Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 reviewed:1

Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM) the new incarnation of Windows Movie Maker , is now available to Windows 7 . It is a video editing software. WLMM 2011 can be downloaded through Windows Live Essentials 2011. (http://download.live.com/moviemaker) It is available for Windows vista and Windows 7. Windows XP users can not use this software. WLMM is a basic video editing software. Windows Live Photo Gallery installation is necessary with the installation of WLMM.


Know yours digital camera

There are various modes for photograph shooting is available for yours digital camera. Some times it is an awkward situation to know all these. In this following article we will know about more common modes of photograph shooting. After going through this article you will enhance yours knowledge database on basic digital camera features and shooting modes. Further , when shooting if you cannot find the right and correct setting then this article will be of yours help in choosing the right setting for yours photograph.


Decoding Oscar Wilde:5

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Decoding Oscar Wilde:3

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Decoding Oscar Wilde:2

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Blogger is back

Blogger is back after almost over 20 hours of downtime, during these time I was amused as my blog www.ittech.cz.cc is showing but cannot access Blogger , a bit confused and after some research I was confirmed that it is for maintenance as it is so. As in every month I used to clean my desktop which primarily I used for blogging and for my professional work . So, maintenance is always a welcome step as it will pacify all the system and result will be great. I supported


Five harbingers of hypertension

The five attributes of hypertension are obesity, lack of exercise, excessive sodium, stress and diet.

Regulated diet and regular exercise can cure obesity.
There is no substitute to exercise. It should not be strenuous and should be of recommended type. Morning walk for an hour or so will do wonders.
Excessive sodium:-
It can be controlled by making it a habit


Two must watch youtube vdos:2

Here is two exciting you tube vdos to enjoy yours weekends. Wishing you a very wonderful weekends
Hera is deuce tickling you thermionic valve vdos to savor yours periods. desire you a very  spends .Hera is figure touch you thermionic  vdos to taste yours plays. want you a very  .Hera is sum of money style you thermionic  vdos to small indefinite quantity yours plays. desire you a very .location is 2 interesting you structure vdos to revel yours spends.  you a very rattling weekendsHera is  tickle you thermionic  vdos to savour yours time periods. incline

The healthy mind for healthy thoughts , to tale bearing, from harsh attentiveness:2

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The healthy mind for healthy thoughts , to tale bearing, from harsh attentiveness.

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Two must watch youtube vdos:1

 Tow extremely powerful gif animation converted into video take a look at those, one of very satisfying and glaring videos to watch for.


Suicide warning syndromes

When a person who kills himself intentionally is called suicide. It is the act of killing yourself. Remember, it is a crime to commit suicide. A perceptible indication of
something not immediately apparent (as a visible clue that something has happened) .
Followings are some of the warning signs which can led one to suicide stage .If you know some one who is exhibiting similar signs and intensions then straightaway action is needed and please take those person for medical advice and save his /her life. Followings are few of indications that can be treated as warning signs that can led to a suicide, so better prevent before it is too late.

Suicide warning syndromes:

  1. Acting recklessly : marked by defiant disregard for danger or consequences , characterized by careless unconcern
  2. Feeling excessive or shame: a state of dishonor , a painful emotion resulting from an awareness of inadequacy or guilt , bring shame or dishonor upon, compel through a sense of shame, cause to be ashamed
  3. Bad performance  at work or in school :
  4. Appearing depressed or sad most of the time: a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity, a long-term economic state characterized by unemployment and low prices and low levels of trade and investment, a state of depression and anhedonia so severe as to require clinical intervention.
  5. Talking or writing about death or suicide.
  6. Withdrawing from family and friends.
  7. A state of hopelessness,helplessness: Without hope because there seems to be no possibility of comfort or success, in an agony of hopeless grief; with a hopeless sigh he sat down", Of a person unable to do something skillfully, Certain to fail, beyond hope of management or reform.
  8. Feeling strong anger or rage: a strong emotion; a feeling that is oriented toward some real or supposed grievance, a feeling of intense anger,
  9. Experiencing dramatic mood changes: a characteristic (habitual or relatively temporary) state of feeling
  10. Abusing drugs or alcohol:
  11. Demonstrating a change in personality and losing interest in most activities
  12. Change in sleeping habits and eating habits

Almost three fourth of people who died of suicide showed some suicide signs, so it is of significance importance to detect such signs and then take those persons for serious medical consultations. Do not leave him alone during those times and make him show the sign of how beautiful life can be.


Water Therapy

We know water is synonymous with life as without it no human existence and, for that matter, no human civilization is conceivable. It is not only essential for our sustenance, but its curative effect is enough as doctors in many complicated cases prefer water to simple use of medicines.


Notebooks now more affordable than you would think get it

For those who always want connectivity and mobility hand in hand , for them the most magnanimous and nobility choices would be notebooks.
Internet connectivity, entertainment,mobility and the relative position or standing of things or especially persons in a society notebooks can be
and would be of a great statement or resolution. Different kinds of notebooks available now , for different purposes and different solutions like that of smart looking notebooks for each and every occasions.

 Some of the notebooks now even better than that of desktop solutions available in the market and surprisingly most of them are now cost less a comfort to consumers. Great processing power, plenty of RAM, good acceptable storage spaces ,design beauty are some of the important attributes contributed to notebooks now-a-days, While buying notebooks consumer should looked upon the materials used,easy usaubility,customization features, also check the keyboards and mouse quality.

 When you re shopping for a dearer notebook , it is significant, before hand you calculate yours priority correct beforehand and list yours pros and cons of the product which you are going to use. Do you want a performance monster or a simple notebook that would handle yours office and home work, then you have to make the calculations right and in a significant way so that you would buy a correct and appropriate notebooks for yours handling of day to day affairs.

 Note books meant for yours mobility and if you choose for larger display then the cons side is that of it would be inconsistent and difficult to carry, as it would be bulky and thick and thus would be a annoyance to you. If you prefer for light weight or ultra light weight it would also cost you dearly as the light weight materials generally cost a higher so thus increasing the final output costs of notebooks.

When you consider about the performance of notebook then it its segmented between discrete graphic solutions and integrated solutions. A note book worth for gaming would cost you much higher than that of a desktop in that category which you can get a lots more feature
so then the question is why then a gaming notebook not a gaming desktop which can bring you a lot more with the same cost of notebook mean tom say a gaming notebook.

 A gaming notebook can have a lot more noise with lots of cpu and gpu rolling and usage thus additional problem of note book heat pattern which can be tasking and can be a problematic solutions in the long term.

 The positive pattern is that such a positive pattern which can be a much more costlier in a year ago now it is more affordable and it can give you a space to buy with.

 So, while buying these decisions can be taken seriously and both sides can be looked upon so that you can buy according tom yours requirements. When it comes to CPU performances then it is a competition between Core i5 and Core i3 clusters. Core i5 supports turbo boost and can run at a higher clock speeds. The sad part is that both not supportive of hyper threading.

  If you are a computer professional with CPU intensifier task like compression/decompression and media encoding and decoding then Core i5 processor is a must for you in order to smooth yours work process. One more factor you should be looking is of the RAM factor and the amount of RAM is available and can be added to it. Windows tends to slow down a little after prolonged and further usages, due to increase list of application loading on the memory after further usages of Windows.

Thus takes a little more time as compared to first installations and some of them will be running the background processes thus invisible memory allocations and slowing down yours currently processes and in order to get out of this Windows syndrome
you should be using a lot more RAM so that the random memory can be allocated to RAM in order to speed up processes as we know RAM is the most speedier memory carrier in the Windows as compared to flash memory and hard drives.

 What can be a best value to consumers and it is a relative terms and appreciations, it is a feeling of understanding. Usability can be a prime factor ,the graphic card and CPU and a proper designed key board as it is a significant aspirations as on the go or at mobile a good lay out keyboard would solve half of yours job done. Take a look a scene , a notebook display is great but its track pad is ordinary and you have a lot more time to control yours mouse or key board thus yours work would tend to be late and me late and creating the annoyance and disturbances.

 A world class game you have installed but the tracing and controlling of it is much more unresponsive then would you appreciate its graphics or would you consider it leaving an look for another r good one. Similarly a note book with a great visual ability but it fails on the ground of controllability then you should discard this and go for a good controllable notebook with a great key board etc. If some one goes a lot more travel then he should be looking for more good charging options of notebook and the charge patterns and how much hours notebook can run on a battery and thus one more part whether the battery used is heavier or lighter and the various chagrin patterns like that of could I t be charge on car or at various plugging patterns etc. and so on.

 So, all these can be yours point of concern and point of strengths while choosing any notebooks products , so do not go buy seller’s advice you should go through yours own conscience and yours requirements and before buying any product make a list of yours requirements and also make a good research on the notebooks products like this article or many more article which you can find here . Do not go buy the demonstrations of seller , go through every specifications and brand value of yours product which you are using as you would be using it for presentations of other important purposes and thus you should be more careful in choosing it as it may depend yours career advancements or some other important aspects of yours life which you can devise and thought upon..

Tips to Prevent Infection & Indigestion

Stomach infection is synonymous with indigestion and is preventable with due care and precaution and by taking adequate measures to get rid of the body-torture.


Notebooks now more affordable than you would think:3

Thus takes a little more time as compared to first installations and some of them will be running the background processes thus invisible memory allocations and slowing down yours currently processes and in order to get out of this Windows syndrome


Notebooks now more affordable than you would think:2

When you consider about the performance of notebook then it its segmented between discrete graphic solutions and integrated solutions. A note book worth for gaming would cost you much higher than that of a desktop in that category which you can get a lots more feature


Three examples for using the keywords meta tag are

1.To include synonyms of words that are not included in the content of your page. People search on many variations of words and phrases. Sometimes it is hard to include all of the different variations of those words in the content of your page without making your page sound like a keywords page.


Turtle Graphics a free software for you

We will create a software for fun and for time wasting purposes using small programming capacity. This software is free and you can download , it is a small download and it has no executables and you can download and then double click to run it and see it in action.