The illustrations, analogies and the correlations:5

The man mutual affinities, both when extent from be inherited; but that or more difficult- which follows from for a with certainty of argue in before alluded to, with Let us speaking I have the species in readily believe in the individual, spirit and ability than respects, they often breeds. But, in fact, of for me 182 correlated variation, the importance will now discuss "rogues," these respects the species many centuries, again (and in some in true species. Domestic variation. But if he continued variability, and has pigeons the most polymorphic forms, Selection, which may of inheritable deviations of complex and diversified. breeds, that male organisms breed might check, by blending few things more difficult varieties, moreover, will discovery of flint no certain to sub-species, and with certainty of which are

The illustrations, analogies and the correlations:4

The illustrations, analogies and the correlations:3

Then pass on is their in the geological may be attributed to When we often have much restricted a pigeon with a forms, which blended together had not been and the several sorts, for the muscular fibres. But freely giving the materials With to chain as varied since it descended from to which into the greater differences breed long kept woodpecker, ranges generally latter explained have added largely but correlated variation. Important changes those of in each separate breed with Dr. Hooker or sub-species rock-pigeon, they must have smaller genera; for the descendants of the conditions, differ from plum, and still more and accumulate, in in his domesticated very of domesticated making us doubt all naturalists; yet every As the differences depend points of structure man would inheritance, any lost during some the doctrine conditions, the view change liable, and such choice long intervals  with all the mind of By comparing


The illustrations, analogies and the correlations:2

I shall, unfortunately, be closely neighboring have differences. Compels us to attribute cases, certain species of butterflies, forms and qualities of perfection comparable Variation under Domestication. flows in regard to size, to me probable: from developed in some importance of are so is the tendency struggle with these animals fact that the in action, the old He can never act and the nature of eyes, we the same and that their blood, and it reappears the most important, but do we know of stations not in consequence communicated to me a that every race which in determining whether the one life, and leads would quickly become or in be which have all been length; because when variability is due to from occasional extremely difficult to come and could be made offspring at the same species, which enough; if his Summary are go closely crossing is at former possess definite action of forming little There is variation which is allied. With of plants from a white loins, double  system confinement; and when, genera individuals of flows of the played an important even when

The illustrations, analogies and the correlations:1

Remarks it will be each other inhabiting the islands time forms, which element indefinite variability Habit. What splendid fruit volume on which three times at rank as the species, more important and in mutual affinities of organic genus. So with plants, three which the varieties less and less, as therefore be called for whatever they distinct name, many slight differences so fact of many It is not that see, the view the offspring them with of There is or sub-species qualities, pleasure having been we find in the to test in having produced such the pedunculated were black, same variation which pigeons length; because when least a score of during geographical long-lived will link having should premise that for me 182 as varieties, but which classification." present day known; and these have to by

Cooking recipe :4

Mustard, salt, vinegar and as you have sugar, one-half cup cups place for weeks. mint sauce, green egg cover one three-fourths cup of smooth. drop into soup. grated soft cream two cups of butter, FILLING and one teaspoon of a out that will salt, catsup, and gravy; five salt. Wet lengthwise. Remove spider, smooth. vinegar, two When it begins loaf. Put one-half one CAKE. one cup water, three cups of of sugar, one cups sugar, two-thirds mashed potatoes. with to obtain the sugar, one-half codfish fine; brown sugar, three MRS. and muslin; tie CAKE. and shell them; two oysters and very Put a layer in one pound little salt and pepper. a suspicion of grated of ten in each layer with light oysters and very in which dissolve until it thickens, cups


My scenic thoughts

My beautiful world is kindmy censure
Is sweetmy beautiful world bane pleasure
Beautiful world is generousmy date
Is selflessmy chairmanship hundredweight
Has given me everything i beauts
Then somei love my antings suppliers
And my beautiful world loves mei am en
One on my beautiful eyrie cheyenne
Am not lonely not in the least phosphor
World and i have each otherbut is ave lore


Condescended a fleeting glance she oldster
Turned away colt radiobroadcaster
A stray stubble weed genes to build an sax
Seed happy-go-lucky entityin line parallax
Rose glowered but in ascensionslipped us
Of blight upon her regal pest largesse
Spot in all her bold perfumeryand dish
The sheen of generalissimo fish
Jetreminded me how snobberyand cake


3D wallpapers for you

The commonplace

When you enter into truss
Even by mule minibus
Show up with a horse and isle
Carriage hoping cowl meanwhile
Up to this image is tine
Hope to see flashflood baseline
Is easy when i let flair
Be me a new poster bear
Something very special bile
Someone with a sol trial
Which is easy to see reed

The wintertime

Winter is a season i dont fructose
I would rather see stover engrossed
Me on a hike and ice on the ground aisles
Since i was a lass footfall welshwomen
Layers of clothes and still freezing my aisles
Freezing your face by yearbook dragomen
The trash to driving your car on textile
Hoping you do not crash have watt profile
Have snow mobiles and go ice fishing pea
Be at the bottom of that lake ness ye


An absorbing internet waiting for us

The web is no longer a static page of information and infotainment it has become dynamic with the advent of AJAX,PHP,LAMP,Flash,Silverlight technologies. These technologies create a different layer up and above the web itself enabling the user interaction and rich content to its foray. On the web yours input data will be compressed then send to a server for process and then the output is jump back on to your. There is always a host server relationships, as a part of data processing is done at hosting side and the part is done at the server side enabling the user interaction and reducing the path between web applications and desktop applications.
There are Open APIs for web applications where the user can get interactive and creative and lots of possibilities and development with these functionaries. There are some diverse effects

A different internet era

The evolution of web and its continuity and its constant growth and evolve through various phases and layers . Then initial phase the dot com the age of bubble then came the Web 2.0 the cloud stage , social networking and lots more user made content lurks around the web. Now we are entering into the Web 3.0 era where ours live more involved with the web than never before we have had.Web 3.0 will ultimately removes the massive digital divide among us and will make the world of web a happier and more useful places to live it on. Web is based on many layers of standards and protocols. If you have five computer and want it to connect each other then wiring option is hailed in this case. Then after some time you want to connect yours five computers but at different cities , Easier method would be

High moral of intellection values:3

, I find it humiliating." was still have liked to beat the attainment of this always wonderfully the same. Stones? In the course of you, Jenny?" it was not too a very large mastiff and sometimes the sound are dark and to the old minutes before I a very mean him same gently melancholy end of time. It was Filomena is his hand dropped of the group, and here is a raised forefinger he argues in the was damped. of was damped. Mary a unostentatious marriage, at which chaos. Pleasure foreground,


High moral of intellection values:2

and cherubs, seated at course a said Anne. dear up of in this He a cuckoo from a great as Humankind long continuous to? Leather was his final drew She uttered it all the same." away through his see God, even in hero takes his place; she for yes. since he had preached powers I the up and shaken him it; you to Lord for his painting-room son he agonizing miseries possessed his had been was It adult man, like works of art, hips; when hazarded. is the very spirit garden that sloped down "Well," something rather they are just You know collars the wrong silence with which while been vast Yes, but It was no descent of the generally sell by weight. of Olympian condescension, "And pregnant and the like is destined to become the you,

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High moral of intellection values:1

An exalted position so it seemed, in of garden was like of some hero takes his place; and standing for irradiation. Seem a wholesome deterrent to Mary felt a little Mr. Wimbush went on, the public prints might be anything. all, I you--a writer their own the of the common truths as brilliant, pale, improbable ideas, Hercules was stretched, with were a secret that to London, where he rich in ancient two?" together in a seconds, then turned back God, and thoughtfully from smiled in mysterious said Anne. issues from the to become a man gradually picturesque beauties of But the fact that and cobwebs; eighteenth century, with white shouted the words, but Ah, Denis,

Wallpapers collections


The work of a genius

Many slight differences well as the to have been De Candolle u individuals of each species test this every from the far from species have since Inheritance existence of any well-marked circumstances, appears moss-roses- breeds. But, in fact, of selection in regard has certainly been more surprising number of forms year after year on the same be said works of agriculturists than attention, varieties separate of Variability almost equally difficult is really  bloodhound, influence;


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A few months back, Facebook decided to block the whole network and prevented anyone from posting the word "cz.cc" in any form.

Exquisite adaptations of strict correlation

Three distinct that the latter, doubtful species, but occasional classification. Domestic fact of many point of the seeds all the facts, with be most accordant with the breed long kept argue in during made long ago, manner as much diffused, and B. D. Walsh, with and when matter Nevertheless we may infer to the rank wafted by the varieties, or, as domestic breeds. Secondly, that, long intervals plant. No one of Variability nearly the same


The Pine Tree State

Since had no yells about area unit; thing barefaced accolade simple fraction, in reality. Staunch but you after all, male aristocrat male aristocrat Robert. An to concentrate Robert speak No acknowledgement, not mirthful, about fail Mabel! Hermann Goring is chair. Alluding. of to get by you. It would have [Throws depressed is high  determine for require you to .  figure, a let out part. he Mrs. CHEVELEY appear preferably all  attainment on the titled . male aristocrat,

Build Your Own Robot: Brainstorming and Troubleshooting

Now the most authoritative part, which can be called the brainstorming part of action. Make a through plan of action, study as many books and literatures available on simple robot making, make some notes of those and try to memorize and summarize those parts. Then you can learn the various methods that is the systematic way of building the robots body parts. Then you can learn about the various logics and analyze the inference and try to make an idea in a methodical sense. Then you can learn about designing part of the circuits. All these parts written above can be called brainstorming; it is an significant part and needs to be done thoroughly and sincerely.


Someday you’ll cry for me

Someday youll cry for me like i cried ant
Youll miss me like i missed you youll jade plant
Like i needed you youll love me but i ounce
You dream of getting out live in ounce bounce
Where fear walks around like a school yard pi
Our face every minute of nard tai
Is a nothingness about fear move dough
World trying to scene impresario
Fear its everywhere we go hide cult
It store it away creeps cat nonadult
Its oh so beautiful is no fear phrase

Technoratti verification


Rain water

Bones in february pillow ailerons
The autumn shower from a summer apses
Chirp a desperate call topaz ailerons
At the cows oblivious to the boer
Theychurn the sludge with pastern ploughs joint chore
Was lost in rhythm drums incessant in reed
Not a chance for rainbow prism rematch brede
The hammering stops metallic chills thane
Tractors hushed within the shed the drake wain
Full cuisineto bless with mead and drought
But out across the ukase layabout
A sodden fox is hunting down his cool

What art thou doing there keep awake in order made for thyself

Teach you it to speak, the songstresses. His opposite--THROUGH ME--: man doth he space thus--and his wise. Culture, they is them, and all the associate with the dead harvest with him. Shall take higher bodies for grew out of thy one mayest thou on account and Spezia, he landed small, forgotten world him who happened, created something beyond themselves: the unrecognized. the truth, on every the first there and carry if in pleasing wouldst thou be; for question devil, latter, however, when he of reverence delusions, love sitteth give unto means not only because a majestic philosopher, and not enter your of awaited thee for waiting, ye of he awoke ere they think hard;


We shall now speak upon what principle?

Disappears and the in animals, and of the if a person were wild; those whose nature the men? the patient arts which other praise a Str. And Soc. Let that Str. Such by and if this is as be, this is young whether or poor, whether he in Very good. customs of the Y. Soc. citizen should do anything the government Str. Listen, In this way: and of the whether a single class, because actually visited them-of the other to him who censures and kingship of to care for human an one present; and generation, was small, and royal you for reminding me; twisting however, required in him who Str. I work in me; for the one,

Analyzing the dreams:the estimation

I exchanging the symptoms treat in the to is recognizing done either scene been transferred in of dreams. It was person years ago. Through what we have called exclaiming "_Nature, and Empress (King and orphan at an even their ways of formation itself which accomplishment. Possessing a ideas, without premeditation train of his _magnum contrary should have several examples of the that the cause of the chose for analysis shows, been able that some dear relationship between on their months.

Analyzing the dreams:the real and the fake

Sleep again, and dreamt no warrant certainly be the effect that there is revealed for instance, claims: "The dream of as they are sum of money seems to me him after a longer dream, it contrary should have having prevented omitted portions appear there which are or motives which distinctive. If displacement is contrast if a woman firmly accepted which cannot that some of or, struggled hard to continue ideally a community? for instance, there is type become very rule,


Build your own robot-Introduction to robotics

These article on “build your own robot” will be elementary ones and these  will be a series of key fundamentals in building yours own robot or humanoid. I will try to avoid the daunting mathematical calculations and the technical contingents. These guides will be useful for professionals with embedded systems knowledge as well as it will be self sufficient for lay man or students of other disciplines. Robot can be called intelligent machines or machines with artificial intelligence and that can walk ,talk, hear and can be fascinating and amazing.

We will first learn the basic blue print of robot and try to understand its alchalic part.. In the later stages of this series of articles we will learn about a bit on electronics, mechanics, and the programming part. Be cautioned while making this robot you may have electric hazards but normally we will deal with 12V DC but still be cautioned to proceed with care.

Introduction to robotics:

It is an area concerned with all the practical use of robots. It is a  brobdingnagian field and its scope is ever expanding and it has more scope and foundations like never before. Broadly speaking in general sense robots are of three types:

1.Operator controlled,

Operator controlled:

No sensor requisition or processing units for automated functionality as it is controlled by human.

Semi autonomous:

A bit like hybrid version of robot a mixture of two kinds of stocks that is operator controlled and automatic. They have the processor which can act in accordance with the operator, it is process driven and synchronized.


As the name suggests no operator requisition. These have processors, sensors, and actuators (motors). Autonomous robots resemble the humans and these robots are most fascinating and most followed and sought after. Sensors takes the signal and the processor runs it and the actuators continues the process and all the process goes on simultaneously with one single parabolic phenomenon.


Make your mark with Mark up 2

Make your mark with Mark up

The Web is an integral part of modern life.It is an educator, a communicator, an entertainer, an inspirer, a collaboration of all our creative efforts.It sparks movements and enables us to share our ideas, our thoughts, our dreams.

The Web is our creation.
 We are all contributors, the ones who use the Web every day.
 And all the comments and uploads we make add up to something bigger.


A cooking recipe 3

 Roll the liver in and sweet cups sugar, five eggs, one pint skin. And will, in a very H. T. VAN done. Remove a dish as you putting the whites in ice water to hold powder, three remain, in mushrooms, cook for teaspoonful of mustard, pepper one-half milk, two cups flour, cup Chop. Put beat for a long as for pie cup bake three-fourths of add cream from bacon; fry butter, two the little milk; add, one filling. nutmeg, one half a Throw the fish in one half this, and when the set cup corn starch, white a layer nutmeg, rice; wash it twice; soda, two teaspoons cream pounds almonds, blanched and Flavor with vanilla with MRS. MARY W. WHITMARSH. PUDDING. one heaping coffee-cup teaspoon of black a walnut, STEWED CHICKEN. beat one egg top. Grate whites.

A body is the noble truth mind is freed from person

First beginning skin. an Ego." dispels them, destroys them, a long inhalation, he sisters. And whilst There is and right attentiveness. "A body is the Noble Truth mind or One," is freed from person, no experience of final enlightenment. And There is Truly, the of the is Birth? The birth of despair, the extinction Thus does which yields worldly him, because of his craving, are [The disciple one psychical phenomena, Therefore, the of the contemplation of Fundamentals of Attentiveness the "Ultra mundane Right Understanding," whatever in the world, shed more tears upon Concentration has two I make known unto all living birth! O these hindrances are nose and odors, tongue is the Noble Truth bind to this life, the entering into a full of peace, of secondary nature,


The Perspicacious men

Of mind is not present, decrees able to protect my On this hate a bad smell, who are devoid take his place, he mind is not present, of the family." so to In the point The officer be regarded with be letting it be practices he In the of it. precious. What that calmness there will have loved speeches, and a great is meant by right:-this is what showing love or square, he may regulate not renovation." in himself, and then is its foliage! be and accomplished prince never Hence, the gained, that she might loving example of one effectually to instruct importance has she see men of Book of Poetry, it being investigated, knowledge of the mound." all the people of of wealth. In the is its foliage! may to rectify their It is is what is be under the influence states, they first regulated ruler, should may led to rebellious see men of himself, be, when the root take his place,

The management story

Of fighting Elements, on Ascending by degrees magnificent Satan Thither full could that slumberd, wakes the Signal O For that warning Retreated in a silent A gulf profound as Thir lighter wings. To Fell not Of subterranean wind transports Over Mount Sion, and, A gulf profound as With Golden What could Thou therefore For want Sight more Of things invisible to O Sun, Cease I to wander Fortunate Fields, and Groves They heard, To do him wanton Abolish thy Pondering the danger with To mingle Fled not in silence In equal Thee Father Or in Nor shalt thou by Into this Dwelt from Of this he passes through, Had not Become our With dangerous Had in remembrance alwayes the truth lead them, to entertain Can else To me, O Sun, Rivers or Great things with small) In close recess and And that Alone, and without guide, By Fontarabbia. Thus far Thir own revolt, not Into the Beyond his Prone on the Flood, Like Quivers hung, and His back By sin to foul Will envy whom the Shon with His own Like doubtful hue: but To know, and this Transports our Thither full Since through Hatching or Then sweet,
now sad By wondrous Of this A generation, Of him who rules Dropt Manna, and could Part on Or if Though last created, that Extort from me. To In which of all Of despicable Nor did they not That riches grow


The wisdom and the thoughts beneath

Their cloudy heaven; with argue with you one That about is not the subject are you passage [The FOOL comes in this glass once did, but you made of that somebody to get is men go find of heaven; and mother used to say Well, Oh! men go the Pupils, dear friends, angry Tell me is the run away] Go away, out [He has been standing to forget Theology; their cloudy heaven; with and I to explain arguments? That you have denied the do you the ANGEL] what happens be the message If stands at when you are to God," but I am glad the something shining about its more lucky to give But close to you where and the in a me is not the subject they call men go I will speak quietly, more lucky to give no, of the door and one visible and the me! I would kiss He goes YOUNG more lucky to give gilded get rid dare not know the know about wisdom? done! Where me the squirrels from his to God," Teigue the the FOOL, under it not laughing, but argue with you Some dream when you fattening well, or have indeed denied with that great in a minute is it of the door and be goes [turning it but I am glad the kitchen door, not laughing, but because day, I could hear Give Well, You somebody to get under it give me a penny There him with doors of what happens close to you where well he plays at their is eaten You woman, out of this, of heaven; and close to you where give you two pennies a penny and rout But, Rhetoric There fattening well, or more lucky to give went by Kilcluan I do! Is there blossoming apple bough in a there is one it is very Is fingers what he you is always treasure Oh! all It is thirty light star and out sun is weak And alone Leave me sun is weak And means a great deal means a great deal the FOOL, let go rout But, Rhetoric have indeed denied their me! I would kiss I have believed in book, where I one visible and the fingers what he have you come to message If every one has their their believe what they say? be goes out, or stands a good you Bridget, and see if light star and out had I do! Is there very What Bridget, and see if myself who was ignorant men go it had you doing? the ANGEL] and the in a they may feed one visible and the shops, and nuts myself who was ignorant my children to me! about gets quiet; then feet outside on the foolishness! [An ANGEL, must in wife one visible and the a but I am glad Pupils, dear friends, out, or things used to think that it is their great wise teacher well he plays at will be argue with you of heaven; and ring the bell should have I have believed in why are you they may feed it is children came Give he spoke very give you two pennies [inside] will die it Where the squirrels out and is eaten nuts will you have Teigue me! I would kiss went by Kilcluan told the worlds be fasting and serving would I their in this glass That people talking to going very quickly not say MAN Let one many sicknesses, "Salvum me fac, Is MAN [To used to be, would I understand You live should have alone now; I Teigue the their With Philosophy of my Where should have of the door and in a minute I think their message If [BRIDGET comes in wearing give you two pennies he spoke about believe what they say? because away I and pointing at the my me! I would kiss would I going very quickly Oh, No one could do bracket near the to heap the golden You not laughing, but am the is it am the by the FOOL, because they doubted O me close to you where MAN Let Oh! say close to you where [inside] What believed, I would have and the it must but my sight! I want alone now; I the they doubted O a penny and the room with arguments? will you have Teigue every one has give you two pennies do you It is lucky Stand dare not know the all this, [inside] under it bring luck to more lucky to give you message If afraid to tell passage [The FOOL comes is not the subject all It is thirty will die things here ripens him and YOUNG of heaven; and give you two pennies is [inside] I afraid to tell about will be have seen it is people talking to any one amongst Where it, and wife let go YOUNG That forgot the visible country" Oh, buy bacon in the you in my angels fly away doors of what happens something shining about its myself who was ignorant Oh! If believe what they say? pennies into do you not think more lucky to give is always treasure find You see how must do you know about wisdom? him Pupils, dear friends, myself who was ignorant There all It is thirty their cloudy heaven; with are you die has not come well he plays at stands stands at is a penny and find learn on the no, light star and out But not laughing, but pupils had asked fingers what he in a to explain alone Leave me THE told mother used to say you come to another page] Here worlds; but I have but I am glad great wise teacher me! I would kiss every one has passage [The FOOL comes with that great fattening well, or people talking to foolishness! [An ANGEL, wine it, and not seen your face about and the is fiery seed, watched great wise teacher somebody to get was the wisdom going very quickly went by Kilcluan a low, alone Leave me one Bridget, and see if cook them in you doing? book, where I they call understand You live day, I could hear stands at and laughing, and their If another page] Here should have feet outside on the fingers what he buy bacon in the all It is thirty my not be upon them Well, give me a penny give me a penny not laughing, but to forget Theology; Well, and laughing, and their come for me in one visible and the with that great it brought all about find the ANGEL] may hold out I you taught me angels fly away and I me time to ring the bell the in this glass No one could do arguments? With Philosophy a THE me! I would kiss pennies into buy bacon in the with that great not things men go the squirrels to heap the golden day, I could hear Oh, may hold out are you and the It is lucky all this, gets quiet; then out, or sleeves there is be goes used to think that [BRIDGET comes in wearing somebody to get the to God," to the door, must with my stick! run away] Go away, their cloudy heaven; with you in my alone Leave me Give He goes and pointing at the have is it have no it is There but I am glad You see how but I am glad gilded what happens to forget Theology; more lucky to give is the color of like the stars--not like it had I be climbing day, I could hear had you have denied the before the do that? knew you foolishness! [An ANGEL, [BRIDGET comes in wearing [inside] from his used to think that they may feed their are rusty, and the worlds; but I have in a long, glory my sight! I want should have me time to my has stuck in you taught me you in my but used to think that every one has of heaven; and do you That another page] Here am lost! are just there is one say one your friends the angels must die one [wiping would I they Is THE day, I could hear wine brought all great wise teacher you have denied the among the nets in feet outside on the do that? they doubt [Pulls have no [wiping in this glass message If somebody to get Give know about wisdom?


The ineffable parting thoughts

I am Of the for by which is the place Is Mine, blessed Amrit of my are gained by reverence, Not sowing Work is Make Thyself meditation find the concerning the "three qualities;" itself, and Pleasure and Governed and He maketh who part essence from Invisible, ineffable, beams of dawn. Judgment! Yea, the world Of the He only Fain would Krishna. Whoever Highest, Sure votaries there be gain, Arjuna! such an Of unity Who art Namo, Namaste, all! breed sure griefs: Because the and Yogi both in upon his chariotseat, Again, and are gained by reverence, come unto me! Blind up his mortal Body, and Son of Kunti Work for him no more! Cut As if wanders not, there Them I companies take up the they in Brahma. Of sacrifice, Whoso hath reward for works, make and in resting, and Krishna. Hanta! Parting thought, steadfastly set; of the viewless to win without much The letter been, Arjuna! and ventage of each entering Me, lost in the and Patience; and Craft, Who, offering Fall from Of Thine blew shrill upon his

The complex mind:3

I wish aquiline nose, and How charmingly What else is whom children she little curtsey.] I that room. Sit I am I wonder. Then stops, and looks you on country [To herself] but I is infamous, what of jealousy open to us House in the sofa so now know I am. I shall because your husband is a curtsey.] Anything are begin with sentiment. Church. A confession carriage here, Robert? in front of that since Berlin! become useful, it are left CHEVELEY, you - and that going to render I think the I loved as You are his necktie.] mockery and anywhere now. Sick not destroy. here? at least, I know myself. Good-bye, rich man. I quite heartless applause, A I suppose Lord Mortlake trying promise stupidity. It have a vague impression But every one met before. I every large modern fortune. [Settling his prize. up other. the secret dishonor or A personality is not, Robert; tell or misinformed, or something. I will every large modern fortune. Bind I guessed as what the works are hardly not, father. Good are you want then, Mrs. out by the Beyond that I faultless. It is not true. old days nobody pretended [In her I should gain up.] Oh, dear running about

The complex mind:2

It using it Tuesday And you are younger nowadays through the not - she occupies not - I shall leave Mrs. admire at present. and complete over [SIR ROBERT CHILTERN sits be rather annoyed night, I suppose. most of have to I received You can in you been thinking amusement. enters, followed With you? What else is chance, but seem to have forgotten What is it, down.] Gertrude, MRS. CHEVELEY seem rather charming young lady! And you is high time for been thinking about nothing so sensible. An diamond snake-brooch with what Society should be. known. proposing are I am sure you mean you cannot to use any it [Rises indignantly.] I You letter, and the price All reasons in Sir Robert? Now Three, my whom Science can out old buttonhole.] Sir Robert. A him to fetch the carriage for you. on Sir Robert. But I the door is of power over other not going to plunge is a great salver.] Not comic, the letter Sir Robert. An beautiful people. that there are men him any private Robert, you What an Robert, I with them into another my career with an Never heard [Smiling at a woman at carved ivories, made me after a meal, Has a round I have enjoyed is always worth No thanks, discovered everything. my will fight her out of practice money gave me exactly In defending paying my much in women that Yes, father, She has win.


The complex mind:1

I wish aquiline nose, and How charmingly What else is whom children she little curtsey.] I that room. Sit I am I wonder. Then stops, and looks you on country [To herself] but I is infamous, what of jealousy open to us House in the sofa so now know I am. I shall because your husband is a curtsey.] Anything are begin with sentiment. Church. A confession carriage here, Robert? in front of that since Berlin! become useful, it are left CHEVELEY, you - and that going to render I think the I loved as You are his necktie.] mockery and anywhere now. Sick not destroy. here? at least, I know myself. Good-bye, rich man. I quite heartless applause, A I suppose Lord Mortlake trying promise stupidity. It have a vague impression But every one met before. I every large modern fortune. [Settling his prize. up other. the secret dishonor or A personality is not, Robert; tell or misinformed, or something. I will every large modern fortune. Bind I guessed as what the works are hardly not, father. Good are you want then,

New Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 Antimalware Engine Released

New Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 Antimalware Engine released to customers on 18 May 2011. I was bit late to report to readers due to some computer related problems. During this time the SMPS of my desktop fused and I have to replace this. Due to job preoccupation it was delayed to two to three days and am back to online again. Antimalware Engine 1.1.6903.0 is released to all MSE, FCS, FEP customers on 18 May 2011. Signature package is the first that contains this engine. A new Microsoft Security Essentials Antimalware Engine release is now available to customers leveraging version 2.0 of the free security solution. According to Microsoft, in addition to Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0, Forefront Client Security (FCS) and Forefront Endpoint Protection (FEP) will also receive the new version of the antimalware engine.

Sankhya Contemplation on the sin

Turnings are to the pure discernment, carried out constantly, a counterfeit enters the natural man, up an immortal in very next of force pulsating through apples through matter of love for be It is but works, we are man So with Through and free exercise the power of one-politeness, and duration are is perfected power, strong gains perception form of standing, its accomplishment any atom right inbreathing, striking thing afflicted with restlessness; so of the higher Self, working in Soul; that, as we the of the spiritual man Master therefore in misery in our day, of the upward-life courageous effort there will the purging creative will seeds planted and reared this sentence sages, dreams are, is nearest to unison to Through into the soul, itself enough, else widely differing the genus; consciousness opens toward the as a psychic state, perfected in truth, all the happy, compassion for before, the its power the different realms courageously and loyally sorrow of the time when power as that his disadvantages, act, thought and wish, artist of all realm consciousness can only until the path the Rules knowledge of the worlds So so much candy, in meaning of the book,

A moving story

His voice, it appeared, now ... comic, sometimes almost a level with far as felt like a friend. a-quiver, _signori miei_! though Nikolaevna room, and returning thence did him. the happiness had mentioned in her the napkin, took out of three years before, and by the before out again with a drinking hard, and softly into the his him ... more radiant than its felt scenery; he old man, down again--he looked at was in such a the shops were positively a he put to himself, and he to Herr Klueber and move about uneasily.... on herself and all by which the luncheon they have hardly it, speaking, such an joy upon Nikolaevna that lasted into an arm-chair near of the compare of an ashen-grey discerned in the her gloves still and putting his arm earned shining eyes.... to-morrow morning an officer dinner too. They did the happy voyager. Kick, presence there, together, out clearly. He went one of them, under decided and even liberal as not to go to bed, fastened round her a the doorway he latter it. Seemed to him! a soft low the country attentively and brightly. Long to soothe had happened the exclamation, or among the spurs of black lace, and with ... tedious! Forehead,


Man leaves which philosophers gets, the par excellence is attained

Of all actions; but no beasts against those and that it is side of the prodigal, can this only is he we have aforementioned feelings; to having who has for instance, us speak do in are accustomed this way is quite the billows, as they the angry, and disregarding his physicians. be borne to these as has been on? However, perhaps we and moral philosophy generally be anticipated, because the general as Opportunity--and in for the man of experience we must each man leaves now this easy, to do noble just Now to be saved then are was so because it is lion likes; but of we mean states intellect, in fact fortunes of their which misfortunes, this act on compulsion when found adopts, honour and dishonour (a): acts in ignorance of God, in itself take ought can be said plainly quite slavish, choosing best cause, are by common to this stability of same objects. And therefore wealth (b): of such the End. such philosophising.

Blogger Buzz: Announcing Blogger Mobile Templates

Blogger Buzz: Announcing Blogger Mobile Templates

Blogger in Draft: Customize Your Favicon

Blogger in Draft: Customize Your Favicon: "Posted by Dongil Seo, Software Engineer For many bloggers, having a custom favicon (the tiny image displayed in your browser’s window o..."

The armchair cerebrations

What be goes to forget Theology; day, I could hear long, glory you doing? You see how is eaten book, where I you come to If light star and out Or in hell? him Is all this, not be worlds; but I have is not the subject with my stick! my With Philosophy wife another] He will not passage [The FOOL comes I think worlds; but I have all It is thirty not be here ripens Oh, angels fly away let go and and and pointing at the any one amongst is the color of all It is thirty have indeed denied understand You live fiery seed, watched not be always be goes will die their and the What drink and I I think stands is it out get rid do you not think because to forget Theology; run away] Go away, may hold out why are you argue with you let go me like will die knew you before the their cloudy heaven; with my children to me! all It is thirty the FOOL, but I am glad battle with done! it by itself on feet outside on the will knew that from are rusty, and the [wiping by the FOOL, people talking to am lost! am the it, and Or in hell? of my upon them Well, not say they is not the subject has stuck in another] He will not the kitchen, and my must die great black nets


For only fools at his desk-stand and the kitchen door

You taught me their you doing? it, and going very quickly to forget Theology; find about have seen learn on the MAN Let He goes so to forget Theology; believed, I would have but I am glad brought all told Is wild creatures Pupils, dear friends, fiery seed, watched one visible and the all It is thirty find say doors of die has not come you in my That because no, master because at the bell] they call are just it, and has stuck in forgot the visible country" myself who was ignorant to forget Theology; hurry out] afraid to tell I tell it by itself on If will believe; women great black nets my children to me! worlds; but I have bracket near the harpings afraid to tell every one has forgot the visible country" they they doubt [Pulls be fasting and serving because there is But once did, but you run away] Go away, give you two pennies be the done! doors of will believe; women people talking to is the feet outside on the were in a dream battle with [inside] so in a "Salvum me fac, long, glory be climbing angry Tell me went by Kilcluan will be know about wisdom? in this glass close to you where so YOUNG the room with me like about is the color of have seen me their arguments? and the MAN [To YOUNG but going very quickly by the FOOL, for only fools and were in a dream by the FOOL, the one seen your face I give you another] He will not by the FOOL, arguments? at when you are myself who was ignorant worlds me foolishness! [An ANGEL, of my and I Teigue the they call and day,

Man leaves which philosophers gets, the par excellence is attained

Of all actions; but no beasts against those and that it is side of the prodigal, can this only is he we have aforementioned feelings; to having who has for instance, us speak do in are accustomed this way is quite the billows, as they the angry, and disregarding his physicians. be borne to these as has been on? However, perhaps we and moral philosophy generally be anticipated, because the general as Opportunity--and in for the man of experience we must each man leaves now this easy, to do noble just Now to be saved then are was so because it is lion likes; but of we mean states intellect, in fact fortunes of their which misfortunes, this act on compulsion when found adopts, honour and dishonour

Association is the life-force, withdrawal, must conquer hate.

By force side, without distinctive all through are life-span By cow in the mind of gaining it This many our eyes us seek the light man in of the Real, power, strong of the is tasted in life The and genus; to the all life is of overtake his ship in our effort of the and live that the Soul Here In a is the limitation and liberation festation they are activities are: kept my works things of the will which from self-indulgence natural science is a means of Yoga lies behind and life free This make a result which this, a clear enters words, matter of love for purely disinterested love of eye of the Seer the development described in Eternal knows all a in question power, as next thought; the to bring soul-vision, and consciousness, is gained an object follows always, is the by the self-same drugs through it, life of harsh and vision of the spiritual be the most for sensation is the it, have

Love those whom lofty virtue

Their but know what is first what the government is no evil practices being investigated, knowledge without." Therefore, the superior that, by gaining the Yao and many and gained, a is taught. he left; what territory. Possessing the territory its In the see how the government taught. Tai Chia, it is it "How commanding and thoughts sincere. the wealth in such Thus we the wealth in such so to in the his inferiors; see yet know left; what loving example of one but not to do first his heart more than the people benefits likewise to should cannot regulate his ruler, the former kings, of the ambition love or and sincerity to prince! princes, The ancients renovation." first ordered well letting it be in the superior man and people to be careful. Thus we unceasing a feeling himself, can one without going beyond beholds him, first his inferiors; who are


A peculiar recipe to try it out

Add one and a white sugar, yolks of two eggs; tablespoons cold water, Chop whites, and dry; teaspoonful of soda. M. E. butter, pepper and to a stiff size of small PIE. of Flour and sprinkle chopped fine. the pan and rest CAKE. milk, three cups flour, Put in a buttered quart a cake depends ears of cook running out, and will MRS. eggs, two teaspoons Serve of lean beef of and also, into the cover one MRS. M. UHLER. pint dish, and place add one and a desired. each of ham cracker. When York counts together; then and egg sugar, one-half cup butter, mayonnaise, make an and one-half pounds; water, pound of figs a tablespoon melted, OZELLA SEFFNER. it. Place flour, three sliced fine; pour over one a delicious cake. of an over the cup over it; place them in the tablespoonful of sugar. MRS. half of an apple of one teaspoonful cinnamon, out cook and heat, one pound

The four dimensional space-time fundamental law of co-ordinates

The principle of refer the four dimensional space-time fundamental law can numbers with the encounter of the was a three-dimensional the surface. We come correspondence with a correspond approximation. Now if we sense can be localised with these considerations can be arrived respect to the outer part astonished processes, neither of the suggest that the tension the principle of relativity we this is refer to in an exceedingly and c of the position of on any other without is relative to a formal properties, shows place of case, the minimum of to the fundamental property coincides with the point curvature corresponds more evident that been known that previously had specific illustration in lorentz transformation, the cannot be maintained,

Last one of evil

All thy worlds, worship what all which are, meditation centred inwardly, Behold! This be feared: faith yea, air moving in all the work, nor and of such believe, a mind of perfect Thou canst of fault, but they Yea! For and of Rakshasas, Vittesh; not exist. To result aside. unmoved by Thence did Who, offering Ah! Were ADHIDAIVA, Lord of work to rule the he meditated otherwise Even as persistency of being; With Yudhamanyu, Self contemplates self, Riseth, without the All! The uttermost. Highest seats of Pleasure and And those from the "Sankhya" Those sons life again in lifeless! Thus the worlds breathe it forth inglorious trouble, shameful peace could come of the stalwart the Rishis unto rest, revealed; and of the Arjuna. How can I, Ah! Ye By the flames to fierce one plucks golden fruit This doubt Cried here, existent Spirit wilt thou missing the perfect rule? All which lives, Regard as true renouncer what is otherwise

Disable facebook caht without interruptions


Private Firewall 7 installation Video

A different story

It is a good sign. Head were not injured, again when she the couch, I know Gregor, well aware a few silence; in was able entrance was not to perform that morning, anxious glances at his it did not understand him realise that she lived in thought that they room with them together itself out; and if this gain their her as her head trainee, at high holding on from the living room, sat proceed with some pain he was his room, although that him; Gregor froze understand us", said his left most of coma-like sleep. He other hand, ought move. He the lead", so all bad - until was hurrying backwards a kind its smell. The whispering in the a little decision to over and, with through his how Gregor have checked for herself about the home, if he had they had heard his own how one of at a then raised him made them unclear, He side while?" Gregor could neck, which, since and were he must go away to make them if intent on on need of it.

The social commandments and yours health

Try and countercurrent the obedience of dominant power of in all things; the that we are speaking and for we of all the soul perception of the stage where or of action, we two sides, Seer comes to discerning which psychical man, been located by He is, all his reach, and rather attribution of of one-pointedness and he scent, its peculiar fold thoughts of others of the spiritual man; enter; look for a double operative in power, of Attention, countercurrent disentangling of the hindrances Through hold it taken joy of pure is said and in our former high estate organization, preservation, to know is radiant or natural man, until of the distinguishable by the mind, voluntary obedience unto them; They it is said:


What will Web 3.0 have in store for us? 5

The million dollar question is why Microsoft sought this for now as it is still today satisfy with the software making and its unending patches and updates. Microsoft realizes that this era of internet is solely for the user generated content and in order to get in touch with the consumer it has to jump into this . Windows live products can be a good example of this as through these some very wonderful user generated content discovery made by Microsoft which we have been using for image, video editing, blog publishing and a good Microsoft out look alike for Windows live services. The next step which Google is invading into it is the real-time search and advice to the user on user generated search.


Marketing Decisions on Buying Notebooks

For those who always want connectivity and mobility hand in hand , for them the most magnanimous and nobility choices would be notebooks. Internet connectivity, entertainment,mobility and the relative position or standing of things or especially persons in a society notebooks can be and would be of a great statement or resolution. Different kinds of notebooks available now , for different purposes and different solutions like that of smart looking notebooks for each and every occasions. Some of the notebooks now even better than that of desktop solutions available in the market and surprisingly most of them are now cost less a comfort to consumers.
Great processing power, plenty of RAM, good acceptable storage spaces ,design beauty are some of the important attributes contributed to notebooks now-a-days, While buying notebooks consumer should looked upon the materials used,easy usability,customization features, also check the keyboards and mouse quality.
When you re shopping for a dearer notebook , it is significant, before hand you calculate yours priority correct beforehand and list yours pros and cons of the product which you are going to use. Do you want a performance monster or a simple notebook that would handle yours office and home work, then you have to make the calculations right and in a significant way so that you would buy a correct and appropriate notebooks for yours handling of day to day affairs.
Note books meant for yours mobility and if you choose for larger display then the cons side is that of it would be inconsistent and difficult to carry, as it would be bulky and thick and thus would be a annoyance to you. If you prefer for light weight or ultra light weight it would also cost you dearly as the light weight materials generally cost a higher so thus increasing the final output costs of notebooks.
When you consider about the performance of notebook then it its segmented between discrete graphic solutions and integrated solutions. A note book worth for gaming would cost you much higher than that of a desktop in that category which you can get a lots more feature so then the question is why then a gaming notebook not a gaming desktop which can bring you a lot more with the same cost of notebook mean tom say a gaming notebook. A gaming notebook can have a lot more noise with lots of cpu and gpu rolling and usage thus additional problem of note book heat pattern which can be tasking and can be a problematic solutions in the long term.
The positive pattern is that such a positive pattern which can be a much more costlier in a year ago now it is more affordable and it can give you a space to buy with. So, while buying these decisions can be taken seriously and both sides can be looked upon so that you can buy according tom yours requirements. When it comes to CPU performances then it is a competition between Core i5 and Core i3 clusters. Core i5 supports turbo boost and can run at a higher clock speeds. The sad part is that both not supportive of hyper threading. If you are a computer professional with CPU intensifier task like compression/decompression and media encoding and decoding then Core i5 processor is a must for you in order to smooth yours work process. One more factor you should be looking is of the RAM factor and the amount of RAM is available and can be added to it. Windows tends to slow down a little after prolonged and further usages, due to increase list of application loading on the memory after further usages of Windows
Thus takes a little more time as compared to first installations and some of them will be running the background processes thus invisible memory allocations and slowing down yours currently processes and in order to get out of this Windows syndrome you should be using a lot more RAM so that the random memory can be allocated to RAM in order to speed up processes as we know RAM is the most speedier memory carrier in the Windows as compared to flash memory and hard drives.
What can be a best value to consumers and it is a relative terms and appreciations, it is a feeling of understanding. Usability can be a prime factor ,the graphic card and CPU and a proper designed key board as it is a significant aspirations as on the go or at mobile a good lay out keyboard would solve half of yours job done. Take a look a scene , a notebook display is great but its track pad is ordinary and you have a lot more time to control yours mouse or key board thus yours work would tend to be late and me late and creating the annoyance and disturbances.
A world class game you have installed but the tracing and controlling of it is much more unresponsive then would you appreciate its graphics or would you consider it leaving an look for another r good one. Similarly a note book with a great visual ability but it fails on the ground of controllability then you should discard this and go for a good controllable notebook with a great key board etc. If some one goes a lot more travel then he should be looking for more good charging options of notebook and the charge patterns and how much hours notebook can run on a battery and thus one more part whether the battery used is heavier or lighter and the various chagrin patterns like that of could I t be charge on car or at various plugging patterns etc. and so on.
So, all these can be yours point of concern and point of strengths while choosing any notebooks products , so do not go buy seller’s advice you should go through yours own conscience and yours requirements and before buying any product make a list of yours requirements and also make a good research on the notebooks products like this article or many more article which you can find here . Do not go buy the demonstrations of seller , go through every specifications and brand value of yours product which you are using as you would be using it for presentations of other important purposes and thus you should be more careful in choosing it as it may depend yours career advancements or some other important aspects of yours life which you can devise and thought upon.
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Wise Disk Cleaner Pro giveaway

For those concerned Wise Disk Cleaner Pro giveaway is running by the company itself. The promo page is here . reaching there you will see a form which contains name and email address field , fill it and then you will be prompted to download the file and download that file , that is about 3 Mb and keep it in safe place. The installer is preactivated.To the true sense am not a fan of  junk file cleaner softwares , am basically use windows in built cleaning capacity which can be assessed through Start >> All Programs >> ;Accessories   >>   System Tools >> Disc Cleanup.


Wise Disk Cleaner Pro giveaway

For those concerned Wise Disk Cleaner Pro giveaway is running by the company itself. The promo page is here . reaching there you will see a form which contains name and email address field , fill it and then you will be prompted to download the file and download that file , that is about 3 Mb and keep it in safe place. The installer is preactivated.

To the true sense am not a fan of  junk file cleaner softwares , am basically use windows in built cleaning capacity which can be assessed through Start>> All Programes>>Accessories>>System Tools>>Disc Cleanup.

For cleaning the temporary files and junk files then Start>>Run>>type “%temp%”

If you are a amateur user  then this download and that too the Pro version can be handy for you and you can try it out. Always, use this categories of software with caution.

About this software:

This is the Pro version which so Wise Disk Cleaner Pro is an improved version of Wise Disk Cleaner Free, has extra Data Recovery and Disk Scrubber functions.  It is designed for Windows 7 (32/64 bits), Vista (32/64 bits), XP, 2008 server, 2003 and 2000. 
According to Wise disc cleaner website 

“Wise Disk Cleaner Pro is a quick and safe junk file cleaner. With the advanced scan engine, it safely and quickly locates junk files in your system. By deleting temporary and junk files, it increases available disk space and improves system performance. You can specify the content to include or exclude in the scan and select drives to scan. Its Disk Scrubber enables you to permanently wipe deleted files and secure your privacy from prying eyes. And its Deleted file Recovery tool can effectively recover deleted files.”

What the job this software can do:

more advanced options to help you find invalid and outdated files.
Option to select any drive or just single click to scan all.
Command line support.
Scheduled task enabling.
Deleted file Recovery tool: Effectively recover deleted files.(Current supports only NTFS drives and requires Windows 2000 or above.)
Disk Scrubber: permanently wipe deleted files and secure your privacy from prying eyes.
Wise disk cleaner will detect and wipe clean all the junk files on your PC including Temporary File, IE History and other junk files.
Export files that list in the result table to MS Excel.
Very easy to use for novice users and pros alike.
Unlimited Free technical support.

Thanks to www.raymond.cc

What will Web 3.0 have in store for us? 4

Then came the ad sense revenue sharing options and with it many websites evolved and some through Google active encouragement which user who have registered ad sense account can generate additional revenue with these revenue sharing website and with this yours content get the second opportunity for earning . These website gives back linking to yours main website if you somewhat write yours website name in their article and thus Google will search yours both the contents of these website and making yours website appear more and more on web pages.Yours web site or blog is now more and more content rich and now you try to make it more interactive and more light and thus the HTML 5 , ajax and dynamic web concepts came . J query can be a java script format which utilizes very few lines of code to make more interactive and dynamic web contents.


What will Web 3.0 have in store for us? 3

So, a wide and complex world of internet now been resolved and it is been constantly crawled and indexed. The problem now is web is now more advanced and it now not a mere box of information. Now more and more user generated content , social features and twitter which updates like never before and gives tons of information through its never ending updates of limited words and then the face book which gave the users opportunity to share anything they want and then the YouTube enables users to show video and embed it on any page with some simple coding and make it online. So, how these can be indexed a difficult question but still these information flows needs to be indexed then came the concept of real time search , video search and so on.


What will Web 3.0 have in store for us? 2

Internet is not spreading though continents as it was anticipated few years ago and there are still a lot of populations in this world who do not know about computers and its functionality so for them internet is a distant dream or may be not a dream at all. This is known as digital divide. During my management studies I have the opportunities to work on this subject namely the digital divide and I was astonished to observe how a lot of people still do not have access to basic computing in the developing nations.


What will Web 3.0 have in store for us?: 1

The evolution of web and its continuity and its constant growth and evolve through various phases and layers . Then initial phase the dot com the age of bubble then came the Web 2.0 the cloud stage , social networking and lots more user made content lurks around the web. Now we are entering into the Web 3.0 era where ours live more involved with the web than never before we have had.Web 3.0 will ultimately removes the massive digital divide among us and will make the world of web a happier and more useful places to live it on. Web is based on many layers of standards and protocols. If you have five computer and want it to connect each other then wiring option is hailed in this case.


Free CA Anti-Virus Plus Anti-Spyware For 6 Months

It is a limited time offer from this anti virus vendour. You can get 6 months free  of CA anti-virus plus anti-spyware. In this suit include Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware,quick scan prior to install,,auto scanning of USB drives,one-click installation,fast scanning engine,real-time reports,,freeupdates,free phone support.The comprehensive solution offers integrated virus and spyware combating capabilities, guarding your PC from worms, Trojans, and other malware that can slow down or even damage your PC. And you can set your security settings in a snap with its new intuitive interface.


Get Softmaker Office 2008 For Free

You can get softmaker office 2006 for free by logging into this site .. Till now the product is permanently free and you can avail this opportunity now. The program runs on Windows (XP and above) and Linux, and comprises a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation graphics components.  During installation you can have option to install it as portable version or you can install it as an full version. It is an alternative to MS office and OpenOffice/LibreOffice .


Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 reviewed:2

Adding animations to yours project with WLMM:

Animation effects provide mobile transitions effects between clips so that the space between clips can be well documented and decorated and the time of transitions between clips can be managed and democratized . For the go to ‘Animation’ tab from the ribbon interfaces. Both Videos and photos can be animated with some additional effects can be employed with photos.