How I searched into Apollo Hospitals, Chennai


written by (MM) banker

    Almost a decade and a half back, I decided to go to the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai for general health check up of my family members who had no complications, but I thought that for a healthy life, good health and disease-free body is pre-requisite. I never asked anybody regarding the tit bits of the place and the hospital as it would have been contrary to my nature of exploring the unknown and exploiting the known.

    My company had the facility of letting me visit any place in India with my family members once in two years by air, a facility which never went unavailed during my service period. This time, I planned for a Port Blair visit via Chennai for the dual purpose of seeing the former and treatment at the latter.

    I had earlier booked the Guest House of my company at Chennai for a week at very nominal and negligible cost with adequate comfort and familial atmosphere as all other occupants and inmates were my company executives. Of course, this facility will not be available to every one, but others visiting the Hospital find it very very profitable to stay under paying guest system in the vicinity of the Apollo Hospital itself at very reasonable rates with complete homely facility for cooking.

    Some dos

    • Persons reaching the hospital should select such a train which reaches Chennai in the early morning so as not to waste a day and to minimize the overnight expenditure which awaits them once they reach there in the evening time.

    • Staying nearby the Hospital economizes your expenditure besides saving your valuable time.

    • Get ready at 07.00 AM sharp and reach the hospital by 07.30 AM.

    • Fill up Registration Form if you are a first-timer and submit the details at the counter along with the registration fees which will fetch you a life-time computerized card renewable periodically.

    • The polite and knowledgeable employees at the counter will guide you to the doctor you like to be treated by.

    • Take appointments with all doctors on the first day itself with at least a day gap for every treatment as sample-donation and report-collection and getting it vetted by the doctor will take a day in between.

    • Book your return tickets in advance because last minute rush may strand you for a couple of days of unnecessary expenses and sojourn.

    • Book the hotels or guest houses in advance.

        Well, I had digressed from my earlier description for a few minutes. The rest I did can be done by you and he.     


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      This blog contents is a recommendation only.. I give no warranty for your actions. You will not hold me responsible for any inconvenience, incompatibility, damage, or lack of satisfaction that you experience by undertaking any or all of the steps mentioned in this blog.Although I have a positive personal experience with everything I’ve written here, I cannot guarantee the same results for you, whether due to inadvertent actions, hardware or software issues.

      This post is for informational purposes only,I searched a tip that told me about this service, I am sharing the same with my readers without the intention to deprive any services. I believe this documents holds no false data or misconceptions. However I am only human and mistakes are possible. You are welcome to add suggestions and corrections. All web links I post here are, in the best of my knowledge and belief, linked to reputable software. However, I hold no responsibility whatsoever for any download you make on the net.


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      Understanding Virtualization & Security


      Understanding Security

      The firstly malware reception application was supported  on touchs: parts of tag that do as uncomparable symbols for item-by-item spiteful syllabuss.  late  technologies (heuristic programs and behaviour s) can together be referred to as nonsignature sleuthing know-hows. The commercial  portion is a aggregation of programme suffices and rules that qualify aggregation to be analyzed  by the  division.a separate  activity of a system flying inside the  methodicalness or a wide place of specified  actions.

      The deductive portion reflection as a - arrangement. It lies of an formula that s datum and then distributes a finding about the accumulation. An antivirus programme then reflexion in accordance of rights with this finding in malicious programmes placing a register in isolation, interference unlicenced computer program , etc. When mistreatment the supporter above some  tribute plan of action can be viewed as a daedal size - thing that colligates cardinal  disjoint parts i.e. the bailiwick and logical parts.

      Analyzing technologies in this mode creates it hands-down to wager however the portions bear on to one other  and their pluses and minuses. In component, mistreatment this hypothesis spend a pennies it easier to get to the merchantman of however convinced technologies bewitch.  These position do not deviate one other , and they as well do not full  the applied science that they square measure used to line.

      A vicious programme is a lodge containing medicament smug.  a grouping of accomplishs that take take aim inside an  system. the kernel sum of  opinion inside an in operation system. programme evidence can take position at more than one steady . Antivirus softwares has, more or to a lesser extent, create mentally along these connectives: workings with filing cabinets, hole in the ground with phenomenons via a record, temporary with a accuse via issues, and practical  with the  itself. This is ground the  above  elaborates liberal arts as vessel as know-hows.

      Information is familial to the judgment- ingredient, extracted from registers and is a heap of computer memory units integrated in a  way of life. somebody give ways felled  a show' computer memory unit write in code into overlooks, and then launches each bring up in a  geographical region which is a repeat of the reckoner environs. This appropriates assets results to look into idea trait without whatever person  exhibit to the  organisation or somebody aggregation .

      The set mould itself renders a comparatively high-fidelity conceive of of however the application deeds. You have an fenced in lay in which a nipper can play safely. In the circumstance of information measure department, the in operation grouping is the social class, and the maleficent broadcast is the unruly descendant.

      The communication between imitation and virtualization whitethorn be a book united , but it is a unclouded unity. The prototypical subject field is an environs in which a written document is incur .the in operation method as the surround, and the application  s the fundamental interaction between the  method and the system.  technique, in virtualization the geographical region is on single but equidistant foothold with the subject field.

      Understanding Virtualization

      Sandboxing - like aspiration - isnt used extensively in antivirus programmes,  because it says a gigantic abstraction of assets. It's comfy to assure when an antivirus programme expends a plaything, because there will always be a instant interruption between when the package is launched and when it  point in times to lead .information is self-collected by intercepting in operation matter runs. By intercepting the let loose to a certain  OS componenet,  can be obtained about precisely what a indisputable programme is doing in the organization. Over period, the Monitor pile ups data point on these processs and transfer of trainings them to the a priori element for depth psychology.

      The guides for these comparabilitys can be elastic and the leaves will be quantity settled . An ideal of this is distinctive cattish written language by victimization individual  computer memory unit manners, each of which is non-rigid .Despiteful written language not by a severe hard  of constants, but by the conclusions of a varied  act of all of its factors at , winning into  the possibly  coefficient of each constant and hard  the gross  phenomenon. This is not to give tongue to that photographic equipments  hard to misinform electronic computers. Its potential that whoever organizes the variety of technologies has but endeavor the cost bewildered.

      Twenty-four hours, or else of  about the module practice, we should trouble about the sum of money of inconstant  confident s uncovering that an antivirus computer code is . inconstant  confirmings is added  part of speech "mistake". A mendacious certain  take places when the platform erroneously graces an sinless march as existence septic  and this is very tract  because of "heuristic program signal detection know-how. formula espial is a know-how that an antivirus can analyse the direction of a info and determine if it is a agency or not. This is principally used to find  representation or malevolent program.


      There square measure' many an contingent explanations of the damage  or cast. antivirus technologies early began to rise up - which was when the terminal figure rule was opening  used - the name ignoble  a razor-sharp subject field: one that would regard a agency  some  flexibly appointed computer memory unit s, perception and proactive discovery square measure term which square measure alter less  delimited.The antivirus vendours can research to a wide form of technologies,  from formulas to organisation upshot watching. computing device rock interference methodicalness (Host Intrusion Prevention System), this Energys not manifest the requirement causal agency of the subject in statue of antivirus protection. Protective covering shows the  to which a subject area Crataegus oxycantha be dangerous, it's very tall for malware to envelop itself from a system of rules result defender, because it's closely hopeless to protective cover a behaviour.The less conceptual the ability of security, the more assured it will comprise. 

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      4. Follow the installation instructions to import the license into the software. The installation instructions are available online as PDF file here:


      System requirements:

      For Avira Premium Security Suite to work perfectly, the computer system must fulfill the following requirements:
      Computer as from Pentium, at least 266 MHz
      Operating system
      Windows 2000, SP4 and update rollup 1 or
      Windows XP, SP2 (32 or 64 Bit) or
      Windows Vista (32 or 64 Bit, SP 1 recommended)
      At least 100 MB of free hard disk memory space (more if using Quarantine for temporary storage)
      At least 192 MB RAM under Windows 2000/XP
      At least 512 MB RAM under Windows Vista
      For the installation of Avira Premium Security Suite: Administrator rights
      For all installations: Windows Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
      Internet connection where appropriate



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      CCLEANER 1V2 

      However if you are a power user you might have installed a portable version that stores the Profile in a non-standard location.In this new release you can now clean non-standard locations using the new CustomLocation entry in registry or ccleaner.ini.An example is included in the change log below. :)

      Full change log:

      Added support for custom locations for applications.  e.g. CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|C:\MyFirefox\Profile
      Improved detection and cleaning algorithm for new releases of Mozilla based browsers.
      Added news tasks to W7 jumplist.
      Added new command line parameters: /CLEANER, /REGISTRY, /TOOLS and /OPTIONS.
      Improved MUI cache cleaning for Vista and Windows 7.
      Added drive information to Wipe Free space status.
      Improved Wipe MFT free space routines.
      Improved W7 toolbar feedback.
      Improved several core processes and routines.
      Improved file search algorithm when recursing.
      Added support for cleaning Paint Shop Pro 12.
      Improved support for IZarc and Axialis IconWorkshop.
      Minor GUI tweaks.

      You may download it now from piriform.com/ccleaner



      Better safe than sorry : 2


      1. Set up two accounts for your computer an Administrative account and a limited user account . An administrative  account connective internet poses serious security risk . Run internet with limited user account.

      2. Turn off or disable the Guest Account For this go to  Control panel > User Accounts , then select the guest  account and delete it .

      3. Delete / Disable Unused User Account

      4. Disable unnecessary services.

      5. Run the system configuration utility ( Run > “msconfig”). Take an intimate look at what are the programs running and what services running . If you suspect any process , here you can disable it . It is safe to do with  “ System Configuration Utility”.

      6. Avoid P2P clients such as Morpheus , Kazaa,etc.

      7. Download the softwares from only reliable and recognisable sources . Read the terms of Agreement of the software carefully.

      8. Delete Metadata in Documents Metadata is the information  embedded within  the document about the document itself . It is general in MS office documents, Metadata is stored in the Properties > Custom Property of the document . To delete Metadata from MS office document go to Tools > Options > security tab > select the check box named “Remove Personal information from this file on save > Click ok and save the document.




      Hi am back again


      Hi am back again

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      Free Licenses for Zemana AntiLogger – 3 Days Only

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      It's a 1 year free giveaway.Information about this giveaway and direct link to get the license key.The direct link displays a distinct and unique license key each time and as fast as it is opened or refreshed.after registration this message will be shown.

      Thank you for registering of AntiLoggerYour License Activation Key and detailed license information are listed below. We recommend that you to save your license key information in a secured space for future use.

      Please don't hesitate to contact us for technical support or any questions you may have about our products.

      Please go here as mark of respect to this blog which has arranged this great anti key logger free for one year.

      To activate AntiLogger, follow these instructions:For assistance with the product(s), please visit here. take a look at these Testimonials & Reviews.

      Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts adds

      I was immediately impressed by this application, if maintaining your privacy is a concern, you might consider adding this application to your security toolbox.


      Raymond's positive review is here

      Believe it or not, it is able to detect ALL keylogging, webcam capture and screenshot capture methods from different trojans.


      I found the program completely delivered on its promises. At a time when malware is increasingly targeting financial transactions, I find this program a real must have. There is no marketing here.


      This is a fantastic addition that makes the potentially dangerous world of downloads slightly less risky.


      Zemana AntiLogger protects your online communication and prevents malware from tampering with your transactions.


      If you look for effective protection against all kinds of data loggers, Zemana AntiLogger is the application you need.


      Luckily I was part of the beta testing programme of Zemana AntiLogger and tested for almost 9 to 10 months and surprisingly it is as good software as it is known to be and in fact it is lesser known and it installs in a zippy vey simple non complicated installations some times it will ask you to restart yours system and do it , it works very light while on system tray but if you open its GUI then it  is bit heavier but not to yours uncomfortable positions and in fact it is very light while on system tray. Its graphic interface is simple and crystal clear , it has some additional functionality like start up addition of programmes detection which is handy, AntiLogger does not work on Windows 95, 98 or ME, or on Mac operating systems. There are no plans to support these environments.Zemana AntiLogger License Activation Procedures:Double-click on the AntiLogger tray icon on the Windows taskbar and open the AntiLogger interface.Click on the “Services” tab in the AntiLogger interface.

      Click on the “License” tab in the opened menu.Write down the license key on the “Enter License” box and click the “Renew License” button.Your license key will be activated as shown in the picture.The licensing procedure is now complete. During my beta testing of this anti logger ,have found that it should be installed at the fresh installation of Windows otherwise it may leave already installed antiloggers ,and this author hopes that this lacunae or the void must be patched in these versions. One great thing I have found it is a continually developed model and being developed continuously and its updates frequently in fact some time twice a week and its update size hardly above 5 to 6 mb.It is an great asset and one more additional layer of protection you can have  to protect yours system from any untoward activities.As the highly regarded SnoopFree Privacy Shield, a free application, which unfortunately, is compatible with Windows XP only.So , Zemana AntiLogger extends  to yours other updated OS , it is now a great asset and follow the instructions as written above to get it free in fact you can download more than one license if you have multiple computers .So download from here and activate.

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      This Friday Tall Emu is giving everyone a chance to own a copy of Online Armor ++ for free (normally costs $60).Just go to  giveawayoftheday ,on Friday and download, install, and activate it before the 24 hour period is over.Online Armor offers both free and paid versions of their  firewall . Even Online Armor Free impressed me with its leak-test and HIPS performance. OA ++ and OA premium has a great key logger detection technology which surprise me even specially created or new keyloggers are detected and prevented. Online Armor++ comes with all of the power of Online Armor, but additionally includes the award-winning Emsisoft/Ikarus Dual Antivirus and Antimalware engine!  Don't miss your chance on Friday, January 29th as it is a superlative offer from Tall Emu with giveawayoftheday.To know about Online Armor ++ just drop to this Tall Emu site .Online Armor is not available for windows Vista 64 bit or Windows 7 64 bit.

      Online Armour1.

      Sources & Citations:

      Gizmo , TechPP




      Visual Noise Phenomena In Photography

      Visual noise in photography heavily dependant upon ISO section. Noise may appear in digital images. It is one type of graininess, leading to lousy picture. Thus, manipulating , the exact pre-conceived ideas of the image. Noise depends upon the camera hardware sensor, it also depends upon camera pixels , lighting environment. So, in one sentence it may conclude that visual noise which is actually unwanted, depends upon many factor like camera algorithm, sensors also on lighting environment.

      High ISO setting drive the processor to strengthen the weak signal and thus more grainier and more noisier and vice-versa. At more higher ISO setting photograph, you may take really small print outs to have good low noise printouts. So, in order to get less noise in photograph you may have to use low ISO setting, if you are exceptionally talented professional photographer, then you may depend on your ability to alter the default trend.

      See the screenshot bellow and spot the difference : (1)- original photo with noise, (2)- original photo with medium noise, (3)- original photo with no noise.

      original photo with noise original photo with medium noise original photo with no noise







      Take care.


      Accumulations of written articles on Microsoft Security Essentials






      microsoft-security-essentials screenshots




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      Hi am back again

      BioTech Tips

      1. NASA is looking into experimenting bionanotech that will convert plant and human waste into fuel for long distance space programmes. BioTech Tips

      2. Biotechfirms all over the world making efforts is to find a cheep, bio-degradable substitute for plastic.

      3. Enzymes creat the "stone washed" look in jeans, originally done by pumic stones.

      4. Ethanol can be used as substitute for petrol - a composition 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent of petrol, with minuscle engine modification.

      5. Bioremediation: Any area that has been polluted beyond human/animal inhabitability, bioremediation is the process of reclaiming these area and making habitability for human/animal again.

      6. biofuels: Oil derived from the Jatopha plant's seed, by smashinfg its seed, then mixing with alchol to make biodisel - a substitute to disel.

      7. Fungi creat the laccase enzyme that can remove lignin from the  wood, as it is a necessity for converting wood to paper.

      8. Petrolium is used to creat normel plastics.

      9. Bioplastics, use strach as the raw material.

      10. Strach cen be found from plants such as potato, corn,etc.

      11. Polylactic acid (PLA) is a bioplastic material.

      12. Enzymes are chemicals that are naturally generated by living beings to breakdown food.

      13. Potatoes contain vaccines against hepatitis virus .

      14. Rice rich in vitamins, iron omega 3 fattyacids



        Ubuntu 9.10

        Ubuntu 1 

        An African word meaning “ Humanity to others ,” or “ I am what I am because of who we all are “ is the meaning of Ubuntu. So, it gives  some soothing effects, spirits of unity to the software world . Ubuntu is a community driven and drove project. It was launched in October 2004. It will It will always be free to download , use and distribute, along with its regular enterprise releases and security updates.Ubuntu installations come on one CD , it is a live CD , can be used from the CD or from a pen drive. Additional software is available online.

        Ubuntu 9.10 includes the latest Open Office 3.1, Firefox 3.5,GIMP better support for 3G connectivity, simplified backup solutions, synchronisations, sharing of files with Tomboy Notes, media applications, instant messaging and more. It has faster boot time and a faster file system with Ext4.Due to concern for security, Organisations love to hate cloud computing. Ubuntu Server support private clouds, with this feature, organisations can keep the data in their own data server. Thus;driving out the fear for data theft and security concerns for organisations, with cloud computing.


        After am satisfied with the Live CD experience of Ubuntu 9.10, decide to install it on my test PC. Generally I do not like to install dual OS in a single PC. After the installation the first priority of the user to have a right resolution. But , sadly or may be an isolate case ,Ubuntu 9.10 failed to detect maximum resolution. As graphic property not available in Ubuntu. So, there are two option now, command line action or download relevant graphic driver , preferably opted for the second. Ubuntu (9.10) also introduces the cloud computing service is the name of Ubuntu One. Go to Applications , internet menu, open Ubuntu one,  then sign up , you need to connect internet to access this service. In the preference window of Ubuntu one, you can manage this service like  customisation , etc. But the writer feels the synchronisation process is not as smooth as expected , slightly  on a disappointed side. But on the contrary , mobile broadband feature of Ubuntu is being a revelation as per the writer feels and experiences. Just plugging the GPRS enabled mobile phone into Ubuntu 9.10, where smooth configuration of GPRS setting can be done. The author is in mixed bag feeling with Ubuntu 9.10, let the reader suggests and comment on it.


        How to Protect Your Identity


        No one can debate the fact that most of us  spend half our lives in front of a computer screen. In the digital world, we, socialise, interact, communicate or do business transactions. There is a magnanimous loss of productivity, that occurs, as the consequence of unplanned time management, and mainly due to complicated internet security phenomena. Whether you are avid internet user, a student, blogger (professional/amateur) , tech enthusiast , the productive time you spent on internet is of yours vital significance, So, security in yours digital life is of very prime importance, if it is well managed then it will surely give you fruitful time in yours productivity meter.

        1. You Decide What Information to Reveal About Yourself: Be careful! Your full name, place of employment, phone number, and address could all be valuable information to an Identity Thief!
        2. Examine Privacy and Seals:If you are on a site that asks for your credit card or bank information, make sure a privacy policy is posted in the form of a padlock seal symbol or an unbroken key.
        3. Defend Your Computer Against Internet Attacks:Have an effective Firewall (which acts as a shield against anyone trying to gain access to your personal files) and Antivirus software (which prevents viruses from getting into your PC and wrecking havoc on your files and documents).
        4. Be Conscious of Web Addresses:Check the URL (web address) when entering personal information. A more secure site that uses encryption will begin with https:// instead of http://.
        5. Check Out Your Credit Report:You'll instantly be able to see if someone is trying to use your ID. Your credit report lists all applications for credit and credit commitments, so any activity that wasn't initiated by you will show up.
        6. Think twice before providing too much information about yourself on social networks.
        7. Protect your PC with Firewall, Anti Spyware, and a secure WiFi connection.
        8. Keep adware off your PC by being careful about what you download.
        9. learn proper workplace ergonomics.Use liquid crystal display monitor.


        Sources & Citations: Comodo Newsletter



        Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 (Beta): Screenshots-2


        Untitled91 Untitled81


        Rising PC Doctor, professional and smart security tool to computer users.

        Rising PC Doctor:With its seven key functions of automatic malware analysis, immunization of USB storage devices, ability  to  repair Microsoft Internet Explorer & Windows, Trojan Behavior Detector & Blocker, protection against malicious websites, Internet Explorer protection and Trojan Download blocker, Rising PC Doctor will greatly enhance your protection against malware and cyber threats.With its key functions monitor the health of your computer .

        Rising PC Doctor1 Rising PC Doctor 2

        Installation:Click Here to download the latest installation package of Rising PC Doctor.Double click the installation package;read the Rising PC Doctor End User License Agreement. If you agree with the terms, click the checkbox next to "I agree" and click the "Next" button. If you do not agree, click Cancel and the program will exit.Choose the directory you want to install Rising PC Doctor to. Please do not choose or create a directory which has Chinese characters in the directory name.During the installation you will be asked for your email address.Ignore it or  if you are not much worried and concerned about yours privacy then you can put yours email address on it.After the installation completed, Rising PC Doctor will appear on the desktop and in the Start menu. The monitoring program will run automatically and appear in the system tray of your computer.

        System tray icon:If you right click the tray icon of Rising PC Doctor the menu will open up. It offers a quick and convenient way to enable/disable major functions of Rising PC Doctor.You can access these functions through tray icon.Start Rising PC Doctor,Auto Online Diagnosis,Immunize USB Media,Auto Repair OS,Trojan Interceptor,URL Alert,IE Protection,Trojan ,Download Blocker,Rising Website,Update Now,Hide.

        Uninstall:Click Start > Rising PC Doctor > Uninstall Rising PC Doctor.

        To uninstall via Windows control panel, please execute the following steps:
        1. Click Start >Settings > Control Panel
        2. Select Add/Remove programs;
        3. Select “Rising PC Doctor”, and click “Remove”.

        To remove the program completely from your computer, select “Delete installation directory” in the uninstall dialog box and reboot your computer.It will ask you to  fill out the uninstallation questionnaire ignore it .

        Automatic Protection:

        When you click on Automatic Protection > Local Protection you can configure the four AutoProtection modules. Click Enable/Disable to activate/deactivate the respective monitor.
        Auto Online Diagnosis
        Scan at startup for potential malware.
        When you click on “Advanced Settings”, you can configure the diagnosis frequency: Daily, weekly, monthly. You can decide whether to scan the memory, key OS parts or both.
        Immunize USB Media
        Malware often spreads via USB drives and MP3 players. “Immunize USB Media” prevents such malware from infecting your computer.
        Auto Repair OS
        Scan for vulnerabilities and unsafe settings in Windows and other 3rd party software.
        Trojan Interceptor
        Stops Trojans and other malware before they can load and harm your computer.

        Scan for Current Trojans:Trojans are often mass produced for a certain purpose such as stealing accounts of a certain online game and have a very short lifespan. Therefore, the protection against current Trojans is very important for your overall security.Click Common Functions > Scan for Trojans and Rising PC Doctor will check your computer for current Trojans. Select the target to scan and click “Start Scan.”Any findings will be displayed listing the name of the Trojan, the name of the infected file and the infection status. Select the Trojan you want to remove or click “Select all” and click “Kill now” to remove the infection. Click “View log history” to see the records of previous scans.

        One Click Action:

        With One click Action you can easily initiate the three most common maintenance tasks:
        • Auto remove current Trojans:
        Scans your computer system and automatically removes current Trojans.
        • Auto remove spyware
        Scans your computer system and automatically removes any spyware.
        • Auto repair system
        Scans your computer system and automatically repairs damaged items.

        Start Up Control:It is for advanced users .

        When you click Expert Tools > Start up Control your computer systems will be scanned and you can browse a wide variety of information: Logon,Windows Explorer Add-on,Internet Explorer Plug-in,Scheduled Tasks, Services, Drivers, BootExecute, Image Hijacks,Application Init DLLs, Known DLLs,Win Logon Notification,Winsock Provider,Print Monitor,LSA Provider, File Associations.

        Process Manager:The Process Manager is another function for advanced users. Click Expert Tools > Process Manager and you can view the processes active in your system.Click “Reload” to refresh the list. Click “Find module” to locate modules on your system.With “Find window” you can quickly collect details about windows opened by processes. Right click a list entry to get more information about the particular process. For known safe processes you can select “Trust it.”

        Test:Rising PC Doctor can detect the majority of Trojans and a even great number of other malware upon startup before they can execute their malicious function. This function will significantly increase your protection from cyber threats.personally when browsing internet it increases the browsing speed significantly , the only downside is that its update is heavy on system so during the update just stop all yours essential functions otherwise system will hang.AT boot, Rising PC Doctor can automatically scan for potentially unknown malware. When permitted by the user, possible malware is automatically transferred to Rising’s Automated Malware Analyzer (RsAMA) for detailed analysis. The user is informed about the result of the analysis and can quickly react to new threats for which conventional protection is not yet available. Analysis metadata collected by the community of Rising users (Rising Cloud Security) will be stored in the Rising Security Database (RsSD), providing up-to-date information about cyber security.With the easy to use interface, even inexperienced users can handle potential vulnerabilities in the operational system and a lot of other major software applications.Rising PC Doctor can fix the Internet Explorer on many computers whose homepage has been changed by malware, which are permanently displaying adware or which are plagued by many other problems. On such computers, Rising PC Doctor can help you to repair the system registry, system settings and the host file.It gives better control over drivers, programs loaded at boot, Active X controls and other important software influencing the operation of your computer.Disk Cleanup, System Startup Management, Service Management, Network Application Management, LSP Repair, File Shredder, and Special Virus Removal Tools which are designed to eliminate only a limited number of viruses.These tools are for experienced users but sometimes the GUI is confusing even the normal users may get entangled with it making serious damage to system.Rising PC Doctor can detect and completely remove many kinds of especially obnoxious spyware from your computer.But one minus side is that it seems am not sure from the first impression its spyware scan time is far too shorter in time and it makes one doubt that whether it is doing scan or not and its trozan scan is for longer period.On the “Top Software” tab you can find our software recommendations for instant messengers, download managers and other tools.These recommendations are far from satisfactory, so use it yours own wit and experience while use the recommended softwares from Rising PC Doctor.Advanced users can use the service manager to detect and terminate potential malicious services. When you click Expert Tools > Service Manager Rising PC Doctor will scan the services on your computer. This is a great tool to stop non wanted and obnoxious services from running and eating yours system memory, but use it with caution.The Process Manager is another function for advanced users. Click Expert Tools > Process Manager and you can view the processes active in your system.Personally I feel bit clumsy to start with.The Internet Protection modules of Rising PC Doctor is of great boon .