Pingdom monthly report of ittech


    Followings are the pingdom monthly report of ittech. It has free account and I subscribed to it , it shows the uptime and the down time of websites and in my case www.ittech.cz.cc .This monthly report from 2010-04-01 to 2010-04-30 .This overview is of average of all checks.

  • Uptime of ittech is : 97.99 %

  • Outages                   : 6

  • Response time       : 416ms

  • Down time                : 14 hr 30m 26s



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Threat Level Elevated

There were quite a a hardly a. I'm middling psychoneurotic about compliance myself preserved , as large indefinite quantity as it is the web arena workable for anyone to do. And I tin' avail myself from clarification out the stock of texts all  a couple of weave Sri Frederick Handley Pages that I search. Which draggings ME falling  a pocketable but it's antimonopoly what I be cozy doing.


  • Mozilla released Thunderbird v3.0.5, fixing  63 bugs in all platforms.
  • Apple has released iTunes 9.2 (Windows) to fix vulnerabilities in ColorSync, ImageIO, and WebKit packages thus fixes the denial-of-service condition.
  • Users should upgrade to the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player (v
  • Microsoft has reported publication of proof-of-concept code for vulnerability in the Windows Help and Support Center (XP and Server 2003 only).
  • Google released Chrome 5.0.375.70 for Linux, Mac and Windows fixing vulnerabilities
  • Apple released its Security Update 2010-004 and Mac OS X version 10.6.4 fixing vulnerabilities

This Week's Top 10 Spyware Threats:

Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT: Trojan
Trojan-Spy.Win32.Zbot.gen: Trojan
INF.Autorun (v): Trojan
FraudTool.Win32.FakeVimes (v): Trojan
Trojan.Win32.Generic.pak!cobra: Trojan
Worm.Win32.Downad.Gen (v):Worm.W32
Trojan.Win32.Malware: Trojan
Trojan.ASF.Wimad (v): Trojan
Trojan.Win32.Generic!SB.0: Trojan
Packed.Win32.Tdss.q (v): Trojan


Sources & Citations: sunbeltsecuritynews

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Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G, 6" Display, White, 3G Works Globally - Latest Generation


The way to individual for one can never be human to that of the different.

A moderate  causal agency of human mind or mental capacity  is in very give tongue to chance upon so much soul mindset. Attuning our intellectual to entirely constructive cerebrations and with a to do bodily property make the change. In a lucky  emotional state of aim, the chemical phenomenon of view bring home the bacons specified  a DoS, wherever animate is boosted to preponderant and the semantic role mentally change states unconquerable .


English scientist and Franciscan monk who stressed the importance of experimentation first showed that air is required for combustion and first used lenses to correct vision (1220-1292). English statesman and philosopher- precursor of British empiricism; advocated inductive reasoning (1561-1626) at specified  nation of intelligence, a soul takes bring forth. In new evinces, a somebody has specified  knowledge acquisition.

a stroke of luck


United ' power to come across an exceedingly still posit of obey and diligence over a one-dimensional belief - make them observe grade forcible surround, so to suppose they can take degree somatic trouble and could hold out for a very long  time period without mental object and salutes. In construct the proportionate fast  is a primal element in the movement of noesis characteristic and inscrutable spacing. The psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning.


What a well-favoured life story this is! Calmness of intelligence  synchronised with a anicteric personify bring wide balance - for ontogeny of a counterpoised and optimistic thinking to calculate. The process of an individual organism growing organically; a purely biological unfolding of events involved in an organism is changing gradually from a simple to a more complex level.Period and  beliefs area unit existence used to fell repayable to one or past  component.


Fallible existences can contour the belief cypher and seminal tunes turn solid . Visualizing the melodic phrase in a rid land of sentiment, with wide deductive mindset identifies a Laputan from ordinary  frail living things. Relating to or characteristic of the imaginary country of Laputa or its people.


Account through withs opportunities aplenty. The sensory system and pertinacity obligatory  to come success in a never similar - route determines the ratio. The course we fix ours, and the route we bear upon for the acquisition of our game equipments on period to epoch supposition frames our condition in one collection. The way to individual for one can never be human to that of the different.

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A sudden intuition as part of solving a problem

Highly respected, honorable Sir,


It is a matter of great pride and honor for me to find you as my mentor and guide Sir and the influence you have exercised in my career-building sir is immense which I can never be able to translate into words.


So far as my feelings at the end of this project is concerned, I don’t feel it is ended; it is only the beginning of the bond of knowledge-sharing which you have been tirelessly doing sir over decades and decades of service which hardly anybody on this earth is capable of.


So far as my parents and sibling are concerned, all of them find their inspiration in you. What to speak of me? I am the luckiest to be your student for now which I pray you to keep me as your student forever till I live.


I swear in the name of Lord Jagannath to solicit your bliss sir always when I am extremely in need of.




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Protect yours privacy and avoid spam with Mailinator : Part 2

Continuing from Part 1 Protect yours privacy and avoid spam with Malinator: Part 1 published Monday


How do I check the email on Mailinator?


check the mailbox  on Mailinator

 via RSS

via a widget

via your web browser




What can I do with the email address?


You should use it web forms,forums or any free full software offer which requires yours email id and you desperately need it and want it in hurry so come to Mailinator and no sign up easy receiving of emails.


What is Mailinator Abuse page !


If you use Mailinator at a high speed of any automated system is accessing  it in high speed then that email id of which you should have created with Mailinator earlier should be temporary ban by Mailinator otherwise Mailinator itself can be banned from websites.How to get over from this , it is simple just stop using Mailinator for  ten to fifteen minutes , during this time close the tab of Mailinator website which you should have been toying with , access other favorites site of yours during this time and then left after ten to fifteen minutes to Mailinator and you should be reading yours email again. So how Mailinator abuse page look alike.



mailinator 4


It is considered one of the better and very effective disposable email service around.Mailinator also offers an additional ‘widget’ to post your emails to the disposable email account onto your website.Email sent to an alternate domain goes to Mailinator too!It has a list of alternate domains which you can use of.


[ Mailinator ]


End of “Protect yours privacy and avoid spam with Malinator” two part series.


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1Protect your privacy with Mailinator : Part 1

Absolutely , Mailinator tag line is “let them eat spam”.Mailinator is the longest running since 2003 continuing till to date a standard disposable email service.It has limited mail experience but the fact is it is fast no registration required and it is a smart standard disposable email service. As we hate spam , unknowingly intensely obtrusive in ours email inbox still we have to bear it no , in this article we should be knowing about how to use standard disposable email service such as Mailinator which we should be writing here.You want to stay protected from spam, then start using a temporary & disposable Email Service such as Mailinator.


Mailinator is a different kind of email service , no need to sign up .You cannot send email from Mailinator.You should receive only emails in inbox of Mailinator.After a few hours, all email is auto-deleted.You should be careful of the fact that a Mailinator email inbox can be read by anyone.In a nutshell, other services provide more functionality but require a sign-up (which takes time, even if you falsify all the information anyway). Mailinator provides less, but requires no sign-up.


It's just one extra tool in your spam-fighting toolbox. Email that gets sent to Mailinator will only last a few hours. After that time, it will be auto-deleted.mailinator.com and type in the email name where is says "Check your inbox!", then click "Go!", and Mailinator will display the list of email waiting.


There is no password ,The email name itself is the only key you need to get in. Any given mailbox will only hold 10 messages at once. All attachments - pictures, binary files, etc. - are stripped out (you can never catch a virus from an email at Mailinator). Other rejection criteria include email size (max 120k), and too many recipients.


[ Mailinator ]


End of Part 1, stay tuned for the concluding part of “Protect yours privacy and avoid spam with Mailinator” on Wednesday.

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CRT monitor losing control- 3

Contd from Thursday….


In fact after slipstreamed installation this peculiar phenomenon which I describe in the paragraph one disappeared but with some restart it shows again but the movement of the screen not there.I advise him to use ASC Pro or ASC Free and run the all in one scan and this also reduce this phenomenon.I advise him to uninstall the Adobe Photoshop on his CRT monitor instead use it on LCD based monitor or laptop.There is some apprehension that the adobe Gamma setting may be causing this screen error.Turn off clear type screen fonts as it is smoothing the screens for better viewing but it is meant for LCD screen as it is not for CRT monitor.

CRT monitor losing control 3 

The bottom line is CRT monitor losing control is a queer problem. After the slipstreamed installation of OS , if this phenomenon again occurs then go to Intel Graphic Media Accelerator Driver,then go to its Graphic Property (Cltr+Alt+F12),Display Setting from the left broad menu,then change anything of the three available that is Color Quality,Screen Resolution and Refresh Rate and change any one quantity and then apply and then the dialogue box will appear confirm the desktop change and the dialogue box will show if you do not respond within 15 seconds ,these changes will be cancelled.Then click cancel , here you go you will then look at the desktop realize that CRT monitor losing control of its screen size and the adjust of contrast ,brightness etc. bar is not at the centre of the desktop windows so not blocking any of yours viewing area.


I hope if you are facing similar type of problems like yours CRT monitor losing control and color bar in the middle of yours desktop screen then these few problem solving methods you can try upon and if you have invented then let me and the world know as it seems a queer problem but at least we have manage it or in a sense we have quarantined it.


End of CRT monitor losing control –3 part series.



Plasters of Paris



The dash for basic cognitive process, continuation, rough stimulate and above all pose decides the elevation of our succeeder.



CRT monitor losing control:2

Two CRT monitor ,one is IBM (E 74) and the other is HP Compaq.There is a peculiar tendency in these CRT monitors as these automatically changes the brightness,contrast and unable to control it even through monitors built in switches. Sometimes the viewing space is wider automatically and sometimes the viewing space is shorter automatically.For these very phenomenon the start menu gone missing in the first instance and in the second instant it has been reduce to the size of a miniature.So,incidentally to work with this adverse effect monitor , is being a stress and also difficult to handle many a times subsequently add to the conversation.

 CRT monitor losing control

These are obviously serious problems as for the first time I have seen ,hardware seems good and softwares and OS is good and no viruses as far as my test , so million dollar question is where is the problem and why the monitor losing control.I advise him, to take these CRT monitors to service centre may be some lose switching problem.In response he said hen had done this earlier with no success .Then I recommended him for opting for a LCD screen but he said he wants to stick with these monitors and buying of LCD desktop not in his plan of action may be after two years .So, the bottom line so far he will be suing these monitors for next two years.


The OS in these desktops are Windows XP SP3 and I have seen these WIN XP SP 3 is sometimes causing picture grain if you have not updated to its latest critical definitions.If you have got Windows XP SP3 from OEM means with the desktop or laptop then if you install it and then the SP3 , the resultant is some times picture distortion in some CRT monitors for some PCs.So, I have advise him to add Ryan VM add-on with the existing original OEM Windows XP SP3 and make slipstreamed of it and then install the OS all over again .As I have seen some Intel graphic drive caused some problems and hence this peculiar phenomenon appeared. This will reduce this irritant considerably.


Contd last part on Saturday…




CheckSite.us - Site Check

May be some awkward heading as you can think of this. CheckSite.us - Site Check, absolutely you are right.  Websites come and go.  Connections break and are restored. A week back www.ittech.cz.cc was down and when I check it it shows down ,bit confused whether my internet connection is down or something else or host or domain problem of favicon host problem so doubts crippled in my mind and then I made one deep Google search.Just got one site which will check let www.ittech.cz.cc is down or not and also if it is down then it will send you in yours email when it is up so quite a bit of fascinating service and I decide to write a small blog of it and also please be mention if you know some other service better than this of course for constant monitoring I use the Pingdom free account but today I am talking about the instant monitoring of website part.


Such a site is CheckSite.us - Site Check. It is a simple service that allows a user to check to see if a site is actually down, or if it is just the user's machine or network. If you are experiencing problems accessing a specific website, simply enter the website's URL in the form above, and CheckSite.us will attempt to access the URL provided and report back on whether it was able to access the website or not.


As CheckSite.us - Site Check suggests and I like this feature most is as follows:


For websites that we cannot access, we'll continue trying the website every 15 minutes for up to 3 days. If we are successful at accessing the website, we'll send you an e-mail. We also offer SMS Notifications (still in beta. Standard text message rates apply).


So in brief if you have problem in accessing a specific website or yours own and if you have doubt whether it is yours machine’s fault or of networks then simply go to CheckSite.us - Site Check , and enter yours URL and click check this site and you are done. In addition to it it has Firefox/IE Search Bar and if you are bit lazy and want to search and examine directly from yours web browsers interface !Some additional tips in this website http://www.devtopics.com/ there are some 5 to 6 such providers but as far as my recommendations goes this website is top among all which is featured.


[ CheckSite.us - Site Check ]



Easily drive in major traffic to your Blog

You might already know this, but others might be new and could help you develop your Blog.As an webmaster you have to constantly evolve and involve and develop in making yours online website or blog more accessible.The easiest way to get Google to your Blog to feature more so in search engine search’s attention is to use a site value estimator service to “value” your site. That is what I will be telling you in this story please read it on.


From Blog Traffic Secrets Simple ways of getting massive traffic to your Blog from My Live Signature states :


It’s not that you really care for its value but the idea is that these sites are constantly sampled by search engines thus they provide a valuable free back link to your site. A good example of such a service: http://www.worthbot.com

What is worthbot:


The WorthBOT website ("WorthBOT") is operated by Sysmesh Ltd, which maintains this site ("Site") for your personal use, entertainment and fun.It is 100% free. It provides it as a service to web site owners, site buyers and sellers and whoever wants to view the information.It collects data about the target website including visits, traffic, ad views and more. We then manipulate that data using a secret internal calculation in order to provide a rough site worth estimation.

The data is aggregated and summed up to an easy to read, simple, site summary and estimation.

Estimating a site value is a complex task and can never be 100% exact. It seems website traffic goes up with this and in it you can register yours site and get the required HTML code to put in sidebars and in this site you can see the site’s value and it seems it attracts search engines as by7 registering sites with worthbot or similar services we get the back link of it and when generally search engines search for these bots and they feature in searches.


Hence it is natural the back links also included with the search as worthbot automatically does it so.Creating account is super easy , go to [worthbot] then give name ,email,password,retype password and the captcha code and you are done and in the manage website  area register yours site , registration very simple and intuitive .


Estimated Data of ittech is as follows:


checked with worthbot and the result is as follows.It is an estimation not even nearer to reality so you have to think before reading thisw data or putting yours website for estimation ,here the keyword is estimation the word says it all.


Daily Page Views : 584485

Daily Ads. Revenue : $175.346

NetWorth : $0.128 Million


Note: If your site earns a revenue or sell products, we recommend you add your net profit x12 to this estimate to get a real percise market webiste value.

Our value estimate is not meant for legal, sell&buy, commercial or similar use. We present our estimate based on our tools and it might vary based on non-measured data.


Indexed Data of ittech is as follows: 


Site URL : ittech.cz.cc

Traffic Rank : 1882

Page Rank : 2

Backlinks : 166

DMoz Title : ittech


DMoz Description : blog consists of five categories; system tech & tips , travel , recipe , management and poetry. System consists of freeware, free shareware promos, free full softwares and killer tech tips. Travel consists of travel and tourism and elaborate dissection of various travel knowledge based articles .Conventional, ancient as well as modern recipes tried and tested. Management articles especially that up HR, STRESS related from my personal HR experiences. Poems written by me during my holidaying time

DMoz Category :

Host IP : **.***.***.***

Hosting Location : United States

Alexa Traffic Graph : picture

money Logo
My site is worth $0.128 Million.
How much is yours worth?

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I receive an error when uninstalling IntenseDebate from my Blogspot blog. What do I do?

These instructions are for removing template installs of IntenseDebate.

If you encounter an error uninstalling IntenseDebate on your BlogSpot blog you will need to manually remove the IntenseDebate code from your blog template. Here's how you do it:


1. Make sure you backup your template! You can do this by going to the Layout tab in your Blogger admin panel followed by the Edit HTML sub-tab. Select the Download Full Template option and save it to your desktop.

2. Open your template file using any text editing program and save the file as "Modified Template." The purpose of this is to ensure that you have a backup of your original template in case you need to revert to it. You will be using the "Modified Template" file to remove IntenseDebate.

3. You will need to locate the IntenseDebate code. To do this please use the "Find" command (on a PC use the command ctrl f , on a mac use the command apple f). Type in IntenseDebate.

4. Remove anything inside the <!--IntenseDebate div to the end of it <!--/IntenseDebate. Search for all instances of that div and remove them.

5. Now you need to search for <!--Intense Debate-PREID. Remove all instances of <!--Intense Debate-PREID and at the end remove the -->.

6. Save the file as a .XML file.

7. Upload your modified template to your BlogSpot blog and check your blog to see that everything is in order.


Sources and Citations:IntenseDebate FAQ


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Hi, this is for testing

Pls. ignore this

Pls. ignore this post



testing pls. ignore this post

3D Wallpapers 3

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Why is IntenseDebate is only showing up on the index page of my Tumblr blog?

Why is IntenseDebate is only showing up on the index page of my Tumblr blog?The reason may be as follows.


a div with the id “posts” as part of the default install. Could you please add the following to your template wherever the comments should be? That will take care of it.


<div id=”posts”></div>

You’ll also need to put in a div with the class “post” in each tumblr post.

Like the following:


<div class=”post”></div>

This is how IntenseDebate determines how many posts are on the page (>1 it show links, <=1 it show the comment section).


Sources and Citations:IntenseDebate FAQ


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My Freezing Experience: 2

No, I was never distressed at the assurance of my .  So long-life as . was recognise, I had the perturbing presentment to the senior and the brash and no moment however it functioned.


Whether you believe it or not, the refrigerator in use at our home developed a hole from inside made by a mouse(animal of course not from my system’s !) to make an abode for its kith and kin. The mouse cut into it from backside of the refrigerator for a summer cooling experience with its wife and children, feasting on the stored stuffs and sleeping with air-conditioning experience. The inside was too spacious for its family members to dance and dine with musical screaming.


No, I was never worried at the plight of my refrigerator. It provided me an opportunity to go for a fresh one. So long as Mr.Kelvinator was present, I had the worrisome exposure to the old and the bold and no matter how it functioned, I had the universal acclaimed theology of “ old products are more customer friendly” was always in view in my mind along with a lively picture of how it grew into old age from childhood and orphanage.


At last, we at home decided to retire our old freeze as it had already seen two decades of rise and fall of its functions and malfunctions. we had to give it a safe refuge in a clean corner of our store room where it is enjoying its much-needed rest.


All on a sudden, Mr. Samsung entered into our drawing room to take the place of Mr. Kelvinator and all of us forgot the old and bygone days of our lovely and lusty relationship with Mr. Kelvinator and greeted Mr. Samsung with rare gaiety.


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Security Measures from Microsoft to protect one's company's confidential Information on Office Live Small Business

Microsoft goes with  the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) when developing software.The process entails a series of security-focused activities and deliverables during each phase of Microsoft's software development process, including the development of threat models during software design and arch typing , through  code-scanning tools and devices during software implementation, reviewing of codes , and security testing during the during a focused "security push".  It must undergo a final security review by an independent development team from the team specified above before software can be released. So it has been seen it significantly reduced rate of security vulnerabilities being discovered.


The data of yours at  Office Live Small Business is stored in computer systems with limited access that are located in controlled facilities with Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC).The MSRC searches  information about software vulnerabilities, watches  for evidence of security instances, and then responds quickly to patch and secure customers from security threats when they emerge.

Office Live Small Business is a complete set of services that are designed to serve the needs of small businesses, which also includes the ability to store and share documents.

When you sign up for Office Live Small Business, you automatically get a fourth-level domain name based on your user name. It looks something like your name.Web.office live.com.You can replace your fourth-level domain with a custom domain by purchasing from there of you want to otherwise yours fourth level domain can manage yours work.Domain redelegation is possible also that lets you tell your current domain registrar to associate your domain name with new website hosting and email services of Office Live Small Business. I have seen it is not accepting the cz.cc domains like this web log www.ittech.cz.cc but it is accepting the domain redelgation of dot com and other renewed services and if you have and if you want to then you can go ahead and use the Office Live Small Business hosting place for free!

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Prosumer: No string attached

Soft-tech is not just about software or related to it, it is now a way of life. Everything around us is flowering to the symphony of the tech-world , gadgets gizmos and  more . It turns into a philosophy , that pervades almost every aspect of our lives.


The term “ PROSUMERISM” is an offshoot of the open source movement and is the rise of term Prosumer. It has many meanings and derivatives and among many one meaning is a mixture of a professional and consumer. It is the meaning derived from mash up of a consumer and producer. The prosumer will have active role, in making and shaping of a product, Which he/she uses in daily routine.


As , now –a-days companies are moving for active participation of consumer and thus moving slowly to them to Prosumer role of action, through surveys , reviews of their products which can influence their research and development (R&D) of a product. The  FOSS movement which has given rise to this participative from of product development thus creating more and more prosumer, through crowd sourcing, mass culture, forums, in a single sentence it is a culture driven by masses. Prosumer  will be exactly the same manner, informing guests about new products more tilted towards technology especially software reviews, their free promotions and more informations. Even the suggestions and comments you give is a sense of crowd sourcing and prosumerism.



Thus we will be involved in bringing to the market innovative real world softwares based on the collective  intelligence of us. Other than  crowd sourcing , idea creation, collative intelligence , Prosumer will be exceeding any other man-made repository of information available for good to pubic , sea of knowledge, discovery , fighting against piracy . Prosumer tries to straddle the line between free and commercial softwares. Yours comments and our reviews thus making us Prosumer, together will make a product , will enhance the original product (software), and form an integral part of the sum total of human Knowledge. We, the define the knowledge, stepping stone of the next era of product development. Let us all work together and make life lot easier for ourselves lot easier for ourselves and everyone around us.


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3D Wallpapers 2

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3D Wallpapers

To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit:

The heading of this post “To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit:” something awkward actually I failed to find a heading for this post,why I am telling it now in detail.In my Gmail account earlier days, I subscribed to a newsletter names  MakeUseOf.com (news@makeuseof.com) so that I could get their newsletter straight into my inbox for reading.For some reason I want it to unsubscribe this.At  the end of this newsletter written how to unsubscribe :

This monthly newsletter was sent to you because you subscribed. If you would like to unsubscribe please use the link at the bottom of this email.
MakeUseOf Limited
1007 Argyle Street
Glasgow, G3 8LZ / UK

The link of unsubscribe this newsletter is


and then I click the link but to my utter surprise , my antivirus suit Vipre Antivirus blocked it and the suit says in a new tab as follows.

Ad blocked by VIPRE

So, in this way I cannot unsubscribe this newsletter after trying a few times, as it seems  and easy to understand it is pathetic to know that unsubscritpion link of this newsletter may have been embedded with some ad and that is the reason Vipre Antivirus Suit blocked it.There are other ways to block it in my Gmail so I awarded this newsletter to “spam” and it is now running it into my spam folder of Gmail but still to date ma unable to unsubscribe.Strange!

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How to open hosts with notepad on yours computer

HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.It is otherwise called the  local host. This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one space.Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual lines or following the machine name denoted by a '#' symbol.

For example:
#     rhino.acme.com          # source server
#     x.acme.com              # x client host

This is basically to use it to block certain sites and in a way it can be said as ad blocker and in fact solid ad blocker. First you want to open it and it can be opened with a notepad by following instructions.


Go to Start > Run 

and then write this command line on your command prompt interface  to open yours host file with a notepad.

notepad C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

then click “ ok ”

Yours host file is now open with notepad.


Let us now make an instant. Let us assume that you are addicted to Facebook and now you want to get rid of it.You want yours computer to block assessing Facebook.It is simple , just open the host file as written above procedure. then just write this one www.facebook.com

remember to make at least one space between and Facebook and you are done.



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The World’s Most Networked Country is now Sweden

US, Canada and Norway far behind .The world’s most comprehensive and authoritative international assessment of the impact of ICT on the development process and the competitiveness of nations results shows.The world’s most networked country is now Sweden.Second is Singapore followed by Denmark, Switzerland, US, Finland and the rest 133 economies world wide.China ranked 37th and India ranked 43 rd the two most populous country seems fast catching it up and it will be interesting to see the result after 5 years.


US disappointing results primarily due to their poor ranking in mobile penetration in which it ranked 72nd and broadband penetration where it ranked 22nd.The study has been conducted by the World Economy Forum’s Global IT Report.

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Flaws in man-management

As a HR executive mote world different places ku jai meetings attend karibaku hue. Ehipari eka conference re mora speech diajiba ku thila. Sethipain mu with lots of excitement  sehi place ku jaithili. Excitement ethipain sehi town re mora eka favorite general store thila. Mu last three years re jetebele ethaku ase sehi general store ru mora darakara sabu saman anithae. Sehi general store ti bahut homely lage  and taha quite big general store ate. Mu first day dina sehi store ku gali and mote darkarthiba shampoo , conditioner ,etc sales-man ku kahili debaku. Matra  sales man kahila  sehi brand ra  shampoo , conditioner sarijaichi and taha next day asiba. As a brand loyal  mu mora favorite brand ku kebe leave kare nahin. Tenu mu  pare asibi kahi mu rahithiba hotel ku palei asila. Conference three days chalila. and eha bahut  successful madhya rahila.


Conference sariba pare mu mora staying au one day adhika karideli jaha phalare mu sehi general store ku jai paribi . The very next day mu sehi general store ku gali . Sehi general store ra two counter thila. And two pate people purcase kariparuthile also payment kariparuthile. And mu again sehi general store re thiba mora favorite counter number two ku gali. Sethare sehi odl sales man thila. mu taku mora saman magili se kahila sehi jinisha asinahin. Tapare mu kichis window shopping kali. and payment sehi sales man ku kali jaha  sehi counter re thiba  customer karuthile.  

Mu dekhili that sales man sabu product ra rate tara MRP rate tharu 10% reduce kari billing karuthila. mu quite surprise hoigali. again total rate tharu 5% kati se mo tharu payment receive kala. Mu ekdum se surprise hoigali. Karan ete kum re ehi sabu saman miliba in today's world re  almost impossible. But my dear readers according to  Hitler, nothing  is impossible. impossible is saying it self i m possible. So mu eha think kari setharu payment kari mora saman ani hotel ku back kali.


Hotel re mote tike upset feel heuthila. Karan ehipari jadi chaiba tebe one day mu jetebele ehaku puni asibi setebele perhaps mora favorite general store ku au paibi nahin.Sehi store  close hoijaithiba. Tapare mu mane mane analyze kali keunthare fault rahila jaha phalare ehipari eka successfully run karuthiba mora favorite general store ti close heba pai agei chalichi !

Mu dekhili sethare payment counter boli kichi nahin. Jeun counter ru neba sehi counter re thiba sales man  sabu transaction bujhuchanti. Jjaha phalare semane nijara man mani chaleichanti. Either sehi sales man fool hoithibe or bahut clever jaha phalare se nijara dissatisfaction jaha tahara owner upare achi se, ehipari sujhauchi. Also mu mark karichi sabu super mall manankare  each floor re one  payment counter klarithanti. Matra here five sales man achanti and they are also transaction dayitware achanti.


Ehithiru eka conclusion ku asi hauchi as a owner tame sabu belle sajaga drusthy rakhithiba and also one window system sabubelle payment pain rakhiba.


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