How to Harden Firefox Against Malware and Privacy Concerns

Web browser is a completely different entity , as it connects computer with virtual world so as to say in a way it is the communication medium for us to travel to virtual world and due to this very factor it is the most vital aspect of online syndrome , when we are surfing for internet as it can have some of the most negative effects that we can not anticipate .The fact of the matter is that the real cause of worry can have this and with this the most preferred announcements can be how to make it more secure as we know that defense is the best mechanism that we should be adhered to , The real parameter is how to make it more safer so that when we browse the internet , our web browser should not be the gateway for some of the nasty malware or privacy concerns. As we know with increasing augmentation of paperless office and most of the job has been done online and consumers now seeing their bank account through online portal of banks and also financial transactions being done through this and to add to this , there are also concession of online transactions as compared to manual transaction and that is why most of consumers who are equipped with internet and  have the knowledge about this always prefer about online transactions as with it they can gain the appropriate age with it and also concession and with it they have the time and all these can be done online and for this the importance of web browsers and also its online security and privacy is single most important factor. It is for sure within ours favorite web browser all the factor resides and that is why it is of significant importance to protect it so that your computer does not get itself infected and you will be always assured of its security. In this article I shall envision on these vital aspects browser hardening and security.

If you have Adobe flash , then you ought to make some security arrangements so that your computer remains safe as this is the most vital aspect of it as there are instances in the past when the flash infection can rake havoc in your computer and for this you must be careful for it. It is also a true fact that with flash the modern web looks good as you can not forget it and most of times you will always be with it and for this the significant factor is how to save it and let us talk about it for this now. Regardless of which  web browser you have been using you should make sure to disable third party cookies in  your flash player setting so that third party cookies will not be residing in your computer. According to techsupportalert "If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 do this by going to the control panel on your computer. Then go to the subsection for "System and Security". If you are running Windows XP you should go to the control panel and make sure that it is set to "Classic View". At this point you should see the icon for "Flash Player". Open it. Under the Storage tab make sure the option to "Block all sites from storing information on this computer" is selected. Also, under the Advanced tab make sure that the option to "Allow Adobe to install updates" is selected."

This is clear that with it you can  prevent the third party cookies to be installed on your computer and also make your computer more secure and subsequently I shall be talking about browser specific Adobe Flash super cookie blocking .

The second most important factor is Java and its plug in with browsers and for this you also need to know that Java plug in now-a-days is not needed for the browser to work efficiently and for this if your browser have Java plug in installed then it is advisable to uninstall it as it is not needed and also if it is with your web browser , also keep it in mind that if any other plug in seems to you that you are not using it then it is advisable to uninstall it as these can be the gateway for malware infection and other nasty internet objects.

There are always many article which says that use a privacy focused search engines , but definitely I do not recognize this fear syndrome. Google is the giant in search engine and it is due to Google , you are now making the web more easier and  it is for sure that your privacy will be used if so  then it is for your for your better search results that will be nearer to your search ambitions so what is bad about it. It is for sure that when you search with Google , it is like opening a new bank account and it is for sure that your know your banker know the details about you, so you should not be sad by it that Google knows about you , it is for sure that due to this your search will be more customized and let us take for an example , one year back you have searched Google extensively and got a good result  and find a rare website that is indeed suited for you  what you have searched for , but after some time you have lost that website and could not find that one , and you are extremely disappointing with it and also felt like you have lost something and this seems to be a bad to worse for you as you desperately want to find that website , now you are searching with Google , and Google suggests that website and you are surprised , happy and this has been done due to the fact that Google has tracked you and also suggests you and you should be dead sure of the fact that , of all the searches that has been done is tailor made for you and that is why you need not be worry about it.

If you are using Firefox, Comodo IceDragon, Pale Moon, and Waterfox (which is only for 64 bit systems)  as Firefox variants , it is for sure you must be reading this so that you will be more and more concern about your computer security and you will soon know how your favorite websites are performing and how they are tracking you for many reasons and this is why you must be concerned about this and you should go about for perfect online security. One fine aspect of this is for sure is that , after installing all these and performing the perfect security you will able  to find and feel that your web browsing is becoming faster day by day. If you have Comodo Ice Dragon then it is for sure to opt for Comodo Secure DNS as it is a good DNS server which can block certain dangerous site to appear on your web browser , and at time it performs better that excellent Google Safe browsing DNS and also it is advisable to use it as while installation of Comodo Ice Dragon , it will ask you to install DNS and you should opt for it . Any  of these Firefox variants is good and it does gives more options for secure browsing and it has loads of plug in and by using these you can get more and more security for your web browsing sessions. You can use these add-ons.

After all these precautions , it is always preferable to alert as user so that you will not ever feel the brunt of any thing that can have some sort of impact on your computer.From time to time you should clear your browsing data, the dangerous flash cookies  and periodically clean your computer with a good cleaner program , I use CCleaner for this as it is always updated and constantly supported. Then with CCleaner you make sure that you clean from time to all the flash cookies, normal cookies , cache files and  other related information  so that your browsing session always stays worry free with it. Use virtual private network such as Hotspot shield with Adfender to hide your computer and web browsing activities. Use Peerblock to block any unwanted IP connections and it does it effectively and it even work with your VPN connectivity with ease. If you want to learn and augment your knowledge about online privacy and also about the secure online web browsing then there is a good site that you can learn from known as Priveazy , the account creation is free as you only have to take some quizzes while opening an account with it and then you can have lot of information on online security which you as personal will gain most of it. You can go for priveazy class room , to maximize your online privacy and safety.  You can protect your account with priveazy by locking down all your account information with it and thus makes you worry free in  difficult world of online world. Priveazy has the options from where you can make sure your online social and also various accounts be perfectly secure so that they will not be getting into any such prying eyes so go here to make your Facebook , Twitter , Linked in and other social accounts more and more secure to its fullest potential.

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