Pandora Recovery



This product will help you find and recover your deleted files from both NTFS and FAT formatted volumes. Pandora Recovery will allow you to scan all files and directories on any logical drive of your computer with supported file format. Once the scanning is complete you have full control over which files to recover and what destination to recover them to.

Installing Pandora Recovery is accomplished by running the installation utility available at Here
and then accepting the End User License Agreement (EULA), and then completing a few quick settings as detailed below.

An easy way to get started recovering your deleted file(s) is by using the Wizard. By default the Wizard will open automatically when you start Pandora Recovery. You can also access the Wizard by clicking on the wizard icon in the program toolbar.

  Browse Method

If you have selected the “Browse” method using our wizard, the “Next” button will collect data on selected drive and display deleted files found on that drive. Please see our Recovering Deleted Files section to learn how to recover deleted files(s).

  Search Method

If you have selected the “Search” method using our wizard, the “Next” button will take you to the Pandora Recovery Search page. You can also get to the “Search” method by clicking on the “Search” tab at the very top. Enter the search parameters for the deleted file(s) you are looking for and then click the “Search” button. A list of files matching your search criteria will be displayed .

  Surface Scan Method

If you have selected the “Surface Scan” method using our wizard, the “Next” button will take you to the Pandora Recovery Surface Scan page. You can also get to the Surface Scan page by selecting the “Surface Scan” tab at the top.

Download Pandora Recovery from here


1. Very good software having recovering some un recoverable files as I have experienced with some of other soft wares in this category.
2. while recovering the files it takes 9 to 10 mb of Ram which is excellent considering the recovering  process it is undergoing.
3.GUI is extremely understandable and user friendly and smooth and also very intuitive with lots of tips to do what is or what not to do and  so on.
4. Surface Scan Method is very useful though it takes time ,  it physically analyses your drive sector by sector to locate deleted files that still reside on your drive. This method is much slower than the method use in Browse and Search. However, performing the scan using this method can locate additional files not found using the faster and simpler Browse and Search methods, including files deleted during a drive format.
5.The preview method is excellent and also recovering files with automatic folder opening at the recovery has been excellent and good.
6.In the option section you have option of show wizard at start up or vice -versa
7.automatic update or manual update can be configured
8.Log file size limitations can be done manually
9.In languages section apart from English 3 more languages can be configurable
10.GUI is wonderful and it itself guides the user for a smooth drive.
11. One drawback  is unable to recover the software you have accidentally deleted , if you find is wrong then please comment and then I will rectify it.

Glossary of Computer Terms


Alternative File Stream Files in NTFS can have more then one stream. Alternative streams usually contain file related metadata. For example, MP3 music file may contain unnamed stream, where data are stored, and one or several additional streams where composition genre, album name and author name are stored.

FAT32 The standard file system used in Windows 95/98/Me. It supports long file names. Now FAT32 is obsolete, but it is supported in Windows for backward compatibility. NTFS, the most modern file system, is now used by default in Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.

File Attributes Each file or folder on disk has none, one or several assigned attributes, such as Archive, Hidden, System, Not Content Indexed and so on. For example a file having Hidden attribute isn't displayed in Windows Explorer view. Pandora Recovery can restore original attributes of a deleted file or folder.


File Encryption Windows 2000 introduced Encrypting File System (EFS), which supports file encryption. EFS service runs on top of NTFS and encrypts or decrypts files or folders transparently for users and applications. EFS uses DESX/3DES/AES symmetric key encryption algorithms for fast file encryption and RSA public/private key algorithm for storing the symmetric keys in secure manner.

File Recovery When you delete a file on FAT32 or NTFS file system, its content is not erased from disk but only reference to file data in File Allocation Table is marked as deleted. It means that you can recover deleted files, or make it visible for file system again.

NTFS  NTFS, or New Technology File System, supports many features not supported by FAT32, such as alternative file streams, file encryption and so on.

Stream is a part of a file. Each file has at least one stream, where its data is stored. NTFS file system introduces multiple streaming, when one file can have many streams. The main stream, or unnamed data stream, contains file data. Alternative streams usually have names and may contain additional data or metadata.

Volume Named part of physical disk. Each volume is assigned a letter, for example "C:”

How To Configure XnView in Total Commander Version 6.0 as an External File Browser:


Total Commander  is a good file manager supports  Xn View as an Add-On.So in Total commander XnView can be used as the as the viewer for graphic files.

•     Start Total Commander

•     Select the menu Options > Configure to open the Configuration dialog

•     In the Configuration dialog select the category Operation > Edit/View.

•     Select the button Configure Internal Viewer... to open the dialog Configure Lister.

•     Select the option Use IrfanView/XnView to view graphics other than BMP.

•     In the Path field, enter the full path name of the XnView program. Typically this is C:\Program Files\XnView\xnview.exe

•     Confirm this option by pressing the OK button.

XnView works in Total Commander for Windows® 9x, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, and ME.
Due to technical restriction, only one frame can be displayed for animated GIF files.


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To-Do DeskList


To-Do DeskList is a to-do software that is powerful in its simplicity and effectivity. Its development was inspired by real situations at work or home when new small to-dos or thoughts come to mind while working and it is not efficient to store them into a complex to-do list software. There are several ways how to handle them though - write them on paper, store them for example in notepad or forget them after a few seconds. Since non of these methods is too efficient To-Do DeskList To-Do DeskList was made to help with storing such tasks and thoughts into a well-arranged and well designed to-do list in a way as simple and fast as possible. See screenshots at the end of the article.

The main program consists of so called "to-do leaves", which represent the to-do list. They are small notes placed in a corner of your desktop and they carry the to-do note text. A new to-do leaf appears when you add a new to-do note in the Add To-Do dialog. When clicking a to-do leaf, a To-Do Leaf Click Action that you specified first time you clicked a to-do leaf is called. It can be "Mark To-Do as Done", "Delete To-Do", "Edit To-Do", "Show Extended Note" or "No Action". By default there are also three icons displayed on to-do leaves. Mark To-Do as Done icon, Edit To-Do icon and Show Extended Note icon.

Every to-do leaf has a popup leaf menu with common leaf options. The main application menu can be displayed by right-click on the program notify icon. The default action of this menu "Show To-Do Leaves" brings all to-do leaves in front of all other applications so that you can display all to-do leaves anytime you need. It is especially important to define a hotkey for this action as it speeds up the process a lot and it offers an additional functionality: the first time the hotkey is pressed all to-do leaves are shown and the second time the hotkey is pressed focus is returned to the previously active application.

Extended Note

Extended Note is an additional note that can be appended to a to-do note leaf. The effectiveness of this application cerpa from its ability to store short notes in a very easy and clean way but if you need to add more information to your note, you can use the Extended Note. As you can see in the illustration above the Extended Note is being defined in the Add To-Do dialog along with the standard To-Do Note.

You can access the Extended Note by clicking the Info icon in the right bottom corner of a to-do leaf.

Show To-Do List

Dialog provides a classic list of all your to-dos including the to-dos marked as done.This dialog is accessible from the main application menu (the tray icon menu) and provides also some extended functionality such as deleting all to-dos at once or filtering to-dos by priority. From this dialog you can add, edit and delete your to-dos too.

General Settings

To-do leaves placing
Closing to-do leaf on double-click
Autostart settings
The first setting, To-do leaves placing, allows you to set up in which corner of the screen (desktop) the to-do leaves are shown. The options are "Bottom right" (default), "Bottom left", "Top right" and "Top left".
Checking the option two, Closing to-do leaf on double-click, causes that to-do leaves are closed on double click, not on single click (default).
Enabling the option Sort to-do leaves by priority leads to sorting to-do leaves on your desktop by its priority, so if you have several notes with medium priority and add a low priority note, it is displayed under the medium priority leaves.
To-Do Leaf Click Action is an action that is to be performed when clicking a to-do leaf. It can be "Mark To-Do as Done", "Delete To-Do", "Edit To-Do", "Show Extended Note" or "No Action".
In Autostart settings you can enhance the way the application runs after windows startup to "Never", "With current user" (default) and "With all users".

Hotkey Settings

To-Do DeskList aims to provide a very fast, easy and effective way to store tasks in a simple to-do list, it is very important to use hotkeys to gain all its power.
Currently there are two hotkey options:

Add To-Do
Show To-Do Leaves
The hotkey settings can be changed in the Edit Hotkey dialog that is displayed by selecting a hotkey in the list and clicking the Edit button. Checking the option "Use the following hotkey" enables selecting a specific hotkey for current action. By default hotkeys are disabled but you can use the pre-defined hotkeys which are CTRL+ALT+L for Add To-Do and CTRL+ALT+M for Show To-Do Leaves.

Appearance Settings

To-Do DeskList provides some basic options in changing the look of to-do leaves. There are three built-in themes available - "Dark" (default), "Light" and "Sky" and you can also define your custom theme.The option Opacity which represents the transparency level of to-do leaves is global and affects all themes, both built-in and custom theme. In order to use a custom theme, the option "Use custom theme" or "custom" in themes select box has to be selected. Then you can use the "Background settings" and "Font settings" buttons to display dialogs where you can change the to-do leaf background color, choose a picture as a to-do leaf background or change the font and font color.
The Show buttons option will enable or disable certain buttons/icons on to-do leaves.


To-Do DeskList:
Free technical support :support@dextronet.com


Good user interface smooth appearance cool for the eyes.

Consumes a lot of Ram so system with higher Ram should be used,also the information shows the timing of writing so useful application.

Extended notes can be accessible through the user interface. Hotkey setting available,Priority settings like medium,high etc can be configurable,To-Do leaves spacing can be done on bottom right,bottom left or top right or top left,Launch at windows start up options available,theme settings custom ,dark,light and sky and dark being the default after installation.

Opacity and leaf heights can be adjusted according to the users specifications ,show bottom in the leaves can be editable like extended notes bottom can be removed from the to-do check list or vice versa and so on.

Custom theme editing and font setting can be done for users smooth preferences.

From the trey icon of To-do check list by right clicking display to do lists, add to-do,show to-do list,settings,help file can be accessed directly, as to do list access yours screen directly so anti key logger software or HIPS software will alert you  in the first installation.


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love is...

love is...

Love is a word

Love Is a feeling

Love Is real

Love Is an imagination

Love Is a dream

Love Is a smile

Love is a storm with rain

Love is a Sun , so bright and happy

Love is beautiful clouds

Love is a rainbow

Love is silent

Love is strong

Love is deep

Love is dense

Love says

Love is a promise

Love is a waiting

Love is me and you !

contributed by mk

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The Travel


The Travel

Full of challenges , hurdles and the bumpy dirt roads

The roller coaster

ups and downs


mountain and valley

summer and winter

Happy and sad

earth and sky

victory and vanquishing

Never going to be a tie !

Not a bed of roses

The terrain and bridges

The twists and turns

The thinker and geeks

Decisions needs to be taken.

The correct direction

The road ahead

Lots of mile stones

Hues and cries

Bruises and wounds

The ragged clothes

The howling in the trees

Reminds here and there .

The glossing sunshine from the trees

Direction of life

The colorful rainbow

Smiling among the hills

And the travel continues.

contributed by mk

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is it prime?


is it prime?To improve the math learning experience of you or your child, it might be wise to consider retaining the services of a math tutor. There are several factors that you should keep in mind when choosing the right tutor:Prime numbers are positive, non-zero numbers that have exactly two factors -- no more, no less.

Prime Number:Enter a number and the Prime Number Calculator will instantly tell you if it is a prime number or not.Also if you doubt about a number is prime number or not then go   here it is a prime number calculator and here you will put one number and then click the "is it prime tab" and then you are done in the next box besides it will show the assigned number is prime or not. See the screen shot below:


Also you can save this  page offline and run with browser of yours choice and surprise you still will calculate whether the number you have put is prime or not.

Free auto refresh add-ins for your browsers


Auto-refresh utilities in a mechanism manner update your browser screen at preset time intervals.This option is highly demanded in emails where if you open yours inbox then at the same time mail comes or after some seconds then if  yours browser have this feature or addins means the Auto-refresh utilities then these mails means the new mail will be seen in yours inbox in yours browser.

These are necessary for fast changing events such as above written and also sports scores, auctions and financial markets where you need to keep track of what's happening.Also the social networking fan like face book,twitter or orkut, you can keep track of the events as soon as the scrap comes as  yours browser will be automatically refresh and also track the latest information on board for you.

First we will talking about Opera

Most innovative browser and here everything you find first then the other browsers add-ons. Opera has an built in functionality for Auto-refresh utilities is called Reload every 30 seconds. Suppose you go to a site that does not reload after certain intervals and that site may be the sports site to observe the scores for you and here is the trick , right click any where in the browser page and then go to reload every and there you can see from seconds 5 ,15,30  to minute 1,2,15,30 and also you have the custom option to set the reload intervals and also for reload now you can right click on the browser page opening the page you wanted to observe and reload at periodically then right click and then reload or short cut (Ctrl+R) see the screen shot below it has been a staggering  tool for Opera which is built in and works like magic.



Firefox users have comparatively easier choices than Internet Explorer users , here is a free extension for users called a free extension called ReloadEvery and it will  fulfill yours auto-refresh utilities in a mechanism .

Internet Explorer 7

For Internet Explorer users one tool is called "Auto Refresher for IE" (AutoRefresherforIE)and after installation it does not work for you automatically rather you have to go here View/Toolbars to enable and it is belonging to some prior time but it is working fine and excellent with IE 7.

One important considerations:

While filling the web forms make sure enough to turn these Auto-refresh utilities switch off other wise on the refresh you will lose the data filled on the web form and have to do it again or submit it again.

Quick launch:

Auto-refresh utilities
Opera:                                          Built in -short cut (Ctrl+R)
Firefox::                                         Reload every
Internet Explorer 7:                     AutoRefresher


3D Picture Browser v1.0

3D Picture Browser is a free program for Windows that features a real-time 3D user interface for browsing the folders on your computer and viewing the pictures that they contain. Its concept is absolutely unique,as this freeware "Readme" information suggests it has been a truly sensational freeware having a small installation though its Ram consumption is pretty high , so it can be used  in windows xp if you want some vista ultimate climate for browsing the folder contains and it has been truly phenomenal to see the 3d environment and it is truly phantastic and wonderful.

The controls of  3D Picture Browser are among the simplest no scrollbars, no double-clicks, no right-clicks, just move the mouse and also for overview look up just scroll the mouse just like as if you are playing some games and you will be reaching your picture destination truly imaginative freeware single-click with the left mouse button to open a folder or to view a photo. It's so natural.

launch the file Setup.exe that is included in the zip file that you have downloaded.Important requirement is .NET Framework 2.0 and if you do not have the .NET Framework 2.0 he setup program will automatically download it and install it. It is better to install the .NET Framework 2.0 and then install this freeware as the download of .NET Framework 2.0 takes heavy time.
download link for the .NET Framework 2.0 was:

.NET Framework 2.0

The latest build of DirectX 9 is required. If the program does not start or you get an error message, please download Direct 9X and (re)install it.

a download link for the build "9.0c" of DirectX 9 was:

DirectX 9


Author contact
New Version available from here

programme is 1.262kb zip file download from herezip_archive


1..NET Framework 2.0 ,DirectX 9 required both are heavy software  also takes a large chunk of yours OS drive.
2. sometimes browsing becomes blurred
3. in 3d browsing the mouse cursor movement is paramount so for the non expert may face stiffness in the beginning some practice required.
4.high amount of Ram ususage so a system with big amount of Ram is precondition even on that Ram also people will  be hesitate to install this one so this shortcomings should be looked into.
5.Installation is quick and good and excellent
6. for a gamer like me it has been a truly blessed for me.
7.can be used at leisure time for browsing the favorite pictures so that some real 3d effects environment with shadow reflections can be experience and sensed
8.Press escape to relieve from the 3d environment  and reach the desktop environment.




Get Avira Security Suite Free for 6 Months


Avira, in collaboration with PC Advisor magazine, is offering a free six months license to its premium security suite.The suite adds a firewall, anti-phishing defense and a raft of additional security features not found in their anti-virus program.Here is the comparison between free and paid softwares, go  here .

To get the 6 month license go  here fill the online registration form and submit and give valid email id and after submit you will receive in yours email inbox you provided while filling the form , the details of how to download and register the product.

Go here see the results of avira firewall in the provided in the suit of avira premium security suite. Go  here  for one more review and  here for one more review.You can choose which parts of the suite you'd like to install, no need to install the firewall if you don't want to.

Source: techsupportalert

Speeding of yours website has just became easier!


Like many webmasters ,must be wishing yours website download speed to be much more swifter and speedier,as many dial up users became irritated at the speed of the website loading as no one loves to wait all want it should be download immediately sop that relevant information can be filtered out of it and many like me believes in the content not the glossy and polish and flashy look of website which are just made for broad band connections. But here is a some sort of solution as read here for more informations.PHP Speedy is a script that you can install on your web server to automatically speed up the download time of your web pages.

Also many host performs Gzip compression on data stream but on the downside also there are many hosts which do not made available the Gzip compression data stream then for them PHPSPEEDY must be the immediate solution.

PHP Speedy boasts:
An installer. Lots of people were having problems with the paths,an installer that*should* take care of everything very easily. If you need to change anything you can either just re-run the installer, or change the config.php file directly.
Full support for relative image paths in your CSS, in multiple CSS files. Image paths in CSS are now converted to absolute paths, so you no longer have to worry about where to cache the CSS.
Added support for different rel types. (rel=”alternative” and rel=”stylesheet” are cached separately)
Added support for conditional comments in the HEAD tags (this also fixed the problem of commented out stylesheets)
There are 4 ways by which you can speed up the time PHPSPEEDY takes a browser to download a page:

Make fewer HTTP requests
Add a far-future expires header
Gzip your page's components
Minify your JavaScript, CSS and HTML

Quick Launch:
download the script click here
Download file with Scriptanddemopage
PHP Speedy beginners guide: http://aciddrop.com/php-speedy

then place PHP code at the start of your page:

require_once('class.compressor.php'); //Include the class. The full path may be required
$compressor = new compressor('css,javascript,page');

at the botton of the page:


That's it! check out the test pages here:

  1. web-site speed boost test page WITH compression:http://aciddrop.com/aciddrop/minify/
  2. web-site speed boost test page WITHOUT compression:http://aciddrop.com/aciddrop/minify/compress_me.php?compress=no

The class can be downloaded here:http://aciddrop.com/aciddrop/minify-0.3/aciddrop_site_compression-0.3.zip

Speed gains:


The Yahoo  Yslow rating went from F(45) to A(97). see below.

Installation - manual

If you prefer to manually install things:
Download and unzip the PHP Speedy package into its own directory
Delete the index.php and install.php files
Open config.php
Fill in the blanks for the variables (apart from username and password). You might enter something like this:
$compress_options['document_root'] = “/home/my_site/public_html”;
$compress_options['javascript_cachedir'] = “/home/my_site/public_html/aciddrop/php_speedy/”;
$compress_options['css_cachedir'] = “/home/my_site/public_html/aciddrop/php_speedy/”;
$compress_options['minify']['javascript'] = “1″;
Make sure the directories you specified for the cachedirs are writable
For the GZIP, minify and expires options 1 is on and 0 is off
Open the php file that controls the output of HTML that you will be compressing. This might be something like index.php. Include the php_speedy.php file at the very top, i.e like this:
Add this code at the very bottom $compressor->finish();


A server running at least PHP4. For JavaScript minification to work as well, PHP5+ is required.
You should set the folder where you are running the class from as writable


If you have a word press blog, a plug-in has been released for it for implementation of PHPSPEEDY . Click here to know more.

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A wonderful screen capture tools among the lots and in simplier term it is been staggering software in fact freeware ,This one offers directness, ease of use, and does it with style.Believe it or not it is true and simply outstanding,just check it out the following information.

Microsoft's own Snipping Tool is restricted to Windows Tablet PC Edition, and some versions of Vista.Snipping Tool fails to capture overlay windows (those translucent windows mostly used by desktop gadgets).But it is not available in most popular version of windows Windows XP,

According to PrtScr website followings are the characteristics of this freeware:


How to use this freeware:

After standard installation, PrtScr is set to load itself at Windows startup, and replaces your normal screen printing. Of course, you still have the option to load it manually, and assign your own hotkey.see the screen shots.


To make a normal capture, press Prt Scr, optionally draw some annotation (using the right mouse button), then select the part to grab using the left mouse button. Hold CTRL while clicking to make rectangle annotations or selections.
The little reminder window displayed on the right fortunately fades out when you approach it, so that you can capture what's behind.

In order to capture the topmost window, use the standard ALT+Prt Scr (a lot of people aren't aware of this hotkey, but yes it's a standard) or a quick, full-screen capture, press Prt Scr twice, or press Prt Scr, then press Space, or Enter or simply press the left mouse button once (if the selection is too small, PrtScr will capture the whole screen).

A single click will send your capture to your desktop. Other commands let you save your capture in other formats, email it as an attachment, edit & print it (the behavior depending on what your system has linked to the JPG, PNG & BMP image formats).

JPG & BMP formats are opaque, that is, even if you made a freehand selection, the bitmap will be rectangle (it will include the part around the selection nicely blurred). The PNG format allows saving the selection along with its alpha channel. As a reminder, JPG is a lossy format, while BMP & PNG are lossless formats. To send through the internet, JPG or PNG are the best options.

The shadow around the capture preview is eye candy that won't appear in your final result.See the screen shot here.


Prt Scr will (optionally) pre-fill the title entry with the title of the topmost window, and the comment entry with its URL if that window is a browser (so that you know where that screenshot came from). The title entry is used to compute capture filenames when necessary, while the content of the comment entry will be written at the bottom-left of the final capture. Both title & comment entries are optional, though.

The captured directory can be customized as the default is at local document folder.

keyboard shortcuts:

Delete/BackSpace: deletes most recent annotation ink
Escape: cancels capture 
Return, Space: selects whole screen for capture 
ALT+Prt Scr: captures topmost window only

LMB (Left Mouse Button): selects the zone to capture and completes the capture (so this should be your last step) 
RMB (Right Mouse Button): draws annotations over pre-capture 
Ctrl+LMB/RMB: selects/draws rectangle 
Mouse wheel: changes thickness of annotation ink

Download informations:(version

Download Prt Scr  from: http://www.fiastarta.com/PrtScr/Download.html

About Prt Scr                 :http://www.fiastarta.com/PrtScr/index.html

Help file                         :http://www.fiastarta.com/PrtScr/Help.html

Forum                            :http://fiastarta.com/forum/


  • slight heavy on system resources,system with less Ram may have some problem
  • Configuration and synchronization with Prt Scr button with key board is simply like magic and wonderful
  • JPG & BMP formats are opaque, that is, even if you made a freehand selection, the bitmap will be rectangle (it will include the part around the selection nicely blurred). and  the vacillation screenshot before the save as dialogue has been a fascinating one with wonderful scenic beauty.
  • It has option to undo start with start up and if it is in tray then it will appear within few smart seconds when you switch the Prt Scr button and it is better than Gadwin Print screen.
  • Limitations can be saved only in JPG, PNG & BMP image formats.
  • eye candy appearance and smooth to eyes ,great feel try it
  • The little reminder window displayed on the right fortunately fades out when you approach it, so that you can capture what's behind. it is great for review purposes.
  • Time delay capturing options available also like capture now,capture screen in 5 secs or capture screen in 30 secs and it can be assessable through the trey and right click and select the option great for software reviewing.

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Download Password Protected ESET Smart Security and NOD32 Antivirus Commercial Installer


In Raymond CC blog on 26th April I got around to see some smart work and then you can get the Download Password Protected ESET Smart Security and NOD32 Antivirus Commercial Installer easily so go the link provided and read it thoroughly to know more, happy browsing and safe browsing.

Download Password Protected ESET Smart Security and NOD32 Antivirus Commercial Installer


My existence

You are...

You are..
The joy of my life,
The beat of my heart,
The reason I breath,
The reason of living.

You are..
My dream,
My smile,
My strength,
The sun in my sky.

You are..
A blessing,
My destiny,
My forever love,
You are everywhere,
You are in my eye-balls,
My existence.

contributed by mk

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Download Privacy Guardian for FREE!


As the  website of Pc Tools suggests "Benefit from year round privacy with the latest release copy of  PrivacyGuardian– PC Tools' powerful, simple and easy to install software, allowing you to erase online Internet tracks and program activity. " also the website suggests "To claim your free copy of Privacy Guardian please complete the details below. You will receive an email with your license code and instructions on how to download the software."

go here to register: http://www.pctools.com/privacy-guardian/offer/    , fill the followings column as shown in the screen shot. and then submit . If successful then this information will come out

"License Generation Complete Your FREE Privacy Guardian license has been generated and emailed to the email address you provided."

Then go to your mail box the email you provided during the registration process. Go to inbox check the mail do-not-reply@pctools.com There it will be written as :

"As promised, following is the license code to your FREE version of PC Tools' Privacy Guardian. Firstly, download the latest version at: http://www.pctools.com/privacy-guardian/download/ Then, once installed, simply input the details below and enjoy.

License name: ****************

License code: *****************************""

Please note this license code will only work with the version of Privacy Guardian that you received with this promotion. Please install the program by double-clicking the setup file provided.Once installed, launch Privacy Guardian from the Start menu and when you see the main screen click on the "Register" button found on the top right-side.The registration screen will then be shown. Enter the name and license key exactly as shown above the License name and License code(copy & paste).Please note both must be entered exactly as shown as they are both required to validate the license information.Click the "Register" button at the bottom of the screen and you will be shown a message indicating that the program is now successfully registered, click "OK" to continue.

Congratulations, the registration process is now complete and you will now be returned to the free registered version of the Privacy Guardian.And then check for updates.



Download Privacy Guardian for FREE! http://www.pctools.com/privacy-guardian/download/


Quick Launch

promotion page and .register
Download Privacy Guardian for FREE!
Email :support@pctools.com


  1. Personally I donont like this software as it is heavy on system resources and I run the windows on DEP so DEP tends to stop it from executing and then I have to add it in the exceptions
  2. If PC Tools Antispyware or Norton AV installed then after the registry cleaning and optimization , and after restart PC tends  to fridge and I have to manually restart it then it runs smoothly may be an exceptional case in my Pc but it happens to my PC and laptop so this makes me to skip this wonderful product
  3. I do not believe in constant registry cleaning as it may unstable the system .
  4. In support for it excellent tool and seems to do the work quite meticulously
  5. Bleach your hard drive means it will delete earlier deleted files from yours hard drive, is a good feature.Also beware as bigger hard rive and bigger use of deleted functionality , then bleaching takes even some time you have to  be ready to consume time sometime while bleaching.
  6. Securely delete individual files and folders.
  7. Securely clean your Windows and Internet activity and privacy
  8. Also shows information about CPU ususage and also of RAM and processor usages.

Source : RaymondForum