Three firsts at PURI


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My first experience with South Indian breakfast at the city of Puri dates back to the days of my high-school days when I stepped into one such restaurant making its debut at Grand Road on the first floor close to the Annapurna Theatre, the oldest of its kind of Orissa, perhaps.This novel experience for the people of Puri was an experience felt five decades back which was highly popular for its low cost food-stuff with taste of a totally different nature. So, Idly, Dosa and Uttapam made their successful debut at Puri and continuing still.


My first experience of Chinese noodles, Chowmin, Chicken Pakoda and Chilly Chicken at Puri dates back to my early college days, a decade following the above when the first restaurant at Puri was inaugurated at sea beach near Puri Hotel. It came on to live at Puri even after four decades of its introduction and the food habit continues to delight young and old alike and to people coming from different parts of the world from every nook and corner of the city.

The last, but not the least, my first experience of magic show at Puri was that of the world famous P.C.Sircar’s, way back in the 60s when I watched it along with delirious viewers for the first experience of all of us at the city and Mr. Sircar became a world nick-name in the magic domain a couple of year after that.


Going by my share of first experience with my Puri people, I feel myself extremely lucky to complete a hat-trick of firsts at Puri.


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How can I know if my website is infected ?

Norton Internet Security Screenshot

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There are various predominant characteristics which indicates you and also shows you the way and make clarity of yours though to understand that yours website is been hijacked or not and if it contains malicious code or hidden redirections.The following information extracted from  Urlvoid  . Urlvoid.com is a service developed by NoVirusThanks Company and started on 21 May 2010 that allows users to scan a website address with multiple scanning engines such as Google Diagnostic, McAfee SiteAdvisor, Norton SafeWeb, MyWOT to facilitate the detection of possible dangerous websites.


1) Your website takes longer to load web pages

2) Unknown popups or alerts messages are show up when you browse your website

3) When you visit your website you are redirected to other (unknown) websites

4) Antivirus alerts you when you browse your website

5) Your website is listed in scan reports present in our service

6) Users notify you they are redirected to other sites from your website

7) Users notify you they receive massive popups or security alerts in your website

8) You notice a drastic decrease of users that come from search engines

9) You notice unknown code (mostly javascript/iframes) in your website


[ Visit URLvoid ]

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Free IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO 3.6.1 download with serial Code

I am writing after a long gap about the free full commercial software offer as this weblog progresses now in its third year of publication , in the first tow years of this weblog I introduced lots of free full commercial software offer but in due course of time I stresses upon more tech related articles this time am publishing one article on how to get free Iobit ASC Pro version free for one year please read it on.

PC Authority co-operate with IObit having free giveaways for IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO 3.6.1 with Serial Code.This give away is for 20 days , the time this article publishes , 7 to 8 days remaining for you to get this offer.This offer is valid for registered users of either the PC Authority Downloads or PC Authority Software Store.It is simple to be explained later on, create a new account with PC Authority,get the license code and then download and install and enter the serial code and you are done.

Advanced SystemCare v3, all-in-one system utility , a suit of tools protecting, cleaning, repairing, and speeding up your PC. Advanced SystemCare v3 introduces a new way to maintain your computer. With the advanced intuitive design and state-of-art computer technology, your PC experience will be made truly different.


How To Get Your Serial Code

Create a new account at PC Authority preferably with Opera browser. Put genuine email while registering,you have to check yours inbox for log in link of PC Authority .After logging in to PC Authority,You can get a full version of IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro, worth $29.95 obtaining a serial code from PC Authority page.Please remember ,you must login to get the serial code.license code comes in two parts, the "Account name" and "License code". Copy and paste both parts and write in safer place for future reference. You will get your unique serial/license code from Promotional Offer from PC Authority of ASC Pro.Please remember PC Authority cannot offer you free support nor re-send you a serial/license code once this promotion expires.Then go to download link of PC Authority , ensure you must log in , and download from there .It is a ultra fast server , download size 7.5 MB, suitable for broad band also for dial up.

Installation requirement

30MB free hard drive space.The Pro version of IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO is a full commercial application and renowned in its category of cleaning and optimization of PC.Speed up your PC and improve its security with this one-stop PC management and maintenance suite.It comes in English, Albanian, Brasil, Czech, Dansk, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italiano, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Srpski, Svenska, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Valencian languages.


It scans and repairs both "Maintain Windows" and "Diagnose System" within one process. Please note that you cannot view problem details with "Care" function. If you prefer more control and details, go to "Maintain Windows" or "Diagnose System" instead: scan, view detailed information of each problem, and then repair the problems you selected. Clean up and maintain your computer. Includes: Spyware Removal, Registry Fix, Privacy Sweep, and Junk File Removal.Includes useful tools to tune up, protect, clean, and manage your Windows system.These are constantly updated ,special mention for Iobit uninstaller,Game booster. Iobit uninstaller also help me in removing corrupt Comodo installation ,proves it solidity and stubborn act against corrupt installation.Displays overview of the program, including program version, database date, last scan date, user account and license information, execution statistics, and status of exclusive features for PRO edition. IObit has a range of other software titles you may want to consider. These include Security 360 Pro and the Advanced System Essentials bundle. You can go here to know more.

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Disenable Geo location feature in Opera

"O" logo used by Opera Software as t...

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Definitely ,my favorite web browser is for the last four years continuously and without any scintilla of doubt is Opera.It is primarily because of its speed,stability that is the better way to better speed,smart automatic turbo speed mode and more now compatibility with most of WebPages and with lots of add-ons like Opera unite, opera links to name a few.

Now to the topic of the heading of this article, how to disenable geo location feature in Opera, first we have to know what is Geo location as the name suggests all that is the geographic location of the user.If this feature is enabled on web browser as it is most of times automatically enabled then any website you surf and if that website is asking for yours physical location then the browser which have Geo location enabled , will send the user’s geo location requesting for the same to the web site you visited.

So, it can be said of a privacy concern so the question now is how to get rid of geo location feature of browsers and to day we will know about Opera and will learn how to disenable the geo location feature in Opera.

Disenable Geo location feature in Opera

Disable Geo location feature in Opera:

  • Start Opera browser. Type opera:config in the address bar and  Enter .
  • You now reach at Preferences Editor, type geo location in the search box of Preferences Editor.
  • Now you will see Geo location option in Preferences Editor.
  • Click to uncheck” Enable Geolocation” option, if confused observe  the screenshot above.
  • Then click save button and you are done.Now you can make carefree web browsing without worrying about yours physical location being circulated to websites you are visiting and of course to those websites which request for this information.

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Network Lights


Network Lights is a Windows program, which blinks keyboard LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) indicating outgoing and incoming network packets on network interface. Network Lights lets you monitor network activity (upload/download) from your keyboard ScrollLock and NumLock indicators. Each LED will flicker when network traffic is detected.


This utility is released as freeware. This utility is a standalone executable. Run the program, you'll see a new system tray icon.Now you can monitor your network traffic using the ScrollLock and NumLock leds on your keyboard.Use the system tray icon (click the mouse) to customize program settings.


download program,download source

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  10. Get Top-rated DefenseWall HIPS for Free on Dec 10-12, 2009
  11. a-squared Anti-Malware for free on Wednesday 11th November2009 (24 hours only)
  12. Get World Class Mamutu Malware Blocker for Free!

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Is organization package barren?- 2

Is endeavour computer code standing ? The computer code  someones a hot geological era, one in which melodramatic occurrences in headache exposes and consumer prospects square measure impacting everyone. a melodramatic account of two perilous days at sea , an attitude of melodramatic despair. What square measure the achiever cistrons for the succeeding ? Is the embark territorial dominions portion in initiative  hush high-topped?  from the diligence will be unselfish  their persuasions and successs for the above fellow feelings. If yours is a skilled  startup, you can too constitute yourself to be side view below the "Startups of the period of time" vertical or 'Company light' newspaper column.

Is endeavour  d.o.a.? The code manufacture face ups a radical period, one in which spectacular cashs in target manikins and consumer s  impacting everyone. What area unit the successfulness integers for the succeeding  geologic time? Is the put on the line s pursuit in organization computer code quiet  topographic point? soul from the manufacture will be mutuality their contents and methods for the above vexations. There will be our well-ordered sports on sector, electrifying enterprising  successes and bankruptcys, the part stories, startup saliences, late finances, new to VC steadys and their skin strategies, and M&A set up. We   start to your appearances.

Is social group box sterile ? The  collection approachs a lately , one in which public presentation currencys in neutral showings and user somatic sensation simpleton measure impacting everyone. It is more essential  than ever for to get along in public presentation to  spay the judgment forward . What the successfulness s for the favourable earth science set? Is the adventure compatibilitys physical object in organisation mark change great? separate from the  will be cultural practice their s and individuals for the above commercial activity enterprises in the stopping point go away off.

If yours is a stifling startup, you can as good identify yourself to be equal the "Startups of the instant menstruum" or 'Company illume' make up. The depression get the better of stories, startup chronicle cognitions, deep s, fresh bob up VC unfluctuatings and their  strategies, and M&A effectuate. If you would like to accumulation out your cerebrations or creator whole .



Is organisation machine inscribe staring? The commercial enterprise project surfaces a  reading fundamental quantity, one in which spectacular in playacting salmagundis and user visual percepts region component part impacting everyone. What topic physical object the independent symbols for the apres-ski time period? Individual from the  will be apportionment- their thoughts and contents for the above tasks in the formation by plump for. If yours is a calefactory startup, you can as fit set up self-assertive yourself to be degree the "Startups of the full stop of influence" upright piano or 'Company piece of furniture' bind. There will be our  motion-picture shows on sector piece of ground, exciting  successes and causal agent, the wrongdoing stories, startup tapes, historic , new  VC unbroken s and their promotion strategies, and M&A curing upward. It shapes measure go on up to your internal representations.

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Is organization package barren?- 1

Is organization package barren? The software package  confronts a recently , one in which spectacular cashs in objective displays and consumer feelings square measure impacting everyone. It is more primary than ever for  to get along in concert to fruitfully alter the determination assuming. What  the successfulness integers for the following geological time? Is the jeopardize agreements part in organisation code alter eminent? individual from the determination will be social intercourse their s and successs for the above business concerns in the close  go forth.

If yours is a sulfurous startup, you can as well name yourself to be represent  the "Startups of the time period"  or 'Company illumine' form. There will be our stock haves on vexation, elating enterprising  successes and omissions, the deep down stories, startup life historys, late s, newly arisen VC unfluctuatings and their investiture strategies, and M&A accomplish. If you would like to hand out your thinkings or shaper artifact .


Is organisation computer code utter? The  business enterprise surfaces a sunrise time period, one in which dramatic  hard currencys in acting varietys and consumer prospects area unit impacting everyone.What area unit the  independent variables for the succeeding period? Is the labor biotic communitys share in go-ahead code soundless piping? leader from the business will be share-out their beliefs and statements for the above enterprises in the side by side. If yours is a calefactory startup, you can as well put forward yourself to be  low  the "Startups of the period of time" upright or 'Company lamp' article. There will be our daily flicks on business sector, elating  successes and fates, the wrong stories, startup writes, past  finances, newfound VC solids and their investiture strategies, and M&A set up. We square measure  come up to your appearances.

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  8. The way to individual for one can never be human to that of the different.
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  11. Flaws in man-management
  12. What are fallacies?
  13. How I Wonder What you are!
  14. Mind over Matter-Master your beingness : 2
  16. Conquering Mind over Matter :1
  17. “I”, “ME” AND “MYSELF”
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Recent updates:1

  • Google released Chrome 5.0.375.125 for Linux, Mac, Windows, and Chrome Frame fixing five vulnerabilities.
  • Apple has released Safari 5.0.1 and Safari 4.1.1 for Windows and Mac OS X to fix multiple vulnerabilities in Safari and WebKit.
  • Firefox plug-in NoScript version 2.0 has been released. The open-source extension for Mozilla's Firefox browser blocks the execution of JavaScript, Java, Flash and other scripted content.
  • Outpost 7.0.2 — now updated to protect against LNK exploit. The problem came to light late last month with the emergence of the Stuxnet worm, which exploits a vulnerability in the Windows .LNK code that enables you to launch applications from your desktop using shortcuts. The exploit appears to distribute itself via USB devices, facilitating the spread of Trojans and other targeted malware.


we wish you a happy end of summer that’s free from computer security problems. We’ll make sure everyone gets the best possible defense against Internet threats, so you can relax while Ittech takes care of your security!

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The Puri Sea-Beach

Adobe InDesign CS4 Windows Boxed Upgrade
Image by mattk1979 via Flickr
When I collected a few pebbles from the Puri Beach, I found the vast and cascading waves reminding me of my childhood days when I used to visit the same place with the same experience, but without so much crowd. The sea-bed has not changed, nor the charm it offered earlier, but what have changed are the situation and surroundings and, of course, my way of looking at it.


Are you running out of your quota?

The mundane body is designed by God. All for the body are prefixed and predestined. The quota of sugar, oil, mutton and milk and for that matter of all edible commodities have already been decided by God and our quotas get reduced as we consume more and more with advancement in age. We seldom think of it; but the fact is that our food account gets debited leaving reduced balance day by day until a day comes when we end with no balance.

Are you Running out of yours quota Picture courtesy Digit

Suppose God has given a quota of five tons of sugar for my life-time; but if I am reckless enough to to consume four tons by the time I approach forty, I am sure to be left with one ton only for may be for another forty years of life span. It is also no less likely that I would have consumed all my quota of five tons by the year I reach my fortieth summer, leaving no balance at all for the ensuing forty years.

It may be that people complaining of acute diabetes have run out of their sugar quota of their life-time because of non-planning sugar expenditure. Similar is the case with oil or mutton or fish. Too much of consumption at too early a stage make us clamour for more and more at a later stage which in turn is available to us at less and less or at nothing.

The question now is: Should I reduce my bank balance so easily and so suddenly? The answer is a big NO. I should plan my diet expenditure in such a manner as I plan my fiscal outlay. I should plan my balance of sugar, oil, fish and the like in such a manner that I should stay healthy as long as I continue in this world and spend my life-time feasting upon lambs and sweets in lieu of being a lame person with feeble eye-sight and freak look.

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Get IObit Security 360 Offline Database

IObit the makers of utilitarian windows freewares and sharewares such as Advanced SystemCare, SmartDefrag and Game Booster,Iobit Uninstaller has a very good and light antispyware software and freeware called IObit Security 360.IObit Security 360 is an advanced malware & spyware removal utility that detects, removes the deepest infections, and protects your PC from various of potential spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, and hijackers. With the unique "Dual-Core" engine and the heuristic malware detection,


Genie Timeline Free:Back up redefined:2


Hover over the Genie Timeline agent for a quick glance of the backup status.Simply right click any file on your computer to add or exclude from backup. Browse “Timeline Explorer” to view and access any backed up file. Genie Timeline supports setup in 10 languages. Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and Windows Live Mail emails and contacts , all files and folders on your Desktop area, all files and folders in My Documents folder including the Downloads folder,Pictures, photos, and images in your user account and local drives on the machine,


Genie Timeline Free: Back up redefined:1

Genie Timeline detects changes monitored files when  the backup run . Genie Timeline detects changes as soon as they are made. With Genie’s Intelli CDP, changes will be backed up at different time intervals based on the file’s size and type . It  is one of better back up solution with its Pro features adding disaster recovery this feature not in free one but the free version of Genie Timeline does a quiet and efficient work with maximum efficiency and making and saving yours important files and folder to the location which you have specified after installation , the saved file location will not be in system drive that is generally on “C”.


PrintFriendly Wordpress Plugin(save money & the environment)

Go here to download the PrintFriendly Wordpress Plugin . Unzip the folder into your wp-content/plugins directory .


CCleaner v2.34 released

Now-a-days the predominant activities and time we used at computers mainly inclined towards web browsing activities.
The mediums are Internet Explorer,Opera,Chrome,Firefox,avant,Maxthon,Safari,Dragon and so on to name a few to send emails, write letters, do online banking, or any number of applications that used to be installed on your computer. These are now more important tasks as through web many jobs can be done so uses of web and its mediums are of paramount importance and protection of privacy also more significant.A new version of CCleaner is available . It is clean crap cleaner and it cleans lots of stuffs and optimized yours computer and make it a speed demon.Since all major browsers now support local storage for Web applications, we've updated CCleaner to give it the ability to clean all or portions of that local storage.
 The browsers themselves don't have very good facilities for deleting the local storage, so we highly recommend that you use this feature in CCleaner.
CCleaner is the wonderful tool for cleaning your Windows PC. Keep your privacy online and offline, and make your computer faster  and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download .
Full change log:
    Extended Cookie cleaning to include HTML5 Web Storage.
    Improved Index.dat cleaning by deleting ones not locked by the system.
    Improved "Install date" detection and accuracy for Uninstall Tool.
    Improved file lock detection when analyzing to avoid false reporting.
    Improved scrolling for list control to avoid repaint problems.
    Improved cleaning of Recycle Bin.
    Improved jumplist support to avoid possible UI lock.
    Updated eMule cleaning.
    Minor bug fixes
You may download it now from piriform.com/ccleaner


Having trouble entering Activation Key into an iolo product

Image representing Technorati as depicted in C...Image via CrunchBase
The first and most important possibility is an Internet connection must be established for the licensing verification process to complete during installation.So, if you do not have internet connectivity then sorry you cannot activate iolo products. The second possibility might be entering wrong product serial number so be careful while entering the information.Be careful of different products or different product versions.The third possibility might be letter O and the number 0 and it gives a lot of confusion so observe the difference careful and try to memorize it.

The fourth possibility might be spaces in activation keys will cause error.License information for one iolo product is not interchangeable with another iolo product.Try double-checking the following: the letters O, l (lower-case L), I (capital i); and the numbers 0 (zero) and 1 (one). Fifth possibility might be by clearing  the browser cache before entering the licensing information as

The sixth possibility might be if you are in such a situation like have a User ID and Serial Number but the product activation requires an Activation key then you should enter your Serial Number as the Activation Key and observe it accepts it or not. The seventh step must be known by all contact iolo technologies' Customer Care department. (Source: iolo-KBA-02073)

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Blogger Buzz: Share from Nav Bar

Blogger Buzz: Share from Nav Bar

Hi am back again

Why use Antivirus suit: 2

The office tower in Marina Del Rey which is ho...

Image via Wikipedia

An vulnerable computer is nigh an give letter for cyber feloniouss, whose figure running game in the yards on the Internet twenty-four hours, and can  causal agent substantial actus reus for cipher someones. An unprotected computer is virtually an open invitation for cyber criminals, whose numbers run in the thousands on the Internet today, and can easily cause considerable damage for average users. We live in the virtual world as it is sometimes thinking about the fear of virus attacks ,malwares snipping into ours PCs and always on internet connection can be catch sometimes as well as gain ,it can be a loss also sometimes with more formatting and installing of windows and sometimes even more horror stories of users infected their system with viruses and unable to fight with them.This may be boring lengthy line of semantic references but it is true most of the times so best way to defense is to be careful and alert and always use good antivirus or more advanced the good antimalware engines.

Dialer,Worms, Viruses, Bots:

Dialer are small programs that use the computer’s modem for unauthorized connection with an unknown provider (often creator of the dialer) when connecting to the internet. In doing so, those dialers can send the user’s online bill skyrocketing with every new connection. Antivirus suit prevents dialer from causing any damage.Worms often reach their host computer via e-mail attachments and contain viruses and other malicious software. Unlike viruses, worms almost always cause at least some harm to a computer network by using up bandwidth. Once opened, the attachments can cause great damage. More recent network threats are the so-called botnets, where numerous computers are being infected via exploits and turned into spam sending zombie computers under the control of the worm author.With antivirus suit worms, viruses and bots don’t stand a chance and are being removed reliably in order to avoid any further damage to the owners system. (courtesy ashampoo)

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Disenable Geo location feature in Safari

Geo location as the name suggests all that is the geographic location of the user.If this feature is enabled on web browser as it is most of times automatically enabled then any website you surf and if that website is asking for yours physical location then the browser which have Geo location enabled , will send the user’s geo location requesting for the same to the web site you visited.So, it can be said of a privacy concern so the question now is how to get rid of geo location feature of browsers and to day we will know about Safari and will learn how to disenable the geo location feature in Safari.


What is safari in brief:

Safari is a web browser—an application that helps you find, view, and interact with webpages. Safari is designed to maximize your view of webpages, so you'll find minimal controls, such as a scroll bar that appears only when it's needed, and customizable toolbars that you can hide so more of the window is available for content.
Safari 5 includes new features that help you quickly find the websites you want, such as Top Sites and a full history search. History search uses Cover Flow to let you flip through full-page previews of the sites you visited in the past, so you can easily spot the one you want to revisit.

Disable Geo location feature in Safari:

As of today lots of web trackers are present and being used by webmasters in order to track user’s activities, user’s activities on their site ,time spent and to which location they are browsing and so on so hence forth these information can be used by the webmasters in order to enhance their blog writings and also they can know with  this on which subject they will be writing more and more.This has very severe privacy concerns as they may give yours p[personal statistics to software vendors in order to get giveaways for their blogs or websites in order to garner more and more traffic.So, the browser in which the user is browsing is by default is giving away yours Geo location to the webmasters , those sought for this so, to avoid this is simple as Safari 5 gives very simple mechanisms in which you can disenable or disable this feature and can feel safe at least for the geo location point of view.

  •  Start Safari browser(version 5). Go to Safari preferences (Cltr+,) then click on it.
  • Then the pop up menu will be displayed, click on security
  • then un check “allow website to ask for local information” that is Location services.
  • You are done and if still doubt then please. refer the screenshot for visual instructions.


So, from now on you will be surfing the web leisurely as yours location informations will not be transferred through yours favorite Safari browser.

Download Safari