3 with the Amazon service integrated with it as it is on the expected lines to think of it least, and the RAM size is 512 MB and this has the scope of expansion, it could have been better with at least 1 GB of RAM embedded within it. Its strict smart competition is play book which has higher amount of RAM within than Amazon Kindle Fire. Though lesser RAM but the multitasking capability is better to have with and it does not feel the tight while making the multi tasking capabilities. The user interface is very lovable and brilliant and adorable to work on with, the brilliant shelf design seems like you have been at some sort of ultra modern library to work with, and then bigger shelf is at the middle of the shelf shelves. The favourite shelf is at the below of it and it will accumulate yours favourite and the recent folders which you have done the work with. By clicking or moving the cursor it reminds of the album cover trend which is very clear and meaningful to know the details of the browsing.

The album cover interface is first beginning with the Apple and then it has been adopted by many in different formats and various analogues manner. At the top is the search bar in black colour with the option of Newsstand, books, music, videos, docs, Apps and Web options to search on with. By selecting any of these tabs you will be arriving at the different level with more option to work on with. The seven inch IPS display is fine and broad and yours eyes will feel the little pain while browsing the tablet. With pleasant web browsing experience peak and the feel soft like multimedia and text working environment has been fantastic to work on with and then work environment is so cool and comfortable to work on with that you will not feel that you are working for hours with it. The web browser has the neat new look with very few distractions and the entire process of the browsing experience with the latest updates make the full screen browsing experience more and more smarter and easier.


Then internal storage is of eight GB and with built in storage but the surprising part is that there is no scope for additional slot for memory expansion. Amazon Kindle Fire is a smart device with lots of functionality additionally knitted with but it has the geographical limits and for this it seems that at the time of writing this it is been  US only device and out side you can not do anything with it. With Android market store removed due to the customised version and only option for the apps is to go for the Amazon application store which can only be accessible if you have the credit card of the US based financial institutions. Without is you cannot even download the free apps and in the tablet without the apps it seems the horrible to work on with at the first instance. Battery life is good and can be better it runs for ten hours with full application environment with full multi tasking capabilities and which is not so bad least to say. The processor of the capacity of 1 GHz Cortex A9, TI OMAP 4430 chipset  with power VR SGX540 graphics of battery 4400mAh.

Amazon Kindle Fire has the colour touch screen with thicker and wider display than that of Black Berry Play book , and for this the display size is pretty  wide and it looks vibrant and beauty full  to the normal eye. No hard wares button at the top and it is flawless in its touch screen capacity. The rubberised back is great for the country of cooler regions as in summer or in hot summer it will be waterier so much so that it can be slippery in many cases due to the advancement of rubber interfaces.  At the button of the surface you will find the all the hardware keys like that of the power key, micros USB port with 3.5 mm headphone jack are at the button of then phone. On the top there are the stereo speakers and at the side panels nothing is there as it is a suitable arrangements of the hardware as it seems that the placements at the side panels can be accidentally switch by the palm so it is brilliant placement.


Emotional factors and diabetes

Coping with the diabetes is a significant factor and lots many to be needed in order to manage the physical as well as the emotional levels. It is a challenge for you and your family to deal with these ultimate parameters. While at the diagnosis process many symptoms will appear and many will have some sort of repercussions to deal it with and in order to manage it and apply it with the same soothing process is the challenge and how it is to be managed is significant. Through the process of diabetes the intimate factors attached with it some sort of anger, guilt, anxieties which can be expressive or not expressive and all these are according to the circumstances and according to the instances positions. Some time the situation may be such that you will have to as the family member be stayed at the peaceful side as the anxieties level may be surpassed to the surprise and for this the running of the situations and managing it very significant. To attain the emotional factors the help from the family is of utmost importance and it is always important to make it full cooperation so that the diabetes can be righted with complete family support. It is important for the diabetic to consult with the family the feelings of his or her so that family will always try to take care of this and also as then diabetes is always dealing with the food matters and the negation of food always have the bad effects if you happens to be a foodie and also due to sudden stoppages of yours favorite food items as always been can be felt as the dent to the diabetic so it is significant to keep an eye on the emotional factors while dealing with it. It is always good to encourage having these discussions in the healthy manners so that you will always feel the discussion is going on and yours family is always concern about you and yours emotional parameters.

In this way the many sides of the emotional effects and the parameters embedded within can be dealt with utmost ease and then process of emotional balance can be obtained which will ultimately raise above all the expectations and this will give then positive effect to the ultimate analysis of the diabetic. So, in order to control any mental health it is the need of the hour to attain the stable metal health and how to manage and cope with it is very significance as it can give a positive boost to the health of the diabetic in the longer run and it can in this process reduce the usage of medicines ultimately.  As per the medicinal research the emotional parameters does affect the level of insulin as the secretions of hormones does affect the increase or decrease of insulin levels and for this the good management of insulin is the order of the day and in order to use it and make it to the level it is imperative to manage the stress level of the diabetic so that it is going to help and manage the stress level in the longer run. The problem is that the stress can not be stopped or moved in the easier manner and there are no easy solutions to remove the stress as it is not running always in the constant phenomena. There is no hard rule to remove the stress and for this a well built out and a good relational stress booster mechanism is the order of the day. Human is he rational animal and it is part of the human to be reactive to such situations and these situations can never be avoided and for this a well attained atmosphere and environment is the necessary for the optimum development of the mind and with this the diabetic feels the better with the passage of time. According to the situations and the circumstances the more or the lesser stress occurs and for this it is imperative to know the matter which is getting the more stress out of yours as the diabetic. Some times the situations which you are dealing with may make you angry at the spurt of the moment and this tenacious audacity has been the more of then breaker and these needs to be stopped at the highest possible mechanisms. As for this you should always plan to make the wise decisions along with yours emotional parameters and yours stress levels should also be limited to the maximum initial parameters so that it should not affect in any such manner the level of insulin in yours body.


There are health professional who are equipped with such intelligence to manage the stress of the diabetic so much so  that many a times the diabetic will not feel the stress is there and it will show to the other family members as they will see that the  diabetic is not being affected in any such manner with the stress and thus reducing the every possible stress related insulin rise and slowly going smoother in the life  with the balance food diets and also many a times the diabetic insulin simply goes with the same parameters and in this way the diabetic able to cope with the life easily. There are also some predefined parameters such as the consistent mishandling of the diet food plans, irregularity with the taking of insulin injections and consciously overheating and suffering from the stress related situations can cause then long term depression to the diabetic and in then longer term there can be many more the psychological issues attached to it and these can be highly dangerous and not up to the physician�s expectations. These situations can be attained and tuned to normal with the help and support of parents, spouse and close relatives. Discuss with them yours problems and other related issues and also while attending to the doctor you should be discussing with them yours health related issues and also the emotional factors and what is causing you the greatest concern and how these can be removed and talk to each and every important persons in detail and try to find the solutions from these and implement them. Make yours short term as well as the long term goals of yours therapy, the short term is the diet plans and also exercise and the long term is the controlling the outburst of emotional factors and how to cope with it and how to manage it and how to get rid of extreme emotional outburst as these are some of the specific parameters as the diabetic one should observe and try to attain into.

Make all these advices written above as the part of yours every day life and with it you can surpass all the boundaries of stress and the parameters of insulin needs to be decreased with the proper manner. You can send yours family if you the head of the family to participate in the therapy session of how to treat well with the diabetic and also how to attain the rosy and the congenial relationships with the diabetic as the home atmosphere is of utmost importance and how to manage it and learn to get rid of all the annoyances and also the factors which are disturbing the healthy environment within the family. Make it laugh and always go for the happy moments and think s if you are doing something good for all to have a healthy mind at the outset. Your health care team with due course of time will able to recognize the real problem and then they will talk to you and to others to remove all these and how to cope with life with due course of time will fast become the simpler process even you cannot imagine. Beware of all the existing services in yours locality and make the research through the word of the mouth, viral, social networking and internet research and then try to known the level of that organization and make the list of it as and when you can go for it within the specifies time so that the impending problems if any can be solved by attaining these organizations. One thing is always right , the humans never able to understand the functioning of the brain and it is high time to find the root of the emotional stress before it is going to make the root inside the head of the diabetic and in the longer term that will not help  the concern diabetic. So, in brief as the diabetic it is important to reduce yours emotional factors which are hampering yours mind process and thus in this way you can reduce the insulin of the diabetic and with the short term factors like that of the diet food and other related exercises and a good night sleep can prove to be more than enough for the diabetic to reduce the level of insulin.


Answering complex and ancient questions regarding life on earth

There is the common misplace of thoughts about Hinduism from the other faiths is that the Hindus worship too many Gods and their numbers are countless and innumerable. It is the ignorance of the inner misconception and may be no deeper understanding of Hinduism led to this conclusion by some of the thinkers to think such way. It is their not the ability to comprehend these analogies and for this the ultimate animalises remains in the undeterred understanding of this faith. The Paramatman � the Supreme Being embellishes with different names; take for example just as the man is unique with different names but the essence of divinity remain united and single. Hinduism has the plural liberalism which embedded each culture and languages in its own folder and allows them to describe the Supreme Being in their own understanding and in some unique and selfless ways. The inherent pluralism is so connected with it within the stipulated paramount ways such that each culture begins to see it in their own manner to reach at the source for Supreme Being. India as a country is a land for many people with multi faceted cultural heritages being carried on for the ages and continues to do so till to day. There are four sects of Hindu denominations or sects: Saivism , Smartism, Vaisshnavism and Shaktism and all will lead to reach nearer to Supreme Being. Saiva worship lord Shiva , Shakta worship Goddess Shakti , , Lord Vishnu the lord of Vaishnavites and he Smartas believes in one God the Supreme Being and they feel and believe all the three sects that have been describe here . These diversities among their religions led the Hindus to be more and more tolerant and these inner complexities within the religions go on to show the compassion and the love for other religions and sects. This brings the cohesion among the collision within the various parameters of the sects� categories which is understandable and this leads to form the united vision of the path to reach nearer to Supreme Being. This understands them that there are many ways to reach nearer to God and for this you have to be tolerant an respectable to other clans of sects so that all will be reaching nearer to God. This seems to be a smart concept where each Hindu is being treated and goes on with a disciplined life style form the birth. Each of these superior deities is being regarded as having the superior astral power and they are called the devas. They have the specific duties and power the similar like that of the heavenly bodies like that the other faiths. They can give you their own and specific paths to cross and to reach at the haven known as swarga in Sanskrit by Hindus. Hindus believe the presence of the God in the intimate presence, they can feel the God within the presence of man, woman, child, trees, stones and other living and non living entities. They will feel the presence of God instead of see through them. They will try to worship which their sense will tell and search to reach neat the Supreme Being and the process continues, they value human life as the part of the God�s gift and they try to search for the angelic being from among each and every individuals and they realise the importance of life and they consider it as a string which is attached on one side and other side is being open. They think that it is the duty of the every individual to utilise these open string and try to make it more and more nearer to the Supreme Being. Hindus believe God is staying within us and He can be reached by prayer and attention to God. Hindus does not believe that God has left them in this lurch but instead believe that God is every where He is omnipresent and with prayer and deep devotion He can be discovered in this s earth. They believe that God always comes to this earth is to emancipate the evils and to make this earth the better place to live here in. This is known as the spiritual journey and the ultimate goal of every Hindus in attending the ultimate journey and they believe the journey starts from the birth and it will be ending at the death bed.


Hindus are both monotheists and henotheists and they are not the polytheists. As many Gods have equal powers so there is no need to go for the polytheistic. The Henotheists believe in one God and without denying the existence of other Gods. Hindus are panetheisists, they believe in omnipresence of God, every where in the entire universe. It is highly sophisticated religious view which teaches us the basic of understanding and the mutual cooperation among the individuals and respecting each other spaces by showing respect to other religions. They believe that God is present every where and He also gives life and source of energy to each living beings inside the universe. They believe God exists beside the world and they are watching us overtime in ours work , behaviours, customs and each every aspects of ways of life we live and work on with to continue ours life inside this earth planet. In Hinduism there is lot of freedom in understanding and pursuing of God and this make every individual a philosopher and a ethics in their own merit and this tends to go from family to family with each family carried on their own traditions and then shifted over to their off springs who later on shifted these to their next generations. This freedom makes the Hinduism the world�s oldest living religion and rich with cultural heritages among all the earth�s existing faiths. Hinduism believe in that the karma the work on this earth needs to be done properly so much so that the real purpose and the destined to live in this earth will be fulfilled and with the right karma that is realising the God in this mortal earth the right way should be done in the correct manner so much so that he does not have to birth again and again and with due course of time he will be rewarded as his atman the soul of his will be purified , here body soul purification never matters , he will go for the purification of soul and after completing all these he will attain the nearer path to reach to Supreme Being. Then his soul will leave the physical body and that is why the soul never dies and due to this in Hinduism the persons dies and his dead body never ever graved but it is burnt and destroyed as the Hindus believe that soul will never come back again to this mortal world to live with pain and for this his body is permanently destroyed with fire and his body can never be again used by any other soul in his name. The soul continues to live with the astral body the devas till it is got the perfect attendance of purity to reach nearer to Supreme Being. After many births with different bodies inside the earth the soul finally becomes the competent with love, family, respect, knowledge, understanding and each and every aspect of life inherent within. All the lessons have been learnt through dharma and the karmas inside this mortal world till it is fulfilled to the fullest and the energy needed for these is satisfied with its fullest of extent. Now , the soul is liberated from the cycle of birth and deaths and rebirths and then the entire beautiful ritual world is created.

The Hindus understands and sense the ultimate attendance of life is not the money or love, power or else, the real purpose and he is destined to serve and aid the world as the servant of God and to fulfil Wishes of attending the joys and travels and removing entirely the fear psychosis to reach at the perfect spiritual goal of life in its pursuit of success. Hindus believe that the karma and the reincarnation of every individual is a gradual cycle and that will take him back to the nearer to the God. In all the other faiths the humans leave it everything to God to sort out his miseries and even after his death. In Hinduism it is the person who is sole stake holder to get to work on with the karma so much so that the reincarnations cycle of his should stop and in this process he learns everything and goes nearer to perfect so much so that his rebirths will be stopped in attendance of salvation and in this way he is sole mentor and the navigator to reach near the Supreme Being.


Applicant Tracking System


AutoHire  applicant tracking system contends positively with other hiring, employing and engaging system suppliers by allowing for a wide range of practical application tracking and tagging functionality capable of serving the purpose well aggregated, blended and compounded with the ease of use and function. The system blue print is unproblematic posing no difficulty for the user to navigate and browse. Straightaway immediate response to candidate record register is brought home the bacon without deviation from the job listing of itemizations.

User�s can browse through the candidate name from anywhere at anytime inside the software environment mandrillus leucophaeus the candidates in particular pointed detail. The entire true confidential inside information of the candidates are well accessible and approachable from a undivided set of flat and tabular well coordinated screen surface.

Prominent characteristics of AutoHire Applicant Tracking System:

It carries off the candidate information all the way through employing process beginning from the employment application to the interview to rejection and employing. It also has the gradation system that is helping then recruiters to take the decision of the able candidates in simple and visible manner. In the job listing page the candidate who has applied for the job can be easily approachable and accessible. The �submittals� column shows the number of openings and the number of available candidates who are eligible for this job opening. By Clicking on the each �submittals� precise list of the candidate name, source and the number of points earned during the various layers of job recruitment processes. If you want to get the more comprehensive job records of the candidates then it can be approachable by clicking the name of the candidates with each section presenting the radical classifiable prominent attributes of each of the candidates who are shortlisted for the job opening in the series of tabs in very clear and lucid manner.

The �resume tab� acquaints close interaction intergroup communication with their present status with the full aggregate of past events with their responses and status updates are all available in detail. There is one more job tab known as the �match jobs� tab which will see the candidates resume and their way of responses by scanning the various opportunities and then it will cope with the possible suggested posts to be acquired by the candidates. The �Task tab� is employed to find the present task lists and then it will help to produce the new task list for the concerned candidates. The task reminders and the task scheduling with the outlook are some of the outstanding features which you can find with the task re tab.

The �Letter tab� is to accumulate all the letters concerned with the job and then through this the letters can be emailed to then candidate concerned and also it can be printed to post with the snail mail. It is a complete letter management tool and with this the entire process of letter management becomes more and more easy and smoother. Users can call back, recall and view all the letters produced through this system and then it can deliver to the appropriate specification according to the rules and other considerations. The �Profile� tab gives the opportunity to the sender to modify the correspondence before it is to be sent to the concerned candidates, with the profile tab relating to the each and every candidates, this feature is being used by the user to add some drafts or personalisation features to the letter of correspondence before it is being mailed to various candidates.


Onboarding system: It increment the ratio of the quantity and quality of units produced and cuts down the monetary values. The onboarding system contour economically with efficiency with the new employ   that involves handling papers: forms or letters or reports etc. In spite of yours company size AutoHire applicant tracking system give the tailor made solution to yours company by automatically adjusting to your company needs and specifications all at once without any delay.

AutoHire solutions:

Recruiting Software: It provides the database of online resume gathering management and it covers and can tunnelled the resume submitted for hiring.

Career Centre Management: It is that part of the client access website that is being accessible by the candidates and then the job seekers submitted their application foe the job specifications through it. It provides the manual call centre work by responding to the candidate�s queries and can take the survey easily to know what it is being perceived by the candidates. Each section of this provides the total of nine web pages and out of which six can be customisable by the in house web masters of the company so that it has lots of scope for customisations and other related work around.

Job Requisition Creation and Approval: It has the deposited library with the programmable options to manage the contents of the job. It has the options of automated approval system and with this all the resume posted for then specific job can be tracked and approved for submission automatically thus deleting the vital hosting cost and also office costs. There are other systems which you can compare and find the estimated budgeted costs of actions with it and for this the entire cost and finance management can be easily acquired.

Online Screening: It give an eternity number of job screening questions with the grades attached to it and after resume submission the next best thing is to sort the candidates and for this the most important part is to employ the grading system and after seeing the grades all the relevant candidates with the higher grades inside the correspondence categories then sorted and the process of job interview augments. During the specifications the candidates must respond to the questions posed by the system and with this the perfect grading and choice of final list of candidates for the specified job begins.

Job Posting and Distribution: You can employ AutoHIre applicant tracking system  to put forward the job once and then submit it to various online categories and advertising portals so that more and more job seekers will appear for this. The specific locations which you are targeting may be yours own job portals and other paid and free third party job site and then the specified job portals and print and electronic media and so on.

Staffing Procurement System: Many a time when you will seek the job seekers there are two principal ways to attain this list one is with the outside recruitment and the other is for the inside  in house recruitment systems. For in house recruitment the staff vending and other email to the staff email accounts is to be considered and also you can find the staff vending performance with the AutoHIre job posting and distributing mechanisms.
Job and Resume Searches: AutoHIre  applicant tracking system  has the powerful MS SQL server for building the basic and advance database management faculties and indexing. Job category, the geo location, and then key word search tools with auto populated search parameters for the possibilities of job opportunities fro desirable resume compatibility.

Resume Management: It is a tabular structured organised data set which can easily be accessible and approachable in one single coordinated structure, these can be matched and compared with the existing resume to build the comparative resume management and make appropriate decision making.

Candidate Tracking: It gives the customised candidate conditionality that can make the decision making more and easier with the availability of customised candidates entire perspectives with the entire attentive ranking system of the candidates.

Reporting: It gives both the planned and the non planned customisable templates with real time view, print options, and export to excel with the wide range of data management options through the accumulation and the aggregation of report card with the entropy of selected information bring into existence through the AutoHire system. The unplanned reporting is the customised one which is done with the individual planning and implementation of thoughts and process of information collected through various interview and question and answer session.

Workflow and Automated Notifications: It is better than that of the paper based system which many a times is conflicting and time consuming. With the advent of AutoHire applicant tracking system , you can avail the functionality of automatic and user generated email sending profiles transactions dealings and easy to get the updated information from the click of the mouse through the automated work progression and relevant appraisal and presentations systems.

With all these above mentioned systems of AutoHire mechanisms all these combined to work and replace the existing traditional paper work flow design system of conventional office automations.

Why AutoHIre for your organisation is a must :

This system is more important and significant due to the fact that it is all important and indispensible for the organisation with fifteen or above employees to implement this system, this also have the legal sanctity at US as it is illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee because of the person's race, colour, religion, national origin or sex and requires the maintenance of records for all "applicants" as well as persons hired. For this it is of utmost importance for the companies to make the same level field for the perspective job aspirants from outside and for the internal promotional job opportunities for the employees of the inside the organisation.  The organisations which fail to adhere to such rules will increasingly fall into constant law suits so much so that it is better to implement AutoHire system so that you will not be facing and falling into the legal troubles. This system gives you the customisable candidate profile which help you to attain the screening, selection and recruitment in the entire transparent manner and for this with the help of AutoHIre system recruitment you can be more and more confident that the candidate screening process is entirely in the right manner and without any discrimination of the caste, colour, religion and creed and for this your company reputation will not be dented.

Without this information the organisation will have no chance to fight the discrimination case of civil liberty and right of equality in the court and also with the graded system then AutoHire applicant tracking system  mechanism simply makes the entire process smooth with the each customisable appearance of each and every candidate who has appeared for the perspective of the job.


AutoHire is an online hiring and employing system planned and projected to help  the organisation to acquire the skills all around in the end to end of the hiring process. It saves time due to its automated system and save the cost of huge paper works and manual office work and job flow. With this you can create yours own website and save huge money with its career centres by posting through the automated process the jobs and then collect the resumes submitted through it in the process automations. Your organisation will save huge time with the single point entry system as all yours job posting will be automated to the various online job portals as well as on various offline job portals through the print and snail mail functionalities. Those candidates who apply for the relevant job entry will be satisfied with the speedy data entry and the data mining and with this yours staff level will be reduced due to the automated nature of AutoHire applicant tracking system mechanisms.  Due to the online screening the prescribed outing through the processing costs reduced drastically. It has excellent time management with the automated response and mailing options activated so that yours organisation will get the high ranking in the user satisfaction as well as its usages patterns. It sort and aggregate the management information and reports collected and submitted through the internet , that gives excellent and wonderful reports on the staffing marketer functional observation execution.


Increase Recruiting Efficiencies: Apart from giving the assurance of protecting against the future law suits of right to equality , AutoHire recruiting program also aides and assists the job selection procedure by making it more and more transparent with perfect accuracy , the saving of time and money , all  the perspective candidate details are in dash board and can be accessible by the office staffs , making the entire data access in the central single unit which is far better than to put it inside the office drawer draftsman and managing the back ground of the candidates , the communication history and the addresses of correspondence  all at one go inside the centralise AutoHire system.
Control Hiring Activities: As discussed above, AutoHire applicant tracking system  implements such a comprehensive system that it reduces the legal problems and then it augments the entire process with the complete system matainance system. It has the power to determine the questionnaires , interview appearances and it tries to attain the entire system architecture with the complete view of similarity , it control the admittance of information route and assigns the assess codes to the various executives according to their respective positions held.

Improve Reporting: AutoHire system employs the ability to exchange and use information (usually in a large heterogeneous network made up of several local area networks) to have the same compatibility with other related system architecture. With this the planned and the unplanned reports generation with the vendor performances with the complete and continuous information gathering is the process that utilises to profit the entire system architecture to run with serious complete balancing act.


Training: It is capable of reflecting the capability for correct and valid reasoning in the workflow analysis through the accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities in then hiring process. It is obtained through intuition rather than from reasoning or observation done through spontaneously derived from or prompted by a natural tendency with the short and simple system set up. AutoHire will provide the organisation the complete training through the web conference done through workflow and complete system architecture.

System Integration: It employs the XML technology, Enterprise Resource Planning, back ground screening and shielding, the process of classification with respect to its worth and the grade supplied and the complete integration with the third party vendor in terms of blue print , act of accomplishing some aim or executing some order and last not the least to attain the cost effective solutions for yours organisation as a whole.


In this modern day to day times for the employers the passion with the social media is a must due to its relevance and the present of perspective candidates here so that many more parts and facets of candidates can be known easily and with the integrations of website management with AutoHire applicant tracking system you can observe the candidate habits , friend circle and life performances. Almost every aspect of office work is now online due to advent of integration of all office duties from the head office to the local offices and for this the job posting, resume collection, data processing, candidates grading all essential work needs to be done automatically and in the same time to be synchronised as well for the sole purpose of synchronisations so that all the office units far and wide as well as the relevant information to be given to candidates , these entire process needs some wonderful system at work in the real time and for this sole purpose one of the better and always right applicant tracking system is AutoHIre, it is suitable for yours company go ahead and take a test drive of it. AutoHire applicant tracking system  competes favorably with other hiring system providers by providing a wide range of applicant tracking functionality combined with ease of use. The system design is uncomplicated, making it easy for the user to navigate.


Social milieu affecting the Elizabethan Literature (1558- 1603)

The only stumbling block, however, was the failed Spanish invasion of England which ate into the British economy during the Elizabethan rule.

After the death of Queen Mary I of England and Ireland, her 25-year-old half sister, Elizabeth succeeded her in 1558, signifying the dawn of a new epoch-making era. English literature was patronised and flourished as never before during the Elizabethan era spanning over a period of forty-five years from 1558. The British national pride received a major boost during this period, sub-charged with international expansionism, enrichment of classical ideals, infliction of naval defeat on the heinous Spanish foes and the great British financial upsurge. During this period of English Renaissance, the British theatre, its poetry, music and literature reached the pinnacle of its glory.
The Elizabethan era saw the decadence of the medieval feudal system as nobles were no longer relied upon to provide soldiers with uniforms.
A brief truce between the Catholics and the Protestants coupled with the British parliamentary freedom from the British feuds and clergies saw to it that the country found time to deploy its talents in more meaningful ways for national achievements. A brief, but certain period of English Reformation, carried the country forward in the direction of literary, cultural and financial achievements. Much of material and metaphysical achievements were possible during this period due to the peace and stability under-current in the country.
The century-old conflict between France and England was largely surpassed during the substantial part of the Elizabethan Age. The only stumbling block, however, was the failed Spanish invasion of England which ate into the British economy during the Elizabethan rule. Though not a successful period at the military front, the Queen could avoid major defeats, largely due to the strengthening of its naval prowess.


There was no royal religious patronage; rather priests were often said to be traitors and were subjected to tortures and execution. People supporting Catholicism were subverted, stripped of their professions and got jailed.

Science and Technology:-

No great claims can be laid on this area, except a couple of excellent scientists in Thomas Digges and William Gilbert making their international presence felt.


Education was confined to the children of the nobles and rich people, while common people had their children work in farms and shops. Becoming a doctor, a clergy or a lawyer was restricted to these classes of male students only.

Latin was the most royal and scholastic language and students were taught to read, write and speak Latin.
Rules in schools were very strict, and teachers were given the liberty of imposing learning on their pupils in the manner as per their unquestionable sweet wills inflicting any punished on them as they deem fit. The idle or the mischievous was never shown any mercy and was strongly caned.
The British conservatism did not allow female children to pursue studies beyond very minor level. As a consequence, the British girl students were forced to stay away from schools after five to seven years of age. The well-to-do people only let their children study at home. However, England had more well-educated upper class women than anywhere in Europe. Also, English women enjoyed more freedom than their European counterparts.


Marriages and customs:

Marriages were legally valid at 14 for boys and 12 for girls. Social security for girls was ensured against their husband�s death by execution of an agreement at the time of marriage itself that the bride got reliefs in terms of cash and property belonging to her husband and his family.
Marriages were solemnised at churches in the presence of the friends and relatives of the couple duly approved and registered by priests.

Funeral Customs:-

The well-clad dead bodies of nobles were confined inside the coffins and were used to be carried to the graveyard inside the church-compound in a procession of the friends, relatives and well-wishers.

Astronomical misbelief:-

The Elizabethan society, by and large, was dogmatic. Superstitions, unscientific and unfounded faiths and beliefs filled the society with the premonition of evil at the appearance of comets and with all solar and lunar eclipses as the Elizabethan astrologers believed in the earth as the epicentre of the universe with all the seven planets- the moon, the sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn revolving round it, creating a sub-charged situation affecting the health and activity of the earth and the human civilisation in the process.

Bells and Mails as mediums of communication:-

In the absence of social postal service, official mails were carried on horse back.
On Sundays and Holy Days, church bells rang up to announce all breaking news of war and peace, of weddings and funerals and any other news of mass significance. However, a single bell was sounded on someone�s death only.

Recreation  and Sports:

Team sports, simple games, spectator/blood sports, and individual amusement activities were the sports receiving royal patronage and popular support. Queen Elizabeth, herself, enjoyed hunting.
Among all sports, the most popular, yet the most inhumane and violent was blood sports where animals like bulls, bears, apes and bears received severe wounds before succumbing to injuries inflicted against them.
The popularity of Team sports was due to the roughness and violence it generated in the course of a curious game of football played without rules both on foot and on horse back.
Fencing was one of the most popular of sports where blood shed was interestingly enjoyed by spectators.

Elizabethan fashions:-

It was a highly fashion-conscious age with men and women alike being concerned to be wearing the latest and most fashionable outfits.

Day to day living:-

Life was difficult during those times of no-postal service, lack of basic medicines for very common diseases (which grew into epidemics once broke out), reliance on obsolete and ill-proven medicines, crowded coverage of narrow and damp streets with garbage all around, and so on. Even the city of London, boasting to be a prestigious trade international centre, was no exception. 


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Armor All – undoes what life does to your car

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Armor All for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Undoing what life does it to your car that is the Armor All. Also chance to win 'What Life did to your Car' sweepstakes for a chance to win a Camaro SS signed by Tony Stewart! Please read it on.

About Armor All : Perhaps not everyone translates your mania for your motor vehicle, but Armor All do. It is expectant for automobile and automatic sports lovers! Armor All is a fresh technology that not only shields; it also beats back and disgusts filth dirts and cleans all dirty, filthy and grime things. The other elements such as the dirty materials cannot pass into or through, often by not overcoming resistance of Armor All's invisible, imperceptible, inconspicuous shield, that is why they can be easily washed and removed. Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax beats the dirt and grime like no other. It is like the resource of yours car which helps to make and keep yours car better and stay healthy for longer durations. You can enhance the visibility of yours car with the entire line of car –care health products that will make your car look better and healthier. Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax has the exterior , interior and tire and wheel products in its kitty and it is the all in one solution for your car. Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax has been thoroughly tested and diagnosed in the laboratory for  time and again to confirm that it is suitable for yours car exterior, interior and wheels. There are various specified products available exclusively for all the sections and segments of your car and choose the product which will be best for yours car and then buy that product to use with your car. All these products are extreme useful for your beloved vehicle and it does not affect the wax of yours car and it makes it clean and clear without any effort. Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Waxis safe for all types of car clear coats and automotive coats. It produce no harm to it .It is extremely easy to use , just rinse with the water and spread around your car and then wash it to get absolute spot free and dust free car within few  seconds. Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax is completely pure and does not contain any type of harmful substances.


Just mix Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax with some water , mix and stir it and after diluting the product with the water , take a sponge, dissolve  and wash your car with that sponge to get the complete new and refreshing look of the car within few seconds. Before applying Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax do not garage your car outside as with sun beating down its rays this would make the car warmer as the Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax will work excellent at the cooler environment and try it inside at the close garage. Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax contains the detergent that is safe for the plastics and glass , as the constitution of the detergent is backed by highly experimental solution . You can also use this solution to clean the costly plastics and windows shields.  It is advisable though to make the pre test before applying Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax to the above mentioned house holds areas. The expiry date of Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax is generally one or two years from the date of the manufacture, so always check the shelf life of the products before you use it. Many a time during the winter Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax may freeze and to use it first make the product to cool down  to the normal temperature . This product is safe for your rubberised surface of the car and it protects your car surfaces from cracking from the effects s from UV damage, fading or discoloration and stain. Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax has been specially prepared to work good for the factory tincture glass materials and it is not harmful to the glasses. It gives shields to plastics of yours car.


Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Waxsafe guards your car every time it baths with water. It is best for your car as it protects and shields your car tyre from the destructive effects of ozone layer as it disarrays the upcoming ultra violet rays and it prevents yours tyre from fading. Sometime you should not spray directly on to the car surface, in stead spray in to the cotton or the sponge and then wipe the car. It is also suggested and advisable to use the original Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Waxcotton and sponges to have greater control over uneven surfaces while waxing and wiping yours car. Some part of these products can be used the leather part of furnished products to condition the tanning whether it is of your car seats or at yours house holds. In this way, the original colour tone of yours leather stays smooth and clear and making it young and it protects leather from harmful small insects. It is advisable not to use these products on the slippery seats like that of two wheelers as this may give rise to harmful effects. If any sign of doubt raised at yours mind then it is advisable to test it before using it in full capacity. Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax is market leader in the field of providing protection to vinyl, rubber and plastic car surfaces. It safe guards all these materials from discoloration and fading and making it look young and dashing. Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax is best suited for automobile needs and extreme assistance be it in exterior, interior or for the wheels. It is better to make it a habit to use it every other day to make your car look bright and young. The product is the combination of the beauty with brain and the smartness in which it acts within the surface of the car is extolment.  The ultra shine and the glow with some of the new auto glass feature combine with Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax is fantastic to attain the car. It gives the shine and the necessary radiance to car rims and also protects it from dangerous ultra violet rays and also it works as the wonderful shield for the saline climates. Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax has a very wide variety of products and if you want to test all theses then you can go for Armor All® Gift Packs which are designed and constructed specially for these. It makes you car so shiny and wonderful that the roadies and other pedestrians will have to stare it down because of your car luminosity and vibrancy of the colour. With the help of Ultra Shine Liquid Polish of Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax you can make your car painting similar to the day one of the purchase and it is sometimes more than the factory shining with the “like new” approach. The special formula of carnauba wax and advanced polymers inside the Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax helps and grow the dull and the faded paint to the new revival of colourful odyssey and wipe out the long driven convolutions and the fine swirls unnoticeable and bring to the destination  all new car with a rubric high gloss effulgence. It revives the paint appearance to its perfect blending with it the micro thinned abrasions gone forever. With plastics no white residuals, remainders left on the surface, it is advisable to use Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax in the shade. The usage directions is very simple, shake well the Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax , for the excellent results enforce it on the cooler  surfaces . Place the liquid into microfiber slender and greatly elongated substance capable of being spun into yarn indigestible plant food low in nutrients; its bulk stimulates peristalsis surface and then spread it in equal amounts in the level way to the surface. Then employ a cleaner segment of the towel to rub with a circular motion to a high gloss shine, make it chronologically and no hazing time required between these steps to get the long lasting shine without any white residue on the plastic surface and it can be applied safely to all the automotive finishes with much ease.

The premium formula used with the Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax Ultra Shine Butter Smooth Wax gives outstanding results without any such effort. It stays on the surface and will not enter the residuals as its butter like surface removes the dirt and it dry instantly. It shields against harm and discomfort and it removes the dirts and grimes by starting the ferocious water breading action. It gives the ultra protection without much buffing. It has no hazing time and it is for all weather conditions.

With the Wash & Wax Detailer of Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax you can give your car the just washed look a shiny rainy mirror look that can even attract the envy. It cleans and clears the toughest dirts and grimes .It is not like the regular dish soaps, it helps to attain yours car finish to its like new approach as its concentrate does not affect the strip your vehicle wax protection. The resultant is you get the spot free, the stain free and the glitch free results on yours car. It is safe for yours automotive finishes and brilliant for yours clear coats.

Some time you may experience the stubborn dirt, it is advisable to drop the dilute concentrate on that surface and leave it for few minutes and let it dissolve in to it and then swipe it with the help of the sponge to get the clear coat.

Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax  Extreme Shield Wax:

This is the new wax technology from Armor All , it deletes the dirts and the grimes, it protects all seasons through its invisible indispensable shield blocks the other elements  for entering into yours car surface . The other elements stays at the outer surface and then it washed away while rinsing and thus it will not scratch the surface of yours car and the clear coat stays good for all the times. The important parameters of this is the ease at which Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Waxis being applied to your car surface, no hazing and can be applied in the direct sun light though it is preferable to use it in the shade gives to get  the life long shine with all weather protection , no white residue on the plastics  and is safe to use it for all automotive finishes. Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax is the latest product from Armor All with very innovative design and patented content in built within it. It is better than all its competitors.

Few people are grind behind to make the million dollar car. Why Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax is worth million dollars for the car? When the casual driver leave the shop by taking the car , always knew that after sometime it will get more dust and dirt and the look of the car may slowly fading. The principal job is how to protect the car new look from the dirts as the car will be moving down into the street, dusty lanes as its principal job and the worry is how to protect it? Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax , it covers the water, mud and dirts nothing have ever seen. It has paint protection and is very easy to apply. While putting of in the car no hazing, no waiting time to dry the surface, it works as instantly as the blink of an eye. Unlike its competitors Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax does not contain any harmful effects and thus your car is safe and preserved. After giving the Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax a go ,then rinses the water on the surface of the car to see how quickly the water goes down and the entire surface becomes cleaner and neater. Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax was tested with the competitor’s wax , it was seen that Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax is fast disappearing the mud silted of the car. In the extreme dust arena, the testing of Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Waxon the car with its revolutionary formula, only rinsing your car all the dust elements goes away with the water. This is the real wax and after seeing in action I would recommend Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax for your car interior, exterior and for wheels. It protects yours car from untimely ageing syndrome by completely removing the dusts, dirts and grimes and also making a shield of the car so that dusts will disappear within seconds after rinsing of water. It removes the rain, muddy water and the dirts like nothing else. It is the million dollar answer to your car problem.

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How we test security suits

Learn more about how one would evaluate antivirus utilities and security suites.

Securing yours PC from internet threats has come a long way from a simple antivirus (AV) then to antimalware and now Security Suits. Over the years malwares have become difficult to detect or grasp by the mind and mostly tries to trespass into the PC in the form of Trojan the seemingly innocent files like a thug through user-error , an accidental click on the wrong fraudulent web address , you have given someone a back door to yours system. The malware just silently sleek into yours PC and as a consequence it will bring mayhem to your PC without you even knowing that something is wrong.

Security is the priority and it is essential to use a fully featured security suit that will proactively detect the viruses and assists and defends your web browsing as well.

The test process:

You should have as many PCs as you possibly could to test the long list of security suits and in this way it could possibly could speed up the process. The initial step is to prepare for rigidly accurate, strict, stringent and tight testing.

Prepare the test PCs:

Here, you can choose for two, four or six or more identical indistinguishable PCs. Go for mid-range configurable PC. The PC configurations as follows:
Intel Core 3, Custom branded motherboard from the hardware manufacturer, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 160 GB SATA Hard

Disc Drives.

Fully format the hard disc drives and then install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and this has been done to the entire test PCs. Then essential software like that of WInRar, TeraCopy, Video Lan Player, Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox latest builds were installed on all the PCs.

Then take the complete system snap shot using Norton 360 and then that image installed to the entire test PCs to make certain of each and every system is consistent.  Use the bench mark tool such as the PCMark vantage with two to three runs or the PC Doctor to ensure and limit the performance within the four percentages of each PC.

The starting of test process:

PCs first restored to the system snap shot and then install the security suit to be tested and allow it to update to its latest definitions. Install the security suit in its fullest capacity including its tool bar, add-ons, windows gadgets supplied with the security suit. You have to test the security suits considering its performance and productivity issues. It is advisable to run the productivity tests on security suits first then followed by performance tests. After each security suit was tested, the system was again reverted back to the system snap shot to make the benchmark fully satisfied.


Productivity tests:

It is the test of system resources and these tests are designed to measure how much a system is influenced by the presence of the security suit.


Run the peacekeeper benchmark on the test system before and during a scan. The benchmark will measure browser�s performance, video play back, image editing and compare it with various predefined benchmark with the real world scenario settings.

File transfer:

Transfer a 3GB file from the partition to partition and then compare it to the time taken to transfer the same files before and after the security suit is installed.

File compression:

Compress the same 3GB files with the standard zip option and compare the time of compression and the load on system resources before and after the security suit is installed.

Total system scan:

Run the full system scan on yours test PC, if nay security suit have the option of RAM optimisation then that security suit will get the higher marks.

Boot time:

Run this test to measure security suit�s impact on the boot time booting. Use the Window Software development suit�s �Windows Performance Analysis Tool� to measure the boot time delay.
Performance tests:
Here, the performance of security suit in detecting and preventing the malwares intrude in the system.

Virus samples:

From an online virus vault download virus and Trojan samples, remember to download the most recent version of virus and put it on a new pen drive or a completely formatted pen drive. Drive the full scan on the pen drive with the security suits and save the log files at the end of the scan to know more about the scanning statistics and verify the number of infected file actually detected by the security suits with that of the viruses you have downloaded.

Malware domains:

First compile the list of all the infected domains from fanboyz adlist and then employ the inbuilt URL link scanners which are available with almost all the Security suits. The response time of these Security suits to these sites to be noted and rated.

False positives and Malware zoo tests:

Whether a Security suit mistakenly flags and notifies virus any known safe file as being potentially dangerous and unsafe. Malware zoo tests are the sole indicator of how the Security suit response time to any upcoming threats. The response time to new malware threat is most significant in order to fight with the computer threats.

System remediation:

This test determines how well the Security suit can detect, disable, disinfect and wipe out malware infections in the test PCs.


It is that part of the computer virus which performs some malicious action and cut down yours RAM usages. After scanning with the test Security suit it is imperative to scan yours test PC with Microsoft Malicious Software Tool, which is updated each month, a stand alone application to find whether the existing suit have missed any potentially unwanted programme.


After all the tests are  finished, it is time to go back to the drawing room and compare the statistics , also go for the pricing factor , best buy feature and the every possible feature you can think off. Make data diagram and comparative study, give the details of the PC scan and USB scan and yours network connected LAN scan and find out the best in the business. Compare the pricing factor with that of Security suits performance and feature offering  and last no the least the additional image making option and free online data back up option give the added bonus to the Security suit rating. Finally , there's no "perfect" way of testing security products , try to innovate and  go with the time and current security development parameters to gain most out of Security tests. While considering the security parameters in terms of then us usability pattern always remember that the easiest to use security suits would not do you much benefit if it cannot block malware.

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A review of need for speed hot pursuit

A review on non-stop powered up ride need for speed hot pursuit

The beautiful surroundings with stiff roads and passing by the heavy load of trucks going on in between, you have to be careful, you must be within the real performance guide to sustain these cut throat driving, drive carefully avoid the incoming trucks which is coming like a tiger, thinking you as the prey, the icy surroundings and the orangey atmosphere, the orchid and the stiff narrow landscape, be careful of the road and the stiff bottle neck curve, with the nitrous add on and searching for the shot cuts to reach the destinations fast al these are speciality of the game called need for speed hot pursuit. The fusion and the sand are deep within feeling the awe in the heart with deep sliding tyres. Here is the rela performances time out with the fusion surroundings and the real game play is at its best. The real cars are converted and making it for you to play inside yours monitor to enjoy the virtual real feeling of the game playing. The key board inputs and the responses of it are tremendous. Then sceneries and the environments are un-parallel and unmatchable and the real fact is deep within and showing some wonderful signs of ultra imagery. This time the add on functionality of rear view mirror has been fantastic with stiff rated  vehicles moving here and there with some passing lights can be observable from behind to be alerted form time to time.

Here the curve motion can be controlled with more ease and fantastic for the newbie, with the higher speed of more than two hundred kilometres per hour and more, you can push the nitrous the constant speed mechanism too early and can control it this function has been fantastic, you will not be burn out here for sure, here no wheel spin and out of the track reach a complete sense of achievements you can garner through.. The movement is fantastic and the joy deep ride from it is overwhelming. You will fell inside the brevity after few moments of game play the sheer matrix of fearlessness will creep yours heart and the way you advance inside the games has been fantastic. You will be feeing the virtual physics at its best with some optimum utilisation of available resources. This time it is open for you to use all yours available tricks, tips and the use of nitrous is free to use and all the controls are in yours hand. The graphics has been fantastic and the motion blur is fine and works wonderfully with high end computer with some magic and the entire experience has been never seen and for gettable. The place of where the game story is related seems to be a fearful country but an adventurous one definitely. Each and every site of the earth is been related here with the likes of mountains, sea, beaches, roads, jungles, forests all been situated here with each and every fantastic location advantages. There are plenty of car alternatives which you can use it of and also there is no such botheration of garage features to its maxim so you can use it with you good sense and brilliant iterations. The new addition is that you can choose and practice any car for a limited speed of one hundred miles for the country and feel the control of the car with these fantastic features. Need for speed auto log is a new concept where one can experience the social networking features of need for speed. Here you can share yours victories, photos and achievements and get the laurels from yours friends. Here you can watch yours friend�s timings and achievements and you will try to beat them or vice versa. This means that you can enjoy this game in online as well as offline and if you are a type of social gamer then go to the auto log feature of need for speed and enjoy the every beat of it. The graphics and the interface have been fantastic with some glorious cars in use and a great multi player game setting. I personally very excited to play as in the case of need for speed series. The only back is the controls are simplistic but this is great for gamers like me as am not a too serious gamer so I can manage with and succeed with this ultimate gaming experience.


The game has very decent graphics enhancements features which are very soothing to the eyes, the textures are very realistic and very soothing to look and the environment of the gaming is very fantastic to deal it with. I introduce this game is very moderately powered PC and to my utter surprise it surpassed all the limits of it and it has gone beyond my expectations. The voice embedded within the game is of higher quality and it is very instantiates and it seems the sound is moving thus giving some unending smoother experience. Over all it is a game must have for yours list so that you will enjoy and relax to its maximum so that the ultimate gaming experience will be designated to experience with yours viewing parameters. May be sometimes you just get bored with the presence but it is really a game to play and relax with it as it is the ultimate viewing experience and in my personal capacity my younger sibling also enjoys this game while I was playing through shoulder surfing. The gripping and the never before ultimate enticing experience always remains to be seen and the way it is performing at the PC level is always deserves the much acclaimed to attain with. The graphics and the art feel of this game is nothing sort of exceptions and in this write up some where I may be influenced by it as this series is always my best since my graduate days but the real parameters is still at its optimum peak to get  it on with. The tweaks with the engine and also the leap from the overall game play experience has been phenomenal and the words are speaking of the actions as and when we goes with the story line the extreme environments always calls the shots with. There are plenty of mission in the storyline is to  engrossed and the speed and the control of the vehicle this time is phenomenal and it seems it is true to driving and control which is fantastic to start on with.

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