Display proudly your Followers on Blogger/BlogSpot

Bloggers' following feature enables to show off yours followers in yours blog in a way By following your blog, your readers tell you and the world that they’re a fan of what you post.Yours dashboard will show number of yours followers,a click on the Followers icon, you can browse your followers, observe their activities and what they are writing and what they are thinking about yours blog.In this way you can know who are followers of yours blog and now we will discus how to show it off in yours blog.

You can show them off by adding the Followers gadget to your blog’s sidebar. From the “Layout | Page Elements” tab, click “Add a Gadget” and select “Followers” from the gadgets list. The Followers gadget shows the profile pictures of your followers and gives your readers a “Follow This Blog” link to join up,

Your followers can stay updated with your blog with the Reading List inside their blog dashboard The Blogs I’m Following tab automatically shows the latest posts from all the blogs you follow. You can follow any blog even blogs that haven’t added the Followers widget or aren’t hosted on Blogger. Just click the “Add” button and type in the blog’s URL.

With Google Reader see a special folder in Reader called “Blogs I’m Following,” .You can follow blogs subscribe in the reader in addition to it.From the Reading List on your Blogger Dashboard, click “Add,” then “Import from Google Reader.”

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Sources & Citations : Blogger Buzz


2Education on Customer Service

Let me give you a lively recall of a recent incident of a medicine retail dealer helping me in a manner none of my friends and relatives could help me for about half a decade till then.

My requirement was the regular supply of a particular tablet of meagre cost which remained unavailable for all these years, though i had tried at every retail outlet relentlessly through self and through others, being contented with the substitute thereof which hardly gave me the comfort of the originally prescribed tablet.


I was not at all a customer of the new retailer i visited and my approach to him was only incidental and casual as i had made it a habit to ask every medicine shop i visited over the years hoping against hope to get the supply. The man immediately greeted me gleefully as i rushed to his shop and offered me help despite heavy rush of customers and contacted a number of dealers and whole- sellers across chennai and delhi spending his most valuable and scarce time on a trivial transaction which was a loss for him so far as the cost factor on mobile bill was concerned. But after 35 to 40 minutes of hectic trial, he seemed like hitting the jackpot as inimitable and winning smile played across his lips. He asked me to kindly give him my cell phone number so as to enable him to contact me as the consignment arrived. Indeed, the consignment arrived on the third day and i collected the booty on the third day itself without any extra charge for postal expenses which the retailer bore.


This was a very simple marketing strategy by the retailer which fetched him a new customer whose full loyalty is assured for him as i have decided to stay his customer for ever.

This for me is an education on customer service and a very practical and highly effective one as a single help by the retailer could shatter my brand-loyalty of four decades as i vowed to become a loyal customer of the new dealer.

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Use Twitter with Text Messaging!

Twitter is more fun when used through your mobile phone. I personally prefer the web version though.Setting up using twitter with text messaging is smart easy.Believe it or not it is easy.Standard message and data rates may apply of the mobile operator.Log in to yours existing twitter account if you have not then you can create one for yours by going here.Then log in to yours account .Then at the top of yours account go to Settings, then Mobile and then you reach at a page where everything is self explanatory.

Use Twitter with Text Messagin 2

Choose your country as it seems it is not available for every country so first check whether you qualify for it or say otherwise whether yours country is in the twitter’s list then enter your mobile phone number ,then choose yours mobile career and click verify button and verify it.


Use Twitter with Text Messaging


What is the gain accessing twitter from mobile:

The prime question is what is the benefit, yes there are some benefit as it is mobile and you can twit while walking.Send tweets with text messaging on your phone.Receive texts for DMs and the tweets from users you want to be notified about.Clicking the phone icon on a users profile page or your followers page sets Tweet notifications for that user.

Do more than Tweet! Send these commands to Twitter:

RT username
Retweet a user's latest tweet
FAV username
Favorite a user's latest tweet
D username your-message
Send a direct message to a user

FOLLOW username
Start following a user
UNFOLLOW username
Stop following a user
Turn all Tweet notifications on or off
ON/OFF username
Set Tweet notifications for a user on or off (you'll still be following them even if you set it to off)
GET username
Shows you the latest tweet from any user

So sign up twitter before anyone does so.


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Resetting to Learning Mode in Firewall of VIPRE® Antivirus Suit

VIPRE Antivirus is high-performance antivirus software that doesn't slow down your PC like older, traditional security products. It is a completely new breed of product that fully integrates antivirus, antispyware and with the introduction of VIPRE Premium, breakthrough firewall protection. It does not bloat.VIPRE Antivirus Premium version you get a 2-way desktop firewall, and additional, more advanced intrusion protection. This feature can be enabled and more proactively used when you use Firewall with learning mode.

resetting to learning mode in firewall of Vipre Antivirus Suit

Reset to Learning Mode:

Resets to the VIPRE Firewall "Learning Mode" default settings. Learning mode will prompt you whenever there is an attempt made for a network connection. It is more secure than the so called default protection and it is recommended. If you are running the firewall in simple mode then followings are the procedure to change it to Learning mode .In simple mode if HIPS enabled then default action will be “allow” but in Learning mode HIPS default action will be “allow with notify” so more security.File menu, select Settings. Click the Firewall tab, click Reset to Defaults.Reset Firewall Defaults dialog box displays. Reset to Learning Mode: Resets to the VIPRE Firewall "Learning Mode" default settings. Learning mode will prompt you whenever there is an attempt made for a network connection. What follows is an optional step.if you suspect that one of the user-defined rules you created is causing problems and don't know which one to fix. Then select Delete all user defined firewall rules .Click OK on the Reset Firewall Defaults dialog box. Click OK on the Firewall Settings screen.then the resetting to learning mode in firewall of Vipre Antivirus Suit done.

Please remember Learning Mode,will frequently prompt you to essentially teach the VIPRE Firewall how to act. You will be prompted to take action on activity by applications and for certain Operating System actions. Your actions to the prompts can be remembered and applied to this activity in the future, by creating or modifying a rule.

So download VIPRE® Antivirus Suit before anyone does so.

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The computer keeps disconnecting from the internet

HI, today we will be talking about a situation in a dial-up connection where the computer keeps disconnecting from the internet and how to rectify.It may be yours possible solution.This could have been due to yours Internet Explorer or yours email client especially from Microsoft's setting.Let us observe it one by one.First the Internet Explorer.In Internet Explorer go to

Tools>Internet Options>Connections>Dial Up settings>Advanced Dial –up setting


and confirm that ‘Disconnect when connection may no longer be required ’ is turned off .

Now check Outlook Express or in my case Windows Live Mail from Microsoft.Go to

Menu (Alt+M)>Option>Connection and then turn off ‘Hang up after sending and receiving’

 the computer keeps disconnecting from the internet

Then check yours dial-up connection and observe whether yours computer is keeping disconnecting from the internet frequently now or  this problem is over.So, now you do not worry about yours computer keeps disconnecting from the internet time and again .

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I Love You More Than Words Can Say...

None to me is as special as you can be
I knew it is the four-lettered word- love
I Love you more than Words could ever tell .

Oh! my dearest love,
Leave me not,

I Love you more than Words could ever tell
lest darkness will dense me
and I will not
Live in this world of
Loves, Labors Lost.

Gazing at the stars
On a dark, cold night,
I wish you can hear
I wish you can see
How I miss you

I find myself smiling
I know you also feel the same way as I
I know you feel me in your heart,
I can know everything because of telepathy !!!

I Love you more than Words could ever tell .

Though  a Ocean
Kept us apart but only in body
And never in heart and soul

Oh my  soul of honor
These feelings are true to my heart,

Too many words left unspoken
Because of tonsils
But I have so much to tell
Too many things left undone
Because of fever
But I have so much in mind

I Love you more than Words could ever tell .

Oh! My Dearest Love
Listen to the unsung, undeclared
Music of my heart .

Love I to You,
I love You
More each day
I will love You
Till my last breath
Until the Sun refuses to eliminate.

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My Freezing Experience

Whether you believe it or not, the refrigerator in use at our home developed a hole from inside made by a mouse(animal of course not from my system’s !) to make an abode for its kith and kin. The mouse cut into it from backside of the refrigerator for a summer cooling experience with its wife and children, feasting on the stored stuffs and sleeping with air-conditioning experience. The inside was too spacious for its family members to dance and dine with musical screaming.

No, I was never worried at the plight of my refrigerator. It provided me an opportunity to go for a fresh one. So long as Mr.Kelvinator was present, I had the worrisome exposure to the old and the bold and no matter how it functioned, I had the universal acclaimed theology of “ old products are more customer friendly” was always in view in my mind along with a lively picture of how it grew into old age from childhood and orphanage.

At last, we at home decided to retire our old freeze as it had already seen two decades of rise and fall of its functions and malfunctions. we had to give it a safe refuge in a clean corner of our store room where it is enjoying its much-needed rest.

All on a sudden, Mr. Samsung entered into our drawing room to take the place of Mr. Kelvinator and all of us forgot the old and bygone days of our lovely and lusty relationship with Mr. Kelvinator and greeted Mr. Samsung with rare gaiety.

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I can't follow people: follow limits on Twitter

On my twitter on the last weekend suddenly my follow limits halted showing an error message in  browser when I try to perform an action.I doubted what is the real cause so I googled and reached at the Twitter help page and got the explanations and the reason behind the blocking of follow limits and realized that this has been blocked only for today.The reason is as follows.

Twitter has imposed reasonable limits to help prevent system and user abuse.If you hit a technical limit means it means you've exceeded one of these limits:1,000 updates per day,250 direct messages per day,150 API requests per hour,Follow limit also API Limits .Every user can follow 2000 people total. Once you’ve followed 2000 users, there are limits to the number of additional users you can follow: this limit is different for every user and is based on your ratio of followers to following. But in my case I just followed 20 people and twitter said the follow limits of mine on twitter exceeded today .

If I hit a limit, what should I do?

yeah,this is an important aspect.If you've reached a daily limit, wait 24 hours (or one hour for API requests) and you'll be able to perform the action again.If you've reached a follow limit, you’ll need to wait until you have more followers before you can follow additional users. Follow limits are systematic. Support cannot remove follow limits.

Last word:

Why does Twitter have follow limits at all? Do twitter think I’m a spammer?Twitter thinks hitting a follow limit does not mean I am a spammer.These limits help twitter improve site performance and reliability and helps twitter to make it a nice place for everyone. Well I do not think so if it continue to do this and limit the followers then certainly one day it will loss its importance as this is the niche for which twitter is famous for . Other companies like Google with its Google buzz now opening arms and wants us to use it and it is now entirely up to users what to decide upon.Frankly I am bit confused.

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Sources & Citations:

Follow Limits and Best Practices help page  ,I can't follow people: follow limits

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Kontactr is a one-click free contact form service.

Kontactr is a one-click free contact form service. Kontactr is a free one-click contact form service that allows you to create your own free contact form so that people can contact you without knowing your email address. You receive Spam only when Spammers get to know your email address. With your Kontactr, your email address is completely concealed. So you don't have to fear spammers anymore. Read Terms of use and then just click on the sign up link and create yours contact form ,register and login to your account, you'll see your very own Kontactr link. You can post it anywhere instead of posting your email address.


With Kontactr, you can fight against the amount of spam that you receive daily. Protect your email address by using highly secure contact form.You can also use Kontactr simple tools to embed the form right into your own website.Sign up with Kontactr :it takes no more than 15 seconds to sign up with Kontactr,Get your form's code :it is available in various forms. Buttons, widgets etc..Add it to your website:Now, you have a beautiful, secure contact form on your website.You can do it with  Embed widgets-- Plain HTML widget and AJAXified widget.

How to change yours email address ?

Login to your account and click on the "Change Email" to change your email address.

What can you do if you don't want to contacted through Kontactr ?

Just login to your account and click on the "Inactivate" link to turn off your form. You can reactivate it anytime you want.

So,webmasters please go here and start making one-click free contact form service with a spam free mail account.


Excellent tool ,clean and simple,secure, CAPTCHA Protection,customizable, to match your website,best of all, its free.If you get a large blank space when you use Kontactr on Blogger. it is better to use AJAX widget which is problem free simple and easy to use.Ajax embedded widget allows users to contact you without leaving your website.We recommend using this widget, as this is much more simple than the HTML embedded widget as HTML embedded widget is only recommended for advanced users. Please see yours blog’s contact button code.

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Get a FREE Domain Name - www.YOU.co.nr !!!

Basic Free Domain Name package was designed to provide fast and hassle free solution to everyone who wishes to get cool and free domain name of .co.nr domain name that looks like a real paid domain.You get a FREE DOMAIN NAME such as www.yourname.co.nr plus a lot of value added features, the most important of them are the following:

  • Ability to use your free domain name with and without WWW, and more
  • No banners or popup ads, actually, NO ANY ADS at all
  • Free URL Cloaking also known as Free URL Masking
  • Free URL Forwarding, also known as Free URL Redirection
  • Intelligent Free Path Forwarding and Advanced Free META TAGS support

conr domain

What is .NR domain name?

Dot NR top level domain name is a ccTLD (country code top level domain) for Republic of Nauru, .NR ccTLD is assigned by ICANN and can be used and accessed worldwide, and it is operated by the respected .NR Domain Name Registry .(CenpacNet Inc)


No setup fees, no monthly fees, no yearly fees, no renewal fees, etc. And you can use your free domain name as long as you wish (or as long as our service exists). It will take you 5-10 minutes to signup and your domain will be activated immediately. You only need a website to point your domain to it and you can begin using your free domain name!Enjoy your banner-free & free domain name!You can host your website anywhere you wish and point your free domain name to your website. If you ever decide to change your hosting provider you can fastly and easily modify your free domain name to point it to your new hosting provider. Only 1 minute.URL cloaking is used to mask your real website address (that might be long and difficult to remember) with your new Domain Name web address. So, your free domain name will always be in the location bar of your website visitors.The most important META TAGS like Description, Keywords, Revisit-After etc. are supported. (META TAGS are important for your site to be indexed by search engines)

Use this Free Domain Name package before anyone does !

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Dealing with failures

Who understands nuances of life , we couldn’t praise him more but we would still like to wish, having many failures, he will succeed one day. He had more room for failures to accumulate and moderate as he is wishful that law of averages would coma one day. The very same way we marvel at the therapeutic capabilities of water, the simplicity and the maturity, the best of outings ever since the colossal failures, spend an hour talking to yourself, come to at yours terms, and realise there is more to the world than the mere  successes and failures. With the both humbleness and dexterity, all of us make believe and identify and express our concerns about a rather peculiar trend really not cool at all to make us believe that we are not the protagonists of Shakespeare arean tragedies. We should not look cut out. It will seem to you everything is going against you, yours mental aptitude should be one positive pillar which should not be stumble upon, instead it should be deliciously and passionately convert into a wall of confidence to protect and support you in the long run.dealing with failures

Failure dents yours confidence, but surprise yourself by handling the  failures. Be prepared and unaffected to the pressures of failures , it is more sensitive so be careful, always cheer up, and always accept failure, as the law of averages will always catch up. Be cool and composed and put yours hands on the pulse of things,may be it is a weird feeling to start with change  the way people look at you; you can feel like you know nothing, can have a bewildered reaction - ‘Really ! That’s true !’. Make discussions you can have learning curve, summerise yours line of  thoughts , and  make perfection in yours delivery of thoughts and synchronise it with yours thoughtful actions. Even in boom-crash markets you have to have a honed business sense over substantive market propositions. Always be a thinker, study the environment, and observe and feel the world as a scroll of success. Always yourself, depending on what matters, the answers may be dramatically different, but it may also be nothing for some . Think about innovations and quality enhancement, make changes if required change further. Expand yours coverage, redesign yours ideas based on feedback also if required revamped and also create new ideas or topics of yours interest. Share yours ideas, interact with others is fruitful way. Use various interactive mediums like twitter , facebook, friendsteirs, blogs, get feedback from yours community you may get brutal feedback or may get constructive feedback , analyse all and make a right decision. Now, you have a lot of ideas to work on.

Always keep an eye on the trends in technology, the unprecedented economic upheaval, create new and innovative business models, build things, products, build network and build business. So, the last word, with all those practical tips, lessons from successful technology, and with opportunity at proper time, with more bridges to connect, many opportunities are spreading both hands at you  spread the word, create togetherness, and build a great future. Make failures a stepping stone to success.

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Managing Advertisement Blocking

I got VIPRE® Antivirus Premium v.4.0 through this promotion on the first week of March,about it I have written detailed review ,see here ,also I have written and blogged about how I uninstalled VIPRE® Antivirus Premium v.4.0 in the two series ,part 1 and part 2.Today I will talk about “Managing Advertisement Blocking” with VIPRE® Antivirus Premium v.4.0.managing advertising blocking with vipre

VIPRE Premium's Advertisement Blocking uses a list of malicious ad sites and text strings contained in the site addresses compiled by SunbeltLabs.It will show as Defs You can add, edit, or delete a user-defined Domain/URL, and block/unblock an advertisement Domain/URL.

Domain/URLs that are unblocked (disabled) will essentially override the "Block 3rd party advertisements" setting. It will show you as User.

To add, edit, or delete a user-defined Domain/URL:
Navigate to the Web Filter Settings screen.

(File>Settings>Firewall tab>Web Filter Settings button)

Select the Block 3rd party advertisements check box, and then click Change. The Advertisement blocking by URL dialog box displays.
To add an advertisement filter, click Add. The Add an Advertisement filter dialog box displays.
To edit a user-defined advertisement filter, select a row in the table and click Edit. The Modify an Advertisement filter dialog box displays.
To delete a user-defined advertisement filter, select a row in the table and click Delete. The item is removed immediately. Click OK to close.
Select one of the following options:
Sub-string: Looks for a match of the string you enter anywhere within a URL (i.e. adserver009).
Wild card: Allows for "?" and "*" to match any character in the URL (i.e. *.sunbeltsoftware.com).
Regular expression: This is to be used by experts who are familiar with the regular expression syntax (i.e. adtrack\d*\).
Enter a URL or Web page expression that reflects the selection you made in Step 4.
Click OK to add the URL or Web page to the Advertisement blocking by URL dialog box.
On the Firewall Settings screen, verify that Enable Web Filtering is selected.


To block/unblock an advertisement Domain/URL:
It is very easy .Navigate to the Web Filter Settings screen.

(File>Settings>Firewall tab>Web Filter Settings button)

Select the Block 3rd party advertisements check box, and then click Change. The Advertisement blocking by URL dialog box displays. Navigate to a desired item in the list, and then select to Enable or unselect to Disable. Click OK to save changes and close the dialog box. On the Firewall Settings screen, verify that Enable Web Filtering is selected


About VIPRE® Antivirus Premium v.4.0:VIPRE (Virus Intrusion Protection Remediation Engine) is uniquely designed to reduce computer frustration with its low system resource usage, faster boot times, few popups, and a broad-range of detection and remediation of viruses, trojans, worms, and spyware.

The VIPRE Firewall provides bi-directional protection, protecting you from both incoming and outgoing traffic. It can be run in either "Simple" or "Learning" modes. Simple for the basic user running mostly behind the scenes; and Learning for a more experienced user with frequent user interaction. From either mode, you can further customize your Firewall settings.

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My Tweet Followers

 MyTweetFollowers. is the best place for you to grow your twitter network and gain a ton of followers.Go there,it's free and will help you get the followers you need.If you want to enhance the followers number then it its the right place you have arrived.You login and then follow people to be added to free section where people will follow you in return. MyTweetFollowersis in no way affiliated with twitter ,it is been said by this website. As this website suggests it is the best way to get tons of followers on Twitter.

You will be Log in using yours Twitter Username and Twitter Password to use MyTweetFollowers

my tweet followers

After it you will enter into a page where you will see both the vip followers means the paid one and the regular followers , if you wish  you can go for paid vip followers but am talking about the regular followers means the free ones .This service is free until you opt for their paid service the vip followers as the website said.After following the persons then a pop up window will come up and will say now you can join and go to the below of website then click the plus sign and you are done. "Thank you for taking the time to join MyTweetFollowers.com" this means that the process completed and thus by going through this process again and again you can increase yours followers outstandingly.

MyTweetFollowers says

MyTweetFollowers.com is the best way to find a ton of people that want to follow you on twitter! It's pretty easy to use if you just follow the simple instructions:

1. Click the follow button below the users picture to follow them.
2. You have to follow all of the VIP riders.
3. You have to follow at least 20 of the regular riders.

You can always deactivate this by going to opt out.

Website:  MyTweetFollowers

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FREE Scrapbooking Software that lets you capture anything from the Web in an instant?

MyFotoPad is Scrapbooking Software that is completely FREE It does all the things you need in most scrapbooking functions without having to pay over the top prices for software.Write wherever you want anywhere you like.Draw anything you like just like pen and paper.Use and create your own collages for your pictures.Capture any Bit of the screen you need from the Web or Elsewhere.Have AUDIO recordings as part of your scrapbook.Change your Photos to Black and White.

my fotopad

Give your Pictures a Sepia effect for a Dated look.Emboss your pictures to give that 3-D look.Create a Torn look on your pictures.Soften, Blur or Sharpen pictures at will.Lighten Darken and improve the contrast of your pictures.Convert your Scrapbooking to HTML pages.


Just plain works. Very easy to use. The screen capture from the Web is outstanding, drag and drop anything MyFotoPad does the rest it's made scrapbooks much more interesting.Picture additions flexibility also additional functionality of adding audio recording is quite a bonus.It is a cool applications and free also.Just a caution before downloading the software brief visit to any of  sponsors sites so be careful with a sense.As the other is saying We have teamed up with our sponsors so that we can make this a FREE service.

So download MyFotoPad before anyone does so.

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Five critical updates for Microsoft system(2010-04-14 )

microsoft Microsoft has published five updates for critical vulnerabilities in its operating systems / applications, as well as five important and one moderate updates in its software advisories.Critical updates in the sense of Microsoft is of important and significant and a must update in order to protect yours system running Microsoft softwares and appliances.You can get more ,detailed information from here.From this page you can search for the links of Microsoft's Security Bulletins MS10-019 - MS10-029 in order to have detailed observation.

In short the critical update addresses these issues . One privately reported vulnerability in Windows Media Player,Microsoft MPEG Layer-3 audio codec,Windows Media Services,two privately reported vulnerabilities in Windows Authenticode Verification,One publicly disclosed and several privately reported vulnerabilities in SMB Client.


If you have yours automatic updates enabled then it will download these critical security vulnerabilities for you or you can go Microsoft windows update site  in order to manually patch yours OS.

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Command-Line Options with USBDeview

USBDeview is a small utility that lists all USB devices that currently connected to your computer, as well as all USB devices that you previously used.To know more about this freeware please refer to this post earlier published.



Execute a command when you insert a USB device:

Starting from version 1.10, USBDeview allows you to execute a command from exe/cmd/bat file in every time that insert a USB device to your system. In order to use this feature, go to 'Options->Advanced Options', select the 'Execute..' check-box, and type the exe/cmd file that you want to run. You can also use the following special variables in this command
string: %device_name%, %device_desc%, %drive%, %serial_number%, %vid%,
%pid%, %vid_hex%, %pid_hex%
USBDeview will automatically replace these variables with the appropriate data of the device that you inserted. For example, if you want to pass to your exe file 2 parameters - the serial number of the device, and the drive letter:
c:\temp\test.exe "%serial_number%" "%drive%"

Stop/Disconnect Command-Line Options:

* /stop {/showmsg} {\\RemoteComputer} <Device Name>
  Stop/disconnect a USB device by specifying its name or description. You don't have to specify the whole name or description. You can also specify only a part of the name or description string, and USBDeview will identify it. For example, If the device name is 'Kingston DataTraveler 2.0', you can simply put 'kingston' or 'DataTraveler' in the device name parameter, and USBDeview will disconnect the right device. If you want that a message/balloon will be displayed after the device is disconnected, add the '/showmsg' parameter. (Windows 2000 displays a message-box, Windows XP displays a balloon) If you want to disconnect a device in a remote computer, specify the remote computer name, with \\ prefix. You must login to the remote computer with admin rights in order to do that.
  USBDeview.exe /stop /showmsg "DVD RW"
  USBDeview.exe /stop "DataTraveler"
  USBDeview.exe /stop \\comp01 "SanDisk Cruzer"

* /stop_by_serial {/showmsg} {\\RemoteComputer} <Device Name>
  Similar to /stop command, but instead of specifying a device name, you should specify the serial number of the device Works only with mass storage devices.
  USBDeview.exe /stop_by_serial ea051261
  USBDeview.exe /stop_by_serial /showmsg 876534513

* /stop_by_drive {/showmsg} {\\RemoteComputer} <Device Name>
  Stop/disconnect a USB device by specifying its drive letter. Works only with USB flash drives and CD/DVD devices.
  USBDeview.exe /stop_by_drive g:
  USBDeview.exe /stop_by_drive /showmsg f:
  USBDeview.exe /stop_by_drive /showmsg \\comp02 t:

* /stop_by_class {/showmsg} {\\RemoteComputer} <USB Class;USB
  SubClass;USB Protocol>
  Stop/disconnect a USB device by specifying the class/subclass/protocol  combination. For example, if you want to stop all 'Mass Storage' devices, you should specify the following class/subclass/protocol combination: 08;06;50
  USBDeview.exe /stop_by_class /showmsg 08;06;50
  USBDeview.exe /stop_by_class 03;01;02

* /stop_by_pid {/showmsg} {\\RemoteComputer} <VendorID;ProductID>
  Stop/disconnect a USB device by specifying the VendorID/ProductID. You can specify only the VendorID if you want to disconnect all devices with that VendorID.
  USBDeview.exe /stop_by_pid /showmsg 13fe;1a00
  USBDeview.exe /stop_by_pid 04f9

* /stop_all {/showmsg} {\\RemoteComputer}
  Stop/disconnect all USB devices currently connected to your computer.

Disable/Enable/Remove Command-Line Options:

Starting from version 1.20, you can also use the following commands to disable, enable or remove USB devices from command-line:
* /disable {\\RemoteComputer} <Device Name>
* /disable_by_serial {\\RemoteComputer} <Device Name>
* /disable_by_drive {\\RemoteComputer} <Device Name>
* /disable_by_class {\\RemoteComputer} <USB Class;USB SubClass;USB
* /disable_by_pid {\\RemoteComputer} <VendorID;ProductID>
* /disable_all {\\RemoteComputer}
* /enable {\\RemoteComputer} <Device Name>
* /enable_by_serial {\\RemoteComputer} <Device Name>
* /enable_by_drive {\\RemoteComputer} <Device Name>
* /enable_by_class {\\RemoteComputer} <USB Class;USB SubClass;USB
* /enable_by_pid {\\RemoteComputer} <VendorID;ProductID>
* /enable_all {\\RemoteComputer}
* /remove {\\RemoteComputer} <Device Name>
* /remove_by_serial {\\RemoteComputer} <Device Name>
* /remove_by_drive {\\RemoteComputer} <Device Name>
* /remove_by_class {\\RemoteComputer} <USB Class;USB SubClass;USB
* /remove_by_pid {\\RemoteComputer} <VendorID;ProductID>
* /remove_all {\\RemoteComputer}
* /remove_all_connected - Remove all connected USB devices.
* /remove_all_disconnected - Remove all disconnected USB devices.

Save Command-Line Options:

/stext <Filename>
Save the list of all USB devices into a regular text file.

/stab <Filename>
Save the list of all USB devices into a tab-delimited text file.

/scomma <Filename>
Save the list of all USB devices into a comma-delimited text file.

/stabular <Filename>
Save the list of all USB devices into a tabular text file.

/shtml <Filename>
Save the list of all USB devices into HTML file (Horizontal).

/sverhtml <Filename>
Save the list of all USB devices into HTML file (Vertical).

/sxml <Filename>
Save the list of all USB devices to XML file.

/sort <column>
This command-line option can be used with other save options for sorting by the desired column. If you don't specify this option, the list is sorted according to the last sort that you made from the user interface. The <column> parameter can specify the column index (0 for the first column, 1 for the second column, and so on) or the name of the column, like "Device Name" and "Description". You can specify the '~' prefix character (e.g: "~Description") if you want to sort in descending order. You can put multiple /sort in the command-line if you want to sort by
multiple columns.

USBDeview.exe /shtml "f:\temp\usb-list.html" /sort 2 /sort ~1
USBDeview.exe /shtml "f:\temp\usb-list.html" /sort "Device Type" /sort
"Device Name"

When you specify this command-line option, the list will be saved without
any sorting.


Download USBDeview from here .

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Unique Bharat (India) | ittech

Unique Bharat (India) ittech

Hi am back again

Unique Bharat (India)

  • Bharat is the biggest English communicative nations in the world.
  • The four religions brought into existence in Bharat Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.
  • Chess was invented in Bharat.
  • India was the richest country on earth continuously until the time of British invasion in the early 17th Century.
  • Sanskrit is the mother of all the European languages and Indian languages. Think about the words pitri *(Sanskrit) and English is father, matari (Sanskrit) and in English it is mother.
  • Bharat is the world’s largest, oldest, continuous civilization.
  • Bharat never invaded any country in her last 10000 years of history.
  • Varanasi(Benares) of Uttar Pradesh of Bharat is the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the world today.
  • The value of pi was first calculated by Budhayana ,he discovered what is known as the Pythagorean Theorem in the 6th century long before the European mathematicians.
  • The pioneer of wireless communication was Prof. Jagdish Bose not Marconi proved by IEEE .
  • The highest test century (cricket) by SR Tendulkar and highest ODI century by SR Tendulkar and first man on the earth to score a double hundred in ODI history is SR Tendulkar who is Bharatiya  (Indian)
  • The decimal system was developed in Bharat  in 100 BC.
  • World’s first urban culture Harappan culture in Sindhu Valley (Indus Valley Civilization) was in Bharat with lots of modern day lookalike town structures.

Sources & Citations:  India : Amazing Facts and Photos

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A Grand Relief:2

I was really  delighted that day to find somebody knowing me from my childhood in this love-lorn locality centered round a bunch of uncivilized people who in their filthy manners spoil the surroundings as much as themselves. No matter the number of civilized people living in the vicinity, such people though never ought-weighing the civilized ones spoil the broth just like a single fly spoiling a glassful of pure cow milk buoyant with thick puffy cream.

I never felt like knowing him earlier before, though I looked at him at times sensing a baby face grown into a matured one. We looked askance at each other reading the minds of both in no uncertain terms as we pass by in the same route often times not bothering about being articulate enough to end the surging silence. But hardly had we the temerity of interacting on the subject of earlier association. But the man knew me as much as I knew him for more than five decades from hence and this huge gap of a golden jubilee of separation was more than enough to turn two friends into wayside strangers. Why not it be? When a single decade ushers in a sea-change, five decades is too much a distance to hold up what we were up to.

Oh! you ruthless five decades of mega changes and major transformations which saw the rise and fall of not less than ten governments, massive climate change, war with two countries and rise and fall of Bangladesh and Pakistan, the emergence of Baba Ramdev, the heroics of Sachin Tendulkar,the vagaries of Southeast monsoon and a sumptuous dinner available elsewhere at fifty paisa costing a slight more than two hundred rupees.

I heaved a long sigh of relief that at last I was privileged with an opportunity of finding a clue to the bond of love and friendship I cherished five decades ago turning into a never ending thread of a life time, at least, if not beyond.

written by prosumer

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Comodo Internet Security 2010 brushed up

Comodo Internet Security 2010 (CIS 2010)interface is good,nice and have a interactive controls a display for the user (usually on a computer monitor) and that allows the user to interact with the system.I have been using Comodo firewall for quite a time in one of my PC.One thing I experience is that it has some compatible issues with Threatfire as both cannot be run simultaneously.Of late in the versions starting from 3 I have noticed Comodo firewall having some issues of slow browsing while in dial-up or slow connection than the normal speed it has.It is one of the major concern and I am confident that Comodo must have sort this issue.CIS 2010 HIPS setting is very talkative but it can be kept silent with some pre-format feature of this suit.Proactive defense mode is good fro security but it is resource intensive.


In paranoid mode the suit implements military like street policy by checking all possible threat it detects.The more happier thing is this suit is for geek as well as for layman as it can be customized in every possible way of choice available in it .Its firewall,antivirus or its complete suit can be customized as per the needs and demands of the user and these functionalities can be done or undone through CIS 2010 presets.The brand Comodo is synonymous with security and more so of network security and Comodo Secure DNS is result of this.


One of the new and unique function of CIS 2010 suit is its Secure DNS Server which is not found any of other competitors suits and it is one of the newest way of securing yours computing experience and most probably if it is controlled well then it can be a splendid performance enhancer while browsing the web.Comodo Secure DNS is a domain name resolution service that resolves your DNS requests through our worldwide network of redundant DNS servers. This can provide a much faster and more reliable Internet browsing experience than using the DNS servers provided by your ISP and does not require any hardware or software installation.Comodo Secure DNS gives you a safer, smarter and faster Internet and as far as my knowledge goes it can be configured with other suits as only slight change in yours DNS setting and up you go for a faster browsing experience.


Performance wise it is an ideal suit to have in yours kitty and almost no issues with fast connection.When idle 10 MB is the memory consumption.Data protection,identity protection and parental control not there in CIS 2010 suit , though these are not the essentials or feature you need most when purchasing any suit but these may have some additional buying preference which the suit definitely lacks if  we look at purely marketing point of view.With password protection and reset option available so shut down of suit if at all by any malware can be avoided so this is a good feature.

The concluding part ,in Part-2 in the next post ,please stay tuned.

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Download the 200+ page PDF CIS User Guide.



Sign Up Now and Receive one month free of Comodo Internet Security Pro!



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Advanced System Care-3 A Comprehensive System Care Utility

Having bought a PC the first thing, the principal concern of security is the second most important matter for you , in order to yours PC from countless crashes and formats. After prolonged PC usage, it becomes a tad slower, asking for PC cleaning up. Advance system care 3 (Free Pro version available) is a all rounder in system utility for protecting, cleaning, repairing and speeding up your windows PC. It involves in tasks such as deleting temporary files, internet files, recycle bin (not on recommended option, manually chosen),redundant registry entries (in the pro version deep registry cleaning available) and many others tasks that keep the system well maintained is also available.Advanced SystemCare Free (formerly Advanced Windows Care Personal) has a one-click approach to help protect, repair, clean, and optimize your PC. Designed for Windows® 7, Vista™, XP and 2000 (32bit and 64bit)

The Interface

Four large buttons available namely: Home, Maintain, diagnose, Utility.

Home: You can get version, statistic, date and time of lest system care. The date and time  of last System care can be known by simply putting the mouse on the system bar near to the time icon. When you click on “view” under statistic , the details of the last scan, number of problem fixed , and the defragment detail can be seen.

Diagnose: Click on the “Maintain Windows” button A-SC-3. Click the scan button to start scanning yours system. This checks for spyware, privacy issues, registry problems, privacy issues and junk files. After the scan is over it will give you the number of problems discovered in each sections. Click on the each area individually to see the detection or else Click on the repair button to fix all issues at once.


Key Benefits
Ultimate Speeding Up with New Added Turbo Boost
Advanced SystemCare is built with Turbo Boost to speed up PC by shutting down unnecessary background processes, cleaning RAM, and intensifying processor performance.

Enjoy That New PC Feeling Again
Whatever version of Windows you’re running, enjoy that “good as new” speed usually only experienced on a brand new PC.

Next-generation Registry Cleaner and System Optimization
Safely cleans registry junks, compacts registry bloat and defragments the registry for blistering-fast performance.

Speeds Up PC Performance and Internet Access
Tunes up Windows by releasing the built-in power of your system. Dramatically improves both system and Internet performance by up to 400%.

Fixes Multiple System Errors
More than a mere free XP registry cleaner – keeps your PC stably and running at peak efficiency.

Safe and Free
100% free with no spyware or adware! Advanced SystemCare Free is a safe and trusted PC protection and maintenance solution from a leading software vendor.

You may download it now from http://www.iobit.com/advancedwindowscareper.html

Download:  http://www.iobit.com/ascdownload.html

ASC Pro: http://www.iobit.com/advancedwindowscarepro.html

FAQ: http://www.iobit.com/faq.html

Compare Products: http://www.iobit.com/productscompare.html

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Delete Unwanted Messages From Gmail Account Automatically

Spam messages in yours inbox from annoying friends or family members ,ex-workers or from various vendors, making yours inbox full and wild through his process yours important mails gone missing. You are deleting ,unsubscribing these too also been one or two minutes procedure for each spams or unwanted mails and taking yours lots of valuable time and money that is internet timing.

While browsing though  one of the favorite blog of mine at Techie Buzz just discovered one article which has good recommendations on how to set up automatic deletion for emails coming from a particular source in yours Gmail which simply says to you set up a filter or set up rules for Gmail to identify the particular trend and then Gmail can identify that source and will take action for you.

Credit: Techie Buzz

Open one of these unwanted emails.
Click on the drop down arrow next to Reply and select Filter messages like this.
Enter additional criteria if you want like subject and certain words that can identify these messages.
Click on Test Search to make sure Gmail is identifying the right messages.
Click on Next Step.
Check the boxes Mark As Read and Delete It.
Click on Create Filter.

The messages will now be deleted from yours Gmail account automatically the sooner it reaches to yours account the sooner it will be eliminated from yours account.

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Delete Unwanted Messages From Gmail Account Automatically

Spam messages in yours inbox from annoying friends or family members ,ex-workers or from various vendors, making yours inbox full and wild through his process yours important mails gone missing. You are deleting ,unsubscribing these too also been one or two minutes procedure for each spams or unwanted mails and taking yours lots of valuable time and money that is internet timing.

While browsing though  one of the favorite blog of mine at Techie Buzz just discovered one article which has good recommendations on how to set up automatic deletion for emails coming from a particular source in yours Gmail which simply says to you set up a filter or set up rules for Gmail to identify the particular trend and then Gmail can identify that source and will take action for you.

Credit: Techie Buzz

Open one of these unwanted emails.
Click on the drop down arrow next to Reply and select Filter messages like this.
Enter additional criteria if you want like subject and certain words that can identify these messages.
Click on Test Search to make sure Gmail is identifying the right messages.
Click on Next Step.
Check the boxes Mark As Read and Delete It.
Click on Create Filter.

The messages will now be deleted from yours Gmail account automatically the sooner it reaches to yours account the sooner it will be eliminated from yours account.

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0Photo Secrets:I would do this if I could

Hi ,You know I love to pass on secrets and tips about digital photography. Today, I have a good one for you if you have time to spend on your photography this summer and like to travel. There's a brand new Digital Photography Workshop in France that has really got me excited.You can go here to know more. Now, unfortunately, for personal reasons, I am unable to go. I definitely would if I could. However, it's a great opportunity and I didn't want to let it pass by without letting you all know about it.

So what's so exciting about another boring workshop in France?

Well, first France isn't boring! I went as a teenager and loved the place! However, at the time I was a little intimidated by the culture and language barrier. The two women instructors of the workshop are both Americans. One has has lived in France for over 8 years and has enough French to make sure you can shop and eat locally.She knows the region like the back of her hand. She knows all the restaurants, coffee shops, hiking trails and scenic drives in her part of southern France.They will introduce you to places that only locals know about and aren't in any guidebooks.

And that's where you get the most benefit from photographic workshops. Going off the well beaten tourist path to find subjects and places that will jump out at your camera's lens.The workshops will be held in the Department of the Lot. Last year National Geographic did an article on the Lot and said it was one of the best kept secrets in France, actually Europe.
The Lot is definitely not an overrun tourist area and it definitely is really beautiful.

And, what a great surprise for me to learn that the Lot’s motto is "Une surprise à chaque pas", (A surprise at every step). If you're interested, I recommend signing up to get more information about his unique opportunity as soon as you can.

Remember, it never hurts to dream. You can find more information here. (affl link)

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Could not locate remote server

You tried to access the address http://www.digital-photo-secrets.com/aff/x.cgi?a=r&id=1&aid=401&p=5, which is currently unavailable. Please make sure that the Web address (URL) is correctly spelled and punctuated, then try reloading the page.

  • Make sure your Internet connection is active and check whether other applications that rely on the same connection are working.
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